I Am The Liar And You Are The Saint
Chapter 10

Naya Rivera probably looked like your typical creepy, world-class stalker. She would open her car door, stepping out with a bowl of her famous guacamole dip and a bag of chips when her heart would start racing and she had to jet back inside to calm herself down again. She had done this about four times now, each time either coming out with her snack or a bottle of wine. She couldn't decide which was more appropriate. Her knuckles were white on the steering wheel, every now and again opting to smack her head against the rubber to knock some sense into herself. She was being so immature. Wasn't she over Heather? She thought she had established several times now. Naya looked from across the street to Heather's house. Naya couldn't let go. She rubbed her eyes under her glasses as her burgeoning headache pulsated wildly along with the thrumming of her heart. If only she could listen to the wisdom of Lea…

"Um, so what exactly happened to plan 'moving on'?" Lea inquired indignantly tapping her foot. She looked so disappointed. Correction, she was disappointed.

"I know, I know! I'm sorry… I don't know what came over me. I mean how in the fucking world do I say no to that?" Naya gestured in frustration to the door Heather just exited from.

"Naya… it's easy. You just say you have plans! You're busy, you're tired, you have laundry… How difficult is that? But no, out of all things you say 'I would love to'?" Lea spoke exasperated.

"Okay, why don't we try having Dianna come in here and beg you to stay the night. Would you be able to say no?"

"That's… T-That's irrelevant…" Lea said folding her arms over her chest defensively.

Naya rolled her eyes, "My point, exactly."

"Look. The difference is Dianna doesn't ask me to come over like that anymore. I've distanced myself enough for her to realize it's pointless," Lea stated matter-of-factly. She continued on, bitterness brimming her words, "She's too sucked in to that pompous British asshole to even realize I'm here… Naya, I'm just saying this to protect you. The fact is the more serious Heather gets with her boyfriend, the more she's going to forget about you. You have to prepare yourself for this. It's inevitable. You told me you didn't want any more heartbreak, don't you think all this is just rubbing salt into a healing wound?"

Naya remained silent, her throat closing up as she tried to swallow. Lea was right… Heather was going to let their friendship fade eventually. She couldn't hold on to this fabricated hope forever. It was draining and pointless, but she just couldn't help herself.

She finally managed out, "I know what I'm doing…"

"I know… Just… Just be careful. The longer you let yourself fall, the harder it is for you to get back up."

Lea's words rung in her ears. Naya frowned as the digital clock on the dashboard ticked away. She'd been glued to the seat for approximately eleven minutes now. Yes, she was officially a creeper. She would be freaked out too if she spotted some weirdo camped out in front of her house. Normal people don't do this… She had promised Heather she would have been here a half an hour ago, but she decided to take the super long way. She needed some time to think and mentally prepare herself for a full night of Heather. She felt like this was a test. If she passed she will have officially moved on and she could rub it in Lea's face that she had done so. Maybe the abnormally tiny brunette would be proud.

Naya let out a very long, subdued sigh and turned her head to the passenger seat where her wine and chips lay. Decisions, decisions… You need to make one eventually Naya. An alcoholic beverage was probably not the smartest gift to bring on this occasion as Naya remembered what happened last time the drink was involved. She knew she would not be able to handle a touchy, intoxicated Heather for quite some time. So, chips and dip it was. After all, there was nothing better than high calorie junk food at a sleep over. Naya smirked a little as she was reminded of her fifth grade sleep over parties.

It took two more times going in and out of her car, but she had finally willed herself to ring the doorbell of the Morris and Lendzion residence. She bit her lip anxiously. She desperately hoped Heather wasn't wearing those adorable boy shorts she normally did when she slept. It would just drive the poor Latina insane. It was pretty chilly tonight, Pumpkin Spice Latte and cuddle weather worthy. She could only wish the dancer was wearing sweats or something. Then again Heather was always hot, and in more than one way…

Naya's drifting thoughts were interrupted as the door swung open. She let out a breath of relief as a tired Ashley opened the door. The comedic brunette seemed just as pleased to see Naya as she grabbed her wrist and tugged her in.

"Thank God you're here!" Ashley exclaimed dramatically, pulling a surprised Naya across the threshold and slamming the door shut behind them. No way out now.

