Title: I Am The Liar And You Are The Saint
Rating: M
Summary: She had become an expert at putting on a face when she was around Heather. Naya just hoped it was enough for people not to realize it, because honestly Heather was wearing her down.
Pairings: Naya/Heather, Other: Heather/OC, Naya/Mark, Side Dianna/Lea
Disclaimer: I do not own anything, this is a complete work of fiction. These two are not a couple… unfortunately.
Spoilers: Season 1 and Season 2
Word Count: ~7,100
Warning: Angst

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I Am The Liar And You Are The Saint

Chapter 21

She thought she had a destination, but once she turned out of Naya's neighborhood, she realized it was not in the direction of home. Heather continued to drive down roads; some she recognized others she didn't. Her mind was jumping from thought to thought as she jumped from neighborhoods around L.A. She didn't know what her problem was… Heather was more than comfortable with her relationship with Naya and she was the happiest she's been in a long time. Sure things with Nate were great, but she's realized that before she wasn't truly happy… she wasn't being honest with herself. That relationship functioned like an old factory machine; there wasn't any other dimension or depth to it than the mechanical way they went through life together. She was settling for something she was simply comfortable with. She wished she had realized that sooner so the both of them didn't have to suffer all that time lost in a world of make-believe…

Being with Naya… It was like Heather was finally accepting what she has always wanted but was too terrified to admit. She was terrified of so many things; of the judgment of others… her friends, her family. This change, this leap of faith… it was something she's never truly encountered before. She was risking everything she's known in her life. But with Naya… she was so supportive and was always there for Heather every step of the way. Heather knew she would always be there no matter what. She was everything.

She didn't want to ruin this. If she committed herself to this relationship and broke Naya's heart? She would never forgive herself if she hurt her.

This isn't something you should be afraid of…

Naya's loving voice echoed in her head from that Wednesday after the disaster that was the Britney/Brittany episode. After tracing similar pathways around L.A. County, Heather finally found herself pulling up in her driveway. When she killed the ignition she groaned loudly in frustration. She rested her chin against the top of the steering wheel, looking out blankly up at the dark sky above.

"I know…" she mumbled out to no one in particular. "I'm being such a coward."

Heather opened the car door grumpily and shuffled into her house, slamming the door shut behind her. She loved Naya. She knew that… but now that she thought back on it, she's never once vocalized it. Every time she had an opportunity, she found the words seemed near impossible to express. How hard could it be? It's just three words right? Still, she would find some way to fuck everything up… she always did when she was trying to explain how she felt.

"Damn it… you're home early. Again," Ashley greeted Heather as she emphasized the latter part of the sentence.

"I drove around for more than an hour and I still have no clue where I'm going," Heather announced, not knowing at all what was going on in her own head.

"Okay…" Ashley said slowly. "Well, right now you're home. Did you drink too much at her place or somethin'?"

"Just a glass of wine…" Heather mumbled as she flopped on the couch, "Which was certainly not enough alcohol."

"You need to grow some balls dude."

"Why am I so freaked out about all of this?" Heather gestured with her hand nonchalantly. "Sex and saying I love you and this entire relationship… I'm pathetic. She wants it, I want it… what's the big deal?"

Ashley sighed before rolling her eyes at her friend.

"Because… like you told me. You care about her. You don't want to fuck it up with the wrong timing. I know this from experience," Ashley said jokingly, but Heather found none of this amusing. Ashley patted her roommate's knee, "Honestly, Heather… the reason why I think you're so scared about this relationship and diving into it, is because you're scared of committing."

Heather furrowed her brow.

"But I'm not scared of committing. I do want to be with her…"

"I never said you didn't want to be with her. But you do realize you just got out of a very serious relationship…"

"I know, and I don't want to make those same mistakes I made with Nate. I don't want to be wrong about this and give everything to her and then back out like a fucking coward… I can't imagine hurting my best friend like that," Heather said sadly. Ashley scrunched her lips in thought as she observed her rather conflicted friend. She breathed in deeply as she told Heather her most honest advice.

"Heather, I think you're trying too hard with Naya…"

"What do you mean?" Heather asked sharply. "Would you rather me not try at all?"

