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Chapter 38


Yugi was sitting in the front of the auditorium with Joey, Tristan and Teà. He glanced back and he could see Yami and the rest of their friends sitting in the back. Yami was holding one year old Akemi while two year old Takara was bouncing on Riena's lap. Seto was holding Eve, Ryou was holding Luna while Bakura was holding Tristan and Teà's twin boys Micah and Elias. As Yugi sat next to Joey he noticed that he was feeling a bit sick to the stomach, but he figured it was just nerves. He was excited. He was finally graduating, he just wished his parents and his grandfather were alive to see him graduate from high school. Yugi bounced in his seat as the principal finally finished her speech and they started calling names to receive their diplomas.

After the graduation ceremony everyone was standing outside trying to figure out what to do. Teà wanted to take the boys home seeing as they were sleepy and they probably needed to be fed. Joey was all for having a graduation party. Yugi's breath hitched as he remembered what happened to him the last time he had gone to a graduation party.

"Why don't we have a small party at the mansion?" Seto asked. "Just us and that way the kids can run around and play."

Yami smirked, "Getting soft in your old age, Kaiba."

Seto laughed, "Hey, having a daughter is sure to make you soft. Right Eve?" he said tickling his daughter's belly.

Eve wiggled in her papa's arms and laughed as she nodded her head.

"Papa, I's hungry," Takara said tugging on Yugi's hand.

Yugi nodded, "Okay, sweetheart, we're gonna get you something to eat soon, okay?"

"Papa, me!" Akemi yelled squirming in Yami's arms.

Yugi laughed, "You're hungry too?"

Akemi nodded. Yami chuckled. "Okay, so why don't we all go home, feed our kids and then meet up at Kaiba's later?"

"Sounds like a plan," Bakura said, "What's a good time?"

Yami looked at Seto, "Is five good for you? That way the kids will get their naps in?"

"Me no wanna nappy!" Takara whined.

"No, nappy!" Akemi frowned.

Eve whined when Yami said that they were gonna take naps, but Luna smiled. Yugi chuckled.

"Ryou, you have one strange daughter. Everyone else is whining and she's smiling."

Ryou laughed, "Yeah, that's because sweet Luna loves her naps. I think it's because she gets to lie next to her daddy. She's a big time daddy's girl."

Seto laughed but nodded, "Five is good, and yes, Eve you're gonna have lunch and take a nap."

"No!" Eve whined. "No nappy!"

"Yes, nappy," Joey said walking her to the limo and waving, "See you all later."

Ryou, Bakura, and Luna headed to Bakura's car next as they waved. Teà and Tristan took the boys to his car and then Yami, Yugi, Riena and the kids were left.

"Do you need me to come over?" Riena asked.

Yugi shook his head, "No thanks, we're just gonna eat something and all of us are gonna take a nap."

Riena nodded and smiled, "Okay, well, I'll see you later. Congratulations Yugi."

"Thanks," Yugi smiled as he and Yami walked to the car. Yugi put Takara in her booster seat while Yami buckled Akemi in his car seat. Yami got behind the wheel and Yugi slid in the passenger seat. Yami leaned over the seat and placed a small kiss on Yugi's lips.

"Congratulations, baby."

Yugi blushed and smiled, "Thanks."

Yami started the car and headed toward home, "I'm so proud of you. So what do you wanna do now?"

Yugi shrugged as he put his seatbelt on, "Go to college?"

"Sounds like a good plan."

Yugi smiled. Yami turned the radio on to a nice, smooth station. In the backseat Takara whined.

"Papa, hungry."

"I know, princess, we're almost home and then you can have some lunch okay?"


Several minutes later Yami pulled the car up in front of the house and cut the engine. Both Yugi and Yami got out of the car and switched, Yami got Takara out while Yugi got Akemi. Yugi put Akemi down on the ground and he whined and lifted his arms.

"Up, up."

Yugi shook his head, "No, Akemi, papa's not carrying you. You're gonna walk in the house like a big boy."

Yugi and Yami took each of the kids' hands and walked them to the house and Yami opened the door and then they let go of their hands as they entered the house. Takara screeched and ran into the house and jumped up and down. Yami chuckled as he watched Akemi try and do the same.

"Why don't you get them changed and I'll make them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches."

Yugi nodded. He chuckled as he walked over to Takara and grabbed her mid jump and swung her around.

"Wheee!" Takara laughed.

"Papa, me!" Akemi said.

Yugi nodded and put Takara down and picked up Akemi and swung him around. Akemi giggled and kicked his legs. Soon Akemi, Takara, and Yugi were breathlessly laughing on the floor. Yami who was watching from the kitchen chuckled softly to himself.

