Dear Readers,

The overwhelming consensus was that I should write a sequel. However, there was not the same level of unanimity (unanimousness?) regarding the subject of such a sequel-some readers indicated that they would like an Avengers-based sequel, while others wanted a mythology-based story. One reader suggested that I should make the next story more relationship/emotion-driven rather than epic-action-science-fiction-fantasy-adventure-base d, and that I should have Darcy return to Earth to see her friends and so forth. I can appreciate all of those viewpoints, but I cannot make all of them happen at once.

SO, here is what I will do: the sequel will have a plotline derived loosely from Greek mythology, and it will have a lot of action/adventure elements like "Mendacity" did, but it will also have more fluffiness, more relationship development between Loki and Darcy, etc.

Let me just say that it has been great fun writing this story, and I am thrilled (and astonished) to receive so much praise for it. You have been wonderful readers.