We were sitting watching a movie, as had become our usual Friday night occupation, Emmett methodically working his way through an extra large bag of chips and me curled up on my side with my feet resting in his lap. Periodically I would give him a little nudge with my ankle, indicating the crumbs accumulating on my feet, and he would smile sheepishly before brushing them off.

The routine worked for us. Meeting up with Emmett again couldn't have come at a better time - after everything that happened, maintaining my college scholarship and getting through my first year of my new job had provided kept me busy enough, but when Ang moved out of our apartment with her new husband, I struggled to fill my evenings.

When one of the kids in my class had been off sick for an operation, I had gone to the hospital after school one day to take him the work his mom had asked me to set for him. I'd told her not to worry, that I could catch him up when he got better, but I guess she wanted him to be ready to start junior high next fall. As I was explaining the tasks to him, the curtain round the bed was swept back and his mom jumped up.

"Dr Cullen! I thought you'd gone home for the day. Do you need us to move?"

Turning round, I started in recognition of the huge, smiling man standing before me. Though I'd only met him once, he was kind of hard to forget. Especially considering how we met.

"Bella, honey, this is Emmett."

Carlisle smiled sadly at me, as he introduced the huge young man next to him. Turning away from some of Edward's well-meaning distant relatives, I shook his hand as I looked up at him. I'd seen him in pictures of course – the Cullen house was filled with pictures of their three children, and that was where I spent most of my junior year, hanging out with Edward. Alice and Emmett were much older though, and lived in New York and Seattle respectively.

The guy in front of me bore little resemblance to the laughing football player in the Forks High jersey, though. Somewhere in my muddled mind, I registered that he looked a lot older than his twenty-six years, with frown lines on his usually smiling face.

He nodded at me quickly, as though the simple action was painful for him, and I flinched as he looked me in the eyes for the first time, before turning away wordlessly to take the arm of a beautiful blonde woman.

Lost. That was what I saw in his eyes. He was just as lost as I was.

He'd walked me to my car, that day at the hospital, and ended up inviting me to his house for coffee. I'd expected to come across a bunch of small children and the goddess from That Day in the kitchen. Instead, his house was empty – beautifully decorated, but devoid of life. I learned that Rosalie had left him not long after it all happened. She had a miscarriage and the terribleness of the situation had just torn them apart. Like me, he'd thrown himself into work, unable to move on.

In turn, I told him the meagre details of my life – that I'd taken my scholarship to college, and graduated as a certified teacher last year. How Ang was moving out and I felt empty, like I had too many memories of the past but nothing in the present. How I knew Edward would want me to live – really live – but I just couldn't seem to bring myself to do it.

We struck up a comforting friendship after that, starting with weekend mornings in my local coffee shop and then weeknight dinners, to the point where we were spending all of our free time together. With Emmett, I finally found the easy-going relationship that I just couldn't seem to manage with my peers. I'd grown up too fast, known too much sadness to spend my nights laughing in bars and hitting on guys with my old college friends.

Emmett came out of himself, too, as we spent more time together. He was laughing more, doing goofy things to amuse me and teasing me when I screamed at horror movies, or fell off the damn bike he just had to hire for the day. His mom mentioned the change when she called him, but I kept quiet when he talked to her. We had an unspoken agreement not to mention our 'friendship' to his parents. Somewhere, we both knew it was a little weird and that we'd have to talk about it eventually, but I guess neither of us wanted to lose our happy bubble.

Things were changing between us, though, coming to a head. I was having feelings for him, feelings that I knew were wrong but that I just couldn't shake. I had to stop seeing him soon, I knew it. He was thirty-two – he should be getting married and starting his own family, not taking care of his dead brother's girlfriend.

Staring impassively at the screen, lost in my own thoughts, I failed at first to notice the movie had changed from car chases to a pretty graphic sex scene. It was only when I felt Emmett shifting uncomfortably in his seat that I realised. Blushing to my roots, I mumbled an apology when he shifted my feet off his lap and hurried off to the bathroom. Sighing in annoyance that I'd obviously been making him uncomfortable, I flicked the TV off and started to clear up the remnants of his earlier junk food feast. By the time he came out of the bathroom, I was putting on my coat and rummaging in my purse for my car keys.

"Where are you going?" he asked sharply, looking at me in confusion.

I steeled myself. "Em, look, I didn't want to weird you out there. I just – maybe we should, um, hang out a bit less. You know, spend a bit of time apart". Looking at the floor, I sighed as I waited for his response.