"Don't get all defensive now. Just hear me out… You know she's so patient and you know she doesn't care how long it takes. She's just happy being with you," Ashley tried to explain. "She's not Nate, Heather… she's not going to pressure you into anything you don't want. And you two understand each other on a level that to me is kinda disgusting. That's a rare thing to find… someone who gets you without needing to pry for answers. Bottom line is, you don't need to prove anything to her if you're not ready. I know for a fact that she loves you. And you love her, right?"

"Yeah… I do, more than she could ever know," Heather said softly.

"Then that's all that matters. As long as she knows that," Ashley confirmed. When Heather's face still remained in that scrunched up expression, Ashley did a double take. "She does know, right?"

"I mean… I've never said it out loud or anything… Sure we throw around 'I love you' all the time, but it's never in that context you know? At least I haven't said it in that context," Heather told Ashley, her mind befuddled. Ashley simply squinted her eyes at Heather while tapping her lips in thought. Suddenly, Heather's eyes widened in either fear or realization; she wasn't quite sure which.

"Oh God… what if she really doesn't know? She… She tells me practically every day and I-I can't even tell her at all? What kind of girlfriend does that?"

"Hemo, that doesn't make you a bad girlfriend…" Ashley tried to comfort Heather who was beginning to overthink everything.

"Saying nothing at all is almost as bad as saying thank you," Heather retorted and Ashley had to nod in agreement.

"Heather… As brave as you're trying to be, it's okay to get scared sometimes. It's understandable. You're falling in love with your best friend here..."

"And she's a girl…" Heather muttered.

"Hey, what did I say?" Ashley pointed her finger at her sternly and Heather nodded in remembrance. "You can't choose love… you're just two people falling for each other. Who the fuck cares if you happen to be the same gender?"

Heather sighed, knowing well that Ashley was completely right.

"It's a big leap. But, like I said, Naya's different. She won't annoy you with commitment statuses and request answers, Heather. She's a chill girl. As long as you make her realize that you are invested in this relationship as much as she is, then she won't care."

"That's the thing. I've just… never felt this way before. About anyone… even Nate. I'm scared I'm going to ruin it all. And I want to tell her this. I want to tell her how much I care about her… How much I'm in love with her and how that love scares me, but… I just get lost. No matter what I say, it'll all just get jumbled up and she'll take it the wrong way. I'll probably just come off offensive… I feel like it'll never come close enough to how I really feel about her. Words can never do it justice," Heather rambled. Ashley nodded while a small, hopeful smile crept to her lips.

"I'm pretty sure she already knows all this, Heather."

Heather could only nod, hoping her roommate was right. But Ashley wasn't finished giving her last piece of advice for the night.

"But, if you can't tell her show her."

With that, Ashley patted Heather's knee and shuffled off to bed feeling that her damage control for the night was done. Heather smiled appreciatively toward her roommate. She would have definitely been way more lost in her maze like mind if Ashley hadn't been there holding her hand for support. She knew she couldn't sleep or distract herself with T.V. or anything… All this was weighing down on her chest and she was about to burst if she couldn't get it out to Naya. She needed to at least attempt to tell her what was on her mind.

Communication, Nay. We really need to practice that.She was a hypocrite of her own words. Heather shook her head and chuckled a little at how ridiculous she was being. Words were never her forte, but she needed Naya to know…

She got up from the couch abruptly and grabbed her stuff that she had tossed about her house when she was being her grumpy, confused self. Heather practically sprinted through the door and started her car in a hurry. With a slightly clearer mind, she had her sights set on expressing her emotions to her girlfriend tonight. Whether it be with words or actions, her mission was set.

If you can't tell her show her.

"Naya!" Heather called out on Naya's doorstep. She knocked again loudly and rang the doorbell a few more times for good measure.

She waited for her girlfriend to answer before she got cold feet or something. Heather didn't really have a plan. She was just winging it, like she did for practically everything else anyways. She waited… but still no answer. Heather furrowed her brow.

She knocked again.

As she waited another minute on the doormat she began to worry. She took out her phone and called both Naya's cell and house phone. No answer… Heather knew that Naya was a pretty heavy sleeper, but it was only 10:30 P.M. There was no possible way she could already be asleep and if so she would still answer her phone… she always left that thing on. Before going for the spare key underneath that plant pot Naya had told her about years ago, Heather tried the door. The handle twisted easily for her, which further made Heather worry nervously. She pushed the door open and let herself in.

"Naya?" she called out to the empty house.

Heather searched the kitchen and living room, which both seemed unchanged from when she had left earlier. She scrunched her eyebrows and clenched her jaw. She moved to Naya's room and opened the door.