"Is everything okay?" Naya asked, a little winded. Her question was ignored as Ashley became distracted by the beckoning dish in Naya's hands.

"And with the amenities to win over every fat girl's heart," she said with a huge goofy grin on her face. She took the bowl and chips from Naya's grasp. "I know what I'll be doing all night… making love to these glorious mouthfuls of heaven."

Naya followed Ashley further into the house as she made her way to the kitchen. Naya kept her eye out for the blonde, but she didn't see her anywhere; however she could distinctly hear her voice vibrating throughout the halls. She furrowed her eyebrows in puzzlement as Ashley continued to rant about Naya's 'Godly ways of guacamole'.

"I wish you would come over more often… not that I actually miss you or anything, but so you can just bring me your awesome food," Ashley joked sarcastically as she placed the bowl on the counter and searched for another one for the chips.

Naya gave a snort, "Aw gee, I've missed you too, Ash."

"Oh yah, I know. Everyone loves me," she says with a smirk as she scooped up an inhumane amount of dip onto a tortilla chip.

Naya shook her head and rolled her eyes.

"God… seriously Naya," Ashley managed out through crunches. "You are never leaving this household, ever. Dead serious. You are officially going to sit here and make me this fucking amazing guacamole every day."

"What can I say? I'm the queen of guac," Naya said through fits of laughter.

"Amen to that, sister," Ashley said taking another chip. "But really. I haven't seen you around in ages, Naya. I know this because you used to live here more than I did. Why the distance?"

Naya suddenly couldn't look the other girl in the eye. She examined the back of her hands and she tried to answer as convincingly as possible.

"I… have been busy. Work has been hell these days…" It's a legitimate excuse. Naya reasoned with a frown. She was thankful that Ashley bought it.

"Tell me about it… I've been stressed with work. Heather's been stressed with work. Nate's been stressed trying to find work… This house has not had the happiest campers lately," Ashley chirped lightly. "I think we've missed you lighting this place up a little. Maybe try not being such a stranger and show your face in here every once and a while?"

"Yeah… I'll do my best," Naya replied, giving a small smile.

"You better. I mean I can only do so much for, Heather. I do my best to try and relate, but with all the popularity… she's just been kinda a mess."

"I've heard…"

Naya and Ashley exchanged a knowing look as they both said, "Nate."

"Yeah… the kid's sweet and all, but he just tries way too hard," Ashley told Naya.

"But he loves her. At least he is trying…" Naya spoke head down.

"True… but there's a point where it becomes just too forced, ya know?" Ashley said taking another chip. Naya didn't say anything, she simply pondered on what Ashley had said. Maybe there was more trouble in paradise than she thought. She hated herself for feeling a glimmer of joy from the idea. Hey, a girl can dream…

"Actually, I'm really glad you're here tonight. Heather's having one of those rare outwardly mental breakdowns. You know, the ones that happen every once in blue moon for her… ones that I have pretty much every day," Ashley thought the last part to herself.

"What's going on?" Naya asked, now a little worried. She could hear Heather's voice growing louder, indicating she was getting closer.

"Just see for yourself," Ashley gestured behind Naya, as she took another whopping amount of guacamole.

Naya turned just in time to see Heather walk into the kitchen, talking in frustration into the cell phone pressed tightly to her cheek. The blonde was frazzled. Her hair was constricted into a messy ponytail and her eyes matched Naya's, looking tired and sunken. Much to Naya's dismay, the trim dancer was of course wearing the sheerest tank top ever made and her adorably short plaid boxer shorts. To top it all off, she was wearing mismatched argyle socks; one significantly higher than the other. Heather must have a thing for argyle and it just made her so much cuter… Naya suddenly wished she was blind as she gulped at the lump in her throat. Heather's legs looked longer than ever and her arms as gorgeous as ever.

"Mom… can you please just listen for one second please?" Heather breathed out in frustration as she stared up at the ceiling and placed her other hand on her hip. God those hips… Naya thought as she shook her head to snap out of it. She really had a lot to work on if she was going to best Lea.

"No… No! That's not what I meant…" Heather let out a sigh and rubbed at her eyes. When she opened them, her gaze met Naya's and the Latina could see them instantly soften. Heather's lips curled into an inevitable smile. She was so thankful Naya was here, she couldn't think of anyone else she needed more at that moment.

