Kirsty's POV.

I had managed to convince Tess to let me have the next-day off aswell, but I still awoke at the same-time as Adam. I wanted to know that he would be okay for work today. It broke my heart, dumping him like this, but I didn't even dare to dis-obey Warren, I wasn't really worried about what he'd to do to me, but more, what he'd do to Adam if I stayed with him. I knew that Warren would never hurt Nita anyway, I didn't know why, but I just knew. Warren loved Nita. He loved her like any loving-father would love their daughter...But I just had to protect-Adam, I couldn't see him be hurt again. I wouldn't let that happen...

I walked-down the stairs and into the kitchen...where I bumped into Adam, who was making breakfast. His eyes looked red and watery. I could tell that he had spent the whole of the night crying his eyes-out, and it killed-me to see Adam like-this. "Heyyy..." I Whispered to him sadly and awkwardly, but with a small and sympathetic-smile.

"Hey." Adam replied to me...distantly, before he then walked-straight past-me, then immediately headed-upstairs. This was going to be the hardest thing that I'd ever done in my life.

Adam's POV.

I couldn't bare to do so much as look Kirsty in the eyes this morning...not after the events of last-night. I was so confused. I mean why would she do that? Just Why? I kept asking myself this question as I got myself washed and dressed, then headed-into work.

Kirsty was waiting for me in the living-room when I reached the bottom of the stairs. She turned to face-me then gave-me a sympathetic-look. I couldn't stand sympathy.

"Adam I..."

"Don't." I interupted. I didn't mean to come-across so stroppy with Kirsty...It wasn't that I was neccassarily angry with her, I just didn't know what-else to say to her. "Just Don't." I repeated to Kirsty, before I opened the front-door, then left for work.

I reached work 10 Minutes Later, with a fake-happiness about-me. And Ohhh was it fake alright. I pulled-into the ED Car-Park then headed into the Hospital and was immediately approached by Zoe and Tess, who both wanted-me for some-reason or another.

"Ahhh Adam, it's unlike you to be late...Anyway I forget about that, I need you in Resus. Now." Zoe Ordered. I was late? Kirsty usually got me ready and out of the house on time...But the more I could throw-myself into work the better, so I didn't mind being bossed-about by Zoe like-that.

I began to follow Zoe towards the doors of Resus, and Tess walked-along the corridor with-me, before she then asked-me the question that I really didn't want to hear...Not Today.

"How's Kirsty Feeling?" Tess questioned-me, and there was an awkward-silence as I thought about how to answer that annoyingly-difficult question.

"Um...She's Fine...Kirsty's Just...Fine..." I said, not wanting to show that something was-up.

"Well she told-me that she was feeling-sick..." Tess replied.

"Yeah...well...apart from that..." I answered to Tess, distantly, as I thought about the situation between Me and Kirsty.

"Are you sure that Kirsty's Alright?" Tess asked-me again.

"YES." I said in a raised-voice, slightly frustradely as I walked-into Resus.

"Okayyy...Calm-Down." Tess suggested to Me as she joined-me in Resus.

Tess' POV.

I didn't know what was wrong with Adam this-morning, but he was in such a strange-old-mood today, that it was almost un-bearable.

"Adam this is John Thomas, he's 33 and we suspect that he has some-kind of Learning-Difficulties, he has a fractured-ankle, and a sprained-wrist." Zoe informed-Adam and I approached Mr Thomas as I helped to assist Adam with this patient.

"Hello There Mr Thomas." Adam began as he gently picked-up the man's wrist.

"Zoe, where's Nick today?" I asked the extremely-busy Doctor as Resus seemed to be packing-out more and more by the Minute.

"Ah Henry's called-him-in to some important-meeting apparently. The big-boys need-him." Zoe Joked, before I glanced back at Adam, then noticed that he seemed to be having some-difficulties communicating with the Patient.

"Mr Thomas I need you to sit still for me whilst I treat your wrist, then you can move slightly, okay?" Adam ordered the fidgety John Thomas around, trying to get-him to sit-still before Mr Thomas lashed-out and back-handed Adam across the face.

Adam took a deep-breath-in and I walked-around to the other-side of the bed, so that I was stood next to Adam. I placed a hand on the back of his upper-arm. "Are you okay?" I Asked-Adam. I had to check, even if I was going to get a snappy-response...

"I'm Fine." Adam Said, as he shook-off my comforting-arm, before he then ripped-off his gloves, then stormed-out of Resus.

Jeff's POV.

I entered into the ED as I wheeled a Patient-in with Dixie, to find Adam storming into the Staffroom.

"Dix have you got this one?" I asked-her, concerned for my Mate.

"Yeah...Yeah...Yeah Of-Course..." Dixie replied-happily, before I then walked-into the Staffroom, and found Adam sat on the sofa, with his head in his hands.

"Adam...Ad...Are you alright-mate?" I asked-him, as I sat-down next to my good-friend then placed a comforting-hand onto his back.

Adam looked-up then wiped-away the tears that I could see were now streaming from his eyes.

"Yeah...Yeah I'm Fine. Really. I Am. Jeff." Adam replied to-me tearfully. But it was obvious that he was lying.

"Mate...You don't need to lie to me...Now what's wrong?" I asked-him straightly.

"Do You Really Want To Know Mate?" Adam questioned-me.

"Yeah...Yeah I Do...Because I can't bear to see my Wingman like this any-longer." I told-him, truthfully.

Adam closed his eyes as he took a deep-breath-in, and then-out again as hsi eyes slowly-opened. "Kirsty's Left-Me." He Blurted-Out.

"Whaaattt?" I said in shock as I moved my hand to Adam's near-shoulder.

"You heard the first-time didn't you?" Adam snapped-at-me tearfully, like he couldn't bare to say those words ever-again.

"Yeah...Woah Mate...I'm Sorry about that..." I trailed-off before giving-the broken-hearted Doctor a Man-Hug. "Hah. Girls Eh?" I Joked with Adam, trying to cheer the man-up a little as I chuckled lightly to myself.

Adam attempted a laugh as he tried to be happy-again, but that wasn't going to happen straight-away. He was obviously still in shock, and the thought of a being a Single-Man again was going to take a while to settle-into his system...All Over-Again. I Felt sorry for the Poor-Man. Adam was a Great-Friend of Mine, and I just couldn't bare to see-him this broken-hearted for much-longer.

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