I haven't updated in *looks at the last time she updated* forgive me, readers, for I have sinned. I shouldn't have been away for so long, but High School is a demanding place, much harder than Middle School. I still love writing, though, so I came back to do this as soon as I had the time.

Here it is, a continuation of Alena and her family's story, which is based off of a show I don't own.

I think, by now, you've guessed who our Dad is. In case not, I'll explain. My father, the most amazing person in the world, is Goliath, referred to occasionally as Goliath Wyvern. We'd been sent to the past to hide from his ex, Demona, using the Phoenix Gate, a magical crest that sends people through time. We'd meant to o to the future, thinking that it would be easier to survive there, but, somehow, we'd managed t get ourselves stuck in the past, where we'd have to be careful not to step on anyone's toes.

This was what we told Goliath and Elisa on the roof of the building that was behind us, editing out the whole, "Goliath is the father" bit. Dad always told us that there was no way to change the past, but I'd met the Fates (bunch of awfully rude, little bitches) and they weren't ones to be taunted with the temptation of chaos and destruction. They enjoyed it far too much.

"What could Demona do to make you so desperate that you'd use the Phoenix Gate?" Elisa asked, looking at Dad. "You hate time travel."

Dad nodded, looking at us. "If we truly had four additions to our clan, and they were threatened, I would not be above sending them away to keep them safe." Aydan opened her mouth, probably to tell him what was happening, but Dad lifted his hand. "You mustn't tell us what has happened. When the problem in your time has been dealt with, someone will come and get you. Considering that they can travel through time, they should be coming soon."

"Not quite," a voice sounded behind them. They turned, and Uncle Brooklyn, my favorite of our five gargoyle uncles, stepped out of the shadows, the Phoenix Gate in one hand. "Good to see you both, Goliath, Elisa."

"UNCLE BROOKLYN," Bann called, jumping from Aydan's arms to momentarily glide into his. "We can go home now, right?"

Poor Bann. He was so young; he'd only hatched about four years before we'd been sent to this time. Knowing him, he wanted nothing more than to curl up into our mother's arms and nuzzle into her neck, like any other little gargoyle, which was why I smiled along with Uncle Brooklyn. "Yeah, kiddo. You can go home. Before you do, though, don't you want to say something?"

Nodding, Bann dropped from his arms, an over to Dad and hugged both his leg and that of the human next to him. "By Daddy! Bye Mommy! I love you!" He looked up and smiled, not even registering the shocked look on their faces before strolling over to Uncle Brooklyn, asking if he could play with Uncle Lexington when he got back.

Aydan, who was probably more excited over getting back to her boyfriend, Puck/Owen, merely smiled and gave each a hug, whispering something into their ears before walking over to the others. She just wanted to get back and give Owen the biggest hug she could.

Barra, ever the warrior, merely walked over to each of them and held out his arm to grip onto their forearms. "Make sure those KKK rejects stay away from the family, alright? They're not as big o bad as they think they are." With that, he walked over to the others, probably thinking of nothing more than his girlfriend, a college student who once set a pack of Huntsmen on fire when they were chasing him with the help of some of her fellow students.

Finally, it was my turn. I walked up t the two, a bit more understanding than my siblings. "I'm sorry about them," I said. "They sometimes forget how much a shock magic can be when you don't grow up around fae, mermaids, and other weird stuff like that." I smiled at them both. "I know you tow are just dancing around one another, but, please, considering I've only got about two more years to pop out, stop dancing." I gave each of them a great, big hug. "You can trust Xanatos. Lex'll keep him in line."

Mom lifted her eyebrow. "'Lex?'" she asked curiously.

I smirked at her. "Is the for-now human who's about to date a gargoyle questioning her daughter about dating a 1/4th fae trillionare's son?" I asked, walking over to the group of my family.

"Never," they both answered as the light from the Phoenix Gate claimed my eyes before showing my the shining, green eyes of my favorite Halfling.