Waking up surprisingly early, considering the little sleep I had had, the first thing I registered was Emmett all around me. Both arms were wrapped around my body from behind, one coming underneath me to cup my breast and the other resting across my stomach. His face was buried in my hair, soft breaths tickling the back of my neck, and one of his legs was thrust firmly in between mine, causing his morning wood to be pressed suggestively against my back. God only knows how that thing was still working after last night, but the tender spot in my back suggested it had been that way for quite a while.

The second thing I registered was that I needed to pee. Badly.

I slowly extricated myself from his arms, and hurried off to his bathroom before I woke him. After I did my business and cleaned myself up a little, I hazarded a look in the mirror. I had expected the mad sex hair and flushed cheeks, but what surprised me was that I looked different…..perkier, somehow. My eyes were clear and shining, and there was the hint of a smile on my lips that must have been unconscious because I hadn't known it was there.

Thinking about it, I was happy. Contented and relaxed, which I really shouldn't be, considering that even in my sleep addled mind I knew we had a lot to talk about today. A lot to sort out, and a hell of lot of explaining to do, to each other and – most worryingly – to our families. Even so, I just couldn't bring myself to regret what happened. I wouldn't, couldn't, go back to our friendship of the last few months. Or worse, lose him altogether.

Shaking my head, as if that could somehow loosen the thoughts from my mind, I brushed my teeth quickly with my finger and had a drink of water, then tip toed back across to the bed. Emmett looked so peaceful as he slept, innocent and untroubled. I lifted the cover and tried to slide back in without waking him, but his eyes fluttered open as the mattress shifted. Blinking sleepily, he mumbled something incomprehensible and his arm shot out to drag me across the bed and lie on my side pressed against him.

"Morning," he whispered, kissing me gently on the lips, then pulling back to gauge my reaction.

"Morning," I whispered, kissing him in return and tracing my fingers softly across his chest. His arm pulled me tighter against him, and I felt my nipples grow hard against his chest.

"So," he murmured, his hand wandering down to squeeze my ass, "I know you're gonna want to talk, and worry and shit, but we don't have to do that right now….right?"

"Um, no, I guess we could – oh God –wait," I replied breathlessly, crying out as his lips kissed their way down my throat and closed over a waiting nipple.

My hands gripped his hair as he continued his assault on my breasts, my hips pushing themselves at him over and over again as my need for him grew. I couldn't work out if I was this desperate for him because it had been so long for me or if it was just because it was him, though I suspected the latter. Emmett was the kind of person who threw himself fully into everything he did and somehow expected the same in return.

As his hand, which had been inching its way up the inside of my thigh, finally reached where I wanted him the most I opened my legs in invitation, but hissed and drew back quickly when he made contact.

"B?" He asked anxiously, moving his hand away and cupping my cheek instead. "What's wrong? Did I hurt you?"

I could feel my cheeks turning red in embarrassment, as he rolled off me to lay on his side next to me, still looking into my eyes worriedly.

"No, no, I'm just...sore," I groaned, thoroughly annoyed that my body had decided to cock block itself. "It's, um, been a long time for me, and you're, you know, not small in that...area." I rolled over and buried my face in his neck in a mixture of humiliation and severe sexual frustration.

To his credit, he didn't laugh. Instead, he scooted down the bed till we were face to face, and kissed me sweetly on the lips.

"Aw, I'm sorry babe, I really didn't mean to hurt you." He was looking so adorably apologetic for something that totally wasn't his fault, that I instantly felt bad that he was getting cock blocked too, and just not complaining about it.

I stared at him for a long moment, then reached out to stroke his chest gently.

"You have to tell me if I'm not doing this right, ok?" I whispered. Taking a deep breath, I kissed his chest in the spot where my hand had just been, and started to trail my lips downwards.

He let out a sound which was somewhere between a moan and a whimper, and tried to gently pull me back up by my arms but I swatted him away.

"You don't have to – oh man – do that," he protested weakly, as my fingers curled around him, and I started to move my hand up and down.