"What? Bella, I…." He paused, taking a deep breath and stepping closer to me. "I don't want us to stop seeing each other. You-you mean a lot to me".

Looking up at him, my entire body froze as his eyes met mine. He felt it too. It was reflected plain as day in his eyes – Emmett was far too easy to read. He once told me I was the opposite.

He stepped closer still. "Bella" he breathed, reaching out to cup my chin gently. Panicked, I shook my head and tried to step back.

"No, we can't, Em. Em, it's not right-"

"Do you feel it? Do you feel it too?" he interrupted me in a low voice, reaching out his other hand to grasp my waist tightly. His massive hands dug into my skin. It reminded me how far I'd come, that I'd started feeling again. Because of him.

I could only nod, and raise my head to meet his as he leaned in towards me. I closed my eyes as his lips brushed mine once, twice, and then met mine insistently, his tongue tracing the outline of my lips.

My whole body was burning as I moaned gently and opened my mouth to him. Like someone had flicked a switch, he pushed me against the inside of his front door and I buried my fingers in his hair, as our tongues pushed desperately against each other. I could feel him, hard against my stomach as his hands moved from my face to the bottom of my sweater. Arching my body to meet his hands as they slid under my clothing and up to my chest, I felt rather than heard him moan deep in his throat.

Pulling back and breathing as if he'd just run a marathon, he looked anxiously into my eyes, Recovering only slightly from the lust coursing through my body I nodded wordlessly, taking his hand from where it was digging into the flesh at my hip and stepping around him to lead towards the stairs. I didn't dare look back at him as we made our way slowly up, for fear I'd lose my nerve. The thumb of the hand holding mine was stroking the side of my hand, gently back and forth, making my body tingle as if there was a direct line from that small area of skin to the place where my body wanted him the most.

When we reached the open door to his bedroom, I stopped in the doorway. Emmett stepped forward so he was flush behind me, and placed a soft kiss on the side of my neck.

"It's ok," he whispered, holding me close so that I could feel his excitement. "It's not wrong, B. It feels right".

He was right, I knew he was. I needed to stop thinking. Unable to answer him with words, I instead spun myself around in his arms, and kissed him firmly on the lips, moving backwards and pulling him with me until we were standing in front of his bed.

Still kissing, I slipped my hands under his t-shirt and pulled it gently over his head, tossing it to the side and bringing my hands back to his now naked chest. Emmett was huge, at least a foot taller than me and broad, with muscles that he never lost from years of playing every sport imaginable through school and college. The muscles in his chest and arms tensed and twitched as I ran my hands over them, exploring new territory and marvelling at how touching him, listening to his gasps and moans was making me ache for him more and more.

As his arms came around my back and to the hem of my sweater, I raised my arms to allow him to pull it over my head. His hands came straight back down, without hesitation, to reach for the clasp of my bra, sliding it down my arms and throwing it carelessly to the side. When he cupped my breast and brushed his thumb over the aching nipple I cried out, digging my nails into his bicep to hold his hand on me. He kissed me fiercely, my mouth opening eagerly as our tongues pressed against each other.

Breaking away from me with a groan, he brought his hands to the back of my thighs and lifted me so my legs wrapped around his waist. Starting to kiss me again, he lowered me to the bed on my back, settling himself between my legs but propping his weight up on one elbow so as to not crush me. Something about the position we were in, flush together from chest downwards seemed to switch off the last reservations in my mind. It was all Emmett, above me, surrounding me and I just couldn't think of anything else.

Grinding and pressing against each other, hands and lips touching skin wherever they could, Emmett's pants came off in a blur and it was only when I felt him, bare and hard and hot against my stomach, that I registered him sliding my pants past my hips and down my legs. He was staring so intently at each inch of flesh as it was revealed, that I had to close my eyes as my face heated up in embarrassment. I opened them again after a minute, to find him sitting back on his knees between my parted legs, both us completely exposed.

"Wow," he breathed, raising his head to meet my eyes. "Fucking gorgeous."

I blushed again, mainly because the image of him, naked and hard between my legs, would be forever burned into my memory. He didn't move back over me right away as I expected, but instead continued to hold my gaze while his hand drew comforting circles just above my knee.

