By Far, Vocaloid has the best music, and making a vocaloid fanfics is pretty fun and easy too, because there is no set personality for each character. For example- Rin in Fear Garder, and Rin in Paradise of light and shadow ( yes I know that's not how you spell it, but you get my point) there is no set character for each one. So you can make anything out of them, villians, heros (IDK I had sugar this morning) Pedos, Freaks, comedians, crayons ( sugar frosted donuts was for breakfast) or even animals! ( I'm insane, I know) Enjoy~

Disclaimer- No, I don't own Vocaloid…..sadly /shot/


Rin Akita is an easy-going girl, with a bright smile, and a bell-like laugh, Len Kagamine is a quiet, and seemingly emotionless boy who doesn't understand why he is never happy. When they finally meet, will Rin be able to help Len? Will Len even try to be happy? Will he even try to smile? Well, don't just sit there, READ!


I'm not a robot, I'm not heartless, or whatever else they call me. It's not like I was ever different, nothing tragic ever happened to me. I'm an only child with my mom and dad. Nothing else. so why? Why can't I smile? They said happiness is in every child, so why am I still like this? I'm already fifteen, and still, I can't smile. They said if your happy you'll smile without noticing, so I don't try to smile. Even if I smile just so see what I look like, it hurts. I don't understand why, but it hurts. Why?


"RIN!" Neru screamed, I groaned

" go away!" I mumbled weakly at her. My face buried into my orange pillow, it manages to muffle most of the sounds, until a soft flump tells me she is sitting next to me.

" Rin!~" she cooed, I heard the tapping of her phone, " your boyfriends picking you up!"

" haha" I replied nonchalantly, " I don't have one, in your face!"

" Come on, Rinny!" she whined nudging me with her elbow, her hands texting away, irritated I rolled over to look at her face.

" no" I said defiantly, then rolled back to have my face covered. Silence, peace, I closed my eyes. I heard rapid foot-steps, and then something extremely cold, and wet made me shoot up.

" AAARRGGGHHHH! LILY!" I screamed, jumping out of bed, my clothes dripping from the water.

" She woke up Lily" reported Neru, I glared at her.

" Great Job Neru! Your now promoted from Texting Geek, to Phone Girl!" Lily said sarcastically, Neru smirked.

" your welcome!" she chirped, and pranced out of my room. Why did I get the most annoying sisters?

" Rin-Rin breakfast is ready!" smiled Lily happily, I sighed.

" yeah yeah, just get out so I can change" I pushed her out, and locked the door. Normally I would got straight to sleep after locking the door, but seeing that the bed and myself is soaked, I actually did change. I threw my clothes into a corner, then put on a fresh, new school uniform. I tucked my white ribbon in place, and headed out. Neru was already there, eating and texting at the same time, Lily was finished, and was digging in her purse. I hurried downstairs, and began to wolf down my food, Lily-made pancakes and bacon. Yum. I finished my last bite, and took my plate to the kitchen, when something caught my eye. Something round, sweet, tangy, and delicious, that's right, an Orange. I quickly took it and peeled it in record time. Finishing it delight, oranges after pancakes, what a good start to the day. Minus the waking up part.

" okay Gals!" Lily opened the door, " time for school!" she smiled. I sighed, heaved my bag over my shoulder and sat in the car next to Neru. We three were starting Ohiro High school! (A/N: Yeah, I don't know, don't ask I have no idea why I chose that name either) Oh yeah, I'm in first year by the way, Neru's in second, and Lily's in third. Lily's seventeen and has her drivers license even if she failed the test 5 times first, in other words, when she drives, it makes the morning a whole lot more chaotic. Me and Neru clutched the handles of our doors, in case we need to drop and roll.

" ready?" Lily giggled, uh-oh

" no" I whispered clicking my seatbelt, but she ignored me, and squealed out of the driveway. She turned a sharp right, nearly flinging me onto Neru, who knew better than to text when Lily's driving. I straightened, and prayed the traffic lights would stay green, they didn't. I swear you could hear the thump of Lily's foot from outside the car. The car's tires squealed to a halt, the impact from the sudden stop made my seatbelt gag me. I glanced over at Neru, unfortunately, her seatbelt went sideways, so the edge dug into her neck, she coughed and sputtered.

