Blog Title: Help Me I Have Been Exiled!

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Date: 8/11/11

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Prepare to hear a story from the Red Queen, the true ruler of Underland! Now if you continue reading this you must come find me come and save me! Or it will be off with your head!

Today I found this interesting thing it was flat and seemed to have a lid and several small holes and buttons. For hours I tried to open it but I could not. When I finally did I came across all of these stories about problems other people have. I decided to make one because MY problems are way BIGGER than any of yours.

Now to get you all of the right information to find me I must start at the beginning. I was born Iracebeth of Crims. I have a younger sister Matana who wanted to be Queen even though it was my right as the ELDEST! So we lived as two separate countries until Frabjous Day where her champion slew my pet Jabberwocky! How dare her champion!

Then as "punishment" for my "crimes" she sent me into exile with my lover Stayne. Who actually hated me so I had to kill him before he killed me. So his bones hang from his side of the cuffs. But that is off topic back to ME.

Now that you know my story I will give you specific instructions on getting here. Go to the giant checkerboard and to the east side. Go to the queens spot then go east 130,659 steps. Then turn north and walk until you see a big boulder with a three arrows pointing in different directions. Go the way that the arrow is not pointing. Keep going straight for a few days then you will get to a cottage inside is NOT me. So keep walking until you get to a shack and you will find me and all of my big headed glory. Then you WILL take me back to civilization and you shall be rewarded by my loving people who will rejoice in seeing me.

Off with you head,

The Queen of Hearts


So what do you think? Just so you know I think of Underland as a cave because in some part you are closer to the Aboveland that others that is how she go the computer and the internet.

If you want to ask The queen a question just leave it in a review, If you follow this story you will become her follower on the blog, etc.


Aaron Elizabeth Newton