This is a short piece based on the film 'The Rage: Carrie 2' about a girl who goes to Rachels school , called Julie Thompson.

Julie awoke to the sound of Korn's 'Word Up' playing on her alarm clock that she'd set to ring at 7:15 am precisely. The familiar sounding voice of DJ Karl 'Funny-Man' Johnson, instructed her that he'd help her through another long Monday morning. Julie prayed he would. She swung her left leg over the edge of the bed and rubbed her eyes with her hand. She made her way over to the mirror in her room, making a scuffling noise on the violet carpet. She ran her bony fingers through her coal black hair and rolled back her indigo eyes in order to wake herself up. Julie picked up her hairbrush and began to comb back her elbow length hair so it became straight and had a glossy shine to it. She then wiped off her ruined make-up with a wipe and began to add a new, fresh coating. Shiny silvery-blue eye shadow, peachy lip-gloss and thick eyeliner around her large, curved eyes. She opened her wardrobe doors and pulled out some items of clothing and pulled on her orange jumper, faded denim jeans and black converses. She made her way downstairs and grabbed a piece of toast left on the table.

"Bye honey," called Julie's mother from the bathroom

"Bye mom," she replied as she grabbed her school bag and made her way out the door. She ran over to the bus and climbed on board. She made her way down the thin isle full of chattering high school students and sat down next to her best friend, Kiki Mundayne.

"Hey!" she grinned

"Hey Ju! How's life?" Kiki replied

"Oh fine, how bout you?" The two girls continued their conversation, only stopping when a new person entered the bus. Her name? Rachel. Rachel Lang.