Enterprise Limericks

= batch 1 =

Authors notes
We've started some challenge over at TriS a few days ago with the goal of writing ST:ENT themed limericks. These are my contributions. They might not always fit perfectly into the pure laws of limerick-ism, but I hope for a non-native speaker, I didn't too badly.

Encounter in Engineering

There once was a Chief called Trip
Who looked at a Vulcan's curved hip
With her pointy ears listening
He bowed down to kiss them
And walked away happily whisteling.


Dim was the small cabin's light
The mood was just about right
With the robes a dropping
His eyes were popping
It sure will be a long night

Tales From Engineering

Something didn't seem right,
Even though the work load was light.
With the coils overheating
He took quite a beating
But she kissed it all better at night


There once was a Chief called Trip
Who went to an alien ship
Met a Girl all alone
They fingered a stone
Ends up pregnant and don' even know it.

Pon Farr

She's all randy, for sure
Phlox says there's no cure
So I gotta do her
Without a viewer
No time to go all demure.

The Andorian Incident

We came to a monastry in space
Were we met a stranger face to face
Despite the beating - no crime
He was blue at the time
But his antics were still a disgrace