"In the history of all of the world, there is one nation that ruled all those around them. A nation so great, other nations have bowed to its greatness. Many a enemy of this nation has fallen at this nations feet due to its complete awesomeness! And that nation is called …. PRUSSIA!" Prussia yelled out, with a smirk of his face. His voice echoed. Red eyes scanned the area around and found nothing. "Hmm, they must have run from me in fear of my amazing strength." He concluded, strolling down the street.

The wind blew his white hair as he walked. Eventually he saw that he was at his old enemy, Austria's, house. The stupid man piano was playing. Prussia snuck in through the gate and hid under one of the windows. He could see Austria playing his piano from there. With anyone else, they would have relaxed and listened to the beautiful music he played but Prussia only saw an opportunity to attack and reclaim the victory that was rightfully his.

"Because, as the mighty Prussia, victory is all that I gain." He said. He was about to sit up and burst through the window, intending to attack the defenseless country when a voice called out.

"Mr. Austria!" A girl called out. Her long brown was pulled back with a yellow head scarf. She wore a green dress with an apron and a big smile. Prussia cringed.

"Oh, hello ,Hungary." Austria replied with a small smile. "How are you today?"

"Oh, I'm fine, Mr. Austria." She said coming closer. Prussia ducked farther out of sight. It wasn't because he was scared! He just didn't want to fight an unnecessary battle with Hungary. "You must be hungry. I just finished making lunch."

Austria got up, pulled the cover over the piano keys and walked over to the woman. No one else was in the room with them so, thinking they were unseen, Austria leaned down to brush his lips against Hungary's. She blushed prettily and lead Austria out of the room with a smile.

Long after they left, Prussia sat outside the window, thinking. He recalled the days of friendship he had once shared with Hungary and there many victories together. The times they would sit together, like friends do and just enjoy the company. Prussia, strangely felt, sad seeing Hungary smile at Austria like that.

"Its only because I hate to see my enemies happy and in love. Hungary may have been my slave at one point but she is my enemy!" He shouted, more than likely trying to convince himself than anyone else. Then why did you feel mad at Austria for kissing her? And voice asked. "Because I hate seeing him with anyone, not just Hungary!" He replied, walking around the house, toward the front door. "He weak, poor and pathetic but he gets to kiss some pretty girl? I, the mighty nation of Prussia, refuse to sit back and let that loser win against me in anything."

He was about to burst through the door, like any Prussian would do, when moaning and such coming from the other side. He stood there for a while, listening to the two voices, male and female, grunt and groan from the other side.

Prussia turned on his heel and muttered. "I can kick their ass anytime I want! I don't need to do it now." He assured himself, walking a little faster with every word. He was in the forest once again when he heard to voices, co9nversing with one another. Prussia hid- took refuge- in the brushes as he listened in on there conversation.

It was just Britain and America walking together. Britain and Prussia had been allies at one point but the regal prick was fickle and vengeful, so g\he went against the Prussian rule alongside Austria. Sure, the two of them had never really fought in that battle but it still meant they were enemies. Even after trying to make up for it later. America, well, Prussia had observed the youth during his civil war phase but that didn't mean they were friends.

"What up with you, British dude?" The four eyed blond said with a smile. He had the look of an idiot and Prussia could tell Britain thought the same thing. "Oh! Did someone diss you or something, bro?"

"No, you imbecile! I just had to fight Germany and I'm hurt, not that you care!" The last part he muttered in a huff. Prussia chest puffed up in pride even as a begrudging feeling welled up in him. Germany, his little brother was making the world his own, like Prussia had tried to do but he was succeeding in it! Britain continued even as Prussia struggled with his conflicting feelings "That man is so stubborn! Every time anyone goes near Italy, he comes out of nowhere like a beast and beats the living daylights out of me. "

Prussia stopped listening then. Italy. Prussia had always liked him. So cute, warm and innocent, it was a wonder Germany even knew how to treat him. That's when an idea came to him. He burst out of the bushes, Shouting incoherently, and ran, even as Britain and America stood there, shocked at the sudden appearance of Prussia.

"Who was that?" America asked, not remembering the guy who stalked him at one point.

"That… was Prussia, right." Britain replied, righting himself like he hadn't just lost a few years.

"And he was screaming something about Germany's house, right?" America wondered aloud, looking off in the direction he'd run off through.

"Yes." Britain was staring off too in the same direction.

America smiled, not in his goofy sense but in a rare calculating way. "Want to come with me to watch the fireworks, Britain?" He looked over to his older brother. "With Prussia and Germany, It will most defiantly be eventful."