Heather shuffled over to Naya and laced their fingers together for the second time that day. Naya looked down at their locked hands, mesmerized by the amazingly soft touch. She looked back up at Heather who exaggeratedly gaped her blue eyes wide at her. She swiveled the phone away from her lips as she whispered near Naya's ear a raspy, "I need you!"

Naya was instantly taken. It was official. She had already lost and thrown in the towel as Heather's warm breath still tingled on her cheek. She repeated the words over and over again in her mind. She definitely stored that one in her brain for later use… Oh how she so wished to hear Heather pant those words in her ear in a bed, with her fingers… Shit. There was no way in hell Naya could ever return back from this. Fuck! No stop! You can do this. You are fucking Naya Rivera… you can do anything you want. She tried her hardest to give herself a pep talk. Maybe Lea was right… she shouldn't have come tonight. She felt disoriented as Heather pulled them away from the kitchen. Naya gave a hopeless look back at Heather's roommate.

"Have fun!" she simply chuckled holding the bowl of guacamole securely in her arms as if it were a child. She gave Naya a quick wink as she popped another chip in her mouth. All Naya wanted to do was die.

Naya followed Heather like an obedient puppy as she clambered up the stairs to Heather's room. Their hands remained linked together the entire journey up. Naya was having a hard time with her footing as there was nothing but Heather's ass in her line of view. She wanted to close her eyes or look away, but that would just be stupid and result in her falling on her face. Naya knew it was rude but she couldn't help herself as she diligently eavesdropped on Heather's phone conversation with her mother. Heather's short tone seemed out of place. Naya knew how much Heather admired and looked up to her mother. So it was an odd occurrence to catch Heather in a dispute with her number one fan.

"It's not even that long, Mom… it's like fifteen seconds tops. It's not like we're getting married or anything…" Heather rambled as they reached the second story of her house.

Naya's eyebrows rose together in confusion and she couldn't help but feel a little surge of worry at the word 'married'. She was suddenly scared the topic was about Nate. The entire statement as a whole was sending Naya's brain in circles as she tried to figure out what it was Heather was talking about. She hated assuming things, but it was difficult when she couldn't read Heather's face. All she could read was Heather's ass… which wasn't a bad alternative she had to admit…

"Okay, okay… I realize that wasn't funny," Naya could hear sarcasm in Heather's voice. "No, I'm not trying to be smart with you. I'm just trying to—"

Heather was silenced and Naya could hear Mrs. Morris jabbering away on the other end. Heather opened the door to her room and smiled sweetly to Naya as she politely ushered her inside. The blonde gestured for Naya to sit on her bed while she quietly shut her door.

"No I get that—" Heather tried again, but was again interrupted. She took the phone off her ear out of hearing reach and looked to Naya. She let out a long sigh and rolled her eyes.

"I'm so sorry," she whispered to Naya before placing the phone back to her ear. Naya simply smiled understandingly and waited patiently to be informed. Suddenly Heather's face contorted into one of anger and her voice rose in defense.

"Hey, that is not fair! That's my best friend you're talking about. I'm not doing it with some random stranger…" Naya was pretty sure she had never seen Heather's gentle blue eyes glower so dangerously. What in the world was going on?

Heather walked over and threw herself next to Naya on her bed, forcing her to shift over a little so she wouldn't get smashed. Heather's bed was like a massive pillow, and Naya hated how the blonde just had to sit as close as humanly possible to her. The dancer situated herself by bending her legs in impossible positions and Naya couldn't fathom how she could be comfortable. She marveled at the girl's flexibility as all she could do was simply tuck her knees under her chin.

"Mom… Can you please just listen? It's part of my job, it's only one scene, and it's not a big deal," Heather had repeated for the millionth time, but she was just not having it. Naya looked to Heather as she finally understood what she was talking to her mom about. Heather must have finally told her about 'the scene' that was scheduled to be filmed this Friday. By the sound of it, her mother obviously wasn't taking it well… Naya knew that the family had a very heavily influenced Christian background, but she hadn't realized that same sex relationships were such a sensitive topic for them. She always thought of Heather's mother as open-minded and loving from the few times she had met the woman. It wasn't that Naya thought any differently of her; she was just surprised and now worried. She couldn't help but feel utterly terrified. What would her mother think of her if she ever found out her feelings for her daughter? Naya could only imagine it would go down like during the cavemen times of the fifties or something and the family would condemn her to hell.