I ignored him, and as I placed a soft kiss on the very tip of his erection, he moved his hands away from me completely and fisted the sheets at his side. I hadn't had a whole lot of experience in doing this, but I certainly remembered the basics. I kept my hand on him as I licked him from base to tip, and started to work my way around the head. I could feel the muscles in his legs trembling as I continued to tease him for a little while, until I slowly slid him a little way into my mouth.

"Holy fucking hell Jesus Christ motherfucker!" He yelled at the top of his voice, then reached down to stroke my hair gently, as if in apology.

As I moved him in and out of my mouth, sucking firmly and using my hand on what I couldn't fit in my mouth, the obscenities continued to spill out of his mouth, in between moans and whimpers of my name. My tongue continued to work around him, and after a surprisingly short amount of time his hand once again dropped to the sheets at his side as I could feel his body tensing, ready for release.

"B," he urged, trying as gently as he could to lift my head from him. "Quick, I'm gonna – ah shit- I'm gonna come."

I swatted his hands away again, and opened my eyes to look up at him, trying to let him know I was okay with it. Looking into my eyes, his entire body tensed and then relaxed as he released inside my mouth with a strangled gasp and whimper of my name.

I swallowed him down, neither liking nor disliking the taste, and licked him clean while his breathing slowed back down. When I moved up his body again to snuggle into his chest, he buried his face in my hair for a second, and murmured my name, before rolling me onto my back and kissing me thoroughly on the lips, seemingly uncaring of where my mouth had just been.

"You. Are. Amazing." He said in between kisses, eventually slowing to lay on his side staring at me.

I smiled bashfully, and reached out to entwine my fingers in his.

"I thought we'd best do...that," I said, sneaking a glance at his crotch, "before we talk."

He smiled crookedly at me, then grew serious as his thumb traced comforting patterns across the back of my hand. I loved the feel of his huge hand wrapped protectively around mine. It reminded me that, despite all the uncertainties facing us now, I could rely on Emmett. If the past months of getting to know him had taught me anything, it was that he was unfailingly loyal and that he always looked after those he cared about. It made me strangely protective of him, like I wanted to take care of him in return.

"So, what do you want to do now?" He asked quietly. I looked at him for a long minute. He seemed almost nervous, vulnerable even.

"I don't regret this, Em, if that's what you're thinking." I said, gesturing to us. He let out a long breath. "I just...I don't know how to tell our families – or even if we should tell them just yet. Ok, I know we should tell them, I just kinda want to have a bit of time to ourselves, before it all goes crazy again. I know that's selfish and whatever, I just..."

He interrupted me with a kiss. "Babe, we can wait a little while, its ok," he murmured. "You break up for summer in a couple of weeks, right?" I nodded. "Ok, well I've got a bit of time off due too. I'll take the first couple of weeks of summer off, and we'll go down to Forks. Tell them together, yeah?"

I thought about it for a little while. The idea of us being together when we told them was certainly appealing. I wasn't so much worried about my dad – he'd be happy to see me getting on with my life, though there's a good chance he'd get his gun out to intimidate Emmett – but I was nervous about telling Em's mom. Esme was a wonderful, sweet woman who still sent me birthday and Christmas cards now, but losing her youngest boy had damn near destroyed her by all accounts. I had no idea how she'd react to this.

"Ok," I replied, kissing him gently in the hollow of his throat. "Summer it is, then." His arms tightened around me, and I felt his cock twitch slightly against my stomach. I looked up at him, and he smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry. Seems to happen a lot around you."

I sat up a little and stretched. "Guess I'd better go home and take a shower," I said, unenthusiastically. Emmett grabbed me and pulled me back down to nibble on my earlobe.

"I have a shower here," he whispered, his stubble tickling my neck.

"You have man-smelling soap," I giggled, squirming away from him. "And I have to take my pill, unless you want a whole other problem to explain to our parents."