" Stay with me Neru" I gasped dramatically, " you can't die yet, you just can't!" I let out a faint sob.

" I don't know Rin….." she rasped catching my drift, " If…If I don't make it…..please….please remember me, and…..know that I will always love you"

" NERU!" I cried, " don't talk like that! You won't die, I won't let you!" I clutched her hand, and she squeezed back feebly, putting a brave smile.

"Rin….you were….always so hopeful…." she told moving her hand to wipe my 'tear' " don't cry…..we'll be together…again"

" OK! I get it!" Shouted Lily from the drivers seat, " I suck at driving! But unless you have another way to get to school, live with it!" Neru and I burst into giggling fits. Then the light turned green, and Lily got her revenge. Once Lily screeched at the entrance, me and Neru walked out, wobbly, and dazed.

"It's what you guys deserved" she smiled evilly, Me and Neru leaned on each other for support. Luckily, school didn't start for ten minutes, giving us time to recover. It took five minutes for Neru, then she started her texting frenzy again. It took me eight minutes. I looked up a bit nauseated, but nonetheless excited to be at my new school. Then a big yellow school bus pulled over and kids began spilling out. I watched as they began chattering, talking about home, school, begging for homework answers, etc. I was so busy watching, I almost didn't notice a girl crashing into me, her teal hair catching my attention. She giggled, and hid behind me, I could see another teal haired boy coming out of the bus looking furiously around. He muttered something then disappeared out of sight. I turned, she looked at me and smiled sheepishly.

" ah! Gomen!" she apologized, she straightened and looked me over.

" Hatsune Miku!" she introduced, I hesitated, but smiled.

" Akita Rin"

" Sorry about earlier" she laughed meekly, " I was hiding from my brother, Mikuo"

" I get it, I run from my annoying siblings too" I laughed,

" hey! Watch it Rinny, I'm your ride home!" warned Lily her eyes flashing, Miku and I burst out laughing.

" your new huh?" Miku asked, a bright smile lighting her lips.

" yep!"

" which homeroom?"

" uhh, A-9" I told her, she grinned bigger.

" great! I'm in there too! Come on!" she dragged me into the building.

" Bye Neru! See ya Lily!" I called, Lily glared at me, and Neru waved at my general direction, not once look up from her phone. I turned back to Miku, who had grabbed my wrist and was heading for a classroom. The bell rang, perfect.

" Kiyoteru-sensei!" Miku chirped, her Twin-tails still swaying from her run.

"hmm?" the man looked up from his paperwork, " oh, you must be the new student, please wait outside, until I call you"

" ok" I nodded, and waited outside as kids rushed inside, some looked at me, others just went in without even noticing I'm there. Then, at last the last person went in, but what confused me was that he was all alone. His face showed no emotion, and only glanced at me once as he walked by. Strange, he looked a bit like me, without my bow, uniform, and his hair was in a simple pony-tail. But nervousness pushed the thoughts away as I anxiously listened to the teacher.

"we have a new student today, come in" he called, taking in a deep breath, I walked in, I saw Miku wink at me, and I couldn't help but smile.

" please introduce yourself" stated Kiyoteru-sensei. I nodded, and still smiling faintly, I began.

" My name is Rin Akita, I am fifteen years old, I like oranges, and laughing" I said, everyone was now paying rapt attention to me, it made me more nervous.

" good, go sit next to Kagamine and Hatsune" he told me, pointing a seat next to Miku and the boy earlier.

" How lucky!" Miku giggled, and I returned the smile.

" So far so good" I whispered, then turned to the boy

" Nice to meet you" I said to the boy, he didn't smile back, but simply nodded, then turned his attention to Sensei. I frowned, and Miku caught my eye. She began scribbling furiously on a piece of paper, and gave it to me.

'That's Len Kagamine, he's like a robot, no emotion whatsoever, don't let it bug you' she wrote, I nodded, trying to take her advice, and not let it bother me, but I couldn't help it, it was so weird! In the end of class, I packed up my stuff and went out of the class, I couldn't help but notice That Len's face hadn't changed at all, same plain expression, same dull eyes. He went to the opposite direction of me. It was a shame, I really wanted to know him. But Miku was by my side, and that helped.

" so, Rinny?" she asked, I looked at her warily.