She placed her spinning head gently in her hand as she blinked her eyes in terror. What would Heather think? What if she feels the same way about gay people? Naya shuttered and swallowed the ginormous knot in her throat at the thought. It was true that she wanted to get over Heather, but she didn't think she could handle it if she hated her.

Heather sought out her hand again and Naya looked back up to her. Heather's face was crumpled in a way that Naya could only describe as disappointment. She hated that frown on her face; it just didn't suit her features well. Naya squeezed her hand supportively and Heather clutched on in response.

"It's just Naya though, Mom… You know Naya… I mean I've had to film things much more risqué than this," Heather mumbled sadly. Naya could hear faintly in the dead silence of the room Heather's mom respond, It's not the fact that it's Naya, honey. It's the fact that she's a girl… The words made Naya's heart tear apart. The tiniest amount hope she had before had now officially dissolved into nothingness.

"How is it different than kissing a guy?" Heather retorted. Naya bit her lip.

"Mom… you're starting to sound like, Nate…"


"So it's okay that I make out with a ton of guys on TV and that my character has slept with the entire student body, but it's not okay that I have a fifteen second kissing scene with Naya? It's just a kiss!"

"Okay, yes… I did say that we were on a bed, but–" Heather squeezed Naya's hand again. She felt useless and awkward listening to a conversation that half dealt with her. Heather remained silent for a few moments as she listened to what her mom had to say.

Suddenly, Heather burst, "It doesn't even matter cause I don't even like her like that!"

Naya flinched at the words that harshly left Heather's lips. She didn't realize how many times her heart could break in one day. It had to be some sort of world record… She averted her eyes away from Heather, who instantly noticed Naya's downcast expression. Heather shifted so she was sitting on her knees and took her hand away from Naya's to cup her cheek. Naya flinched again by the unexpected gesture. Heather turned her face so she was forced to look deeply into those sapphire jeweled eyes. The blonde shook her head frantically as if she was trying to tell Naya something in which Naya couldn't understand. All she knew is that Heather probably could see the broken sadness in her eyes, which made the blonde furrow her eyebrows and look to her apologetically. She opened her mouth to whisper something to her when her mom must have made another remark that pushed her buttons. It forced Heather to turn away as she barked a reply.

"Why do you care so much? What if I really did like Naya, Mom? What if I told you right now that hey you know what, I like girls! And I'm totally gay for Naya… wouldn't I still be your daughter?"

The Latina gave a little smile as she could not be more proud at what Heather had just said. First off, she said 'gay for Naya', which thus caused fireworks to explode off in the back of her mind. The statement made her feel smug, even though it obviously didn't mean anything. She was also relieved from her earlier worry of Heather's position on homosexuality. She made a daring move and placed a comforting hand on Heather's thigh. Heather recognized the action as being friendly. The two always had that similar mindset when they knew what the other person meant without having to say a word. This was one of those cases. Then the tides turned yet again as Naya could distinctly hear from the other end of the phone, Heather Elizabeth Morris! Don't you raise you're tone with me! How dare you suggest a lie like that…? Mrs. Morris continued on, but Naya didn't care as she was too focused on Heather who seemed to be shattering by the second. She looked like she had instantly regretted what she had said.

"Okay, okay… I apologize; I know that was out of line. I'm sorry. But Mom, you don't understand. And you know what," Heather paused and took a deep breath in. Naya squeezed her thigh. "I don't expect you to anymore. I'm going to defend this till the end. Can you at least support me though? This is my job. It's something I have… want to do. This is what I've dreamt of. I just wanted to call you and tell you because I thought you would like to know before it aired or anything…"

Heather twirled her ponytail around her finger as she listened to her mother's last remarks. She only nodded into the phone and gave a few more yes's and no's before she finally said her goodbyes.

"I love you too, mom… I know, I will. Sure I'll tell Nate you said hi… Do you wanna say hi to Naya?" Heather added as she looked up at Naya who shook her head furiously. So vigorously that she almost caused her glasses to fly off her nose.

"Yeah she's right here… Yah she's been here for like fifteen minutes now… Mom, she doesn't care… Mom you know Naya."

