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Obito could barely contain his excitement! The upcoming bell test was only a few hours away yet the minutes had never crawled by so slow for the poor ghostly Uchiha. He paced back and forth waiting for the sun to rise, thoughts such as attempting to possess animals to pass the time had crossed his mind but he brushed the idea off as he didn't want to risk getting trapped by the animal's spirit or getting preoccupied and missing the test…

Flopping down he laid on his back, gazing up at the stars and impatiently tried to count them for the fifteenth time whilst reminding himself that even if he went to poke and prod at Kakashi into waking up it would not make the morning come any faster…

Then finally, just as he was about to try and pull his ghostly hair out in bored frustration, the first few rays of sunlight kissed the tops of the trees and filtered through the leaves onto the ground.

Obito couldn't contain himself as he let out a loud and happy 'whoop!' as the night finally receded; sounds of early morning rising could be heard as civilians and shinobi of Konoha started to stir and began their morning routines.

Obito jogged towards the training grounds near the memorial stone convinced that it would be the place Kakashi would pick to host the fist test for his new squad. Once he reached the training grounds he perched himself on the stone as he waited for the team to arrive, making himself comfortable as he was sure Kakashi would be really late. He hoped dearly it would be Sakura who arrived first as he would like to talk to her for a while before Naruto and Sasuke showed up.

Obito soon became bored just sitting, waiting, so he proceeded to use his current spare time to try and read the names on the memorial stone upside down. Doing a handstand, resting his head on the ground and using his hands to balance himself he was surprised to find it was a lot easier to achieve seeming though he was dead; being dead he therefore had no blood to rush to his head…Obito got about halfway down the long list of deceased ninja when he heard soft and slightly sluggish footsteps as if the person wasn't fully awake yet.

He pushed his arms up to raise his head to get a better look. He grinned when he saw the familiar sight of his pink haired friend's form slump down in front of a training post. Sakura yawned and rubbed her eye cutely before squinting in his direction,

"Oh, morning Obito."

That one, short, sentence filled him with a warm fuzzy feeling right in the pit of his stomach. Grinning even wider he flipped backwards, landing on his feet before replying,

"Good morning Sakura!"

He would have approached her and continued with a conversation but to Obito's disgruntlement a certain aggravating little cousin of his arrived and just like that Sakura perked up, fully awake,

"Good morning Sasuke-kun!"

Sasuke didn't acknowledge her. Instead he chose to sit in front of the training post furthest away from her, leaving one in the middle of three free, causing Sakura to slump forward dejectedly as she realised if she moved closer she would only annoy him…

Obito growled,

"Hey duck butt! Just because you're a grump in the morning doesn't mean you couldn't at least say hello!"

Sasuke showed no signs of hearing him. However, Obito did notice that his cousin's eyes had been alert, searching the area, and barely visible circles were shaped around his eyes - like light bruising. His hand was inconspicuously close to his kunai pouch, ready to grab a weapon quickly if needed…

Obito raised an eyebrow and then began smirking wickedly whilst commenting tauntingly,

"You had trouble sleeping because you were worried little old me was gonna spontaneously take you over again weren't ya? Even now, you're so paranoid it's gonna happen again and, oh-ho! You actually think a kunai is gonna help? Seriously? Ha! You have no clue!"

Suddenly there was a crash coming from the side of the clearing. This caused Sasuke to immediately reach inside his kunai pack, his fist clenching around the handle of a kunai…but after loud cursing and a flash of orange he eased his hand away letting out a barely audible "Hn."

Naruto ran towards them, panting from his sprint,

"Hey! Sorry I'm late my alarm didn't go off!"

Obito laughed at his unofficial prodigy of mini-sensei. He would happily cheer on Naruto to be the 'Obito' of the team all he liked…the more Obito thought about it in fact, it was kinda funny how Sasuke was an arrogant brat like Kakashi and Sakura, he mused, was kind of like Rin…but at the same time…completely different.

It was either irony or karma that Kakashi was going to be teaching a team so similar to theirs used to be. Obito decided Kakashi would be teaching team seven…even if he had to possess Kakashi and pass them himself they would be genin at the end of today because seriously that man needed something to occupy his time other than his erotic novels, missions and mourning.

No sooner had Naruto arrived Sakura sprang into action pounding on his poor abused head! Obito face palmed exasperatedly, thinking he really should try and tell her to lay off Naruto a bit as the poor kid couldn't really afford to lose any more brain cells…

"Idiot! That's a lame excuse! You just wanted to sleep in and I bet you had breakfast too!"

Naruto hit the ground holding his head, "Ow! Sakura-chan that hurt!"

