"She's beautiful," Reed's eyes glazed over as he saw his daughter for the first time. Shane's grip on his husband's hand tightened just slightly. "She looks like you," The brunette's head tilted in wonder. Reed elbowed him in the ribs.

"Ow, hey! What was that for?" He grinned.

"Considering neither of us contributed to her actual creation, I'd say she looks more like you," Reed's eyebrows bounced as he smirked, before turning back to their new daughter. It was true; she did look like Shane. Where his ditzy husband got any other idea is beyond Reed. Her hair was brown, and if you looked closely enough, it was just a bit curly. Her features were soft and pale, with chestnut eyes. That was possibly the only trait which bore any likeness to the shorter man. Shane saw her differently. Where Reed saw physical features, Shane saw the innocence in her that his husband of two years possessed. He saw animosity and charm. It was plain as day; this baby was most certainly a Van Kamp. No questions asked.

The younger Anderson smiled at his daughter and took Reed's hand in his own once again. The pair stood silently, admiring their gorgeous baby girl and picturing waking up every morning as part of a family.

It was then when their doctor approached, baring a knowing smile toward the two. "How is she?" The young woman asked.

Reed turned to smile at her, himself. "She's perfect," He made every attempt not to cry. Shane placed his hand around his husband's waist. "Did Charlene give her a name?" He asked, referring to their surrogate.

Doctor Greenburg turned to admire the newest Anderson child herself. "Yes. They've named her Alice," She turned back to the couple.

Shane had to support Reed as he blanched and stumbled backward, damn near fainting.