There was some chatter on the end of the line that Naya couldn't make out and she watched as Heather chewed at her peachy lower lip while she was being lectured.

"Fine… I'll just tell her. Everything's okay right?" A pause.

"Okay… I miss you too. And mom?" while Heather spoke she looked directly at Naya as if speaking to her. "It's just Naya, okay? I trust her."

Naya's lips stretched into a quivering smile as she felt warmth spread through her chest and a blush creep to her tanned cheeks. Contentment was what she felt, even at the end of this tiring and rather overwhelming discussion where she wasn't allowed to butt in a single word. Heather couldn't have been more saint-like at the moment. Naya admired the way she was defending her and their character's relationship. She couldn't have said it better herself. Like a savior, she could do no wrong. Naya knew she would regret coming over to Heather's house, but like always she couldn't help herself. She loved her.

"I know…" Heather said and she spoke softly in a whisper into her phone. Her eyes never leaving their intent gaze into Naya's. "I love you too."

Naya's breath caught in her throat. Heather had always made her breathless, but this time Naya actually feared the lack of oxygen going to her brain would make her pass her out. The girl managed to steal her heart time after time, running away too fast with it in her gentle palms. Naya could never keep up. She swallowed slowly, as that was all she could really do. She tried her hardest to wrap her head around the words that left Heather's lips and how her eyes still remained fixated on Naya's. Heather clicked the end call button on her phone, not allowing Naya the pleasure of being freed from her gaze. She placed her hand back over Naya's that still remained on her thigh. She let her fingertips caress lovingly over her knuckles and joints.

Naya's lower lip was starting to tremble violently as she was overcome with emotion, forcing to take it between her teeth and suck on it. You're just desperate, Naya. Stop over thinking this. She loves her mom, she loves Nate… she does not love you. Of course Heather didn't love her. Not like that anyways and she never will. The day Heather told Naya she was in love with her would be the day that Brittany and Santana profess their undying, eternal love and elope in Vegas.

Heather let out another heavy sigh as she closed her eyes and drew a long breath in through her nostrils. She caught a hint of wafting raspberry, cinnamon coffee that was Naya goodness and her chest felt a little warmer. She could wrap herself up in the way Naya smelled. It should be made into a candle and burned constantly. She slowly lay her body down onto her bed, as it sunk snuggly in fit with her form. Heather drew up her knees, curling into a ball as her argyle clad toes played with Naya's. Her hand remained unmoving as she held Naya's firmly against her thigh. Heather shifted her head so she could look up at Naya who gazed back down with care in her eyes. She gave the smallest smile, trying to reassure Naya that everything was in fact okay. Nonetheless, Naya needed to make sure.

"How are you?" she finally managed to ask in a croaking whisper.

It took a few seconds for Naya to regain her speech as she finally was allowed to breathe again. She choked a little at the rush of new oxygen.

"I'm scared…" Heather spoke honestly. Naya nodded understandingly as she watched Heather's nimble fingertips toy around her ring finger.

"But I'm feeling better by the second," she added in a soft voice, her small smile growing larger. "I'm happy you're here."

"I'm always here when you need me," Naya breathed out wearily. Heather frowned slightly at her tone and Naya didn't like that.

"You were late. You're never late when you come over," Heather simply stated sternly.

"I…" Heather was right. Naya was normally never late for their cheesy little sleepovers, but it was the hardest thing to will herself over tonight. She was still unsure if she had made the right choice… She wracked her brain for an excuse. "You just say you have plans! You're busy, you're tired, you have laundry…"

"I had to wait for my laundry to finish…" Naya blurted randomly and Heather's eyebrows raised and then furrowed in confusion. Laundry? Laundry? What the fuck? Really Lea? Naya threw around a couple more curses in her head.

"Laundry?" Heather repeated slowly.

"Uh yeah… It was a pretty big load…"

Wow. You are the lamest of all lame things in the world, Naya Rivera. She mentally slapped herself.

"I'm sorry… I should have been here earlier. You shouldn't have been alone when you were going through that…" Naya apologized, thinking back to the awkward phone call.

"I'm not asking you to apologize. It's not your fault. Maybe if I wasn't so afraid of what other people think I would have been able to manage through it…"

Naya looked down to her and her eyes carried all the sincerity in the world as she said, "Stop that. You don't need to be scared… you are so brave you know that?"