Obito glanced around the clearing thinking that if he knew Kakashi he was probably hidden away in a tree observing them, judging their potential and their ability to interact as a team. The Uchiha ghost had decided that he shouldn't interfere too much with their upcoming test as it would make or break Kakashi's decision and if it went badly Obito did not want to be held responsible. Still, perhaps he could still try out his new ability without messing things up…maybe he could hitch a ride in Sasuke without taking control? Maybe he could just sort of be in the stoic Uchiha's mind so he was alert to Sasuke's thoughts and aware of the body but not be in control; like wherever the body's owner sits when Obito takes over.

Yeah! That sounded good! That way he wouldn't get in the way!

So he moved over to Sasuke, circling him like a cat stalks its prey, a thoughtful expression on his face. He saw no subtle way of entering so he shrugged and dived headfirst into the last living none missing nin Uchiha. That wonderful feeling of warmth and living swept over his being as did breathing and many other feelings such as the feint pains of hunger.

'You didn't eat breakfast did you? Well let me tell you, that was stupid.'

Sasuke visibly startled, his head snapping back and forth searching for the mysterious body snatcher. Sakura and Naruto did not notice the peculiar expressions and behaviour of their teammate as they continued to argue…

"You again! I thought I told you before to stay out of my body!"

Obito settled himself comfortably in his backseat position. He could feel that he could easily take control if he wished, however something was off…

'Hey you told me to get out not stay out, see the major difference there?'

To Obito's surprise and interest he did not feel any force trying to push him out. He could not feel that weird Velcro sensation…surely that couldn't be a good thing.

'Hey! What's going on here? Why aren't you forcing me out?'

Outwardly Sasuke's face went from confused to a confident smirk,

"Because I have you trapped now. I can find out who you are and how to be rid of you permanently!"

Obito mentally scowled indignantly,

'Excuse me? YOU have ME trapped? Heh I don't think so buster. Observe...'

With that Obito took over Sasuke's body, making him roll forward into a standing position he turned to look at Naruto, clearly and darkly saying,

"Fight me."

Naruto and Sakura instantly stopped bickering to stare at him. Naruto shot up,

"Is that a challenge bastard? Because I accept! I'll beat your ass so hard your ancestors will feel it!"

Sakura clenched her knuckles, "Don't start a fight when our sensei could arrive at any minute Naruto!"

The blonde boy waved his arms, obviously upset, "Eh? But Sakura-chan! He started it!"

Sasuke tried taking back control of his own limbs,

"What do you think you're doing? Making me challenge that loser! Get out! This is MY body damn it!"

Obito allowed him to regain control grinning smugly to himself,

'Aw what's the matter don't you want to keep me trapped and learn how to be rid of me for good?'

Sasuke growled aloud.

"I don't care! I just want you out! And to be never bothered by you again!"

Sakura had noticed Sasuke's swift facial changes and was rapidly growing worried for her crush…

"Sasuke-kun are you feeling all right?"

Obito could hear the rude retort that was going to come in the form of "Mind your own business." So he temporarily took over again, long enough to reply in Sasuke's most attractive, silky smooth voice,

"Just peachy, thank you for asking."

Obito was unaware that he'd made Sasuke's face smile alluringly to an extent that Sakura blushed lightly and Naruto scowled. Sasuke was fuming as Obito took his nifty place in the back of Sasuke's mind again…

"You're enjoying this..."

'Well. It wouldn't kill you to be nice every so often…'

Kakashi appeared after about thirty minutes of his future students sitting quietly…well Sakura and Naruto were sitting quietly from tiredness and hunger whilst Sasuke had spent the entire time arguing with Obito in his mind. Kakashi had opted for an eye smile and a 'Yo! Sorry I'm late I got lost on the road to life.' entrance.

Sakura and Naruto jumped up and yelled, "LIAR!"

Sasuke almost joined them on the impulse but his pure annoyance and pride prevented him from doing so. Kakashi set an alarm clock on top of the memorial stone and explained,

"Okay. So the idea of the test is quite simple. All you have to do is take a bell from me before the alarm rings and you pass, you don't and you won't get any lunch."

He held two silver bells in his hand that he looped on his pants, roughly about the same time their stomachs growled…Sakura groaned,

"That's why he didn't want us to eat breakfast…" Then she noticed something, "Hey sensei why are there only two bells?"

Kakashi eye smiled disturbingly cheerful, "Oh that, well, because whoever doesn't get a bell will be sent back to the academy."

The young genin shared discreet looks - sizing each other up - Obito could already predict their thoughts. He mused to himself absentmindedly…

'Naruto doesn't want to loose his dream of becoming a ninja now that he's finally here, Sakura doesn't want to be parted from her chance of being on Sasuke's team and Sasuke wants to be as strong as possible and go on his merry way of being a super powered avenger without a second thought for anyone else...'

