Harmony, Freedom, and the missing Medals

Scott was standing at the window of his room, a determined look on his face.

"Look, we know you want to get him back, but stop staring out the window, it's creeping me out!" Ashley objected, as he just pretended not to notice.

"I still don't get it, how did we glow like that?" Deirdre asked, looking at herself in the mirror, as Kyle was straining himself

"Grrr, I think...I think I...can...feeeeeeeel" he groaned, as his face turned red

"What?! Fell what?!" she asked, as he collapsed

"A hernia forming" he responded, as she smacked his head

"I just remember seeing bright lights, kinda like the medals" Jason said, as he sat on the edge of the bed. They just sat in silence, before Scott sprang to life

"Of course, that's it!" Scott cheered, as he looked down at the case

"What's it?" Ankh asked, skeptically

"The medals, they were responding to your desire, your desire to save me!" Scott said, understanding. He opened the case, as he looked at the cores

"Please, if you can hear me, please, take us to where Discord has Zeke!" Scott cried, as tears fell down his face. However, they remained as they were.

"Dude, the medals can't do anything like that" Ankh laughed, as he pushed his hand into his chest and pulled out a fistful of cell medals

"Sure, they feed of desire, but they aren't magical" he chastised, stuffing them back in

"That's as crazy as saying the human heart or the power of friendship can create miracles" Ankh muttered, chomping on a Popsicle. Deirdre was about to correct Ankh, when Jason grabbed her

"Hey, no friendship speeches, we don't want you turning into TeĆ” Gardner here" he said, turning her away

"Don't worry dude" Jason told Scott.

"I trust you, and if you believe in the Medal's powers, then, so do I" he said, placing a hand over Scott's.

Suddenly, the medal case erupted in a bright light of color

"I have been wrong before" Ankh grumbled, before they all vanished in a clap of thunder.

When vision returned to Scott, he saw what could only be described as what happened when a kids cartoon threw up on a mountain side. The entire thing was so colorful that Scott's eyes began to hurt. Aside from all the color, there were mounds of desserts just lying everywhere, forming mountains. There were toys piled everywhere, and a waterfall fell into a sparkling pool nearby

Jason ran over to it, and tasted the liquid.

"Dudes, it's Soda!" he said, as he began to drink from it desperately.

"No way!" Kyle cheered, putting his head under the water too

"Come on guys, now's not the time for goofing off" Deirdre gently scolded, as the two got back up and joined the group, their heads hung sheepishly.

"Alright, time to find Discord" Ankh growled, when TK began to point behind them

"No need, he found us" TK said, as they all turned to see the Draconequus hovering over them, with Zeke coiled in his tail

"Discord, give him back!" Scott shouted, as Discord grinned

"Oh please, I don't have to do any such thing. I found him, so Finders keepers" he smiled, as Jason ran forward

"You monster, you killed my Home!" he shouted, as Discord smiled even bigger

"Oh dear boy, you will have to be more specific. I've killed many people and civilizations in my time. I can't remember ALL the screams" he laughed, as Jason cried out in pain

"So to answer your next question, yes, it was I who saved this dear boy from falling, and granted him the power I may have, acquired during a massacre or two" he said, as Jason cried out again.

"Wait, you stopped him from falling off that cliff?" Ashley asked, as Discord rolled his eyes

"Of course I saved him, you think a ten year old could have survived a fall like that?" Discord said, circling the gang.

"I whisked him away, just before impact"

"He, he's right about that" Zeke stammered, holding his arm

"And ever since then, he's been a little brat, going on and on about how he wanted to see Scott, even after all the luxuries I've given him" Discord groaned, folding his arms

"People need more than just possessions, they need other people" Ashley said, as she marched up to the reality warper

"Kinda hypocritical, coming from you, huh?" he asked, scoffing. Ashley looked taken aback, before lowering her head

"Sure I used to think that way, but I've now realized that I was wrong. I realize now, I only became that way because Zeke was taken from me, I thought that if I shut my heart out from people, and only surrounded myself with material things. But I was wrong, and I know that now" she proclaimed, as the others smiled behind her

"Phff, whatever" Discord sighed, as he coiled around Zeke

"That's why I had to do a little brainwashing" he said, placing his claws on Zeke's head

"Get your claws off him you damn, dirty snake!" Ashley and Scott shouted, as Scott ran toward the beast. He smirked, and snapped his fingers. The two vanished, in a puff of smoke

Scott fell flat on his face, as Ashley ran up to him.

