Germany stood at the door, shocked at the scene before him. He had come home to see his door was unlocked, even thought he had specifically told Italy to keep the door locked. He had walked in, worried that something had happened. No one had tried to break into his house in decades and the only who did on regular bases was his annoying brother, Prussia. Pissed he had stomped to the Italy's room, where there was a bunch of noise was coming from. He stopped in front of the door because he saw smoke coming from under the door. The mist was pinkish and smelled sweet. His first reaction was mystifying.

He got hard.

Shaking it off, he pushed the door open and that's when he saw it. Italy, his precious lover, in bed with his brother. The first thing he did was yell to stop them from ding anything further. That plan worked. But now he was standing in the threshold of their bedroom. The room was filled with the pinkish smoke. He covered his nose and walked in further.

"G-Germany…" Italy whined from under Prussia. His eyes were already tearing up as he looked over to him. "Germany. Germany." He chanted, near desperately. Whether he was asking for sex or help, Germany couldn't tell. Pissed, he turned to Prussia, who was now sitting on the bed, watching his younger brother.

"Brother." Germany growled, clenching his fist. "Of all the things you could do, you try this? Italy is mine. You can't take my Italy." He said, sweeping his hand across the room. It was getting harder to concentrate. Whatever the mist in the room was, it was blurring his thoughts.

"Now now, West, don't get all bent out of shape." Prussia cajoled, standing up, naked. He walked over to Germany, smiling calmly. As he drew closer, Germany's vision faltered to the point that he was having a hard time standing straight. Holding his head, Germany barely heard Prussia words. "I just came to visit my dear little brother and saw Italy. He seemed a bit… hot under the collar, so I was going to remedy the problem."

Even as his mind went blank, Germany shook his head. "I… never leave without… satisfying Italy." He claimed, falling forward, only to be caught by Prussia. He pulled him further into the room until Germany was lying on the bed, his legs hanging off the side of the bed and his head lying in the direction of Italy's still immobilized body.

Prussia tied Germany's hands together behind his back and Germany, too out of it, didn't fight it. Italy stared back at him with lusty eyes. His legs, though closed, fidgeted as he battled the urge to moan in front of Germany. His face was redder than the tomatoes he loved. The two stared at each other for only a couple of seconds before Prussia appeared once more. Italy was still tied up on the middle of the bed, and as such left Prussia plenty of room to sit next to him as he looked down at his younger brother.

"You satisfied him, did you?" Prussia asked, putting his hand on Italy's knees. He pried them open, showing off the twitching erection staring him in the face. "This doesn't look satisfied. Does it, Italy?" He asked, grabbing his cock. Italy cried out, closing his eyes. "It doesn't look it." Germany tried to get closer but his body, while no longer heavy, was too aroused to move without coming just then.

"Italy." He growled. It sent a shiver through Italy who still watched his man. Prussia reached down until he hit the puckered flesh and rubbed it. Italy cried out and Germany's eyes were glued there. Up and down, Prussia's finger stroked, holding down Italy's squirming. With a smile, he pushed two fingers in and spread them apart.

"Ah!" Prussia ignored the moan, focusing on his brother's face, spoke to him. "Do you see this, west? Italy's wet and wants someone to fuck him hard. Do you want to do it?" he asked, watching as Germany tried to get closer. Prussia got up and walked behind Germany. He pushed his younger brother onto his back and out a knife. "Can't do much with all that on, can you?" He proceeded to cut Germany's clothes into shreds. When nothing else but his underwear remained, Prussia pushed him onto the bed completely, staring down at him. He dropped the knife and smiled down at him. He ran his hand over his brother's erection and watching his reaction.

"S-stop… Brother, please." He begged, closing his eyes. Prussia laughed. His little west was so cute when he was aroused.

"Oh, that's right. You don't want me?" He squeezed the huge clothes covered flesh. Germany's hip went up and down, trying to get more. Prussia moved away, pulling his underwear off. He practically drooled as he stared at Germany's huge member. It pulsed and twitched and begged for his touch. Prussia kneeled down and kissed the tip.

"Ngh." Germany tried to close his legs but Prussia pushed them open once more. As he tried to fight, Prussia took the whole shaft into his mouth, making the younger man still and moan. He ran his tongue across the underside of his cock, moaning himself so Germany could feel the vibrations his voice created. Germany's head lolled back until his gaze hit Italy. The pure lust in his eyes, made Germany smile. They stared at each other, both panting.

Prussia looked up and growled. Pulling away with a pop he pulled Germany's hair to pull him up and glared at him. "You want Italy? Fine!" he dragged him until he lay over Italy's naked body. Untying the bond around his wrist, he retied it to the headboard alongside Italy's hands. He lifted and positioned them until they were in the perfect position. "Go then. Have at it, west."

Germany didn't waste any time. He pushed home, letting himself groan as he felt Italy squeeze him. "Italy! Oh, you feel so good." He muttered, pushing in and out.

"More." Italy moaned, his head rocking with every thrust. Germany was closer to the edge than he wanted but he was determined to get his lover there first. With this in mind, he failed to notice what his brother was doing behind him.

With an oil slick finger, Prussia pushed into his little brother 'gate' and twisted. Germany cried out, trying to move away but ended up hitting Italy's sweet spot, which made him moan more. This continued, even as Germany tried to move away. It became a sexual act by itself. By the third finger, Germany was feeling like he was going to explode. Pride made him hold out but the two stimulates pushed him over the edge.

"Gahh, Italy!" he shouted, shooting his seed into his lover, making him smile. Germany panted, smiling. His Italy over loved to feel Germany come inside him. He was still lusty so Germany was going to go another round but, yet again failed to notice Prussia. Growling, Prussia grabbed Germany's hips and thrust into him.

End of chapter 4