"How do you know that?" Sasuke indignantly interjected.

'Oh…you're still here? Right, I knew that…Just…forgot about you for a few seconds! Phew! Glad you stopped me; I could have given away something important…'

"Forgot? How could you possibly forget? This is MY body you have inhabited! If taking over people is a normal pass time for you, you should-"

'Hey I'm new at this!'

They paused their angry banter as their attention drew to Naruto who charged forward with a kunai in hand trying to take on Kakashi by himself. Not much to Obito's surprise, yet slight disappointment that the kid still didn't know better, mini-sensei ended up with a kunai pointed at his neck as Kakashi easily turned the tables. Obito heard a almost awed sounded Sasuke think,

"I didn't even see him move, he was so fast!"

Obito had to fight the impulse to make a smart ass comment to that…

Kakashi said casually, "Now not yet, I haven't said go. Come at me with the intention to kill. Ready? Go."

He released Naruto which was all Obito could see as Sasuke jumped into better cover with Sakura not far behind. Sasuke observed from his hiding point as Naruto tried to take Kakashi head on, the stoic Uchiha gritted his teeth angrily as he had to listen to the voice of the imposter inside his head cheer Naruto on. It wasn't long until Obito was putting some more input into what was happening,

'Tell him to move or I will!'

Naruto had made a wrong move, enabling Kakashi to get behind him oh so easily…Sakura exclaimed from her hideaway not from Sasuke,

"That's a tiger seal! He'll kill him!"

Sasuke had recognised it already as a primary asset to most fire jutsu so he shouted,

"Naruto move!"

Naruto didn't have time. With horror plainly visible in his facial features he turned his head to see the terrifying jounin come up behind him, his hands shaping some kind of hand sign. Was this the end..?

Kakashi brought his hands back and, to everyone's surprise (especially Naruto's…) poked him… up the butt…

"1000 years of pain!" He yelled in a almost triumphant fashion…

'…Ohh how the mighty have fallen…' Obito sighed disappointedly, mentally shaking his head…

Sasuke frowned as he thought to himself and to the stranger who was resident in his mind,

"They're both idiots."

"…I wish I could argue…"

Naruto had went hurtling through the air, clutching his buttocks, eyes wide with alarm as he yelled with shock; there was a mighty splash as he went into the river. Kakashi returned to his book as if nothing had happened…

Sasuke growled, "Now he knows my position!"

'Doubt he cares to be honest…'

"Why you..!"

A bunch of Narutos burst out of the water with angry yells and shouts, immediately tackling Kakashi. However, the far more experienced jouin had no trouble dispersing them. Despite this Obito could feel that Sasuke was slightly impressed with Naruto's clones...

'Yeah! Not quite the loser you thought he was is he?'

"Quiet you!"

He could feel the moment Sasuke's minimal respect went out the proverbial window when Naruto's clones started fighting amongst themselves…

Feeling like he should, and partly because he couldn't stop himself, Obito began to say,

"You know…I shouldn't really help but…It's too painful not to! If you and Sakura went and bailed the kid out, then the three of you could work together to take Kakashi down! This test is about teamwork; with teamwork you could get those bells! So! What do ya say Sasuke? Wanna go down there and-"

"Be quiet!"

"…Look here you little punk! I'm trying to help you and your teammates! You won't pass this test unless you work together-"

"I said shut up!"

Obito found himself fuming with indignant anger, however, it instantly cooled as he watched Naruto's arguing clones disperse, leaving the blonde boy beaten and laying on the ground whilst Kakashi had been calmly hanging out in a tree...

'…I'm gonna go and see if I can help him out a little…'

He dived out of Sasuke's body easily and then proceeded to effortlessly run out into the clearing where Naruto was beginning to pick himself up warily. The Uchiha ghost surveyed the young hyper active boy thoughtfully, thinking if it would be even possible to possess Naruto when the Kyuubi was already inside him, not to mention he had decided he wouldn't give it a go because of this...despite that, it didn't take Obito long until he shrugged and commented bizarrely,

"Well, here goes nothing."

He leapt forward, headfirst, his body merging with Naruto's…however, this time it was different. Obito was shocked (and maybe even a bit scared) to find himself tumbling down what looked like a dark endless drop into nothing, with sinister tunnel like walls all around him as his eyes bewilderingly look around not understanding what they saw. Obito felt like his ghostly being was being compacted and squeezed into a too small a space, the unpleasant feeling caused him to tightly close his eyes, preying it would all pass like a nasty dream…

He tumbled over and over until he started to feel himself become dizzy (an unusual feeling for a ghost) until he finally hit something with a thump. Obito shook himself, feeling relief that he was out of that weird tunnel thing…although he soon felt uneasy again as he surveyed the area he now found himself in; he looked to be inside some kind of big cage…but was he inside or out?