Heather gave a small snort, "How did any of that make me brave? I should have told her about it when Ryan first announced it at Comic Con… I couldn't do it though. I mean, I knew she was going to find out eventually and I didn't want her to find out by watching the damn thing. I thought it would be easier this way… but I guess I thought wrong."

This time it was Naya's turn to frown. It hurt to hear Heather's voice fill with disdain every time she spoke about filming the scene. It was so blunt and harsh, like when she yelled that she could never like Naya in that way to her mom. Well, Naya wasn't looking forward to do the scene either, but it was because of very different reasons. Heather's tone sounded so unenthusiastic and it all made Naya's broken heart hurt even more. This was just further evidence in this court case that proved Heather could never love her. Naya had known the verdict for two years now… but it still sucked.

"Well… like you said… it's only what? A fifteen second scene? Hopefully we can just get it in one take. I've got that Stand Up to Cancer telethon thing to go to, so the faster the better right? Minimize the suffering…" Naya muttered downheartedly. Heather's frown deepened.

"Who said anything about suffering?" Heather asked, thoroughly confused as her eyes still looked up at Naya. Naya could feel the soft pads of Heather's fingertips etching out hearts on the back of her hand. She didn't understand this girl.

"I don't know… When you talk about it, you just sound uncomfortable with the whole thing. I just thought that—"

"Why in the world would you think that?" Heather said looking at her with serious blue eyes as she lifted her head up slightly from the bed. "No. Naya, if I was going to do a scene like this with anyone I would want it to be with you. It's true that I that I think any kissing scene is sorta awkward, but I don't know… With you I think it would be kinda fun."

Heather was unconsciously staring at Naya's lips. The Latina lifted her eyebrows in question.

"I mean, any scene I have with you, you always make it so entertaining. And after reading the script? It's going to be so hilarious. Not to mention I always have a tendency to feed off your energy and I just… I know you. So it won't be awkward with you Naya. You're the one person I trust doing this with."

Heather's jeweled orbs pierced through Naya who could only manage a small smile. She again had lost her breath. It didn't help that Heather's fingers had stopped tracing hearts and were now trailing up and down Naya's arm. They paused every now and again at the joint that protruded out from her wrist. Heather had always been fascinated by Naya's wrists. She just loved how that little bone poked out; it was an odd fetish.

"I don't want you thinking I don't want to do the scene because of you. That is definitely not the case. It's just something I never prepared myself for. And having it displayed to the entire world on top of that…" Heather said quietly as she rested her head back down. Her eyes turning distant and slightly misty, Heather murmured, "Well… I just never saw it coming."

She was completely fixated on fiddling with Naya's wrist bone. The brunette let out a shaky breath.

"I don't think any of us really did, Hemo. But this is what I— the fans wanted…" Naya corrected herself quickly with a cough. Heather didn't notice, thank God… "Everyone else who doesn't understand will come around eventually."

"I care what she thinks of me, Nay…" Heather spoke distantly as she thought back to her mom.

"I know…" was all Naya could say. She understood how highly Heather respected her mother and she knew it was hard. With Naya's free hand, she brushed at the bangs that had fallen into the blonde's eyes, and then gave soft strokes against her scalp. She would go to the end of the world to comfort Heather.

Heather's fingers had stopped in mid-caress. In a shaky and uncertain voice she asked, "Do… Do you think she'll hate me?"

This caused Naya's movements to stop as well as the protective best friend side of her kicked in. Moving on impulse, she shifted quickly so she was lying on her side facing Heather. She instinctively cupped the worried blonde's cheek with a gentle palm so their eyes bore straight into each other's. Naya was completely unaware of how bold her actions were, but it didn't matter. She knew Heather would do the same for her. The close proximity was making Naya's head swim in the familiar overwhelming scent of fresh honey and maple syrup.

"Hey… listen to me," Naya started in a gentle sincere voice. "She's your mother, Heather. She could never hate you… hell, no one could ever hate you. She's just worried about you and concerned for your reputation. The only reason why she may have been hesitant in accepting the situation is because she cares about you."

Heather snuggled closer into Naya, pressing their foreheads together. She closed her eyes and simply let Naya's soothing voice wash over her.