"Nay—" Naya's name choked in her throat.

"Holy shit!"

Heather froze in the doorway, hand beginning to feel clammy on the handle. Her head started to feel uncomfortably light and hazy, while she felt tingly vibrations pool down between her legs from the sight in front of her. Naya, her Naya, was clad in absolutely nothing… the only thing now blocking Heather's view from seeing her perfectly nude body again was the maroon fluffy towel she was holding to cover herself. Naya was fresh from her shower. Her hair damp and in cute waves and ringlets from the moisture, skin flushed pink from the heat, and water droplets running sneaky pathways down shapely curves. Heather could smell the fumes from her shampoo and from the wonderful humid mist wafting around her. The overwhelmingly luscious scent of her was just contributing to Heather's dizziness. She gulped nervously. When she opened the door, she had seen just about everything… and when she said everything, she meant everything. And it was all absolutely beautiful… The only thought running through Heather's head was how she wished Naya would just drop that fucking towel so she could appreciate just how beautiful her naked form was. But Naya's voice drew her out of her perving thoughts.

"Heather?" Naya inquired expectantly, ringlets bouncing and droplets dripping. Her hand was still clutched over her heart. "What are you doing here… in my room?"

"I… door… open," Heather couldn't really form sentences at the moment, but could you blame her? "Mediterranean food really doesn't do shit to you…"

Naya finally cracked a smile, her body relaxing and placing a hand on her hip. The small movement exposed more tan skin making Heather's eyes widened even more and shiver run down her spine.

"You scared the fucking shit out of me you know?"

Heather shook her head to try to snap out of her trance. When that didn't work, she squeezed her eyes shut. Naya simply shook her head and smiled at how adorable Heather looked standing in her doorway like that.

"Yeah… I-I know, sorry… didn't answer the door…" Heather mumbled.

"Hence, the shower?" Naya said with a raised eyebrow, "I feel like you have tendency on walking in on naked people often…"

"Nope, nope," Heather replied putting up her finger, eyes still closed of course, "Just with you."

Naya chuckled.

"I kinda need to change, Hemo."

"Oh! Fuck, right…" Heather exclaimed turning too quickly and ramming the right side of her forehead into the doorframe.

"Shit!" she threw a hand over her brow.

"God, you okay?" Naya asked worriedly stepping forward to help Heather, but the blonde put her hand up.

"No, no. I'm good… you don't move cause your towel is… is exposing way too much for me to handle right now… I'm just… uh… gonna go and uh... wait and… ice…" Heather mumbled miserably, cheeks and ears totally flushed crimson in embarrassment.

Heather closed the door behind her and headed towards the kitchen.

"Fucking smooth Casanova…"

Heather sat on the counter of Naya's kitchen with a bag of frozen peas pressed against her slightly swollen right brow. This was definitely not what she was expecting to happen when she drove back to Naya's house. She hoped her little intrusion and bump on her forehead was the last of her stupidity… she was sure it wasn't. Heather was still praying that she would be able to tell Naya how she felt and what was on her mind. That was the only thing that mattered to her.

Naya shuffled into the kitchen and Heather's eyes lifted to meet hers. A smile inevitably tugged at her lips and she had to refrain a giggle when she examined Naya's simply priceless nightwear. She was clad in one of those dorky footie jammies that were patterned with spaceships and solar systems. Heather didn't even know that Naya owned a pair of these… Her raven hair was pulled into a tangled bun and she was wearing her glasses. The thing that made Heather's heart flutter the most was that there wasn't one fleck of makeup on that absolutely flawless face. Naya quirked an eyebrow as her eyes met glossy blues. Heather smiled her lopsided grin and blushed shyly, staring down at her toes. While Heather thought she looked perfectly ready to snuggle into bed, she also couldn't stop thinking about the fastest way to take those footies off…

"Cute jammies," Heather finally found her mind speaking aloud on its own accord. Naya simply chuckled, but Heather spotted that light tint of pink coloring her cheeks.

"Well? What did you expect? A see-through nightdress and lacy underwear?" Naya husked teasingly, causing another shiver to run down Heather's spine.

"You're absolutely killing me here…"

Naya laughed out again and Heather smiled. She continued to shuffle over to Heather, still perched on the counter.