A malicious, cackling laugh, answered his unspoken question from behind where Obito sat. He apprehensively turned slowly, afraid of what he'd find…coming face to giant furry face with Kyuubi the nine tailed fox demon…

"…Oh bugger…"

He leapt up, running to the cage bars he placed his hands on them and desperately pulled, pushed and shook with all his might as if that would open the large bars. Panic stricken he shouted,

"I would really like to be out of here yesterday!"

The fox chuckled darkly, "There is no escape for you now; you can remain here as I feast upon your being..."

Obito gulped as he spun around not entirely sure what to do, he swallowed again, clutching at straws he said desperately,

"I doubt I'd be very filling after lacking a body after a decade or so I'm bound to taste rather bland and, you know, flavourless!"

A big jaw spread wide into a menacingly grin whilst it moved forward to swallow him in one bite…just as Obito thought it really was truly the end for him, he was yanked out of the cage by his jacket…

The fox screamed in murderous rage and cursed whoever had just rescued his tasty snack from his clutches…

Obito sat, panting, leaning on the legs of whoever had just rescued him from Mr-Furry-Monster-Will-Eat-You-And-Enjoy-it. Cautiously he looked around to find his saviour standing behind him. Obito was surprised and happy to find none other than his sensei the fourth Hokage! The man smiled easily,

"Well that was close I must say. What are you doing here Obito?"

Obito leapt to his feet, pointing a shaking and accusing finger at his old sensei,

"What am I doing here? What are YOU doing here? Last I checked you were dead!"

Minato pointed out reasonably,

"Well from my point of view the same thing could be said about you."

Obito gaped slightly before lowering his hand and shrugging, he answered in one big breath,

"Heh, touché. Well…long story short I became a ghost after I died, I've had no one to talk to since I seem to be the ONLY ghost! Although in the last six years I became friend's with a girl who could see me but sadly she is now starting to loose her ability to see me…and I've recently discovered I can possess people which has made my communications a lot easier…So how have you been?"

Minato blinked, a little taken aback at first but soon recovered, naturally falling into the easy small talk with his old pupil (the atmosphere was surprisingly very light and conversational considering both were dead, lonely and had not been expecting to see said dead teammates…Both were talking to each other as if they had been walking through Konoha and just happened to bump into each other!)

"Um, good all things considered, it's a bit annoying having to put up with the fur ball…" Minato motioned with his thumb to Kyuubi who was still growling angrily in his cage, "So is Kakashi all right?"

"Eh!" Obito crossed his arms casually, "He's fine mostly. So how's Kushina then?"

Minato scratched his chin, "I think she's fine, I haven't really seen her but then again part of us are here and the rest of us is the Shinigami's stomach so it's kind of hard to be sure."

"Ah." Obito nodded understandingly, "So where are we exactly..?" He glanced around the weird dungeon like place where the Kyuubi and Minato supposedly lived, "I mean…are we in the attic or the basement?" Obito joked.

Minato smiled reassuringly, "We're in Naruto's abdomen area where the seal is, you'd know if we were in his mind…the kid thinks loud."

Obito grinned, "You can't take it can you?"

Minato waved his arms exasperatedly,

"For the love of Kami tell me about it! I mean, I love the boy and don't get me wrong I'm proud as can be that he wants to be Hokage some day but all I hear up there is ramen, Hokage, ramen, Sakura, ramen, how he hates and admires Sasuke, ramen, prank ideas, ramen. I swear that kid is one part me and nine parts Kushina, and the one part is looks."

Obito patted his old sensei on the back, "Aw don't worry he's rough around the edges…I mean, really rough! But there are parts that are already starting to refine and some day will grow into a capable ninja with your good qualities…"

Minato exhaled, "You think so?"

Obito nodded, "Absolutely. It may not happen today or next month or even for the next twenty years but it'll happen."

Minato narrowed his eyes, "…You're taking the piss aren't you?"

Obito grinned, "Hell yeah! You are the first person in what twelve years? Fourteen? However many years I've been dead that knew me that I've been able to talk to…it's freakin' fantastic!"

Minato laughed a little, then suddenly frowned slightly as he said thoughtfully,

"Hey, so, who the heck is this Sakura girl Naruto keeps thinking lovey dovey thoughts about? I mean, I know who the Sasuke is, but Sakura? I've never heard of the Haruno's before!"

Obito looked a little sheepish, "Er, yeah, well…Sakura-chan is the first ninja to come from her family and er…yeah, well, she actually happens to be the girl who can see me and I've been able to communicate properly with for the last six years…what?"