"Okay," Yugi said panting, "How about we change your clothes and then you can have peanut butter and jelly for lunch?"

"Yay!" Both Takara and Akemi clapped their hands and ran to the nursery. Yugi chuckled following.

In the nursery, Yugi pulled out a couple of short outfits for both Takara and Akemi. He picked Akemi up and laid him on the changing table. He changed his diaper quickly and put the blue shorts on him with the light blue dinosaur shirt. When he was done, he kissed his son's forehead and set him on the floor.

"Go see daddy."

Akemi toddled out of the room and went looking for Yami. Yugi turned to Takara.

"Okay, little one, let's take you to the potty. You have to pee pee?"

Takara nodded. Yugi picked her up and walked to the bathroom with her and set her on her Winnie the Pooh potty.

"Sweetheart if you have to go to the potty you need to tell me or daddy, okay?"

Takara nodded. Once Takara was done using the potty, Yugi helped her wash her hands. He dumped the potty in the toilet and flushed the toile before he took her back into the nursery. He set her on the changing table and switched her pull-up for a diaper. Then he took her dress off and put on her Hello Kitty short outfit. Once he was done he kissed her forehead and set her on the floor. Takara ran out the room. Yugi followed and sat her in her highchair next to Akemi's. Yami smiled and placed a plate with a cut up peanut butter and jelly sandwich in front of her.

Yugi went to the fridge and pulled out the milk. He grabbed Takara and Akemi's sippy cups and poured half a cup of milk in it. Takara saw the milk and reached for it squealing. Yami chuckled.

"Hold on, sweetheart. Papa's gonna give you the milk."

Yugi screwed the tops on and handed each of his kids their milk.

After the kids ate their lunch and were tucked into their respective beds, Takara in her big girl bed and Akemi in his crib, Yugi and Yami sat at the kitchen table eating their lunch. Yugi sighed.

"What's the matter baby?" Yami asked looking up.

Yugi shook his head, "Nothing. I'm just happy, that's all."

Yami grinned. He stood up and walked over to Yugi and got down on one knee. Yugi looked at him and gasped.

"Yugi, you have given me something I always wanted, love and a family. No matter what I do I can't stop thinking about you, not that I would ever wanna not think about you. You're the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing when I close my eyes. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. Will you, Yugi Mutou, marry me?" Yami asked and then opened the little blue box he had in his hands.

Yugi gasped with tears in his eyes, "Are you serious?"

Yami nodded, "Very."

Yugi gave a very girlish squeal and threw himself in Yami's arms, "Yes! Oh, yes!" he said and kissed Yami hard on the mouth.

Yami chuckled and kissed him back before pulling away long enough to slip the ring on his finger. Yugi crushed their mouths together again and kissed him fervently. Yami moaned deep in his throat.

"Mm," Yugi smirked as he kissed Yami's neck, "Let's take this to the bedroom."

"Fuck, baby," Yami groaned as he stood with Yugi in his arms.

Yami headed into the bedroom and kicked the door shut with his foot and dropped Yugi on the bed and then climbed on top of him. He kissed Yugi's mouth and licked his lips asking for permission to enter. Yugi eagerly opened his mouth and Yami stuck his tongue inside. Yugi moaned as Yami deepened the kiss.

"Yami, please," he whined thrusting his hips searching for friction.

Yami chuckled and stilled his fiancé's hips, "Easy, baby, we'll get there."

Yami kissed Yugi's neck as he gripped the hem of his shirt and pulled it off. He took a pebbled peak into his mouth and suckled gently as he fondled the other one. Yugi moaned and arched his back.


Yami chuckled and turned his attention to the other nipple getting it nice and hard. Once he felt Yugi had enough attention with his nipples, Yami trailed kisses all down his chest and stomach. He stuck he tongue into Yugi's belly button and swirled it around. Yugi gasped and gripped Yami's hair tight.

"Like that?"

"Mhm, feels good."

Yami chuckled and then kissed his way down to Yugi's navel and stopped at the top of his pants. He quickly popped the button and pulled down the zipper. Yugi lifted his hips to help Yami get his pants and boxers off.

"Yami, hurry."

"Shh, baby, just relax and let me make you feel good."

Yugi whined but nodded. Yami chuckled and finished stripping his fiancé before tapping his thigh silently telling him to turn over. Yugi looked confused but did as asked.

"Aren't you gonna get undressed?" Yugi asked. Yami nodded.

"Yeah, but not yet. Turn over."

Yugi turned over so he was on his hands and knees. Yami stroked a finger along his entrance and Yugi moaned.

"Grab the headboard."

Yugi gripped the headboard as Yami palmed his ass cheeks and stuck his tongue inside

"Oh, shit!" Yugi yelped jerking.