"Are you ok?" She asked, helping him up

"Yeah, where are they?" he asked, as they scanned the arena, not finding them

"There!" TK called out, pointing to one of the obelisks. On it was Discord, as his tail was wrapped around Zeke, turning into a chain, as it began to tighten

"Scott, help!" he called out, as Scott gritted his teeth

"Tell you what Scotty, Discord said, as he leaned forward

"If you can make it up here before I squeeze Zeke in half, I'll give him back" he laughed, as Scott tightened his fist

"You jackass" he whispered, as he turned his body

"You want to hurt my friend?" he asked, as he ground his foot

"I'll make you pay!" he screamed, as he took off running

"Like you can do anything!" Discord cried, as the ground under Scott's feet broke, making him fall back. However, he flipped over, and regained his footing.

"Hmm?" Discord noticed, as Scott ran forward at a blinding speed

"Pesky little brat, what do you think you can do against me?" He asked, as he launched dark holes at Scott, but the teen only managed to continue dodging.

"I am a god! I control this reality, I control all of reality! You are NOTHING compared to me" he said, unaware that Scott was right in his face

"The fuck..." Scott said, as he reared back his fist

"...if I care!" he finished connecting his punch.

Discord was sent flying, as his tail uncurled. Scott managed to grab Zeke, and keep him from falling off.

"Henshin!" Jason called, as the water formed his metallic blue suit. He jumped up in a pillar of water, and grabbed the two boys, pulling them back down to safety.

"Thanks baby" Scott said

"Why did you call him that?" Zeke asked. Scott began to stammer, when they heard the Earth breaking nearby. Discord rose from the ground, his eyes red with anger

"You honestly thought you could stand a chance against me? Here? In my domain? He asked, gesturing around.

"What do we do? And by we, I mean you" Deirdre asked, backing up to the three.

"He's countered every one of your combos dude" Zeke whimpered, as his grip on Scott's arm tightened

"Not all of them" Jason suddenly whispered, as he pulled something out from behind him. In his hand were the black medals. Scott nodded as he silently grabbed them

"Let's see if these will do anything" Scott muttered as he placed the black medals in the belt

"Henshin!" he called out, and the three black rings encircled him

"SASORI! KANI! EBI!" the belt sang, as the black armor locked into place

"SARIK-K-K-K-K-KANIBI!" It finished, and it began to emit the usual energy waves, but this time, they were MUCH bigger.

Suddenly, the walls of the dimension began to crack, as power radiated out of OOO. Light shown through the cracks, before finally, the entire realm collapsed.

"How the hell did you do that?" Discord yelled, as he pulled himself out of the rubble.

"Decade...Decade must have known, that's why he gave me those medals" Jason said to himself.

Suddenly he realized, the black armor was different now. Instead of being simple like the other combos. It was now much more complex. The body armor extended all over the form, and was a dark, greyish blue now. The claws on his shoulders were now horizontal and more mechanical looking, and his helmet was spikey at the top, not just the sides

"Whoa, what happened to SariKaniBi?" TK asked, as Scott stepped forward

"Now Discord, come at me!" he shouted, as the dragon roared in anger. He charged straight at OOO, but then vanished

"Oh no, he's teleporting!" Zeke cried out, but Scott wasn't moving. He was just standing there, his head hung. Suddenly, the Pincer on his right arm shot down, becoming a full claw, and Scott shot his hand out, and grabbed at the air, only for an anguished scream to be heard. Discord suddenly materialized, the claw had grabbed him!

"Whoa, super senses!" Deirdre exclaimed, as Scott twirled around, and flung the beast away

The Dragon returned instantly, and began to charge up energy. Scott stood there, as the thigh guards on his armor glowed, and rotated around to his back, locked onto his shoulders, and a mantle extended from them. It was black, with a silver fringe, and it was adorned with a picture that looked like an amalgamation of a Scorpion, Crab, and Lobster.

Discord fired his laser, as Scott then held the mantle up in his hand, and it blocked the laser perfectly. Then his feet glowed, and he stopped being pushed back, as the ground at his feet began to crack. Scott twirled around, and reflected the laser back, hitting point blank. Discord fell to the ground.

"Guys, there you are!" Logan called out, as he ran up to them, accompanied by Goto and Erika

"Hey Bro!" Kyle called, as Scott walked Zeke over to him

"Protect him" he said, before returning to face Discord

"Um, ok, who are you?" Erika asked

"Uh, Zeke, Ashley's little brother, and Kamen Rider Poseidon" he said sheepishly, to the shocked faces of the three.

The main seven turned back, watching Discord stirring.

"How can you be so damn powerful?" he coughed, getting to his feet

"Let's face it Discord" Scott finally said, as he slotted the Purple medals into the belt

"Our friendship pretty much lets us do anything!" he said, as he scanned them. The suit froze over, and the ice shattered to reveal PuToTyra there.

"Why do you still patter on and on about 'Friendship'?" Discord demanded, as his eyes turned red again. He twirled his fingers, and a throne made of cotton candy appeared behind him.

