Disclaimer and author's note: Harry Potter is the property of JK Rowling. Title from the song 'Cautioners' by Jimmy Eat World. This was written for iloveyoumorethananything's Family and Friendship Forever! Competition on the HPFC forum.

i'm making my peace with distance (maybe that's a big mistake)

Mummy is distracted by a squirmy, screaming thing and Daddy says he mustn't bother her because she's tired, because she's been working hard to bring the baby home. So far Bill doesn't think much of this baby. It's noisy and doesn't do anything except keep Mummy in bed. Gran came to make dinner last night and she's just as interested in the baby, but she's gone home now to tell Uncle Gid and Uncle Fab about it.

When Daddy asks him if he wants to see the baby, Bill shakes his head and waddles away. He doesn't want anything to do with it, not when everyone loves it so much and forgets about him. But then Daddy catches him in his arms and swings him up in the air and holds him up, face to face with the baby, and he says, "This is your brother, Billy. This is your brother Charlie."

Mummy holds the baby, Charlie, out for Bill to see better. Charlie's eyes are screwed shut and he's finally quiet and sleeping. Fuzz that reminds Bill of his puffskein toy covers his head. Then his eyes open and the baby looks straight at him with blueish-grey eyes, and he waves a little fist in the air. Bill reaches out and touches the fist softly, and Charlie's fingers unclench and then re-clench around Bill's hand.

He can't help but be won over. Bill hasn't ever seen a baby before, but he decides that this baby, probably, is the best one that there is.