~*Wilting Roses*~

Haruhi had noticed that Tamaki hadn't been acting the same as he normally did. No one else had noticed it, but every so often she'd notice things that just seemed to be off about him. Only a few months before had she started eating lunch with the rest of the hosts, she'd noticed Tamaki wouldn't eat as much of his lunch as he used to. She never brought it up in public though; she didn't want to make it seem like he was anorexic if he had some other reason for not eating lunch during school.

"I'm just not hungry Haruhi," he'd tell her with a carefree smile. "I'll eat when I get home, don't worry, nothing's wrong."

But Haruhi didn't fully believe he was alright. It wasn't just that Tamaki was loosing his appetite frequently; she'd noticed he'd even started getting a little paler.

"Haruhi," he'd begin, "I just haven't been outside as much as I was; beside Haruhi, isn't it normal to loose a tan in the winter months?"

She'd also taken notice that he'd have to stay home sick much more often than he used to. Whenever she asked Kyouya about it, he would tell her Tamaki just had a cold, and that he would be returning to school tomorrow. The next time Haruhi would see him, he'd smile, hug her, and ask her if she missed him.

"Did my beloved daughter miss me~?" he would say while hugging and spinning her around.

"Senpai, you're crushing me-" Haruhi would respond- his grip was so tight that she really couldn't breathe. He would immediately let her go.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to crush you!"

Haruhi would let out a soft laugh. "Senpai it's alright, I'm fine." She would smile for a few seconds, but all she could wonder about was if he was okay today.

Even though Tamaki would occasionally miss days of school, Host Club activities ran smoothly. Tamaki actually started gaining more customers; they would worry where he was or if he was alright or not. And afterwords, when all the guests had left Music Room 3, the seven friends would plan for upcoming events and goof around like they normally did.

"Boss, what are you thinking about?" Hikaru would start.

"You're face is super red!" Kaoru finished.

At the same time, they'd both say- "I bet the boss is being a perv and thinking about Haruhi again!"

"I'm not doing anything like that!" Tamaki would yell defensively- his face would redden even more just at the thoughts that came to his head.

"Senpai's a big old perv! Senpai's a big old perv!"

Haruhi actually wished that it just was Tamaki being a pervert and not anything more serious. She would notice Tamaki's face flare up and random points in the day- she once brushed her hand over his by "accident", and was able to tell his hand was even a little warm. Every time Tamaki's face were to flare up like it did, she knew that he had a fever that couldn't really be explained. She honestly didn't think it was Tamaki's dirty mind.

It didn't take Haruhi very long to piece together the different symptoms the prince would show. She never got the chance to discuss this with anyone else because no one else noticed. There was one time where she asked Kyouya, but he mearly told her that he didn't have any official information about things that could be wrong with him. So she just didn't ask him anymore.

During a game of Hide and Seek, Haruhi had scene Tamaki trip more than once. (There were even a few instances where she'd have to ask herself "Where did those banana peels come from...?") The fact that he was tripping didn't concern her at all really; she knew how clumsy Tamaki could get. She wasn't concerned until she noticed that his wrist had bruised rather easily- she didn't think that he'd fallen that hard on it.

"Tama-chan, Tama-chan! Are you okay?" Honey asked the prince. He'd hopped off Mori's shoulders once the game was over.

"Yes, I'm okay, I just fell on my wrist! That's all!"

"Boss, I don't remember you bruising that easily," Kaoru said, with only a slight hint of concern in his voice.

"Really? I thought he's always bruised like a peach," his twin said.

"I bruise like a normal person!"

So both of the twins continuously poked his arm, poking him hard enough so that it actually hurt a little bit.

"Knock it off you two, that hurts! Why are you trying to get me to bruise anyway? You can't do it if you're just poking me!" Tamaki attempted to swat the twins hands away, but whenever he did they would just poke him somewhere else. Tamaki even attempted to run away from them (though he only ran in a circle, so it didn't help very much), but doing so, he fell on his face.

"The boss sure is clumsy today!"

Haruhi didn't think that Tamaki was even acting the same at all. Sure, to everyone else he was still the same flamboyant and narcissistic prince that they loved, but Haruhi was able to notice a difference. And she was able to notice a difference because she vaguely remembered similar things happening to her mother before she passed away. That not only scarred her, but it made her even more worried.

When she was at home by herself, she even shed tears.

'Please... Please don't take him away too...'