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Obito Uchiha had watched many things change over the years. Minato sensei became the forth Hokage, Rin never coming back, Kakashi adopting his late habits, Minato and Kushina preparing for the birth of their baby, the nine tailed fox attack, Minato sensei sacrificing himself with Kushina to seal the fox into their son Naruto, Kakashi closing himself off from everyone. All these events passing by ever so slowly and yet so quickly and the hardest part was... he wasn't part of them.

He was merely a spectator unable to interact but watch, sadly, as the world would turn upside down then narrowly return itself back on it's axis into a state of normality. The worst part about being the spectator was forgetting he couldn't do anything.

Occasionally small children would smile at him, or old ninja that probably weren't that far from passing on, would stop as if sensing his presence, nod, then move on. These rare occasions of the young or the old barely noticing him would give him a smidgen of excitement for a second as he dared to hope that someone would see him. But then he would return to being as invisible as before, to realise that the time when he was seen had been and gone. Now it was impossible…he was a ghost after all.

He guessed he was a ghost since regular people couldn't see, nor hear him no matter how loud he screamed or wave his hands or jump up and down. Hell, he had tried anything and everything to get people to notice him but it was no use.

He could walk through objects that in theory should be solid and he didn't really sleep, nor eat for all the daily human activities that should be common nature seemed unimportant to his shadowed life form. That in it's self proved he could no longer be a solid living being, that and the fact he remembered quite clearly and quite painfully how and when he had died…a subject he often would deter away from if his lonely trail of thought wondered to his death. His un-beating heart was dully still beneath his rib cage and was still too raw with heartache to ponder on such things.

Yet, despite this, he'd made peace with being dead ever since he died, he didn't regret giving his life for Kakashi's for a second. What really bothered him, however, was the fact he was still tied to the Earth. Surely there had to be a logical explanation because if this is what happened to people who died the place should have been littered with spirits. Yet no matter where he went he hadn't found a single ghost to talk to, and also if he was tied to a place shouldn't he have been haunting the cave he died in?

He'd been trying to figure his strange predicament out for a long time, for so long in fact all days had seemed to roll into one meaning he was unable to remember when exactly he had started to find out why he was attached to the earth, he only knew it had been a while. And still nothing. He had no clue what was going on! So the day he followed Kakashi out of boredom and seen the sharingan eye he'd gifted him before his death he'd facepalmed and thought "How could I forget that a piece of me is still kicking! Geez sometimes I really am a moron."

Which was when he developed the theory that when a ninja dies in battle as long as his body still has a piece attached to a living person they become in a ghost like state until that ninja dies. It was either that or Obito had some 'unfinished business' to attend to, but for the life of him he couldn't think of anything he had to do or had to finish that he was unable to do on account of him, well, dieing.

So he assumed his theory was correct, however, since he didn't actually know if this was the case he couldn't publish the theory as a book, that and he couldn't write a book anyway since he was dead. As mentioned before being dead wasn't a worry but the boredom! That was the killer. That and the loneliness.

There was only so much tagging along after Kakashi you could do before you could recite his routine down to the very minute, and damn it all why did he spend so much time at that bloody rock?

Obito could understand at first, after he died when Kakashi and Rin had mourned his death. Obito could even let Kakashi off when he still stared at the K.I.A memorial stone after Rin had gone missing…then when Minato and countless others had perished at the wrath of the Nine Tailed Fox. But now…it had been years since all that had happened! Obito had waved his arms, tapped his foot and even cursed at his old team mate. "When are you gonna move on!" was always in frequent use. It not only made Obito feel a bit annoyed that Kakashi still visited the monument it also made him feel incredibly sad for his old friend as he obviously was having trouble moving on and living his own life…perhaps this was also a sore subject for Obito because he no longer had a life to live and maybe, on a subconscious level, this was why he eventually felt angry when everyday Kakashi would stare at the big hunk of stone with hundreds of names of K.I.A ninjas written all over it.

And not only would Kakashi stand there, it would almost always be in silence! Obito was right there fully prepared and ready to listen to anything he might say but nooooo Kakashi just stares at Obito's name silently and broodingly.

So long story short, the Uchiha ghost was still bored and lonely. Heck he'd even started shadowing other people just to spice things up.

Naruto was always good for a laugh, the old man Hokage was a closet perv, Kurenai and Asuma have got a lil somethin' somethin' going on. Through his wonders, especially when shadowing Naruto, Obito had often thought Minato sensei should have wrote a bloody book in case Naruto ever needed his Jutsus, the poor kid wasn't the brightest bulb in the box but he was still gonna have to work out all those tricky high classed Jutsus all by himself!

On days when he had followed Guy he had concluded that Guy was just...Guy. Enough said. The Uchiha clan were the dullest thing in the world to watch other than Kakashi! They still preached about the 'awesomeness of the sharingan' if it was so bloody awesome he wouldn't have freaking died! He did just fine without it and when he finally awakened the damn thing he died, really what the hell man! Was that just coincidence or was he just unlucky! Probably with his luck it would be both…

So when Obito watched them go around in their little cult worshipping the blood limit he'd rolled his eyes and mocked them. Also Itachi was seriously growing into a creep. An emotionless creep. Which made it so much worse. If Obito had still been alive he concluded he would have kicked some sense into the little shit! And if Itachi hadn't become more sensible from the arse whooping, well, Obito still would have felt better! And as for Sasuke, he was an OK kid but he had serious inferiority complex issues. And why on Earth his Aunt Mikoto married Fugaku he'd never know. The man was about as fun as watching paint dry. Angry paint at that…

So just for the hell of it he'd strolled into meadows of the leaf just to pass the time, he had plenty to spare after all, when he heard it.