"She loves you, Heather," Naya stated finally. "Something like kissing a girl won't ever change that."

Heather nodded, bumping their noses together and Naya's lips spread into an encouraging smile.

"She'll understand eventually. Just give her time."

"Yeah… Yah, I know…" Heather managed out, her breath tickling Naya's cheeks. She removed her hand from Heather's face to lay it back down on the bed. Before she could, Heather caught her fingers and interwove them, settling them between their bodies. Heather let out a final frustrated grunt.

"I just hate feeling this way," she said looking up to brown eyes.

"You're going to be fine… just pretend I'm Nate or something…" Naya suggested quietly as she tried to smile.

Heather scoffed as she rolled her eyes. "Why would that help anything? When it comes to kissing, Nate is nothing to brag about…"

Naya leaned her head back a little and gaped at her friend.

"Um, this guy is your boyfriend right?" Naya joked. "I mean, you guys have been dating for how long now? Shouldn't you have mastered the aspect of kissing?"

"Kissing isn't everything in a relationship, Naya…" Heather mocked, but she bit her lip in slight embarrassment.

"I would beg to differ. Kissing is like…" Naya paused to think of the appropriate analogy. "…going to Disneyland."

Heather broke into an aggressive fit of laughter, causing her to throw her head into the pillow and roll on her back. Naya's cheeks began to hurt from smiling so wide at the sight.

"It is!" Naya defended.

"Wha… What? How in the world is kissing like going to the 'Happiest Place On Earth'? I do not see the relationship," Heather made out through giggles.

"It's like this…" Naya started to explain happily. She was excited that she was able to make Heather laugh. "You know how whenever you went to Disneyland as a kid, all the anticipation makes you just full of jitters and excitement. When you get there, it's always so magical and every time you have a different experience. At the end of the day, when you realize you didn't hit all the rides you wanted to go on you find yourself wishing you could go back again.

It's the same thing as kissing… When you're about to kiss that someone, your heart does little flutters and you can't stop yourself from smiling. All you want to do is keep kissing that person because you know it will be amazing and every time you feel a little different… a good different. So it makes you want to come back for more. Kinda like an addiction… an addiction to lips," Naya concluded, her smile ever growing as Heather simply gawked at her reasoning.

"So… what you're really trying to say is, when you find someone you love, kissing them is like crack?"

Naya snorted and shook her head. "Why do you always make fun of my elaborate metaphors? You just made it sound so uncool."

"How can I make something uncool when it already was?" Heather shot back with a playful smile dancing on her lips.

"Touché. Thank you for that," Naya chortled sarcastically.

"You're welcome," Heather joked, and her smile faltered slightly. "Maybe the reason why we've lost that spark is because I've been the bad kisser…"

"I highly doubt that," Naya slipped automatically. Jesus… Control yourself!

Heather squinted her eyes and pursed her lips in that adorably inquisitive look. Naya's heart was starting to thrum faster against her chest.

"And how would you know?"

"Uh… um… Well, I don't actually, but… I…" Naya fumbled miserably. She felt put on the spot as a single eyebrow started to rise and Heather's lips curled into a devilish grin.

Naya took a deep breath to gain a little more composure as she chided playfully, "I guess my mind is just really hoping you're not a bad kisser… That would just make my Friday horrible."

Heather rolled her eyes and then spoke lowly, "I'll do my best not to disappoint."

She licked her lips dramatically and tickled her toes against Naya's. It sent the two of them into a small fit of giggles, making them feel like a couple of thirteen year-olds.

"Better not, I have high expectations," Naya continued to play on. "Don't forget to chew on lots of mints and gum."

Heather scoffed, "I think I chew enough gum for the both of us."

"This is true," Naya admitted. They took a few counts to settle down and Naya caught herself staring doe-eyed at the blissful blonde. She looked up to the ceiling.

"Naya?" the blonde spoke, looking fondly to her friend.


"Just promise me one thing."


Heather paused, closing her eyes while inhaling a large gulp of lovely raspberry, cinnamon coffee. She opened them and stared up at Naya through her lashes while her lips struggled to contain her mischievous grin.

"When we film Friday, don't look too eager…" she said, her smile breaking out into a full beaming grin. Naya scowled and flicked at her arm teasingly. "Hey! I know how much you wanna get all up on this. I'm just trying to save you from embarrassment in front of the crew."

