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I called Shou and slithered back to the helicopter, directing the pilot to Mount Kailash. He complained that he was only supposed to bring us here and that the mountain I'd asked for was in Tibet, but he shut up as he noticed my death glare.

The home of the Garudas was just south west of the mountain. If Abe hadn't already been killed, that's where he would be.

XxX With Abe XxX

Abe could feel the giant bird's talon tighten around his torso and thighs and tried his hardest not to cry out in pain.

He had seen Emily dive back to the village just before he had been snatched up. Quietly, he prayed to every deity he had ever heard of – and there were a lot – that she was alright.

He tried to wriggle out of the massive bird's grip, but despite how much smaller he was, the avian had him and there was no escape.

Before too long, the bird landed in a valley coated in rocks of varying sizes, shapes and colors. Ever so carefully, the great eagle moved Abe between his talons and brought him to its mouth. Abe began to flail wildly as the avian did this, but as he was about to be consumed, the leg stopped moving. Tentatively, the bird sniffed him and made a sound of disgust.

'I don't smell that bad…' Abe thought indignantly as the creature hopped over to a ledge at the end of the valley and dangled the blue fishman above the ravine.

XxX With Emily XxX

The plain landed at the edge of the valley, and I could smell the flea-bitten birds as soon as I exited the aircraft. Shou followed me out and one of the birds hopped up to me, ready to make a grab for my tail, which I hadn't thought to hide.

Shou bit the giant bird, which shook him off so he flew into a rock. I felt my rage boil and I sprung up, my fist hitting his left eye. I ignored the birds' cries of pain and picked up my dog, slithering into the middle of the valley. When all eyes were on me, I spoke loudly.

"One of you carried off my friend, and I want to know who. He was tall, blue and black skin with big eyes. Any bells going off?" I turned as one Garuda with bright red wings stepped forward.

"I found a creature like this during our last meal. He smelled as though he'd gone bad, so I threw him into the ravine." The human-avian hybrid pointed to the gorge about fifty feet from my current position with his great feathers. I felt my body move quickly, wrapping my lower half around his neck and twisting it until I heard a sharp crack from underneath my scales. The birdman dropped to the ground and I flew to the edge of the valley, throwing myself into the ditch.

The air rushed passed as I grew out my wings from between my shoulder blades, spreading the blue-feathered appendages. I let myself fall, going into a death spiral a hundred meters above the bottom, my blue-and-purple bellyshirt fluttering against my skin.

The base of the chasm was covered in grey rocks and water. There were few deep parts in the river; none that I thought were deep enough to save Abe.

I unfurled my wings and floated down to the bottom of the gully, stabilizing myself on a large boulder. Shou moved in my arms, but still didn't wake. I frowned and started to call out.

"Abe! Abraham!" Oh God, if he dies I will kill every last one of those pieces of trash in the valley. I meant it, too. Abe was my best friend, and if he died… I don't even want to think about it. Not to mention what Liz and Red would do to me if they found out it was my fault.

It was hours before I found any trace of him; a stone with a bit of bluish-green liquid sticking to it. I didn't want to believe it was Abe's blood, but there was no other explanation for the strange sticky substance. There was a bit more up ahead, and more ahead of that. He was hurt. Badly. I could feel the tears pricking at the back of my eyes and shifted them away. Now was the worst possible time to lose my cool.

Before I could think about all the things that could happen to him, I came across a broken black ring. It was Abe's breathing apparatus. I picked it up and moved faster along the river.

There was no blood from that point on. It made sense; Abe was smart enough to head for water. But still, there were few deep parts where he could get past without walking. I groaned, collapsing to the ground in defeat. I wasn't going to find him. My tail was tired; hell, I was tired, and Shou probably had a concussion. It was almost dark, and if it got cold enough, we'd both have pneumonia by morning. Slowly, fatigue got the best of me, and I let the darkness overtake me.

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