"Didn't you hear? Onesies are making a comeback," Heather raised a disbelieving eyebrow. "I got it from, Kevin," Naya finally admitted and Heather nodded her head knowingly before tapping Naya's nose.

"They look comfy," Heather commented sweetly.

"Yah, I was planning on snuggling up with a book in this fabulous cuddle weather since my number one cuddle buddy decided to take a rain check."

Heather simply rolled her eyes and chuckled as Naya settled between Heather's legs, resting her soft palms on her thighs. She peered up at her.

"How's the head injury?" she inquired, lifting the bag of peas from her brow to examine the slightly bruised area. It wasn't all too bad, just a little bump. It wasn't anything a little makeup couldn't cover tomorrow morning.

"Just dandy."

"Hm… well, serves you right for breaking into my house and making tonight a peepshow," Naya said folding her arms across her chest.

"Whoa there. Totally not my fault. I was freaking out you know? Your door was completely unlocked! You need to start being more careful or… or creepy, weird-ass people will come in here and molest you or something," Naya raised an eyebrow, trying her hardest to remain serious for Heather.

"You're practically asking for trouble. I will have none of that. You were lucky it was just me…" Heather told her protectively. Naya couldn't help but smile at how cute it was. However, she was still puzzled on how Heather managed her way in.

"That's really weird… because I swear I locked the door right after you left. I always do."

Heather pouted.

"Well obviously you have issues with locks because I am always finding ways in…" Heather concluded. Naya just continued to smile at her. It was true… no matter how hard Naya tried to lock Heather out, she always managed to find some pathway back into her heart. It's always been like that for as long as they've known each other. Naya wasn't surprised at all…

"Maybe that's a good thing," Naya whispered as she leaned up and placed a soft kiss on Heather's scrunched up lips.

"How is that a good thing? If I'm getting in, that means anyone can get in because I'm gonna admit straight out… I'm no Einstein."

Naya rolled her eyes and shook her head at Heather; she wasn't even going to try to explain what she meant, she was sure she would sound crazy. Her hands started to follow invisible trails up Heather's toned thighs until Naya felt her fingertips reach her waistband.

"While I am happy you came back, what do I owe this pleasure?" Naya finally asked.

Heather picked at her fingernails in thought. God damn it… remember the plan for your own sake please? Heather's mind pleaded with her. Her eyes traced over the curves of Naya's soft features, which caused a smile to be brought to her lips. Everything about her… there was always so much to say. The way she saw Naya… she felt so lucky being with someone so wonderful. She knew she would never get it perfect.

She took in a deep breath and shook her head at herself. Heather dipped down and placed another loving kiss to Naya's lips. Not like Naya was complaining, but she hadn't a clue where this was all coming from.

"I just… I felt like I was forgetting something," Heather murmured against her lips. "But I'm pretty sure I found it."

Naya raised her brow, but chose to remain silent and instead opt for another soft kiss of Heather's wonderfully peachy lips. Heather took Naya's hands and interlaced their fingers together.

"I… I feel like I have so much to tell you. Tonight made me think a lot," Heather started quietly and Naya nodded supportively.

"Naya I…" Heather looked into Naya's eyes and her mind went blank again. She breathed out through her nostrils in frustration as she continued to toy with Naya's fingers. "I have so much to say, but I don't know where to start without sounding like some mushy sap that came out of a romantic comedy flick…"

Naya smiled knowingly, "It's okay, Heather. Take it slow, remember?"

"I know, but… Naya I've never felt this way about anyone before. And you deserve better than this."

"As opposed to what?" Naya practically chuckled. "Heather we went over this… and I'm not sure how else I can tell you how happy I am being with you—"

Heather put up her hand to stop her and tossed her frozen pea bag to the side to concentrate.

"No, no… I… I know that and I'm so, so happy too. I need you to know that I care about you so much. It's just that, sometimes I feel like I'm trying so hard to make this perfect, when it already practically is. But then I keep on overthinking things or, or I freeze up when we want to tell people and chicken out when you do that amazing thing with your fingers," Naya noted the heated blush on Heather's cheeks at the reference.

"It's not till after all that when I realize the only thing that matters is how much I'm in…" Heather had ranted out wildly, expressing her bottled up thoughts with her hands. But suddenly her voice quieted and all she could see was shiny chocolate eyes.

Her mouth opened, but nothing came out; her words yet again caught in her throat. She grunted angrily, never more frustrated with her torn mind in her entire life. This time Naya raised her hand and placed her index finger against Heather's lips to get her to calm down. The soft touch quieted Heather. A shy, supportive smile spread on Naya's pouty lips.