" yeah?" I asked

" do you have a special someone yet?" she wiggled her eyebrows in a suggestive way, I couldn't help but laugh.

"no, not yet" I admitted,

" what!" she gasped, " how could you, not!"

" what's that mean?"

" someone so pretty like you haven't found a boy?"

"pretty? Check again, Miku! I'm so flat!" I groaned, it wasn't my fault I had the body of an eleven year old!

" so, your still pretty!" She argued, then someone snuck up behind her

and grabbed her by the waist.

"got you!" laughed the boy, he had the same teal hair as her.

"Mikuo!" she squealed, " let me go!"

" not until you say the magic word!"

" please?" Miku asked hopefully, he laughed some more.

" nope!"

" umm, oh! LEEKS!" she cheered, I stepped back surprised, he let go.

" aww, I need a new magic word" he pouted, then laughed good-naturedly. I giggled lightly, he was a little cute.

" hmm? Oh! Are you Miku's friend?" he asked turning to me.

" yeah! I'm Rin Akita" I smiled, he grinned.

" Mikuo Hatsune!" he told me, then he blinked, " Akita? As in Neru Akita's sister?"

"yeah! She's in your class?"

" yep! Does she ever look away from her phone?"

" nope!" I grinned, he chuckled.

" alright, bye Rin! Love ya Miku!" he said, and dashed off, Miku rolled her eyes.

" show off" she muttered, I giggled.

" he isn't that bad, Miku!" I defended him, she looked at me surprised.

" le-gasp!" she clutched her heart, " you don't have a crush on Mikuo do you?"

" no!" I said waving my hands, " I was just saying!"

" suuurrreee" she smirked, I rolled my eyes. Math was next, and like all my other math classes, in went by rather quickly.(A/N: I'm lazy) So I was in the hallways again, chattering with Miku.

" I do not!" I argued

" admit that you like my brother!" she crossed her arms, then she realized something.

" Crap! where am I going? I have science next!" she gasped

" aww, but I have history!" I moaned, she patted my head.

" ok, but don't think about my brother!" she giggled, and rushed away before I face palmed. I entered history a bit early, and sat down in the middle of the classroom.

" hello!" chirped a girl, I turned, she was a small girl with twin drills.

" hi!" I smiled politely, ow my face was numb from smiling, but it was a good feeling when you smiled.

" I'm Teto!" she said, taking a seat next to me.

" Rin"

" oh! Your that new girl, huh? I saw you talking to Miku earlier" she faced me again.

"yeah! Oh, and I like your hair, it's really cool" I touched one of her drills,

" really? Thanks, it takes a while to get my hair like this, but oh well" she sighed, I giggled

" Is anyone sitting here?" a quiet, slow, emotionless voice startled us. It was Len, his face blank as he stood behind the seat.

"no" Teto shook her head, and Len sat down, looking aimlessly out the window. I found myself staring a bit, before I had been to busy, but now I could see he had blond hair and blue eyes, that almost matched my own. Only just realizing what I was doing I turned away blushing lightly, Teto noticed this and passed me a note. 'careful, don't fall for Kagamine-san, many girls confessed to him and were all turned away with the same emotionless voice. He has no heart' I read this, and scribbled back. 'I'm not falling! Why is he like this?' I quietly passed it to her, she read it, and began to write, then when the sensei turned, she slipped it to me. 'no one knows, I've been in the same schools at him since primary grade, he hasn't changed, not once hae I seen him smile' I nearly gasped, I looked at her, she nodded grimly, I tucked the note away, and began writing notes so I could study later, but Len was always in my mind, nagging me, why doesn't he smile? Personal problems? As I left class, I promised myself to solve Len Kagamine.

RINXLEN FOREVER! Yeah I that kind of person. Paradichlorobenzene is repeating in my head, ARGH GET OUT! Paradichlorobenzene!~ RAWRRRRR it gives me the creeps. Antichlorobenzene doesn't help, just scares me even more. Still you can't help but to love them both, but I have dreams of drowning kitties, and chemicals. OH FACT! Paradichlorobenzene is a chemical in pesticides, you know the part in the song with theres no sin in Benzene? Well, Benzene is a colorless toxic liquid with a distinct smell (thank you dictionary). AHAHAHA I let out my inner nerd. Go inner nerdness!

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