An Early Beginning.

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Chapter 5: The Mad Genius of Fred & George

Life at Hogwarts had been relatively normal since the welcoming feast. Classes went on schedule and friendships between the three schools had started to blossom.

Harry, Ron and Ginny were currently in the great hall, observing all of the seventh year students who were putting their names into the goblet of fire.

"So how are your lessons so far?" she asked them both "oh they're fine" harry replied "defence against the dark arts was a bit odd though" he continued squeamishly.

"Yeah, it would be with mad-eye moody as the teacher though" she said with a hint of laughter in her voice. This made ron scowl "he's a bloody nutter" ron said bluntly "he got a spider out of a jar, enlarged it with the engorgio spell and used the imperius curse on it…HE MADE IT GO ON MY HEAD!" this made ginny snigger; she tried to be as sympathetic as possible while trying to hold back her laughter.

"Was it only the imperius curse he used then?" she asked harry. Harry looked uneasy "no, um…he used…all of them" ginny's smile left her face "ron, you're right; he is a nutter." Ron smiled with a look of victory "just don't expect me to agree with you all the" she said, causing ron's smile to turn back into a frown, he looked at both harry and ginny before muttering curse words under his breath and walking away towards the audience surrounding the goblet.

"Are you sure you're alright?" ginny asked, leaning in, grabbing his hand and keeping it in hers. "yeah I'll be alright, it just rattled me a bit" he said as his thumb was unconsciously stroking her hand. "Come here" she said and pulled him into a hug "you know that if there's anything you want to talk to me about, anything at all; I'm here" she whispered into his ear.

As much as they were both enjoying the hug, ginny pulled away and noticed the smile on harry's face "thanks gin" he said. They remained silent and just kept staring at each other, until a large group of loud seventh years entered the great hall with cedric in tow. Harry moved to stand next to ron to witness the hufflepuff student place his name into the goblet.

Every one cheered when he placed his name in, ron even tried to say hi to him as he walked past with his friends to stand in the corner of the room. "Eternal glory" ron said in awe "that'll be us, five years from now" harry scoffed at this remark "yeah, better you than me" they were both put off by the sound of fred and george's cheers as they ran in looking proud of themselves.

"Well lads we did it" one of the twins said "cooked it all up this morning" the other one said "it's not going to work" hermione said in a sing song voice, on the other side of the hall, she was sitting on a bench with a book in her hand 'How long has she been there?' harry thought to himself.

The twins strode up to hermione, both crouching down either side of her looking smug "oh yeah and why's that granger?" fred asked " you see this?" hermione said pointing towards the blue circle surrounding the goblet "this is an age line, Dumbledore made it himself" she continued with a grin on her face "so" george replied "so" hermione emphasised while shutting her book "a genius like Dumbledore isn't going to be fooled by something that is so pathetically dim-witted as an aging potion"

"Ah but that's why it's so clever" fred interrupted "it's because it's so pathetically dim-witted" george remarked; both twins then stood up and started to shake the bottles "ready fred?" "ready george" "bottoms up" they said at the same time before draining the bottles dry. They then proceeded to jump into the age circle. Nothing happened. This caused a mighty cheer from the students as well as the twins themselves. There was then silence as the twins simultaneously put their parchments into the goblet, Seconds pass…nothing happens; the crowd and the twins begin to cheer just as the goblet goes BOOM and knocks them both flying in the air.

When they recover, both fred and george are both shocked to see that they have grey hair and very long grey beards. This made the crowd laugh and cheer as the twins proceeded to fight on the floor.

After a few minutes of chanting, the crowd went quiet and turned their backs on the boys to see viktor krum stomp past the age line and place his name into the goblet of fire, however nobody noticed the lingering look viktor gave hermione afterwards before walking away.

When viktor left the great hall, hermione left shortly after, with harry and ron trailing behind her. Harry turned his head, spotted ginny shouted "see you later gin" and left before she could return the sentiment.

"Hey, ginny." Ginny turned to see cedric right in front of her "hey cedric, congratulations on putting your name in" she said with a smile on her face. "Thanks, listen; I saw what the twins tried to do, will they be alright?" he asked, showing genuine concern. "Yeah they'll be fine" she said "this isn't the first time one of their tricks have backfired and it won't be the last" she explained. Cedric laughed at this. "I suppose you're right. Listen, I've gotta go but we should chat more often, what do you say?" he asked.

Ginny thought for a moment: wondering what harry would say, but shrugged it off "yeah, why not? How about tomorrow in the library, after last lesson." cedric smiled "ok, it's a date, see you then, bye ginny" "bye cedric" she replied. 'A date' she thought to herself as she walked back smiling. And for the rest of the evening, ginny couldn't get rid of the smile that was etched on her face.

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