Obito raised his eyebrows at his sensei who was looking at him with a peculiar expression,

"…Seriously?" Minato asked disbelievingly, "You to?"

Obito knew that if he had been alive he would have blushed bright red…although, he didn't really understand why...

Before Obito could splutter any explanation out - although nothing was coming to mind as his brain was drawing a total blank at the moment - Minato shook his head as he said with a smile,

"Heh, whatever, she must be a special girl to have so many admirers! Anyway, before I forget…how did you get in here?"

Obito coughed awkwardly before explaining easily, "Well, I was trying to help Naruto out by sitting in his mind and offering some advice…" He moved his arms and pointed indignantly at the cage to his side, "I wasn't expecting to fall into an abyss and end up locked in with that great bloody thing!"

Minato rubbed the back of his head thoughtfully, "Well I didn't really take into account that a friendly ghost would pop in…anyway I can get you out but I'd strongly advise never attempting this again since I need to remain here a while longer and save what I have of myself left."

As his hand blurred through hand seals Obito asked as he became immediately curious,

"Remain here for what? Is it to do with why you and Kushina are possibly in Naruto's body with the fox?"

Minato smiled, "You'll find out some day. Goodbye Obito!"

He pressed his glowing palms on Obito's stomach and pushed causing his surprised student to fly backwards, hurtling out of the tunnel and very quickly leaving the darkness out of Naruto's body, to tumble backwards through a tree before finally coming to a halt on his dead Uchiha butt! Obito carefully stood, feeling kind of woozy, which was a feeling he really wasn't used to…

He pressed a hand to his head and muttered, "Just when you think you're gonna learn something interesting your sensei pulls a fast one! Plus I didn't even get to say hi to Kushina..."

His tummy twisted as his head spun slightly from his weird trip…he groaned, "Really Minato sensei..? Couldn't go a little easier…and you really didn't have to tell me not to try that again…No way am I gonna try and possess Naruto again!"

Even just the thought of it made him want to hurl…which was impossible anyway because – what a surprise – he was still dead!

Obito soon noticed that Naruto was now hanging from a tree; literally he was dangling upside down from a rope on his ankle that had probably been a trap – he would have rushed in not even considering it was a trap - when he went to pick up a seemingly innocent lonely bell.

Kakashi stated wisely, "Always look underneath the underneath."

Obito ran back to where Sasuke had last been and jumped in to his favourite parking spot,

'Hey I'm back! Did you miss me?'

"Like a hole in the head…"

At the exact same time Obito embraced that lovely warm living feeling Sasuke experienced a chilling lifeless shiver to travel down the length of his spine…Shrugging the sensation off, Sasuke commented,

"The dobe's doing well isn't he?"

The sarcasm wasn't missed as Obito took in the dangling orange clad blonde that had seemed to forget he could cut himself loose at any time…Obito didn't mean to but he facepalmed for Sasuke - the living Uchiha peeked through his fingers with a disgruntled expression.

'Shaddup. He's learning. Besides wise butt, what are you doing to contribute?'

Sasuke hated to admit it but the thing was right, "Now's my chance."

'Oh, how convenient! The time is right, just when I comment that you're not doing anything…gah…'

Sasuke ignored the stranger as he threw kunai and shruiken at Kakashi's unsuspecting side as the masked sensei continued to lecture Naruto. Sakura gasped and Naruto's eyes widened as blood flew…


'Don't worry Naruto he'll be fine…'


Sasuke watched as Kakashi 'poofed' into a log,

"Replacement jutsu!" Sasuke growled, "Now he really will know my location!"

He set off, leaping through the trees.

'You really think he didn't know before? Wow naïve much?'

"You need to leave my body this instant."

'Blah Blah Blah change the record all ready.'

Sasuke set a kunai trap in an area that he planned to face Kakashi. Just as he finished he heard a scream, "That sounded like Sakura!"

Obito's lifeless heart jolted inside his chest.

'Yes it did! Quick! Hurry and find out what that ass hole did to make her scream like that!'

"No. He'll be heading here next and I need to be ready, besides it might be a trap."

Obito didn't want to meddle with the test but his little friend had screamed, he knew theoretically Kakashi would never seriously hurt a newly graduated Genin but that didn't stop the panic seizing him.


It was irrational and foolish but panic had taken hold of him. He turned Sasuke around to the direction of the scream and prepared to jump, Sasuke froze, stopping himself, fighting the being who had taken control of his body; he dug his heels into the ground and braced his legs, his entire body,


The Velcro feeling came again, strongly with that heavy mental push…Obito clung on with all his might.

'You're being a jerk right now!'

"And you're being a leach! Get out of here!"


Kakashi landed in the clearing, "Well…that just leaves you."