"I wouldn't mind," he said quietly, flashing me that crooked smile again. For a moment, an image of little curly headed, dimple cheeked kids flashed through my mind, but I pulled myself together and jumped out of bed before I got tempted to start something that my traitorous body couldn't finish right now.

"Tell you what, if you come back to my apartment with me, I'll make you breakfast," I said, trying not to cover myself in embarrassment while his eyes roamed over my body. "That is, if you want to?"

"Pancakes?" He asked, finally looking up at my face, still somewhat distracted. "Chocolate chip?"

I tried not to laugh at the thirty-two year old naked man, asking for chocolate chip pancakes like a hopeful little boy.


Grocery shopping with Emmett was an experience in itself. In the past, he had brought groceries with him when we were hanging out at my apartment, simply because of the sheer amount he ate, but I'd never actually seen him in a grocery store. We ended up in the queue with enough food to make breakfast for a football team. When I tried to object to him paying for all of it, he shushed me and whispered very loudly in my ear that I could repay with him 'another awesome blow job' if I felt really bad about it. I blushed from head to toe, but he just grinned wickedly at the cashier, who had clearly heard every word.

Weirdly, it didn't seem strange at all for us, the transition from friends to...whatever the hell we were now. It felt totally normal for Em to sit on my bed, staring unashamedly as I dried off from my shower and changed into fresh clothes, and for him to kiss my neck and generally feel me up while I was trying to make breakfast. Every moment that should have been awkward but wasn't, strengthened my resolve that what we were doing was not wrong.

After breakfast – which ended up being more of a late lunch – we took a walk round the city park not too far from my apartment building, which we often did when we hung out together at weekends. This time, though, we held hands the entire time, stopping occasionally to kiss each other senseless. An old lady walking her little dog smiled indulgently at us as we passed, and even Emmett had the good grace to look embarrassed. The weather was starting to really warm up, so I had taken my sweater off to walk around in my tank top, and Em seemed to take it as licence to grope me whenever he thought no-one else was in sight.

By the time we got back to my apartment, we were both pretty worked up. As I fumbled with my key in the hallway, Em pressed himself – all of him - up against my back and slipped his hand beneath the thin fabric of my tank top. He took my earlobe between his teeth, making me shiver and curse when I nearly dropped the key.

When we finally got inside he picked me up, wrapping my thighs around his waist and kissing me until I had to break away for air.

"Bedroom," I gasped, throwing my head back as I shifted and felt his erection rubbing against me through the thin material of my yoga pants.

"Yeah?" he asked, bringing one of his hands between us to touch me gently over my clothes where I had been sore that morning. I replied wordlessly, by pushing myself down against his hand and tugging on his hair.

With a groan, he opened my bedroom door with his foot, and stepped forward to lay me down on the bed, crawling up my body until he was covering me. Kissing furiously, we pulled off items of clothing until we were both in our underwear, panting and grinding against each other to the point where I was sure I would explode if I didn't get him inside of me soon.

As if reading my thoughts – or maybe listening to my desperate whimpers – Emmett kissed his way down my stomach, swirling his tongue in my bellybutton and then sitting back on his heels to peel off my boy shorts.

"Please," I begged, wanting him to come and lay back over me and touch me, anywhere. Instead, he bent forward and kissed my knee, sucking on my skin slightly and making me buck my hips up in frustration.

"Are you still sore?" He asked softly, tracing his hand gently up in between my thighs.

"No!" I all but shouted. Truthfully I was still a little, but the need I had to have him inside me was infinitely greater than any discomfort I still felt. He raised his eyebrow at me sceptically, so I groaned loudly and tried to pull him on top of me by his arms.

He swatted me away easily, and instead started to kiss his way gently up the inside of my thigh. I had closed my eyes and was just getting lost in the sensations, when I felt his breath right there, and froze. He continued kissing me for a couple of seconds, then lifted his head when he realised that I had stopped responding.

"B?" He asked, looking at me worriedly. "Are you ok?" I sighed, and closed my eyes.

