Hello, everybody! This is for Fearofchicken13's contest! Sorry if this offends…but it's true. Here we go!

One day, Kuki and Wally were happily walking to school, holding hands. It had been two days since the Dutchman incident was over, and the two were now going out. "Man! I am so glad we're going out now!" Wally exclaimed.

"Me too! Whoever thought two people like US would end up dating?"

"I know! Imagine the looks of everyone's faces when they see this! They'll be so surprised!" Soon, the two finally made it and burst through the front doors of Gallagher Elementary to see the many students roaming through the halls.

"Hey, everybody! Guess what? Wally and I are going out! Can you believe it?" At this, they all gasped.

"Whoa! I didn't see THAT coming!" a kid exclaimed.

"That's right! We're going out now!" Wally shouted, walking up to that kid. "So ya BETTER shower us with praise 'cause we're the cutest couple in the KND!"

"Well, you don't OWN the KND!" a girl retorted.

"Well, we should! We're better! Better than all of you! Ta CRUD with all those other couples! We're the only one people care about! We deserve ALL the support!"

"Yeah! So make with the support!" Kuki demanded.

"NOO!" At this, everyone gasped when they looked over to Ace. "Kuki! How could you do this? I thought we had something special! I thought WE were going to be together!"

"Are you kidding? I never even liked you as a friend! You're mean!" Kuki replied.

"Get lost, Ace!" Wally yelled. "No one likes you! I'd be surprised if anyone thought you and Kuki would get together!"

"If I can't be with Kuki, no one can!" With that, they all gasped as he took out a gun.

"HE'S GOING TO SHOOT ME!" Kuki screamed.

"Don't worry, Kuki! Ah'll save you!" And just as Ace fired the gun, Wally jumped in the bullet's path.

"NOOOOO!" Kuki screamed when he fell to the ground.

"Whoa! He took the bullet!" that same boy exclaimed.

"I have to admit, I didn't see that coming." That girl replied.

"Good enough for me!" With that, Ace walked away.

"No! Wally!" Kuki exclaimed with tears in her eyes, bending down to him.

"Kuki…I'm not going to make it…"

"No, Wally! You can't die! We're the cutest pairing ever! I love you!"

"I love you, too, Kuki. And that's why I need you to do something…"

"Sure, Wally! Anything!"

"Please…spread the word….and KEEP OUR SHIPPING ALIVE!" With that, he fainted.

Kuki just sat there and sniffled. "Don't worry, Wally! I swear, whatever it takes…I'll make sure the world knows how we were the greatest couple ever! FOR THE PANDAS!"

And there you go! And you know what? I don't care! It's true, and SHE asked for it! This pairing is overdone and overrated and this parody sort of expresses how I feel! I'm sorry if this offends anyone, and I was nice enough to resist writing this, but SHE on HER contest rules pushed me to do this! Again, I'm sorry, but you know what? SCREW IT! I MIGHT delete it once this all blows over, but even so, SCREW IT! I'm glad I knocked those two out of the race earlier than I really intended! They DON'T deserve more fame! Now I question if I want to put them in Firstborn at all! See ya later, and good-bye! Going to the dentist! (walks away in an angry fashion.)