"I know, Heather," she said simply in a quiet whisper.

Heather let go of a pained sigh, but still let slip at relieved smile. She was still mentally kicking herself. She was being so ridiculous and so immature, she knew. She truly wished she were braver for Naya's sake. Somehow, Naya seemed to read her mind as she squeezed her hands in reassurance. With Naya holding her hands gently and nose nuzzling at her cheeks and neck, Heather felt like everything was going to be okay in time… she couldn't believe how lucky she was. If it were anyone else, they would rid of her in a heartbeat with her commitment issues.

"I guess I'm not used to this…" Heather whispered against Naya's cheeks.

"What do you mean?" she whispered back into her neck.

"Being in a relationship with someone who just… knows."

Naya leaned back and looked up into Heather's sparkly blue eyes. Naya smiled. Her cheeks displayed those cute little dimples and Heather couldn't help, but lean back down and drop small mouse kisses on both. Their foreheads rested against each other and they simply enjoyed warm breath mixing together and the quietness that surrounded them. All those unsaid words were left unspoken. Naya understood, and rather hoped, that Heather would eventually tell her all these things like she's promised all in time… This situation wasn't a typical one and she knew that realizing all these things within such a short timeframe was frightening. After all, Naya has had years to wallow in her feelings for Heather. Heather was just discovering all of them for the first time…

Heather lifted Naya's chin up slowly and caught her lips with her own. Slow and reassuring. Like Naya said, Heather didn't need words to speak to her. She knew how much Heather loved her as she felt her heart start to thud faster against her chest. No more guessing, no more lying… Naya felt like Heather was lifting her up to heights she never knew she could reach on her own.

Fingers played with each other comfortably, until Heather unclasped them in order to place her hands on Naya's hips to draw her in impossibly closer. Naya paused hesitantly, breaking contact with the wonderful soft plush of Heather's lips in order to look deeply into her eyes. She furrowed her brows, but Heather just continued to look at her. Her eyes were shining brightly, but darkened intensely all at the same time… it was confusing Naya and she was scared what move to make next. It made her heart do little flutters in her chest, her tummy to somersault nervously, and her thighs to clench together. Naya was having the hardest time containing everything Heather was doing to her… it was rather embarrassing how much this girl made Naya weak in the knees every time. Heather could read her uncertainty like a book.

The tall blonde smiled widely and dipped back down to Naya's lips, taking them up passionately. It left Naya breathless. Heather's greedy hands encircled Naya's waist pulling her up till she stood on her tip toes, while Naya threw her hands up into golden locks. Lips did the rest of the talking as tongues glided and teeth nipped. Heather's hands wandered but were left frustrated when they could only grab at the soft, plushy material of Naya's damn onesie. Naya felt Heather's hands trail up her abdomen to the thin zipper that went from her neckline to just below her bellybutton. Desperate for any kind of skin contact, Heather took Naya's collar and pulled on both sides roughly, practically peeling the zipper apart. Naya caught Heather's wrists stopping her and the zipper's path as well. Breaking contact momentarily, Naya's dazed eyes looked deeply into Heather's equally darkened ones. She had to stop this before it went somewhere Heather may regret later… they had promised each other they wanted to go slow.

"H-Heather… you don't need to prove anything to me," Naya said with uncertainty. "I don't want to pressure you into anything you don't want."

Heather smiled at Naya's thoughtfulness, slipping down from the countertop. She cupped Naya's cheek gently and told her reassuringly:

"You're not pressuring me into anything. I want this, Naya… and I trust you."

Naya smiled back and pushed Heather gently back against the counter, kissing her slowly. Heather's warm, long fingers toyed at where the zipper had stopped. She teasingly touched the sensitive skin right below the dip of Naya's breasts, while her lips started to descend lower down her neck. Everything was a mixture of sweet honey and maple syrup with exotic raspberry and warm coffee beans… it was intoxicating. Heather laid her right hand flat against Naya's soft, smooth skin and began to slowly trail upwards. She could feel Naya's heart beat strongly against her palm; Heather unconsciously smiled at the feeling. Naya felt like where ever Heather touched that a burning handprint was left behind. Her chest began to heave heavily with shallower breaths. Maybe it was the heady scent of raspberries and coffee that was so Naya that wafted over her, but Heather had an intense need to taste her. She boldly let her tongue lick the curve of Naya's neck back up to her jaw.