Yami thrust his tongue in and swirled it around and licked at Yugi's ass. Yugi gripped the headboard in a death grip as he continued to moan.

"Yami, please fuck me. Need you."

"Okay, baby, hang on."

Yami quickly stripped himself and grabbed the lube off the nightstand. He slicked up two fingers and stuck them inside and stretched Yugi before adding a third finger.

"Now, Yami."

Yami pulled his fingers out and slicked up his cock before gently pushing inside.

"Fuck, baby how is that you're always so damn tight?"

"Yes," Yugi moaned his head dropping to his chest. "Move."

Yami grunted as he pulled out and pushed in again, "Fuck."

"So, good, Yami. Please."

"Yeah, baby," Yami grunted and switched his position as he fucked into Yugi harder.

"Yes! Oh, god! Yami, please!" Yugi screamed when Yami stroked his prostate.

"Shh, baby, you don't want Takara coming in here while I'm pounding into your sweet ass, do you?"

Yugi shook his head and whimpered when Yami pulled out.

"On your back, baby. I wanna watch your face when I come inside you."

"Yes," Yugi whispered and he lay on his back.

Yami pulled Yugi's legs up and apart as he slipped back inside. Yami's thrusts began to become erratic as he felt his impending orgasm. Yugi gripped the sheets as he screamed and tried to match Yami's thrusts.

"Yami! Oh, god, so close. Touch me, Yami."

Yami shook his head, "No. You're gonna come just on my cock."

Yugi's head fell back against the pillows as he moaned. Yami thrust a few more times before he felt Yugi clenching around his cock and the both of them came together screaming each other's names. Yugi whimpered when Yami pulled out and collapsed next to him.



"How's your ass?"

"Sore, but it's okay."

"You gonna be okay at the party later?"

"Mhm," Yugi said getting off the bed.

"Where you going?"

"To get something to clean us up with."


That evening Yugi sat on the couch in the living room watching as Bakura, Yami, Seto, and Joey played with the Wii. Teà came over and sat on the couch to breastfeed Elias.

"You okay, Yugi?" she asked as she sat next to him.

"Yeah, I'm good," he said as he watched Takara playing with the other kids even though she was the oldest she was still having fun."

Teà was about to speak when she gasped and pulled Yugi's hand, "Oh my gosh! Is this what I think it is?"

Yugi blushed and nodded.

"Yami," she said sternly.

"What?" he asked turning around since it wasn't his turn with the game yet.

"Seriously? What is this? How come you didn't say anything?"

Tristan came in from the kitchen, "Honey, what are you talking about?"

"Yugi. He and Yami are engaged!"

"Whoa!" Bakura said dropping his controller, "Dude, seriously?"

Yugi blushed as everyone crowded around him to see the ring.

"That's awesome, congratulations!" Ryou beamed.


"Are you two sure you're ready for this? I mean marriage is a big step," Seto said, "And Yugi's only seventeen."

"I know, Seto, but I love Yugi and he loves me and we're ready for this. Besides, age ain't nothing but a number."

"Ooh, you gotta let me plan your wedding," Teà said.

Yugi nodded. Teà sat Elias up and burped him, the boys went back to their game, and Tristan went into Seto's room to change Micah.

Later that evening after Yami and Yugi gave the kids their dinner and put them into bed and had eaten their own dinner, they lay in bed.

"Yami?" Yugi called as he snuggled into Yami's chest.

"Yeah, baby?"

"I love you."

Yami chuckled, "I love you too, baby and I can't wait to have you as my husband."


"Papa, I'm hungry," 4 year old Takara whined to her father.

Yugi, who was seated on the couch, trying to finish his essay and get comfortable, sighed, "Taki, when daddy comes home we'll eat. Why don't you and Akemi go read a book until he gets home."

Takara pouted but went to go do what her papa said. Yugi sighed and looked at his pregnant belly, " C'mon, baby girl, papa's trying to do his work."

"Mana's giving you trouble?" Yami asked causing Yugi to jump.

"Dammit! Yami, you scared the crap outta me."

Yami chuckled and kissed his husband, "Sorry baby. What are you doing?"

"Trying to get my homework done, but all three of your kids are hungry."

"You didn't feed them?"

"Wanted to wait for you."

Yami nodded, "Go get them. I get dinner on the table."

That night as he was turning off the light to Takara and Akemi's room, Yugi smiled. He finally had all that he wanted. He had a loving husband, two beautiful children with one on the way, and amazing friends. As he walked down the hallway to join Yami in the living room, Yugi shook his head thinking. He didn't care that he was only nineteen with three kids and married and in college. He was happy. And that was all he wanted.