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Rin POV (there's a time skip, remember that it's December, so a bit deeper into the month, now you know what day it is, right?)

I walked out of school, my backpack hung from my left shoulder as I practiced opening and closing my hand. It was better now, I could raise it at shoulder level but only for a few seconds, but still, it was progress. To my surprise, Lily's car was no where in sight, she didn't leave did she? I came out early today. Did she expect me to walk home? ARGH! I'm so not in the mood today.

"Rinny-chhhaaaannnn!" Miku waved to me, Kaito's arm wrapped around her waist. Teto, and Ted next to them. The two couples smiling at me, and beckoned me closer. A bit suspicious, I walked towards them, continuing the usual hand exercise. Open, close, open, close, open, close, open.

"what do you want?" I asked.

"we're walking you home today!" Teto smiled, I raised eyebrow,

"wwwhhyyy?" I'm sorry, but I couldn't even trust Teto that well anymore.

"because we want to!" Kaito sighed sarcastically, Miku hit him, glaring at him. He smiled at her, she rolled her eyes, but smiled too. Ew, couples.

"Lily's bribing us" Miku admitted, "why though? I don't know" liar, I knew that much, but I shrugged anyways.

"whatever" I mumbled and walked with them. I walked behind them a bit awkwardly as they laughed with each other, holding hands, giggling, hugging, snuggling, keeping each other away from the cold. Yyyeaahhh, I'm the odd one out in this situation. As we left the school's parking lot, I noticed that Len's car was still there. Was he inside? I had an urge to go look for him in the warm school building and leave them, but Miku was keeping her sharp teal eyes on me, so I was forced to follow. After 15 minutes of quietness, save for the occasional laughter, or giggle. I adjusted my jacket and backpack. I was bending and unbending my arm now. Finally, we made it to my front porch. Ted knocked the door twice, a small smile on his face, a smile I knew well as a devious one. Ted, oh Ted, what has gotten to you? The door opened a crack and I recognized Lily's blue eyes and falling hair. She looked at each at us and once it got to me, I heard giggling.

"hey Lil-" my greeting cut short as the other four was dragged inside, the door shut closed on me. What. The. Hell. I just got locked out of my own house by my friends. "HEY! LET ME IN!" I kicked the door.

"shush up, Rin!" I heard Neru's voice coming from the other side, I growled.

"You jerks! This is my own house! NERU! OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!"I threw myself at the poor innocent barrier. "Do you KNOW how cold it is! I'M FREEEZING!" as if to prove me right, an icy wind gripped my body. I sneezed.

"bless you!" Teto's voice rang.

"TTTEEETTTOOO! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOOUUU!" I wailed, my right hand raised a bit, clutching the doorknob. With my left hand I swung aimless hits.

"RIN! STOP IT!" Lily scolded me.

"LET ME IN!" I snapped, " I WILL find a road roller and plow through!"

"ahaha" I heard Ted laugh nervously.

"I WILL HAVE NO MERCY WHEN I DO!" I threatened, I sneezed again. Did I mention how cold it was? It got quiet, no one talked, not a movement inside. So their ditching me now, huh? Asses. I kept pounding the door with my feet, making small dent marks in the wood. I was so busy trying to bust down the door I didn't realize a quiet click that said the door was open. I only noticed when I twitched my right arm and it swung open. Grumbling curses I set down my backpack, and found myself in the dark. Great, they left out the back. I took off my shoes, hissing loud curses, I found the light switch by the coat rack and turned it on with force.

"HAPPY SSSSWEET 16!" My eardrums busted out of my head, as something very loud pitched began squealing in my ear. Shocked, and with my head ringing, I watched as everyone jumped up, a colorful banner overhead. It's my birthday? Hey! It's not like I forgot my birthday date, it's just that at the hospital I lost track time, and at school the teachers didn't tell us what day it was. I knew it was close to my birthday, but today?

"w-what?" that was the most intelligent thing my brain could think of.

"it's your birthday!" Teto giggled, wrapping her arms around me in a hug. I returned the hug, a slow, but wide smile on my lips.

"a party though?" I asked, they all nodded like it was obvious.

"duh!" Miku, who was the culprit to my near deafness, rolled her eyes at me. I laughed a bit, I found Lily and Neru and hugged them both.