"Fuck…" Naya let slip and she felt her legs almost buckle beneath her, but luckily Heather caught her while capturing her lips once more.

"Heather… bed…" Naya managed to say between kisses.

Without a bit of effort Heather gripped Naya's thighs and lifted her up so she could wrap her legs around her waist. As quickly as she possibly could, Heather kicked Naya's bedroom door open and sat her down on the mattress. She was pretty impressed with herself how she got them both there without any injury. Must be the adrenaline… she quickly thought while Naya untied her bun letting her raven hair fall in cascades down her shoulders. Heather gulped at the sight of her… Hair in tousled curls, lips swollen, cheeks flushed, and the swell of her breasts peeking out more and more from those pajamas. Or it could have been from being so fucking turned on… Heather took back her first thought as she walked over to Naya and slowly slipped off her glasses and placed them on the nearby nightstand.

Heather straddled Naya's waist causing her to lie back against the bed. She slowly leaned back down, golden hair curtaining them, as she kissed Naya's lips gently. Naya smiled up at her, letting a little chuckle slip as her fingers danced at the hem of Heather's sweatshirt to lift it over her head. She tugged harshly causing Heather to giggle at her adamancy as she tossed the garment somewhere in the room. Naya let her hands roam around Heather's wonderfully sculpted arms and abs, relishing the feel of that creamy, buttery soft skin. Lips were everywhere and curious fingers continued to venture over dips and curves of each other's bodies. Not being able to take it any longer, Heather completely unzipped Naya's footie pajama and pulled her out of the top part of it.

"You just had to choose to seduce me when I wear these fucking pajamas didn't you?" Naya husked into Heather's ear with half need and half frustration with the nightwear she ended up choosing.

"Oh how I love when you talk dirty to me," Heather joked before leaning back down and placing soft kisses along Naya's jawline. She moaned loudly, eyes fluttering closed.

Before she could remove her nerdy astro-pajamas completely, Heather got caught by the sight of Naya's half naked form. Even in the darkness of Naya's bedroom, Heather could still spot the deep red blush on tanned cheeks. She kissed both of the enflamed cheeks reassuringly. Her lips traveled down Naya's delicious skin… she stopped momentarily to kiss that cute little freckle on Naya's right shoulder before continuing down her chest. Naya arched into every kiss, her body responding on its own accord. One hand flailed above her head while the other entangled back into Heather's very tousled hair. Heather's palms ran over Naya's ribcage like going over the rungs of a ladder before gently cupping both her breasts.

"Uh… H-Heather…" Naya let out desperately, her body not able to handle all this.

Fingertips ghosted over small, pebbled nipples, sending chills up and down Naya's spine. Naya bit on her lower lip, restraining herself from yelling out a list of rather embarrassing profanities. Heather softly placed another kiss between Naya's breasts before her lips hovered over Naya's right nipple. She could feel the slightest pressure at the base of her neck as Naya encouraged her forward. This is where Heather felt a slight fleeting feeling of nerves bubble in her stomach… she really had no idea what she was doing at this point. It was beyond her what other women liked. But going how Naya looked right then, she figured she was doing a pretty fucking good job so far, so she simply continued to go with her instincts.

She let the tip of her tongue gently flick out against Naya's dusky nipple and received an immediate response that included an incredibly hot throaty moan and uncontrolled hips crashing into hers. Naya's chest rose and fell with deep breaths and her eyes had fluttered closed. She was pretty sure her underwear was fairly damp now if it hadn't been before.

"Again please…" she pleaded and Heather complied, letting the flat of her tongue swirl around the hardened nipple.

Heather continued to suck and nibble softly at Naya's breast, responding to how she moaned and whimpered out her name. Naya reached behind Heather, her needy fingers quickly unclasping her bra. The item slinking down Heather's arms didn't seem to faze her, but it certainly caught Naya's attention. Naya cupped Heather's cheek and brought her back up to kiss her lips again. Heather kissed her softly and oh so tenderly, causing Naya to sigh into her lips. Heather smiled as she continued to kiss Naya sweetly.

