Grissom ducked and raised his lantern a little higher. One more passage to go and they would be in what they suspected to be the great hall. He followed the lean man in front of him, narrowing his eyes to focus better on the paintings and carvings on the walls around them. It was fascinating. He felt incredibly privileged to be part of this major discovery. An entire temple hidden for centuries, buried in the side of a mountain. His eyes danced off the walls. The colourful images depicting all kinds of rituals and traditions he had only read about.

As they stepped into the next room he was able to stand and survey his surroundings properly. The room opened out to a peak with a tiny hole on the ceiling. Grissom surmised that at certain times of the month the moon would shine through that hole and bathe the entire chamber with lights. He moved his lantern around catching the glint of pieces of mirror caked in dirt and dust. He moved towards the large stone table placed in the centre of the room and ran his hand along the grainy red surface, fascinated with the carved channels and the intricate mosaic tiling.

"They practiced human sacrifice, it was usually women because they signified fertility"

He spoke out loud but he wasn't talking to anyone in particular. Each member of his team was fascinated by a different part of the room. A different discovery or breakthrough, the room was alive with activity as they all attended to their own specialities. Some sweeping at the statues carefully, some documenting furiously, some snapping photos. Grissom was happy to drink in his surroundings. The walls were tiled almost all the way up, the bright vivacious colours intact even although they were hundreds of years old.

His eyes were drawn to a small beetle scurrying across the sand, it disappeared underground and he knelt beside it intrigued by its vanishing act. He grabbed a small brush from his kit and began sweeping away patches of sand revealing a large stone slab.

"Hey I got something over here"

The team all rushed over, excited at the prospect of a new discovery as they swept away the sand and helped to push the stone slab away revealing a chamber beneath. The air escaping the chamber was stale and thick. Their torches lit on a line of skeleton's, all arranged the same way against one wall and adorned with golden necklaces and bracelets. Grissom quietly slid into the chamber, crouching down to move closer to the bones inside. His torch lit on some small pots in the corner and a smile spread across his face as he regarded them. They were 'sex pots' they reminded him of his wife, she would be fascinated to hear about this discovery.

An archaeologist joined him in the small chamber. His eyes dancing with excitement as he snapped photos of the bodies and pots and eagerly wrote down notes in his book. Above them the rest of the team continued to explore the chamber. It was clear to Grissom that this was some kind of ritualistic church. Where the priests would perform their sacrifice and then place the bodies in this chamber.

He could hear a commotion above him, someone had found a door and they were trying to push it. He could feel the floor beneath him shaking and trembling as the stone scraped away.

"Hey, are you sure that's a good idea?"

It was too late, the 2 men pushed the heavy door across and the walls began to crumble. Rubble started falling from the roof and the team all exchanged looks. They knew there was no use running, if the building was going to collapse they wouldn't make it out anyway. A young woman grabbed her radio. As the ground shook violently and the walls began to shift.

"SOS! SOS! The chamber has been compromised. Repeat. The chamber has been compromised! We're gonna need rescuing guys!"

Then everything was black.