An Early Beginning.

A/N: TwilighterRose here with a brand new story. Now don't panic; I haven't abandoned my other stories I have just lost my inspiration for them.

Plot: What if Harry and Ginny had got together during Goblet of Fire? What would've changed? What would've stayed the same? Set all the way through to deathly hallows (movies not books).

Prologue (3rd person POV)

It had been a perilous journey, and somehow in her gut, She knew that tonight, it would all come to an end. These past nine months had not only affected her and the golden trio, but her family and friends that she had left behind. Though she never regretted following Harry on his quest, she did feel guilt when she was briefly reunited with her family, but that couldn't be helped. Not now everything they had been fighting for was almost over; still Ginny didn't feel scared or angry or sad, she felt hope and courage and love…. And by god if they were going to win or not she would still feel it.

The question was which would it be? A victory or a defeat?

'Fight Ginny… keep fighting girl' her gut kept telling her 'keep fighting and then you'll be with Harry'. The thought of this made Ginny smile, she raised her wand at a death eater who was apparently unaware of her presence and muttered to herself "For you Harry; I love you" and started casting her most infamous bat bogey hex before some well perfected stunning spells.

A/N: so there's the prologue. Sorry that it's short but that's what prologues usually are. I saw deathly hallows part 2 a couple of weeks ago and all I can say is…. FREAKING AMAZING! I was a little peeved that they killed off lavender brown (spoiler alert) but other than that UNBELIEVABLE! Favourite scenes were obviously the prince's tale, the resurrection stone scene and the epilogue. LOVED IT! R&R TwilighterRose.