Kissing the tip of her nose, Heather's hands wandered back down and tugged gently at Naya's onesie; wanting to rid of the damn pajama that was constantly in the way. Heather kissed right below Naya's navel before tossing the dorky pajamas and her bra over the bed causing Naya to laugh lightly. Heather unabashedly crawled back up Naya's body, completely comfortable with being half naked in front of her. Naya wouldn't be surprised if she was drooling because what she was seeing right then… She had only envisioned stuff like this in her most desired and very private fantasies. Heather smiled coyly, completely aware of the effect she was having on Naya as she kissed those perfect, heavenly soft lips.

"You look super cute when you're all turned on…" Heather murmured with a slight giggle in her voice and Naya let out a breathy sigh.

Before she knew it, Heather was spun on her back and then pushed into the mattress, Naya's bare thighs straddling her midsection. Heather smiled softly and let her hands lightly skim up those tanned, toned thighs before settling to rest at her waist. Naya began to drop kisses down Heather's body, starting at her lips. She cupped her breasts, marveling the feeling of the supple flesh as her fingers skimmed over them. Heather tried her best to stop squirming under Naya's touches, but what she was doing was undeniably wonderful. Pleasure continued to course down through her body, her hips canting up with need. Naya could sense what Heather wanted as she descended lower.

As she placed her fingers over the button of her jeans, Naya looked up at Heather for permission. Heather swallowed thickly before giving a small nod. Naya slid Heather's skinny jeans off and threw them somewhere in her room along with the rest of their discarded clothing. She settled between Heather's thighs, eye contact never breaking. The blonde's breathing was shallow. Every breath she took was filled with nervousness as Naya's mouth hovered extremely close to where she needed to be touched most.

To test the waters, Naya placed soft kisses on the inside of Heather's thighs. She continued up, the rise and fall of Heather's chest quickening the higher she went. Naya's eyes darted quickly back up to find that Heather's arm was thrown over her eyes and her mouth hung open. Naya dropped the softest, most chaste kiss to Heather's clothed sex. She could already feel the dampness that had seeped through her girlfriend's underwear and how Heather shuddered in pleasure and relief. She hesitantly shifted Heather's lacy underwear to the side with her index finger. Naya clenched her jaw nervously… she felt so drunk off of Heather. Everything felt like it was happening in a wonderful haze of honey and syrup. Not able to contain herself any longer, Naya made the first touch with her lips, kissing Heather's entrance ever so gently.

"Oh…" Heather sighed in a pitch that was noticeably higher.

Naya licked her lips and moaned throatily… she needed more and so did Heather. Naya looped her fingers in the waistband of Heather's underwear and slipped them slowly down long, pale legs. She let her eyes run over butter soft skin freely, admiring every curve and dip of Heather's body. A body like hers seriously meant to be seen like this… so natural and beautiful. Naya sank back down comfortably between the warmth of Heather's thighs. Naya boldly let her tongue run along her folds, trying to taste her as much as she could. Heather thought she was pretty good at restraining her moans and groans whenever she had sex, but with Naya it was like she had no control whatsoever. She was thankful Naya had no roommates to taunt her after… Naya's name left from her lips over and over, ranging from soft whispers to loud cries of need. She did her best not to buck her hips wildly into those magically soft lips.

She worked her over, somehow knowing every which way to kiss there, to lick here, or to flick lower or higher… It was as if Naya knew exactly what she wanted, or maybe she was just really amazing at going down on girls. I'll have to ask her that one after this… Heather's mind wandered slightly. The thought of other girls quickly vanished from her mind when Naya did that thing with the tip of her tongue again against her clit, making her shiver.

"G-God…" she moaned loudly as Naya continued to make out with her entrance. Heather was sure she could reach her orgasm with Naya's wicked tongue… which would be rather pathetic since they haven't been at this for that long.

"Nay… Naya… Come here, I want you up here," Heather managed out between moans, her eyes still squeezed shut behind her slung over arm.

Naya crawled up over her and smiled softly. She lifted Heather's arm away from her face.

"Open your eyes I want to see them," Naya whispered as she kissed Heather's temple.

Her eyes fluttered opened and she looked up at Naya and those lips that adorned a cheeky grin. Heather leaned up and closed the gap between them. Her hand wandered down to the noticeably damp spot on Naya's underwear wanting to return the favor, but she grabbed her wrist.


When she pulled her arm from between their bodies, Naya interlaced their fingers. Heather's brow knitted together in confusion.

"It's okay," she murmured as she kissed at Heather's pulse point.