Sasuke turned to face him, "I'm not like the others."

'No you're not because unlike you they actually care about people.'

Obito toyed with the idea of leaving Sasuke's body to go and search for Sakura himself but he came to the conclusion that even if he did he would not be able to help her if she needed medical attention, as he could not pick her up…he would have to go and possess someone else and then go for help, it would take too long. No, it was better to wait here for a little while and see how things played out…And anyway, as much as he disliked to admit it, Sasuke could be right; it could be a trap...thankfully, after thinking it all through, the initial panic had subsided. Obito believed that (trap or no trap) with help from his training Sakura would be able to hold her own...He hoped.

For the love of kami, Sakura…please be alright…

Kakashi eyed Sasuke thoughtfully, "I don't see any difference."

Sasuke rushed forward attacking him with tai jutsu.

'…That cartwheel was a bit sloppy don't you think?'

"Shut up!"

Kakashi easily blocked his kicks. Sasuke twisted himself; fingers barely brushing a bell, Kakashi saw this and pushed away from him.

"Hm…looks like I'm not going to be able to read my book for this…"

Sasuke snorted as Obito took control effortlessly and said, "Heaven forbid you should loose any time to read your precious porn!"

'That actually sounded a bit 'camp' didn't it? Whoops...'

"...you bastard."

Kakashi raised a surprised eyebrow, thinking that comment sounded oddly familiar, but pushed the silly idea out of his mind before it even became a civilised thought…Sasuke wrestled back control due to the fact Obito let him and clamped his mouth tightly shut. Kakashi, still with a raised eyebrow, watched as Sasuke's fingers blurred through a number of impressive handsigns.

Kakashi said disbelievingly, "No way. A Genin doesn't have enough chakra for that jutsu."

Sasuke on the other hand continued with natural ease, "Fire style: Firball Jutsu!"

Although Obito was in actual fact pretty impressed by the fireball jutsu Sasuke had created, he kept his admiration out of his voice as he stated,

'I'd move if I were you.'

"But you're not me and I'm staying right here."

Sasuke felt accomplished as he saw the large crater the jutsu had caused…but his victory was short lived as, with unease, he saw that the Jounin had disappeared.

"…Where is he?"

Obito added cheerfully, "What goes up-"

Sasuke raised his head to look at the canopy, he had enough time to finish Obito's thought with "-Must come down."

Before he was grabbed by his ankle and dragged into the ground by Kakashi's head hunter jutsu. Only Sasuke's head was sticking out of the ground as Kakashi said,

"You were close…but not close enough."

'Oooooo! And there goes your ego!'


Kakashi then walked away leaving Sasuke struggling to free himself.

'Well! This little experiment has been fun and all but I'm gonna let you work your way out of this one on your own.'

"Don't you ever come near me again!"

'Where's the fun in that?'

Obito allowed the Velcro sensation to take hold and was greeted by the customary shivery feeling as he stepped up out of Sasuke. He crossed his arms behind his back and looked down on the living Uchiha.

"Now all we gotta do is throw in some massive, ridiculously heavy boulders, get your Sharingan going, give one to Naruto and congratulations! You'll know how it felt when I died!"

He kicked some dirt in the general direction of Sasuke's face…of course nothing happened but he felt better for doing it.

A mere second later, Sakura appeared in the clearing, immediately paling as she glanced between Sasuke's head poking out of the ground to Obito happy face beaming at her.

"Sakura!" They both exclaimed. Sasuke in a slightly hopeful tone that she'd help dig him out and Obito in glee that she was okay.

Sakura screamed, "Ah! Sasuke is a severed head with no body!"

Then she fell backwards in a dead faint, her legs unintentionally spread apart so that Sasuke could have an eyeful if he wanted to; Obito noticed this and for the second time that day he knew that if he had been alive he would have profusely blushed. He turned angrily to his cousin's submerged duck butt head and screamed, pointing accusingly,


He paced like an angry cat watching Sasuke carefully as he dug himself out. Obito kept close watch making sure his younger cousin didn't look at Sakura the wrong way, ready to pounce on him and give him a piece of his mind at a moments notice if he did...Once Sasuke had freed himself he tapped Sakura,


Obito was leaning over Sasuke's shoulder, "Sakura are you okay?"

Sakura blinked several times rapidly, "…Obito?"

Then the events leading up to her collapse came back to her in a rush,

"Sasuke-kun you're okay!"

Obito rolled his eyes, "Oh sure! He's fiiiine!"

She appeared to have not heard him as she grabbed Sasuke in a bone crushing hug, squeezing him as tight as possible; Sasuke of course was struggling to get out it,

"Hey let me go!"

