I'm in complete shock, and pure happiness! At first, I realized I was going too fast, and I thought people reading my story would think, 'she's a horrible writer; she doesn't give enough depth.' And I was worried, but I didn't give up on the story. When I finished the First story, Wonderland, I said I would make a sequel for it. I was amazed that I got 23 ONLY POSITIVE reviews. The story's stats on August 9, 2011 are 25 reviews, 1,075 hits, 405 visitors, 7 faves, and 14 alerts! Thank you, and here is the first chapter of…Behind the Looking Glass!

Tori panted hard in the doorway of her house. She grabbed her water bottle off the side of her hip. She felt the cold aqua rush down her throat, quenching her thirst. She had come back from a 2 mile jog with Cat. She walked up her stairs and into her kitchen. Her brown hair bounced in its ponytail. She opened her fridge, and the cold air instantly hit her.

She sighed in relief when she pulled out her favorite; leftover grilled chicken from when the girls came over. Cat was an amazing cook, and she always made delicious grilled chicken. Tori put a wet paper towel over her chicken and put it in the microwave for a minute. She walked across the hallway to go into her bathroom.

She took a face rag and patted her face after washing it. The washing made her feel so much more cleanly, but she wanted to eat before getting showered. She heard the timer go off, and she walked back into the kitchen. She took a bite and smiled. It was amazing.

Her cell phone rang on the counter across from her. "Hello," she said nonchalantly into the phone. It was Cat.

"Hey, Beck's having a small barbeque at his house tonight; wanna go? I'll pick you up at 6:30" She hung up and Tori put her phone back on the table. She decided to go get done for the party.


It had been one year since Victoria had saved Wonderland. There had been no problems so far and there had only been peace. The White Queen was loved still and the Wonderland friends have been happy and helping the queen.

The Red Queen had been in the dungeon still. Her hair had gotten longer, making it almost to her knees. She wanted it like that; it would help her in the future. She saw her pet bat. He had her chemicals. She had finally got everything.

"Nymph, hurry those over here." The sky gray bat looked over and walked over quickly. "I can now get my revenge," she snarled evilly.

"Now, why did you need the…Brew of Frost Gyre?" He handed her the strange ivory liquid and the other things; there was a red powder with black flecks, and a black gem that seemed like it would dissolve in water.

"I'm wondering where you found it, Nymph," staring at the powder. She put it into the Frost Gyre and the top started swirling like a vortex, mixing the red and black through the white.

"Once pure with the crown on head, Through my heart may she be lead. Let me rule the kingdom with an iron head." She then brought the liquid to her lips. She felt it tingle in her throat, dripping down her chin.

She felt tired, and woozy. She fell to the ground of the cell. Nymph hurried over to here. "Queen," he called. He then saw a black aura coming from her. He backed away slowly as the black aura went through the room. It went up the stairs, and through the hallways.

"We have to prepare for the wedding," cried Katrina. "Cat and Robbie need to have the best day of their lives, you know?" She sighed at the thought of a wedding. "I hope I'll be able to find a love like that, Blake." She looked to her servant, Blake.

Blake was so excited when he saw his queen out of the dungeon. He was the only one that knew, and it made him feel terrible that he wasn't able to do anything. "Well, a wonderful queen like you would never have a problem with that," he winked. "I'm going to go check on the food," he said as he walked out of the room.

Katrina was facing the wall as the black aura came over her. She gasped and dropped the scroll she was holding. It rolled out across the floor, but she felt too much pain to get it.' Katrina' looked straight ahead and smiled deviously.

Jade's mind questioned Katrina. Miss me, sweet, oh sweet sister? Katrina's mind could just imagine Jade smiling. Why do you have to be so damn smart? It's much too crowded in this brain of yours…How about we switch. She recited the spell again, but added 'bring the opposite to my blood relation.' Katrina gasped when she realized her white aura was going away from her body. She traveled back down to the dungeon and entered Jade's body. (A.N When I say Katrina, I mean Jade's mind in her body and vice versa for Jade) Jade opened her eyes and saw the bat thing.

Then she realized that bat thing could get her out. She groaned as she went up. Avoid saying a name, because I don't know his! "Are you alright, Madame?" Jade nodded, not knowing if her voice would be hers or Jade's. Jade cleared her throat.

"Yes, but I need the key. I know where it is now." She always knew where it was. She pointed to one of the rocks. "It's behind the darkest rock on the left." The bat went over to get the key, it laying on the rocks with a little dust on them.

"It's amazing that you didn't just stay in your sister's body…" The bat wondered aloud. Jade heard the key click into the lock, meaning it was open.

"Guess I never used enough…Fern Gyre." The bat looked at her oddly.

"It was Frost Gyre…" he then widened his eyes. "You're not the Red Queen." Katrina pushed the door open and went through one of the escape doors. Now she was on the run from her own kingdom.