"thhannnk yooouuu!" I squealed, they laughed and patted my arms lightly.

"not yet, Rinny-kins, not yet" Lily chuckled into my ear, I pulled back looking at them confused. The door knocked, everyone looked up as if it was a cue.

"go get it Rin" Neru ordered, I looked at her.

"isn't it my birthday? You go get it"

"yeah, it your birthday, go greet guests" Neru shot back, I scowled slightly, but smoothed my expression to the door. I opened it, only to be pulled in a warm embrace. I caught a glimpse of clear blue eyes, and smelled bananas.

"Happy Birthday, Rin" Len mumbled in my ear, I almost melted right there. He pulled back looking in my eyes, smiling. One couldn't believe this was the same emotionless, shut-off boy from a few months ago.

"th-thanks" I stuttered, technically we weren't going out, so I was a bit…. Tense around him. "come in" just realizing I was holding him outside, I scooted a bit and he walked in.

"Len!" everyone smiled huge, flicking their eyes from the both of us. I tried my best to ignore it, they have been doing that since the hug when we're together. The party resumed, we played monopoly which I bankrupted everyone at. Then, there was more patience required games like Operation. It was painstaking just trying, I lost on my first go.

"you suck!" chided Miku, I tugged a teal pig tail. She shut up, I passed the tweezers over to Len. He sighed and leaned over the box, watching it with hawk eyes. We have a winner, Len Kaga- buuuzzzzzz, buzz We all stared at the box in shock…. Neru was the first to burst out laughing, we all followed, even Len. Clutching our stomachs, the game was set aside.

"what should we do next?" Lily breathed through her chuckles, looking at Len sharply, he turned bright red. What?

"Rin, can I talk to you outside?" he muttered to me, tapping my shoulder lightly. I looked behind him where Neru, Miku and Teto was 'ignoring' us, but they were leaning towards us very suspiciously.

"sure" I drew out the word, but allowed him to lead me back outside, I shivered from the cold.

"ah, sorry about bringing you out like this," he apologized, I shook my head.

"it's fine, it's fine"

"w-well you see, I had to talk to you alone" he mumbled, "I-I like you, a-a lot" please don't let my face be red, please don't let me faint, please don't let anyone ruin this moment….

"I like you too, Len" I managed to say back, nnoooo! I'm blluuuuusshhhing! Hiiisssssss stupid embarrassment. He nodded a bit awkwardly, and we stood apart in the cold.

"a-and I w-wanted to give you this for your birthday" he offered a neatly wrapped box, it was white with golden ribbons, reminding me faintly of my dance dress. Heh, like I was thinking about that at the moment, I was too surprised to do anything.

"a-a present?" I squeaked, I haven't gotten a present in a looooong time, Lily and Neru cared, but I don't want anything, so I didn't care. But here I was inwardly squealing my heart out about this tiny box.

"it is your birthday, and I wanted to…" he hesitated and looked downwards, "to ask you, if you will be my girlfriend"

"yes" recovering from my shock, I smiled softly, and took the gift. I opened it slowly, somehow managing not to rip the paper, and undid the bow. What? Do you think I'd actually tear the paper apart like a starving animal? Ehehe, well good guess, I did that on Christmas. Anyways, I opened the box and gasped, I mean, you would do all that cheesy surprised things too if you saw silver treble clef earrings too! They were beautiful, perfect, detailed, and I loved it.

" I hope you like it" Len whispered softly, closed the box and gave him a warm hug one-armed hug. My right arm clutched his sleeve weakly, but oh well.

"I love it, thank you!" I nuzzled into him, even though I was busy in my cuddling moment, I was aware of the way too familiar sounds of clicking by the house. Oh well, I didn't care at the moment because Len was hugging me back. I felt warmth smother me, and surround me. He pulled me away and we went back inside where we caught Neru and Lily red-handed with cameras. Oh how I love my family. Note the sarcasm.

Len POV (MMMMAAAJJJOOOORRR Time skip people, like 7 years later)

I walked into the house, my tie choking the life out of me. I don't understand why I couldn't get a clip-on one, but it was about being professional and all that whatever stuff.

"I'm home" I sighed, loosening the black cloth.

"Len! Wel-" she was cut off as another voice intervened.