Obito huffed crossly, deepening his voice in a over exaggerated way to impersonate Sasuke's voice,

"Oh look at me I'm the bad ass Uchiha who doesn't give a shit! Hug me please when I wouldn't come and see if you were okay." He changed his tone into a more sickly girly voice, "Of course Sasuke-kun would you like a kiss with that too?"

Obito sighed angrily, "When you're both done with your 'moment'," He used his fingers to make sarcastic speech marks, "I'll be waiting by the training posts."

He all but stomped his way to the training posts, muttering away to himself. He found Naruto tied to the middle post, kicking away trying to free himself. Obito's eyes were wide as he turned to look at his old teammate,

"Kakashi what sort of stuff are you into? Is it something to do with those books you read? Is this a bondage kink I should know about because I'm gonna be honest it's kind of freaking me out a little here."

The alarm rang not a second later. Sasuke and Sakura walked and took their seats back at their claimed training posts. Sasuke looked annoyed for having failed; Sakura looked meek awaiting her sensei's judgement and Naruto looked defiant.

Obito sat on the memorial stone leaning on his palm, his elbow resting on his knee waiting for Kakashi to announce his decision. Kakashi said,

"All right I have decided…I'm not going to send any of you back to the academy."

They blinked in silence as they stared at him in shock. Obito sat up straighter, removing his hand as he started to feel hopeful for the new team seven…however he soon narrowed his eyes in suspicion as he thought about his old friend Kakashi's character…Sakura said, "We passed? All I did was faint do you get points for that?"

Naruto was kicking his legs enthusiastically as he joyfully shouted, "We did it! Yeah yeah yeah! I'm a ninja!"

Kakashi's eye hardened, "That's right. None of you are going back to the academy…because I'm dropping all of you out of the program!"

They were stunned into silence once again, Kakashi continued, "Naruto you charged ahead without thinking of asking for back up."

Sakura yelled, "Thanks a lot moron!"

Kakashi rounded on her, "Sakura you chased blindly after Sasuke without a thought of helping Naruto who was fighting me…and Sasuke you believed that you'd do fine on your own and that the others were just a hindrance. None of you grasped the true meaning of this test."

Sakura wondered aloud, "True meaning..?"

Kakashi spread his hands, "Think about it you were put in three man squads…the most basic concept? Teamwork!"

Obito glanced at his cousin, who's eyes had widened in recognition to the familiar phrase 'teamwork' which he had received as advice from the stranger who had been inside his body…Obito pointed at Sasuke,

"Ha! What did I tell ya! But would you listen, no!" He then continued to roll his eyes and then point at his own old teammate,

"And it took YOU how long to learn this 'basic' concept? Geez I had to die for it…literally!"

Obito half listened as Kakashi lectured the Genin. He was never much good at paying attention to Kakashi's scolding before why should he start now? He did, however, pay attention when Kakashi had Sasuke on the ground with a kunai at his throat and ordered,

"Sakura kill Naruto now or Sasuke dies!"

Obito glared at the scarecrow, "That is so not a fair hypothetical circumstance because obviously she would kill mini sensei!" He clapped mockingly, "Great example…"

Sakura glanced towards Obito, smiling ever so slightly in recognition that she had heard what he had said and appreciated it. He smiled reassuringly back at her.

Their attention soon went back to Kakashi who had now let go of Sasuke and was continuing with his lecture.

"In the ninja world you will be forced to make important decisions."

He paused whilst they thought it over. The masked Jounin moved to stand in front of the stone Obito was sat on, where he stood and stared at a particular spot on the stone…out of curiosity Obito followed Kakashi's line of sight,

"Huh, so that's where my name is! I couldn't find it earlier..."

He zoned out again whilst Kakashi made a speech about important allies, comrades, closest friends being engraved on the stone, Naruto saying he wanted his name carved on it, silence as Sakura explained what KIA meant and why these ninja were considered heroes…

Obito's attention was brought back to the current conversation when Kakashi said,

"Okay, I'm going to give you one more chance. You may eat the lunches provided for you, except Naruto. He broke the rules so he doesn't get any, if you feed him you'll all fail."

With that Kakashi vanished from the clearing in the blink of an eye. Obito directed his gaze to the line of trees,

"Really? This is your make or break test? They have to feed him whilst he's tied to a post…I was really worried about your bondage fetish before I'm downright scared now!"

He resumed watching the Genin to see what they would do. Sakura and Sasuke were greedily munching away on the food that was given to them as expected. Naruto glared straight ahead trying not to look at the food, determination written all over his face,

"This is no problem! I'm a ninja! A little hunger is nothing for me! Believe it! This is no big deal!"

His stomach growled loudly and he sighed pathetically.