"Because, friendship gives us our power!" Deidre shouted, as she ran forward

"Our friendship allows our powers to grow, to become stronger" Kyle called out, raising his fists

"Oh how boring" Discord moaned, closing his eyes and slumping back against the throne

"And Scott's power grows too" Jason said, holding his hand

"We each offer Scott something different, forming a bond that nothing can destroy, Discord!" Ashley called

"Ankh may be knew to the whole friendship thing, but he is actually fiercely Loyal, sacrificing himself to save us from his fellow Greeed"

"Ashley may have started off as an Ice Queen, but she has proved that Kindness is a better emotion than hatred to share with your friends"

"Jason Loves me unconditionally, wanting what is best for me, even giving up his own kingdom for me"

"TK may be new to the group, but he didn't let that stop him from becoming fast friends with us. He was always Generous, trying help out when he could"

"Deirdre is the Heart of the group, the one who keeps us grounded, and focused on what is really important, but always keeps our spirits up"

"Kyle may not be the smartest, but he is always Honest and wants his friends to be happy. He reassures us when in doubt, and keeps things in perspective"

Suddenly, the medals shot out of the case, and floated around the group, forming a protective barrier, which completely blocked Discord's attack.

"Wait, what's going on?" Ankh asked, as the Medagaburyuu began glowing, before it split into seven copies. Each floated to a different member of the team, as the medals began circling them, creating a sphere of energy.

"And when those emotions are infused in me Discord, they give me the power to do the impossible, the will to go the distance, the strength to stand up to any foe, no matter the danger. They give me, Courage! The Courage to protect my FRIENDS!"

"What's this?" Discord asked, opening his eyes.

"This, Discord, is your doom!" Scott shouted.

"Unlimited Combo!" The seven called out, as the energy of the medals encircled them, lifting them into the air.

"Loyalty!" Ankh screamed as he was surrounded by his own red medals "TAJAAAADORUUUUU!" a voice said, as the red armor appeared on him

"Kindness!" Ashley screamed as she was surrounded by the orange medals "BURAKAAAAWANIIIIII!" a voice said, as the orange armor appeared on her

"Love!" Jason screamed as he was surrounded by the yellow medals "RATA-RATA-RATORATAH!" a voice said, as the yellow armor appeared on him

"Generosity!" TK screamed as he was surrounded by the green medals "GAATA-GATA-GATA-KIRIBA! GATAKIRIBA! A voice said, the green armor appearing on him

"Heart!" Deirdre screamed as she was surrounded by the blue medals "SHA-SHA SHAUTA! SHA-SHA SHAUTA!" a voice said, as the blue armor appeared on her

"Honesty!" Kyle screamed as he was surrounded by the grey medals "sagozo, SAGOZO! A voice said, as the grey armor appeared on him.

"Courage!" Scott called out, as the OOO symbol glowed brilliantly purple "PUTOTYRANOZAURU!" the same voice said, as an aura appeared around the group

"FINAL FRIENDSHIP COMBO SLASH!" The OOO Scanner called, as the energy enveloped them all, and they seemed to glide through the air at Discord

"TASTE THE RAINBOW YOU SOB!" They all screamed as they each slashed through Discord, in an after trail of a rainbow, slicing with their copy axes, before Scott performed the final slash with the Medagaburyuu.

"AAAHHHHHH" Discord shrieked, as his body became stone, as the others dropped to their feet. Discord fell to the ground, as his body slowly became dust, crumbling away. Zeke walked up to his former boss.

"Henshin" he called out, as the three medals circled him "SAME! KUJIRA! OOKAMIUO!"The armor generated on him, in a splash of dark blue water.

"Why, why did you do this?" he demanded, coughing up dust. Zeke held up his hand, generating the Deepest Harpoon.

"Because, Scott is my friend, I can't be on any side he isn't on" he said, leaning in close. He reared back with his staff, and sliced Discord, scattering him.

Zeke just stood there, as energy flowed from his body, joining the other's. The Rainbow energies fluctuated, and a giant rainbow wave flew over the town, restoring all the damage the Elder one did.

"You did it!" Scott cried, as the others ran up to him. "I, I think, I'm free! Finally free!" he said, tears falling down his face.

Ankh looked down, and gasped at what he saw. For in Discord's remains were six core medals!. He raced down to pick them up, but before he could, a Velociraptor Yummy shot out of nowhere. It knocked Ankh over, before scooping up the medals. It then jumped into the air, but not before snarling.

"Ivan..."Ankh growled, as Logan ran to Ankh's side

Count the Medals:

TakaX2, Kujaku X2, Kondoru X2

Kuwagata X2, Kamakiri X2, Batta

Raion, Tora X2, Chita X2

Sai X2, Gorira X2, Zou X3

Shachi X3, Unagi X2, Tako X3

Kobura, Kame, Wani

Sasori, Kani, Ebi

Ptera, Torikera, Tyrano

Imagin, Shocker


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