"Len-Len! How are you!" The voice was familiar, I looked at the couch and raised an eyebrow.

"I'm fine, what are you doing at our house, Lily?" I asked. Yes, our house, Rin and I got married last year.

"eh? Oh just dropping by, Rei is busy at work and I get bored" Rin's eldest sister had sunk into the couch.

"let her be" Rin sighed, coming up to me, she pecked my cheek, "so how's work?"

"alright so far" I replied, hugging her, I took off my tie completely, that thing was killing me.

"Teto, Ted, Neru, Miku, and Kaito are coming too" she warned me, I chuckled lightly, it was funny how we all got married to our high school sweethearts, almost unbelievable, well Ted and Teto are still going out, but I think he proposed already.

"sure" I went to the master bedroom and changed into more comfortable clothes, there's no way I'm going to see the rest of them in the suit.

Rin POV (that was cute, in my opinion anyways)

Lily drank in her glass of water, watching me as I cooked dinner for everyone. I ignored it, cooking for eight people needed concentration, and focus!

"Rinnnnyyyy!" a muffled, yet fierce voice came from the door. Lily opened it, I peered over the corner. I felt my body being crushed by a pair of strong arms.

"Miku! Stop it!" I groaned, shrugging her off, "you'll crush your own children!"

"she has her mood swings" Kaito's deep voice laughed, she growled at him, whoa, he's not lying.

"shut up, you'd have mood swings too if your expecting twins" she muttered, but allowed me to break free. I gave a friendly hug to Kaito, who returned it with an one-armed wrap, I let go and hugged the second girl.

"Hey~" I laughed, pulling away.

"guess what!" Teto squealed.

"what?" my eyes were drawn to her right hand, she rose it and showed me a sparkling ring. I squealed too, I heard Ted cough awkwardly in the background.

"congratulations" Len's voice again, he was coming out of the room in plaid and jeans. He gave small hugs to Miku and Teto, and stood by me. "when's the wedding?"

"next month" Ted answered smiling, he never cut his hair so now it was almost dragging on the floor.

"hey! I wasn't forgotten, was I!" we all turned to an amused Neru, though her voice sounded hurt.

"of course not, Onee-chan!" I giggled giving her a hug, Dell, her husband *cough* I still can't believe he proposed through email *cough* was already in a high position at a Computer company, not so big of a surprise really.

"that's enough hugging" groaned Lily from her perch on the couch. We all chuckled and sat down next to her, catching up on each other. We all had gotten decent lives after highschool, Lily was acing law school , Rei was a cop, Miku was a in college, Kaito was in college too, Ted was a banker, Teto was just a housewife, but she loved staying at home, and Len worked at Crypton, he's a sound producer and doesn't usually wear suits, but today he had a presentation.

"hey! Remember the dance?" Miku cackled, "Ted and Teto was so cute!" the red headed couple turned red in both fury and embarrassment.

"that was your fault!" Teto argued, "you two were the reasons we did those!"

" I have no idea what you are talking about" Kaito scoffed, Ted reached over and grabbed him in a headlock.

"oh ho, ho, ho" Ted growled "I think you know exactly what we're talking about" what happened to the kind, and polite Ted, you ask? I have no idea, but I blame Kaito anyways.

"oh look! It got to me, I remember now, thanks Ted" laughed Kaito nervously. I was about to say something when- beeeep! Beeeep! BEEEEP! BEEEEEEPPP! Oh, the timer went off for the food, excusing myself from them, I went to the kitchen, taking out the food, today we're having Fish, rice, vegetables, and chicken. (A/N: that was my dinner) I set the table with the help of Len, my eyes landed on the silver ring on his hand. Having married to Len was amazing, no other word. Everyone gathered around the kitchen table and sat down, as we ate, we continued our laughter and our jokes. I leaned towards Len who wrapped an arm around me. He kissed my forehead, and we began eating. Who could hate this situation? Not even Tei could bring this down, she was living a….happier, less violent life. She left the asylum, but moved far from here with Akaito, he agreed to take care of her. Oh, I almost forgot, about my right arm, it's still stiff from time to time, but I can still move it as long as it doesn't involve lifting anything too heavy.

"Hey, Rin" Miku looked at me with serious teal eyes,


"pass the chicken"

*face palm* oh how I love my family.

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