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I had the itch to write more Loki/Jane, but decided to take a slightly different avenue this time. I have some ideas for this, and it might be slow to progress, but I hope you will all stick with me patiently and forgive my horendous short chapters ;)

Also: Be prepared for some drama, maybe some angst...maybe romance? :D And possibly a tiny bit of creepiness. Every now and again ;)

I'm kind of flying by the seat of my pants on this one. Just going with what the voices tell me. And while the voices are nice, I'd much rather have your opinions! ^.^

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It was just as things seemed to be getting normal that everything suddenly fell apart.

Her shiny silver mobile home in Puente Antiguo had been sold. SHIELD had hired her as a private consultant and researcher and bought her a spacious home in a large but friendly town not two hours from their headquarters.

And Thor had been living on Earth with her for a year.

Granted, he spent much of his time with SHIELD and the Avengers, donning his armor and taking up Mjolnir in defense of the planet he gladly called home. But in between missions, he walked about as a normal man, assisting her with her research (to the best of his ability) and bringing a joy to her life she had never known previously.

They were all but married, and she had been careful not to giggle like a schoolgirl when he would randomly ask her about their customs concerning such matters.

Their lives seemed normal and content, despite the moments of dread and threat when the Avengers were called into desperate action.

Jane Foster was happy.

And then it all ended.

He had flown away one morning toward the distant clouds gathering across the desert.

He had returned that night with a new set of armor and a grim demeanor.

Odin Allfather had again succumbed to the Odinsleep. And Jotunheim had declared war on Asgaard not a few short days later.

The great realm was without a leader, and the Frost Giants were gathering their armies.

Thor had done what any prince would.

He took the throne.

And declared Earth cut off from the rest of the realms.

Just like that-within the span of a day, Jane's world came crashing down around her.

He'd pulled her to him and whispered his vow to return.

She'd fought through her tears to ask how long it would take.

A salt-laden drop rolled from his own eye when he told her the previous war had lasted years.

Their kiss had been desperate as he backed away into the waiting Bifrost site.

He had bared his teeth and looked away when she told him he would have a child waiting when he returned.

The wind carried him away.

And Jane was left alone.

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