Hello. As you know, I'm Rolo-chan or Reilly. Whatever you like to call me ^^

Anyway, I'm writing this note to let all my 'digi' fans know some information. Okay, so my digimon story is about Daisuke with an extremely personality disorder. Kind of. He has changed because something happening when he was young, effecting his beloved older siblings. One more than the other by ending up in hospital.

...I haven't decided on the couples. Honestly, I think one will go then I change my mind. The only couple I want to keep is Tai-Jun, and that is because I just adore the couple. So, suggestions are welcome.

Um. After reading through this story, I've noticed I haven't put as much detail into the earlier chapters. So I'm going to go back over it and add more in to make it look, well, like a real story. Um. My 'grammar and spelling' mistakes. Ah. I know-I know. (blush) I'm going to find a grammar/speller nut-beta to help me with that. I'm just having trouble finding a great beta who I can trust.

And, after reading a couple of stories with some interesting plots I've noticed a few have just re-wrote my story. Lol. Our dialog was exactly the same, haha, I don't mind, I would just like to know. Ah and too all the 'lovely' fans who kept messaging me about my stories plot being 'stolen'. I honestly don't mind^^ the only thing I'd like to know who.

Anyway, so that's it. Hm. Yeah.