"Oh, death was never an enemy of ours!
We laughed, knowing better men would come, and greater wars:
When each proud fighter brags
He wars on death, for lives: not men, for flags.

It is the year 2550. The war between Humanity and the alien alliance known as the Covenant rages on, taking the lives of billions as the worlds of Humanity fall one by one, glassed into sand and dust. The Covenant knows that it is only a matter of time until Humanity's last breath is extinguished, but in their campaign of genocide they have discovered a planet that represents the entire religion of the Covenant. The alien alliance has long worshipped the ancient alien race, now believed extinct, known as the Forerunners. This species disappeared thousands of years ago with the first firing of the Halo rings, and thousands of years later Humanity has colonised a world that was possibly the most important planet to the Forerunners.

This planet was a Forerunner world, constructed by the ancient species, and is now one of the most heavily defended of all the Human held planets. This planet holds secrets none can begin to imagine, locked away by the Forerunners millennia ago. Now the Covenant have discovered this world, and they consider Humanity to be committing an unspeakable act of heresy by colonising this holy planet, a world considered by the Covenant more holy than anything in history, holier even than the Covenant capital city, High Charity.

Now the Covenant will stop at nothing to take control of this world, and Humanity will stop at nothing to hold onto it. The Covenant is intent on unlocking the greatest secrets of this planet, but there are some secrets that should not be revealed. This planet is one of them.

This planet, this holy planet, is known to all as Planet Faith