Realising he was waiting for me – or maybe just enjoying the view, as mortifying as that thought was – I sat up so I was straddling him across his knees, his erection trapped between our stomachs. His eyes fluttered closed and he moaned at the contact as I wrapped one arm around his shoulder and pressed our chests together. The other hand I slid slowly down his stomach until I could wrap my fingers around as much of him as would fit. He grunted loudly and bucked his hips into my hand as I leaned to whisper in his ear.

"I want you," I whispered, taking his earlobe in my teeth and biting gently. It seemed to bring back some of his urgency, as my whole body was tossed backwards onto the bed while he swore again under his breath and threw himself back on top of me, attacking my neck and chest with his lips. I was moaning and calling out as he sucked my nipples one by one into his mouth and bit them gently, and then writhing and whimpering as I felt his hand slide further up the inside of my thigh. He paused in his assault on my breasts to capture my eyes again as he touched me for the first time.

"Fucking shit, B, you're so fucking hot" he ground out, his voice lower than usual. I couldn't reply with anything coherent, just whimpers and gasps as I pushed my hips against him, trying to get any part of him inside me.

"Please" I begged, as his finger circled agonisingly close to where I needed it. He seemed to sense I couldn't take any more teasing, as he slid just one finger inside me, hissing and swearing loudly as I clenched around it. His head dropped to my shoulder as he began to move his finger in time with my hips, his thumb rubbing against me in exactly the right spot, making me beg him loudly for more.

When he pushed a second finger in, I saw stars. The combination of his hand, his erection rubbing against my stomach and his lips and teeth sucking and nipping at the sensitive skin on my neck was more than I could handle. One hand gripped his shoulder, nails scrabbling for purchase and the other wound its way into his hair, pulling hard while I cried out his name over and over as my first orgasm for more than five years gripped my body, and my muscles gripped Emmett's fingers like a vice.

"Em, holy shit, Em, oh God, oh, oh!"

Before I even had time to come down, or to object to him removing his fingers, he was on top of me again, pushing my legs wider apart and kissing me furiously once as he lined himself up against me. He paused in our kiss to rest his forehead against mine as he looked into my eyes, silently checking that I was ok. I kissed him once, softly on the lips then pressed my hands on his back to urge him forwards.

My initial fear at his size returned as he pushed the head of him just inside me, stretching me beyond anything I'd felt before, but then the first pinch gave way to a delicious sensation of fullness and he slid in slowly, until he'd gone as far as he could. His head dropped once again to my shoulder, and I felt his arms trembling at either side of my head as he struggled to remain still.

"Move in me, Em. Please," I whispered in his ear.

"Oh shit," he groaned, "you feel so fucking good." Kissing me more slowly this time, as if trying to reign himself in, he started to move, tentatively at first. As the pain of the first few thrusts subsided and my body adjusted to having him there, I urged him on with my hands on his back, his shoulders and both of our cries grew louder still as he ground against me harder and faster.

Soon, I was right back on the edge again, arching my back and throwing my head against the pillow as my nails scrabbled for purchase on his back and he kissed me anywhere he could reach while his thrusts come harder and faster. When his hand gripped my thigh and pulled it over his hip, sliding him deeper still, I was done for.

I vaguely heard myself calling his name over and over again as I tightened around him once more, and as I came down from my high and opened my eyes, I caught him staring intently at me. He held my eyes as his thrusts grew erratic and then he called my name in a strangled whisper as his entire body tensed as I felt him releasing inside of me.

"B, oh God, B," he moaned over and over again as he rested his full weight on me and buried his face in my neck.

My hands stroked him everywhere I could reach as I kissed him repeatedly on his head and nuzzled my nose into his hair. I couldn't even remember feeling this relaxed, this content and my heart ached for the beautiful man in my arms.

We lay there, not speaking but still connected, still touching each other for a long time. When he finally lifted his head from my neck, his voice was quiet – almost weak, but deadly serious.

"I fucking hope we're doing that again."

I wanted to laugh at his earnest expression, but my heart twisted in fear as my mind drifted for the first time to the outside world, to our families. He must have read something in my eyes, because he bent down and kissed me firmly and passionately on the lips, and I felt him shift inside me as he began to grow hard again.

"It's right, Bella, it's right for us. I don't give a shit what anyone else says." He looked me in the eyes again, his voice steady and firm in its conviction. "It's gonna be ok, you'll see."

I stared at him for a long time, head battling against heart – and body, as he was by now fully hard inside me again.

"It's gonna be ok," I repeated, and moved my hips against his again as I pulled him down for a kiss.

And I believed him. It was all going to be ok again.