"But—" Heather tried to contradict, but her lips got caught up in luscious puffy ones again.

"Trust me…" she said.

And Heather trusted her.

She let her body simply feel. All her senses seemed to be heightened and just surrounded with Naya. She felt like she drunk on her, but there was no way to completely soak all of her up. She arched up and noted how Naya's curved perfectly with the shape of her body. She noted how they held each other so tenderly and how they're legs tangled in the most beautiful mess she's ever experienced. Most of all she noted how it felt like being treated like you were the only thing that mattered. She had never been placed first like this in any relationship before. She could only hope that Naya knew all this.

When Naya's gentle fingers touched her between her thighs, Heather was pretty sure her legs went numb and her heart skipped a beat. Maybe it skipped because of the large gasp she took involuntarily.

"Tell me if you want me to stop," Naya found herself saying, suddenly worried.

Heather shook her head erratically from side to side, her free hand squeezing Naya's left arm to encourage her forward.

"D-Don't stop… don't make me finish this myself…" she stuttered.

Naya only smiled, returning her lips back to kissing every patch of skin she could. Slowly, she slid her index finger halfway into Heather who buried her face into Naya's neck. She began a rhythm… it was slow at first, like how they've been starting everything else, but after Heather began leaving scratch marks up and down her arm Naya began to pick up the pace. Heather felt like her head was about to explode… this was better than she ever thought possible. But she shouldn't have been surprised since Naya seems to make her feel the impossible.

"Fuck, Nay… more… please…" she couldn't believe she was begging so helplessly.

Naya slipped another finger in. They moved together in perfect synchronization as Naya helped Heather climb higher and higher. She was close… Naya seemed to know too as she continued to hit that spot every single time.

"Naya! I… Oh God…" Heather gasped out, on the edge of teetering over.

Naya clutched her hand tighter.

"I've got you."

Naya thrusted her fingers into her till Heather finally found her release. Her body arched and went rigid for a few seconds… the only thing that escaped from her lips was Naya's whispered name. Naya didn't even really have enough time to soak in what had just happened… what she had just made Heather feel. She was pulled aggressively by the neck to Heather's lips as they crashed together. She was pretty sure the wind got knocked out of her on that one. Naya could feel Heather smiling against her lips. They finally let their hands unclasp from the tight grip they had held on each other so Heather could let her fingers tangle up in Naya's already very tangled sex hair.

"Wow…" she breathed dreamily against her lips.

"Yeah… wow…" Naya repeated as settled on her side next to Heather who snuggled into her close.

Her eyes were closed as her heart began to slow down from all the adrenaline pumping through her entire body. Naya tucked the stray strands of blonde locks away from her face so she could breathe properly. She could tell that Heather was trying her best to keep her eyes open and felt her hand once again try to travel down below her waist. But she of course stopped her once more and intertwined their fingers, knowing how Heather was about to slumber away any second.

Those crystal blue, feline eyes peeked up at Naya through heavy lids.

"Naya…" she whispered out pleadingly.

"It's okay… later," was all she said and placed a soft kiss to her forehead. Heather smiled her lopsided smile appreciatively.

"Mhm… you better count on it… you're in for a long… long night," Heather mumbled practically incoherently. Naya simply chuckled.

"Looking forward to it."

Heather listened to the lull of Naya's heart, counting the beats in her head. It made her grin wider feeling so safe and so... at home. Naya attempted to pull up as much of the bed comforter as she could over the two of them without having to roll Heather over. When settled back down, she felt Heather place another kiss on that freckle she had on her right shoulder.

"Love you…" Heather mumbled almost inaudibly into her skin before her breath evened out and she was asleep.

Naya stopped… her whole body stopped as she stared wide-eyed at this girl in her arms. This girl that she's wanted for ages now uttered those words to her and really meant it. She laid her head gently against her pillow to make it stop spinning. It's everything she's ever wanted… her own fairytale story come true. She couldn't count how many times she spent crying and yearning over Heather. All that pretending… she would never have to relive that ever again. Now, everything just felt so simple. Everything was perfect and she couldn't be happier. Who needed a lifetime to know you were in love with someone? It's pointless wasting a lifetime to figure it out when you can be spending a lifetime being in love with that person. And for better or for worse, no matter where this relationship led to, Naya knew that she would always have Heather in her life… Always. She had to bite at her lower lip which was curled in a wide smile; the corners of her lips quivering.

"I love you too."