DH AN: This is a gift for Crystal Rose of Pollux. It takes place after the episode "Mr. Monk Goes to the Hospital. Please enjoy Mr. Monk And The Thank You Note.

Mr. Monk And The Thank You Note

He didn't know where to begin.

The pen had the right shade of black ink, the paper before him was flat with no folds or creases in sight, and he even knew what two words would convey what he wanted to say.

Despite the apparent ease that was in the task before him, Adrian Monk didn't know where to begin. 'Thank you' simply did not seem enough. It was fine for employee appreciation day, but it was an inadequate expression of gratitude to someone who saved you from dying courtesy of an allergic reaction to intravenous tetracycline during your pursuit of a murderer.

Come to think of it when was the last time he had written something that would be sent out in the mail? Monk shook his head in a touch of frustration that he couldn't remember.

To think, he had encountered and overcame several of his phobias at least temporarily. Sure, they had scared him. But… nearly being killed by a drug that he was deathly allergic to by a nurse that was merely doing her job, that was far too fear-inducing for his comfort. Not that he would develop a fear over it, but he would definitely be careful. He exhaled with a small smile as he put the pen to paper and simply started with Natalie. He beamed; this wasn't as hard as he had made it out to be.

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