Title: Returning to Calm (1/2)

Grissom/Sara, post-Organ Grinder, pg

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. I am making no profit out of this.

Note: Big thanks to Devanie for beta-reading this, and giving me the confidence to post it!

Chapter 1- Grissom POV


She's angry, I can tell. Behind those walls, she's boiling over with rage that those two women got away with murder for the second time. I can't just let her go home in such an emotional state, I have to try to talk to her.

"Sara!" I call out after her. My voice rings across the empty parking lot as she stops by her car, waiting for me to catch up. She still has her back to me as I reach her. Finally she turns around as I start to speak to her. She is trying to hide her emotions. But I can see through her masquerade. I always can.

"What are we doing? Digging up graves, chasing prints...If it's no good in court, if the killers win..."
"It isn't a competition. We don't win."

But maybe it is for her. This is her life, as it is mine, but for her it's different. She becomes involved in cases very easily, and her emotions are always on show concerning them. Maybe she does feel like we win when we solve a case. Hell, even I do sometimes, not that I'd ever tell anyone that, especially not Sara. That would only encourage her.

"The courts are like dice. They have no memory, what works one way doesn't work the next."
"I know that, I do. I know that. That's why I'm mad."

"But see if you get mad, then they do win."

"You just said..."

She's smiling. I know that smile. It's an exasperated 'this is Grissom, what can you do' smile.

"This is one of your riddles, isn't it?"

"One of life's riddles."

She's smiling again. I love it when she smiles. But she still hasn't calmed down yet. How could she? This is Sara, she can't switch her emotions off that fast.

"But hey, the good news. There's no stature to limitation on murder."

Even I'm smiling now. She looks at me thoughtfully after my last comment. If she knows she can come back to this case anytime, she might not feel so bad at not having got justice for the victims. I hope that makes her feel a bit better. I couldn't think of anything else to say or do that wouldn't leave us both wanting more. I can't go there. At least not yet.