Date: Unknown
Place: Unknown. Presumably either North or South Pole.

We staged a successful escape, but I was unable to escape with them. This is my final note to anyone who ever finds me. I don't know if my sisters managed to escape. I don't know if my friends escaped. However, if they did, please tell them I love them very much (Yes, tell even my younger sister this). And do not mourn me. My nation still exists after all, even if I am dead. I am sad to say that the gas has begun to block my memories, I am slowly forgetting things, I have already forgotten my name. I guess it's best to go if you're unable to even remember your own name...

See you in the place we all go to after it happens.

Love from I.B. Prisoner 93

Dear Journal (cause no matter what he says, diary's what a girl uses)

I'm sad to say that the lead I've been looking into was another dead-end. But I've gotta stay optimistic! And positive! I know the others are out there somewhere, it's not like they'd just disappear off the face of the earth! Although, that's exactly what happened... Anyway, moving all that emotional crap aside, there was naturally something positive about the red herring. I managed to get another criminal empire to collapse, which is totally heroic and epic... I would have preferred to find one of us though. If I found a nation for every criminal empire that seems to have sprung up in recent times, I would have probably found everyone by now. But as said, stay positive! I'll be keepin my eyes peeled for anything worth looking into. Until then, adios!

A.F. Jones, United States of America

The rewrite of the prologue. Before it was some kitshy crap about it being hard, being one of the few nations left and it disagreed with me. Changed prologue to something more appropiate (coughcoughmorenangsty!). Can anyone guess who I.B. Prisoner 93 is?

For new readers: Hello! This is Human Curiosity, enjoy reading :D