"Oh shut up," Naya shot back with a smile as she pushed Heather away, causing her to roll back flat against the bed. She had somehow migrated seemingly close during their conversation. Naya really wished she would shut up. The girl was making this unbearable as all Naya wanted to do was pounce her. Heather beat her to it as she flounced back, swinging one of her long beautifully toned legs across Naya's body. She was trapped under her straddle, their bodies firmly pressed flush against each other. Naya felt nothing but wonderful heat. Heather's tank top had risen slightly, exposing some of her midriff. The warm flesh seemed to burn through the single layer of Naya's cotton shirt. The blonde was leaning on both her elbows that were propped near the sides of Naya's head, forcing the Latina to see nothing but curious yet confused, blue eyes.

She leaned in close to her face, eyes set on Naya's plump lips when she whispered, "I know you're just dying to kiss me."

Why the hell is she doing this? Naya whimpered in her mind as she swallowed slowly.

"Don't get too ahead of yourself now," she spoke in a raspy breath as her throat was closing up. Things were turning deathly serious as she tried to hold on as tight as she could to the last of their playful bantering. It was no hope, as she felt one of Heather's hands twirl at her strewn about hair. If her heart wasn't pounding before, it certainly was now as the vibrations seemed to shake her rib cage. The low drumming was the only thing she could hear.

"What… What if…" Heather couldn't finish her statement as she was completely distracted by that perfectly billowing pout. There was something about Naya's lips that made her mind go fuzzy, much like it had the night before. She was acting based on what her heart and body was asking her to do, blatantly ignoring the shouting in the back of her brain. Whatever this was, she wanted to solve it right here. Heather was tired of all the toying and teasing, but she was also terrified. She had always been confident with her choices, but this was different because this was Naya. She didn't want to ruin anything.

Naya chewed at the corner part of her lower lip, causing the left side of it to puff out lusciously.

Fuck it. Heather thought. Trusting where her heart was leading her, she dipped down lower when the flesh slipped from Naya's teeth. Naya's eyes were searching Heather's frantically as her mind raced at what was happening. No way was this real. It had to be some really vivid dream or something… It was when Heather's nose nuzzled against Naya's lightly that she had to speak up; even though she wished she could just let Heather continue.

"Heather?" Naya moaned out desperately. Heather stopped, noses caressing lovingly. She looked into Naya's eyes which were glazing with building worry and sadness. Heather furrowed her eyebrows at Naya's frantic orbs.

"W-Why? Why are you doing this?" she pleaded sadly.

"I don't know…" Heather whispered lowly and truthfully. She honestly didn't. She had no idea what was happening to her or their friendship. What she did know is that she really just wanted to shut Naya up so she could feel those teasing lips against hers.

Heather continued her descent as Naya parted her lips to make another plea. To her dismay her voice was caught as she sucked in the same air Heather was breathing. In all her life, she had never been this close to Heather's face before. Naya could see every little fleck of color in Heather's darkening blue eyes. Weak and unable to control anything, Naya watched as Heather's perfectly peachy lips inched closer to hers. Is this really happening?

Heather swiped her tongue quickly over her lower lip just before they were hovering about a hair above Naya's. Naya could simply lift her chin to solidify the kiss, but Heather wavered. The smaller girl could practically feel the contemplation radiating off the dancer above her. She hesitated a second too long as the door swung open loudly, dissipating the mood.

"Okay you two… So I really hope you don't want any of this heavenliness, because there's not much left and—" Ashley was smacked in place as she realized she was interrupting something intimate. She couldn't help, but let a smile creep on her lips.

Heather hazardously flung herself off the shocked Latina when she heard the door open. She managed to fumble off the bed rather ungracefully in a heavy thud as her body lay in a heaping mess on the ground. Naya had shot up too in a sitting position, pulling her knees up to her chest. She brushed her fingers through her tangled hair, proceeding to pick at the ends so she wouldn't have to make eye contact with either of the girls. Heather finally got up and adjusted her disheveled tank top and crossed her arms over her chest, staring at the floor. The two tried their best to act like nothing had happened, but failed miserably. Ashley saw right through all of that. After all, she was an actress too.

"Some sleep over, hm?"