I only own Emily and Shou. Jason is based on a different character created by someone else.

As I blinked back into the world of the living, the first thing I noticed was a stone roof above my head; though it took me a moment to realize this was not where I had passed out. An unnatural light glowed against the ceiling as I turned to see it's source; a fire shining in the center of the room. Behind it was a tall person with long hair and skin that was literally snow-white. A single curved horn protruded from his forehead. His eyes - when I saw them - were a glistening gold. I sat up quickly and a sharp pain in my head forced me halfway back down.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, kid." His voice was gruff and sounded strangely like Red's. I took a deep breath and slowly sat back up.

"You-You're a Yaksha, aren't you?" I asked. He smirked arrogantly.

"Naga knows her stuff." His smile became sincere and he sat down, one arm resting across his knee. Shou barked, coming over and licking my cheek before returning to the place he'd clamed next to the nature spirit. I peered around the room to find Abe lying next to me.

"Abe! Oh my God, Abe." He rested in a small ditch filled with water, unconscious. His wounds were bandaged, and a damp cloth rested on his forehead.

"Your friend's in pretty rough shape, kid." The yaksha told me. I placed a hand on Abe's chest, checking his breathing and heart rate (which were fine, in case you were worried). I looked at the nature spirit.

"Thank you, for taking care of him." I said, ignoring his earlier statement, "And me." He smiled.

"No trouble. Couldn't exactly leave you passed out on the rocks, could I?" The yaksha turned out to be even more pleasant than I'd hoped for.

"My name is Emily. Emily Jansen."

"Jason. Just Jason." I smiled, talking with him for a while longer before I noticed Abe shift, his eyes opening slowly.

I felt tears well up in my eyes as Abe woke up. I picked him up out of the ditch and clutched him to me, a sense of overwhelming you my dominant emotion. "Never scare me like that again, you jerk." I told him. His arms came up around me, bringing me closer to him. This made me cry even harder. Jason helped me prop Abraham up and get him some food.

When Abe was resting again, I stepped outside to call home. Liz picked up on the first ring.

"Hullo?" She asked. She sounded as though she had been crying; that or she was just really, really tired.


"Oh my God, Emily?!" I heard her yell back for Hellboy and Johan, then there was a beep as she put the phone on speaker.

"Liz, calm down, it's just me."

"Just you?! We thought you were dead!" She informed me. "Where's Abe?"

"Abe's fine! You thought we were dead?"

"The pilot said you jumped into a ravine, what were we supposed to think? How far was the fall, by the way?" I looked up at the cliffs.

"Eh, four, five stories?" I laughed at the silence, imagining the expressions on their faces.

"And Abe?"

"There's a yaksha helping him. We've been unconscious for a few days. We woke up not long ago, but he landed harder than I did and he's sleeping again."

"Wait, wait, wait," I heard Red say, "Yaksawhozawhatza?" I rolled my eyes.

"It's a Hindu nature spirit. Keep up, Red. Anywho, Abe isn't strong enough to be moved, so we're gonna hang here until he is. We should be fine until then. There was a sigh on the other end before HB spoke.

"Alright, Em. You know what you're doing." Then Liz came on the line.

"How'd things go with your dad?"

"He's dead." I said, blunt as a lead pipe. She paused.

"I'm sorry, Em."

"It's okay. Hey Liz? He welcomed Abe to the tribe."

"And that's… Good?"

"That's fantastic! I'd never seen him trust anyone that quick! Then again, Abe's easy to love." I smiled as she paused again.

"How's that going, anyway?"


"You and him." She said. Any of you out there seen the Hunger Games? Well, she sounded just like Rue.


"Oh come on, Emily. It's so obvious you're into him." I let myself blush, not bothering to shift it away, since neither Abraham nor Jason could see me.

"It's that obvious?" I asked.

"Is the staring, gawking, grinning, and daydreaming obvious? Hm. Yes. Has he noticed? Probably not." I let out a breath I didn't even realize I was holding. "Em, trust me; You'll know exactly what to do. It tends to work that way when you feel like you're gonna screw up." I smiled. She really was a good friend to have.

"Emily!" I looked back to see Jason in the opening to the cavern.

"Hang on!" I turned back to the phone. "Thanks, Liz, but I've gotta go. Say 'hi' to the others for Abe an' me." I didn't wait for an answer before hanging up and rushing back to the cavern.

Okay, not a particularly long chapter, but I wanted to update before I went to bed, and ended up staying up until 2:30 in the morning. BE GRATEFUL, FUCKERS!

Anyway, here's a link to the site where the character Jason was based on lives. His name is Jacob and he is a Yaksha in the webcomics of the amazing Humon! Replace the DOT with an actual dot, please.