So this is just a new story I've had on my mind for a while now, so I'm gonna write the first chapter and you guys let me know if I should continue. It doesn't mean I'm gonna stop Best Friend's I'll work on both. This story is about Clare and Eli, it is completely OOC, anyway onto the first chapter.

Note: K.C and Jenna aren't together yet, Eli is with Imogen, Adam is transgender, Morty is still alive, Clare looks like she does currently on the show.

Clare's POV

I woke up and got ready for my first day of Degrassi as a Sophomore. My life has been hell for the past couple of years, ever since my mom died and my dad became abusive. I don't think there has been one day since I was 13 that my dad hasn't hit me for no reason. Everyday I'll wake up and look in the mirror only to see new marks that weren't there the day before. I got out of bed and winced from the pain as I walked over to my full length mirror and pulled my shirt up enough to see the new purple,black,and blue bruise on my stomach from last night, when I dropped my glass on the floor, it shattered into tiny peices and I just stared at it, before my dad came in and decided to slap me, causing me to fall back on the floor, he then proceeded to kick me in the stomach multiple times before leaving the kitchen and passing out on the couch. I put the thoughts aside and put on the purple polo and khaki pants of the Degrassi uniform. I then covered it with a Degrassi sweater to cover the brusies on my arms.

I walked down stairs to see my dad had already left for work, I sighed in relief and walked out the door and on my way to Degrassi. I walked with my head down the whole way and was about to walk in when I saw a hearse in the parking lot of the school. I braced myself for what I was about to walk into and walked through the doors where I went to the office to ask for my schedule. Once I got it i walked to my assighned locker and opened it putting my bag in it when I turned around and saw 4 kids walking by and to my guess they were the popular kids by the way everyone was looking at them. There was one girl who was wearing a purple polo like me with long blonde hair who glared at me when she saw me stareing. I rolled my eyes and turned back around to my locker. I walked into my 1st period Math class and saw a boy who was with the blonde girl from before with sandy brown hair and wore a purple polo. He walked over and sat in the desk next to me while turning to face me.

"I'm K.C." He said while reaching his hand out, I smiled and shook his hand.

"Clare." I replied.

"So you're new." He said.

"Yeah." I said laughing.

"Well welcome to Degrassi, I'm sure you'll love it here." He said turning to face the front of the class.

"Thanks." I said facing the front as the teacher came in.

K.C's POV (Before math class/In the hall.)

I was walking down the hall with Jenna,Bianca,and Drew, my best friends when I saw a girl with curly auburn hair and blue eyes looking at us all, I noticed Jenna looked at her too and glared at her. Once we were out of hearing distance Jenna turned to us.

"Did you see that freak?" She asked referring to the girl.

"I know right?" Bianca said as they fell into gossip. I looked at Drew who looked like he could care less.

"K.C are you even listening?" Jenna asked snapping her fingers in front of my face.

"Sorry, what?" I said watching at the girl walked by and walked into the Math class I would be walking into a few moments later.

"You were checking her out." Jenna said with venom in her voice.

"And if I was?" I asked rolling my eyes.

"She will never be part of the popular crowd you can't hang out with her, you'll lose your popularity!" Jenna screeched waving her arms around.

"Ok, god Jenna calm down." I told her walking into the class and sitting in the seat next to the girl, I know I shouldn't 'cause Jenna would flip, but she's new I should at least say hi.

"I'm K.C." I said while reaching my hand out, she smiled and shook my hand.

"Clare." She replied. Clare. It's a pretty name.

"So you're new." I said.

"Yeah." She said laughing.

"Well welcome to Degrassi, I'm sure you'll love it here." I said turning to face the front of the class.

"Thanks." She said facing the front as the teacher came in.

Clare's POV

After the first few classes of the day I met a girl named Alli in my History class who invited me to sit with her at lunch, I happily agreed as we made our way down the hall and to my locker. Once we got there I noticed K.C and the blonde girl from earlier across the hall talking, K.C looked at me and smiled, and I think the blonde girl noticed.

"Ooo K.C." Alli whispered in my ear. I giggled.

"I barely know him." I told her closing my locker and following her to my locker.