It was children laughing cruelly at somebody crying. Names such as "Billboard brow!" and "Large forehead girl!" were being tossed at the victim. Angered, Obito yelled without thinking "HEY YOU BRATS LEAVE HER ALONE!"

He hoped he was correct in thinking she was a she, otherwise that probably would have made things worse. The older kids looked at his direction then ran off with a particularly nasty girl adding a parting shot of "Later loser large brain!"

Obito glared in their direction then walked towards the sobbing kid, he was surprised at how pink her hair was. She couldn't be no older than six.

In fact he'd seen her once before, in Naruto's class if he remembered right. He crouched in front of her hoping she was still young enough to see him. "Hey it's alright don't cry you'll be OK now."

After a moment he sighed thinking she couldn't hear him when she hiccuped into her hands "Thank you for helping me…"

Obito grinned widely. After all this time he was talking to someone! "Hey it's no problem! My names Obito what's your name?"

The pinkette peaked up timidly through her bangs revealing a flash of bright green from her tear filled eyes "S-sakura."

Obito didn't stop smiling "Sakura huh? What a pretty name."

She looked up a little more rubbing tears away "Really? You think it's pretty?"

Obito scratched his cheek whilst light-heartedly answering, "Uhuh! Just like you!"

Sakura blushed shaking her head in denial looking sad again "I'm not pretty, the others make fun of me because of my huge forehead."

Obito scoffed, "Don't listen to them they're just jealous of how cute you are."

She blushed lightly again at the compliment as he cautiously moved a hand to her forehead attempting to brush her bangs aside, they moved slightly but only because of a breeze…

"See there you are! There's the sweet little girl hiding behind the fringe. Perhaps you could tie it back with a ribbon? Anyway why didn't your friends stick up for you?"

Sakura fiddled with a small pink flower blossom "I don't have any friends."

Obito sat down crossing his legs "Well that's no fun. Are you training to be a ninja?" she nodded so he added "Surely your skills must have them all begging to be your friend?"

Sakura shook her head meekly, "I'm great at tests and chakra control but I'm bad at tai justu."

Obito frowned forming a plan in his mind, Sakura severely lacked confidence in herself and it was sad for a young girl to be so lonely. Once he had a rough outline of his plan he said "Well Sakura I would love to be your friend and I'll gladly help you with your tai jutsu."

Sakura looked up startled "Really! You'll be my friend? And help me?"

Obito winked as he replied with a smile, "Uhuh! But the training comes with a condition."

Sakura bit her lip, an apprehensive motion, "What's a condition? I do it when I wash my hair in the bath if that's what you mean."

Obito laughed slightly, "Uh... not that type of condition. I'm not sure how to explain the word but here's the deal I'll train you if you tell me a fact I don't know. It can be absolutely anything and if I don't know it you'll get some training tips, but if I do know it then you'll get no help and will have to try again the next day. OK?"

Sakura nodded "So if I said, did you know the Leaf village was built by the first and second Hokages? You'll train me?"

Obito waggled a finger, "Nice try but I know that one. You'll have to try again tomorrow."

Sakura looked a little more determined and said "OK…wait! Will I see you tomorrow?"

Obito grinned "You will. I promise."

Sakura smiled for the first time since they'd started talking and he felt a little glow of happiness knowing he'd an aspiring kunoichi happy and less alone for the time being. He promised to himself right there that as long as she could see him he would never let her cry again. He'd do whatever he could to ensure that she stayed smiling.

"Sakura! Time to come home for dinner!"

Sakura turned at the voice and called back "Coming mother!" she got up dusting off her pants "See you here tomorrow Obito!"

He waved after her "Bye Sakura chan!"

She blushed at the added suffix and waved back before taking her mother's hand happily chatting away about her new friend Obito. Sakura's mother couldn't see the grinning Uchiha in the clearing, instead thinking her daughter had made an imaginary friend to play with. Mrs Haruno nodded and smiled remembering when she'd pretended to have a boyfriend when she was seven since all the other girls said they had boyfriends. She had to admit her daughter had a great imagination as she described this Obito kun…when Sakura got some real friends Mrs Haruno knew that Obito kun would be a phase that Sakura outgrew. For now she played along suggesting Sakura to bring him over to dinner sometime.

Obito watched the mother and daughter go whilst thinking to himself, "Heh she's such a nice kid."

Her shy nature reminded him a bit of Rin when they started the academy together…Rin…Kakashi…Minato…

A number of emotions hit him as he briefly remembered the old days of the academy, back in the days when he was still alive and had his whole life ahead of him…

Wow that was a long time ago.

Still it seemed for now his days wouldn't be so boring. He'd gladly be Sakura's friend and help her train until she outgrew him. After all he couldn't be her 'imaginary' friend forever, right?


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