Living with the Akatsuki

Can be an adventure and a pain in the ass


Drabble One : New

"Everyone! It's dinner time!" Tobi exclaimed with happiness.

"Finally! The fucking dinner is finally fucking done! What the fuck took so long you bastard?"

"Shut up, Hidan, and get some manners." Kakuzu mumbled under his breath.

"What did you say you egotistical money-making whore?"

"Break it up, un! This is the fifth time you guys fought over something pathetic!" Deidara shouted.


Everyone shushed, as Pein and Konan gathered around the table quietly. Tobi quickly sweeped up the food with both of his arms, giving each individual plate to each Akatsuki member.

"Everyone, I have an announcement," Pein stated.

"What is it, un?"

"Spit it out already!"


"We are having a new member." Pein declared calmly.

"Oh boy! Is this new senpai a male or female?"

"Probably a male. But since we have so many men, it might be a female." Kisame noted.

"Quiet possibly." Itachi agreed.

"Wait look!" Tobi pointed at the shadowy figure at the door.

"Is this the new member?"

"I would think so, un. Who else would it be?"

The figure stepped out of the shadows, and pulled down the hood. It was a girl.

"H-hi guys." She said nervously.

"Welcome to the Akatsuki!" Tobi yelled loudly.

"She's really pretty..." Kisame whispered quietly.

"More like fucking hot." Hidan replied.

"Friends, this is Rikura Chisuke." Konan said happily, something that she didn't do often.

Rikura's hair was a dark navy blue, with tints of purple in them. Her eyes being a dark grayish black.

"Riku-chan," Pein said, emotionless.

Rikura lifted her head up. "Hm?"

"You can sit next to Kisame and Sasori." Pein pointed to the empty seat in between the sharkman and the puppeteer.

"Mmhm, okay, Pein-sama."

Rikura plopped herself down, and meditated in silence until-


Food was splattered everywhere, on the walls, the floor, on the table, and sometimes the food attacked the Akatsuki too.

After the food was devoured by the hungry Akatsuki, everyone went to their rooms, except for Konan, who lead the new Akatsuki member to their room.

"Rikura-chan, this is your room. Decorate it anyway you like. Tomorrow we're going to show you around and all. The first few days will be pretty lax, but we'll get you to do some 'hardcore' stuff. See you tomorrow."

Konan dismissed herself and Rikura was left alone. Rikura quickly decorated her room, filling it with origami, her little figurine she got visiting different places and her art. And also her video games, don't forget that.

After a hour of decorating and all, Rikura fell on her bed.

"I can't for tomorrow, this is gonna be fun." She snickered.

Little did she know that tomorrow would not only be an adventure, but also a pain in the ass.


A/N : So... I'm getting back to Naruto again. Hahaha! I plan to make a series of small/long drabbles of what it would be like to live with the Akatsuki. Rikura Chisuke is based on me, at least her personality. He physical feature is based on my MapleStory (yes, I play MapleStory xP) character, RikuraChisuk.

I hope you enjoy the future drabbles!

Akatsuki (c) Masashi Kishimoto

Rikura Chisuke (c) The Icing Addict