Sighing along with Naruto, Obito shook his head as he came to the realisation that neither of mini sensei's teammates were going to help; he felt a little disappointed in Sakura, he thought his advice he had given her over the years had made more affect than she was showing right now…Well, at the moment action needed to be taken, so he walked into Sasuke without a second thought.

'Do I have to do everything around here?'

"You again!"

'Yes me and if you're not going to act nice and teammate-like I will!'

With that he yanked control away from Sasuke's conscious and offered his bento towards Naruto. Naruto looked surprised and more than a little wary,


Obito tried to act like his bratty cousin and replied,

"Here. You need to eat and raise your strength."

Sakura whispered eyes shifting around, "Kakashi sensei said not to!"

"Exactly you moron he'll fail us all right away!"

Sasuke mentally shoved as much as he could, attempting to get this stranger out of his being, but Obito held firm.

'I swear you have selective hearing! He just lectured you on teamwork what do you think this is right here?'

Sasuke didn't answer. However Obito could feel the dawning of understanding cross over his little cousin's mind. Obito felt quite smug at the concept that Sasuke was beginning to understand and agree with him; result! The possessing ghost readied himself to speak again…but to his utter shock he felt himself being pulled, Velcro tearing, as Sasuke suddenly mentally forced Obito to the back of his mind! Before Obito could fight it he found himself at the back of Sasuke's mind and out of control of his body, to his outrage, so he tried to force his way back when he heard Sasuke's lowered voice speak,

"He's not here and we're all gonna need all our strength, so we can manage to fight him."

Well. That was unexpected!

'So…are you actually starting to listen to me?'

"…Just because I agree with you just this once does not mean I'm going to start liking or listening to you."

'…But you admit I was right? And you know I didn't mention anything about liking…you did that all by yourself!'

"...Get out."

Sakura looked at her lunch then at Sasuke and then at Naruto. She huffed out a heavy sigh as she offered Naruto her own bento, "Here take it I'm on a diet anyway."

Obito mentally sighed.

'I thought I told that girl that diets and active kunoichi don't mix.'

"So you've possessed Sakura too?"


"Then how do you know she was on a diet..?"

'Cuz I'm all knowing.'

"You sound like an idiot…"

'…Oh it is on duck butt!'

In the duration of their conversation Sakura was somehow coaxed into feeding Naruto since he was tied up and could not feed himself but she didn't look the least bit pleased about having to carry out the chore – Naruto on the other hand looked like one of his life long dreams had been fulfilled…However, the second Naruto swallowed his first bite Kakashi burst out dramatically from a smoke cloud with thunder booming over head…


The Genin cowered, Kakashi spoke in a booming voice,

"You broke the rules I set now you must face the consequences!"

'Geez give the kids a break they don't need further testing they get the idea now!'

Sasuke cottoned on fast as he became surer of the advice the strange possessor had given him, deciding to use it as he announced confidently,

"The three of us are one now! Naruto's part of the team and we can't have him falling behind."

Sakura following Sasuke's lead added, "Yeah! We're a team!"

Kakashi still held onto his dangerous air, "The three of you are one huh?"

The Genin stood firm waiting for what he'd do next…and then he spoke again…

"You-" The clouds cleared away revealing a sunny day once more, "-pass." The old scarecrow happily eye smiled at them.

They all blinked, Sakura spoke first,


"You pass! Congratulations! Every other team I've tested till now have followed my instructions to the letter. As of tomorrow Team Seven will be starting their first assignment." Kakashi repeated.

Sasuke smirked.

"Thanks for the hint thing."

'Tch! It wasn't like I did it on purpose...'

Naruto and Sakura celebrated vocally, Kakashi said cheerfully, "Come on let's get some ramen, I'll pay."

He walked with Sas

uke and Sakura on his heels, Naruto yelled,

"H-hey! You forgot something! You can't just leave me here! ARGH! I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!"

'I really DO have to do everything around here!'

"What are you doing now you annoying freeloader!"

Before he could be forced out of the burrowed body Obito wheeled Sasuke around and untied Naruto. The blonde boy was again shocked at the nice gesture coming from his unfriendly teammate. Obito had just gotten him free when Sasuke forcefully shoved his presence out suddenly with a firm,

"And stay out this time!"

Naruto rubbed his arm, "Hey thanks for untying me Sasuke."

Sasuke, now back in control, shifted his eyes around rapidly again and 'humphed' in reply before catching up with Kakashi and Sakura.

Naruto followed after him growling, "Hey! What does that mean you jerk!"

Obito picked himself up off the ground (where he had landed after being so unceremoniously shoved out of his dear little cousin's body) sitting as he crossed his arms, "The things I do...Hey you lot wait for me!"

He shouted indignantly as he leapt up and sprinted after the new graduated genin team and their new sensei; Team seven...


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