New Zealand woke up in the middle of the night, finding that he once again couldn't sleep. He frowned and sat up, rubbing his eyes tiredly.

Ever since America had called him, he felt like he'd been missing out on a lot of stuff.

He didn't know why, he just did.

Also, since the call, New Zealand had been completely unable to sleep. He would wake up five to six times during the night, with his mind still wondering why he felt like he was missing out on something big.

Sighing, he picked up his phone, dialling the person that had started these feelings. He sighed and waited for America to pick up his phone, not caring about what time it was in America.

"Hel-" America started, all the way over in the USA.

"America, have I missed out on anything big recently?" New Zealand cut America off, pouting into the phone. There was a long pause, as New Zealand waited patiently for an answer. The silence continued and New Zealand soon realised that he would have to prompt an answer out of America.

"America?" New Zealand asked. Then America finally reacted to New Zealand's question (Sort of).

"SHIT! I KNEW I FORGOT SOMETHING! New Zealand, I need you to come over to the USA ASAP! No buts, or whens, you need to come over! This is really important! See you in a few!" America ordered, before hanging up.

New Zealand blinked.

New Zealand blinked again.

He stared blankly at his phone.

What the heck? He thought.

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