"But you want to, and by the looks of it he wants to too." She said as we sat at a table and started talking.

"Who is that blonde girl he's with?" I asked as they walked in with the other 2 from this morning and sat a few tables away.

"Oh, those are like the most popular kids at this school. There's K.C and Jenna, the blonde one, who are in our grade, but they aren't dating or anything just friends, but Jenna is like inlove with him, but he doesn't know. Then Bianca and Drew, are a couple in 11th grade." She said looking at them, I looked over at them and noticed the girls glaring at us while Drew sat looking bored and K.C looked at me apologeticly.

"Oh." I said shrugging and eating my lunch. My forearm hit the table hard and I winced in pain and grabbed it.

"Are you ok?" Alli asked looking concerned.

"Yeah, just banged my arm on the table." I said laughing to make it more convincing.

"Oh." She said giggling.

After lunch I went through the rest of the day pretty normal until last period, I was at my locker getting my binder for 11th grade advanced English when I was turned around and my back came in contact with the locker, and I was face to face with Jenna and Bianca. My books had fallen and sprawled across the floor. I winced in pain from the cuts and bruises on my back hitting the hard locker. I then looked at the glaring Bianca and Jenna with sly grins on their faces.

"Look, I know you're new around here, but I'll make this clear. Stay away from K.C." Jenna said turning and walking away with Bianca trailing behind her.

"Are you ok?" I heard an unfirmilliar voice say from beside me on the ground and I was picking up my books. I looked up and met a pair of blue eyes on a boy with light brown hair and a purple polo, I did recognize the boy from my Science class.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said standing up and seeing he was with a friend, a boy in a red polo with a black blazer and black hair, with the most memorizing emerald green eyes I'd ever seen.

"I'm Adam, this is Eli." The boy in the purple polo said.

"Thank's I'm Clare." I said as the late bell rang.

"What class are you heading to?" Adam asked.

"English with Mrs. Dawes." I said noticing Adam's face light up as he held his hand out for me. I took it and he lead me to the class where we all sat in 3 seats in the middle I was next to Adam and behind Eli.

"You're in advanced English too?" I asked Adam who nodded. I smiled and sat back thinking I might have made some good friends today. I did notice Eli however didn't say a word to me until the end of class.

"So why did Jenna and Bianca have you against the lockers anyway?" He asked standing up and grabbing his things and turning to face me. I shrugged and decided I should probably get home before my dad does, maybe he'll be in a good mood today. I doubt it.

"Not sure, I should really get going." I said grabbing my books and walking toward the door, but not before I heard Adam call out,

"See you tomorrow!" I smiled and walked to my locker grabbing my things and walking outside of the school where I saw Eli and Adam at the hearse from this morning with a girl with glasses and a red polo, she greeted Eli with a kiss as they all got in the hearse. I walked home and couldn't stop thinking about Eli's emerald eyes, I know he had a girlfriend I mean I had just witnessed it but he was pretty damn hot. I smiled and shook my head and walked into my house to see my dad was in the living room with a bottle of beer in front of him on the coffee table. I sighed and set my bag on the floor and kicked my shoes off.

"Where have you been, slut!" He asked taking a swig of his beer and walking toward me.

"School." I said backing up until my back hit the door.

"Liar! You're a slut like your mother was!" He yelled smacking me so hard the pain shot through my whole body. I grabbed my cheek and sunk to the floor wrapping my arms around my legs and bracing myself for what would come next. To my surprise nothing happened I looked up and saw my father stareing down at me with a shocked expression on his face, for a minute it looked like the old him, the loving father I had before my mom died. Everything changed from that day all I know is my parents are gone, I killed my mother and my father has been an abusive drunk ever since. He turned around and walked back into the living room while I stood up and bolted up the steps until I was locked away in my room.

I sat on my bed and cried thinking about how we used to be happy and loving. I looked over on my nightstand and saw my handheld mirror. I picked it up and smashed it on the ground before picking up a shard and pulling up my sweater sleeve before placing it over my wrist. I closed my eyes and added a fresh cut to the sea of others. I watched as the blood trickled down my arm for a minute before running into my bathroom and placing a wet washcloth over it, I then cleaned it up and walked back into my room where I cried myself to sleep.

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