"I, um, well I've never had...that done. To me, I mean." I said quietly, my words coming out very fast. "Actually, I've only done the whole sex thing," I lowered my voice to a whisper, "a handful of times before. Back in high school."

I could see Emmett battling with his emotions – he knew what I meant without me having to say it. He knew Edward was my first, and that I hadn't been involved with anyone since I – we - lost him, but talking about this right now seemed wrong, somehow.

He took a deep breath, and leaned down once again to kiss my thigh.

"Do you trust me, B?" He asked quietly. I nodded, my eyes not leaving his.

"I'll go slow, ok?"

He didn't wait for an answer, instead shifting back down the bed to start kissing his way up my thighs again. I was still tense at first – this felt like such an intimate act, more so than what I did for him this morning, that I was almost overwhelmed. Resisting the urge to close my legs, I closed my eyes and focused on breathing, in and out, to the same rhythm of Emmett's kisses.

It felt like an age until he finally started kissing higher, reaching the tops of the inside of my thighs just as I started to relax a little. He murmured something I couldn't make out against my skin, and then softly placed a kiss right over my clit.

My eyes shot open and I made a noise I'd never heard myself make before, something between a sob and a gasp. Emmett looked up once, to check I was ok, then leant back down and kissed me again, and again. From then on, I was whimpering and calling out his name at random intervals as his tongue – his tongue – flicked and caressed, licked and circled and my hips thrust repeatedly up at him. It just felt so good, his tongue was warm and wet and soft, yet firm and unyielding. Every stroke sent shots of pleasure up through my body, it was like torture – the most perfect torture in the world, that I never wanted to end.

I had lost any sense of time, but eventually I felt one of his hands, which had been holding my legs apart, move down towards his mouth and a finger push slowly inside me. It barely got halfway in before everything exploded, and I clamped down around it as I came furiously on his mouth and his hand.

He continued to kiss me gently down there until my breathing slowed, and I was suddenly too sensitive and jerked away from him. He crawled slowly up my body, placing kisses on my skin along his way until we were face to face, and he kissed me slowly on the lips. He tasted of me, which was weird, but also kind of ok because it was still him, too.

"Wow," I breathed, giggling slightly, suddenly too shy to look him in the eye.

"Yeah," he agreed quietly, cupping my face so I had to look up at him. We stared at each for several long moments, him laying over me propped up on both elbow and both of our chests rising and falling heavily.

Something felt different, almost like the passion of the past twenty-four hours had...not disappeared, but moved aside and made room for something else too, something that made my heart ache and clench. I bit my tongue to stop myself saying something I might regret, instead pulling Emmett's forehead down to rest against mine as I raised my hips against him in invitation.

"Em," I moaned softly, as I wrapped both of my legs around his waist and pulled him down against me.

He slid into me even more slowly than he had last night, watching my face for any signs of distress as his body stretched me to its limit again. I held back a groan as the first push inside brushed against my sore flesh, but as he pushed slowly out then in a little more, again and again, my arousal increased and I started to move with him.

What started as gentle rocking of our hips quickly gave way to hard thrusts and the now familiar stream of obscenities emanating from Emmett's mouth. He raised himself up on his arms, pushing himself hard into me as I panted and writhed on the bed, my ankles digging into his back. Sweat gathered on our bodies as we worked together, over and over.

"Em, oh God, Em, I'm really close," I moaned, lifting my body up to meet his.

"Fuck," he growled, dropping himself back down onto his elbows to grind his body against mine. The change in angle and pressure finally sent me back over the edge. Emmett tensed up right after me, pushing himself deep into me and calling my name over and over again as I felt him come inside me.

This time, instead of collapsing onto me he rolled onto his back, holding me tightly to his chest so we stayed connected, our damp bodies trembling with the after effects of our release. His hands roamed over my back and ass, and I kissed his chest softly.

Neither of us spoke until Emmett's stomach decided to make itself known, rumbling loudly almost in my ear.

I opened one eye to look up at him, and he smiled sheepishly.

"Early dinner?"