Drabble Five : Ramen

-Rikura's P.O.V-

After dealing with Hidan, being a natural pervert he is, I decided to take a walk. I removed my Akatsuki cloak, and replaced my usual garments with a cosplay outfit.

Pein doesn't care if we take walks or whatever, just as long as we notify him, which I did. If I didn't, I'd probably get bashed on the head with a pan by Kakuzu, or get yelled at Pein, or any other pain that involves the body.

Since Konoha was the closest village to the hideout, I decided to take a trip there. After all, it was the biggest village, so there would be some interesting stuff. And I could go shopping ... and buy lunch ... and maybe get some gifts for some of the Akatsuki members...

As I walked toward those giant green gates, I saw a few genin and their sensei walking past me.

"I swear! Granny Tsunade should give us some A-rank missions! It'd make life much more exciting!" yelled the brown spiky haired genin.

"Tsunade-sama knows we're genin, plus we only become genin a few months ago..." sweatdropped a little girl with big orange pigtails.

The group walked past by me as I giggled to myself. "Silly genin, they have no idea how dangerous A-rank missions are..."

After spending a good portion of yen on gifts for the Akatsuki and myself, I decided I needed to hit a restaurant. No, not bomb a restaurant like Deidara would; I mean eat. ... Wait, that didn't sound right.

I walked over to the little cafe called Ichiraku Ramen. I ducked under the drapery as I licked my lips, thinking how delicious the ramen would be.

I looked at the menu and scanned through it.

"Shio ramen, Tonkotsu ramen, Shōyu ramen, Miso ramen... Yummm~" I mused cheerfully as my mouth started to water.

After receiving my delicious bowl of ramen, I picked up the chopsticks and slurped.

Slurp. Slurp. Slurp.

I think my mind just exploded; this was the best ramen I've have in ages!

Shloooop. Shloooop.

"More please!"

I looked over to my right, and saw a male, blond spiky-haired ninja. With a black and orange jumpsuit... thing.

"Really? Orange?" I sighed as I continued nomming on my ramen.

The guy next to me ate his ramen quite noisily. It bothered me heavily. I usually don't mind loud noises, but this noise was absolutely intolerable.

"Hey," I said to the guy next to me, "Could you stop slurping so loudly? Thanks."

His cerulean eyes stared back at me.

"What?" he said.

"I told you; please stop slurping so loudly. Thank. You." I uttered spitefully.

He stared to frown. "Well you didn't have to be so mean about it. Geez."

I rolled my eyes and paid my fee, a 250 yen tip and left.


A/N : Okay ... that was weird... ish. I started part of it sometime in the summer, but I didn't get back to it until now. xD

That's what school does to you. I'll try to update as much as possible. But it's not going to happen too much.

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