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This is my version of Reptilia28's challenge


*Harry is killed at 17 during a fight with Voldemort. He's sent to his Death's office (explained later) and finds out that this isn't the first time that this has happened.

*Harry's Death (who can have a human name) is mad at his arrival. Apparently, people dying before their time is a black mark on the various Deaths' records, and Harry is getting perilously close to getting this particular one fired.

*When Harry asks what was supposed to have happened, Death goes off on a rant saying how he was supposed to have killed Voldemort, found his soulmate ("Some Granger girl...") and lived to be a centennial age. But since Harry keeps getting into life-threatening situations for one reason or another, he keeps dying before that happens. Harry is surprised about the soulmate part.

*Death gives Harry a paper to sign that allows him to retain his memories (the previous times, he wasn't given this option for some reason). Harry is deposited to a previous time of the writer's choosing.

*Eventually, Harry gets it right. He kills Voldemort, gets the girl, and lives to a ripe old age of whatever. And Death doesn't get fired.


*Harry had to have died at least three times before this one.

*The memory keeping contract must be included.

*Death must refer to Hermione as "some Granger girl" when Harry's soulmate turns up in his rant.

*Obviously, must be H/Hr.

*Have fun.


*Dumbledore's manipulations can be a factor in Harry's premature demises.

Summary: My version of Reptilia28's challenge.

Harry has died for the 32 time and his Grim Angel is really getting fed up. One more time and she will lose her wings and be forced to live as a human for 300 years. The Three Fates have decided he has one last chance to get things right. Of course they never said he's going alone. Starting as a first year he has deal with a red-haired stomach that won't leave him alone, the Fate of the Present trying to change his fate, a headmaster with his own schemes, three maniacal Fate Fixers who want him to fix all their problems, and an evil spirit being stuck on the back of his defense teachers head. And all of that is just first year alone. If dealing with all of that isn't enough to drive him nuts trying to win the heart and soul of his soul mate just might be.

My story is going to start out when Harry has just died and the Fates decide that they are going to send him back to when Harry and Hagrid went to Diagon Alley and continue through all of his school years. This is one Harry Potter you haven't seen yet. Just remember he might look like a cute little eleven year-old firstie on the outside but on the inside he's a seventeen year-old who's not going to take anything lying down. World watch out! He's Harry Potter and he's back!

When Harry woke up his entire body was aching. Every time he tried to remember what was going on all he felt was a wave of nausea. Finally, he opened his eyes only to shut them again in order to block the overhead lighting. Slowly as the nausea passed he began to notice the soft material under him like a shaggy rug. Slowly, he opened his eyes to notice the lighting had dimmed and he could see a forest green ceiling.

Slowly sitting up he looked around to see he was in some sort of office. It was like a waiting room but one that was definitely nicer than one he'd ever been in. The ceiling was a nice forest green, the walls were an off-white color with large pictures of landscapes on them, there were large comfy chairs along the wall, and a nice black plush carpet on the floor. Looking around he could see a few people sitting in the chairs.

Getting to his feet he was about to look for an exit when a quiet voice spoke behind him.

"Can I have your name please?"

Whirling around he saw a young woman in her twenties sitting behind a large desk. She had bubblegum pink hair with red highlight and baby blue eyes that gave her a child-like innocence. The plague on her desk said Aglaia. As Harry was looking at her he saw her eyes widening.

"Wh-What are you doing here? Your not supposed to be here. Oh she is going to be so mad. She got in so much trouble last time you were here."

"Um, I'm sorry but I don't know what your talking about." Harry said nervously, while looking for an exit. What on Earth was going on.

As she was searching through her files desperately before filling out and dropping papers in an out-tray Harry was just standing there wondering what the heck was going on. Suddenly she looked up and noticing him she shooed him into one of the chairs saying "Please be seated she will be right with you."

Sitting there Harry was trying to remember what exactly was going on and what was happening but all he remembered was long red hair.

As Harry sat there trying to bring back more of his memory he noticed a man and two identical women walking down a hallway that hadn't been there before. Noticing him looking at them they walked over to him and stood in front of him.

"Harry, Harry, Harry. How many times must this keep happening. It wasn't that long ago when we last saw you." The black-haired man said.




"Dying?" The blue-haired girls asked. Their way of talking reminded him annoyingly of Fred and George, they kept going back and forth.

"Dying!" Harry nearly screamed as what they said finally registered. "What do you mean dying?"

Smacking both of the girls in the back of the head the guy shouted at them "Casta, Polla it's not your place to tell."

"Sorry Attis." they said in sync.

Just than a woman wearing a business suit walked out of a door that appeared in the long hallway. She was tan and had her dark brown hair in a chignon and was beautiful in a greek sort of way. Her eyes were a vibrant copper color and were filled with so much fury Voldemort would have run screaming. She looked at Harry for a long time in silence. Finally, breaking the silence she said in a quiet voice, "Follow me please Mr. Potter." before turning around and walking back down the hallway.

As Harry got up to follow her he saw Attis, Casta, and Polla giving him pitying looks.

"Are you coming or not?" The woman said sharply.

"Um, yeah sorry" Harry said before hurrying after her.

After walking for a while down the hallway they reached a door with a silver plague on it that read "KERES TENEBRAE." The woman who Harry figured was Keres opened the door to let Harry enter and then followed after him into the decadent office.

As they sat down at the office she looked at him for a moment before reaching for a rather large file and plopping it on her desk. "So...you going to explain to me why the hell this keeps happening?"

Watching her in silence he sat there wondering what it was he had done.


"What are you talking about? What do you mean I keep dying? And what wings?" Harry yelled back.

"This is your 32 death, if you die one more time we can't send you back again, and these wings." she said in a slightly calmer voice as two large dark silver wings appeared from her back.

Watching the two large wings as they appeared from nowhere struck Harry speechless as he thought over what she said.

"Look I'm sorry that I yelled at you it's just I have no idea where I am or what is happening. I am sorry about them deciding whether or not to rip your wings. Can you please explain to me how exactly I died 32 times?" he said after finally understanding what was going on.

"Okay. Let's go over this one more time. My name is Keres Tenebrae, I am your grim angel. My job is to get you, the client, through your destiny. I make sure that when a person dies they go to the correct afterlife, or return them to life if they didn't do what they needed to. Every time you die I get a black mark on my record. Most people only get 12 chances to get through their destiny. Sometimes there is a person born who has a special purpose. These people must be allowed to complete their destiny but they only get 33 chances at life. You Harry James Potter born July 31, 1980 are one of these people. This file in front of me is your file. Do you have any questions so far?" Keres explained in a calm voice.

"Just one question can you please tell me how I died 32 times and how come I don't remember this?" Harry asked politely.

Keres smiled a gentle smile at her most troublesome client. "The reason you don't remember all of this is that every time you come here your memory of it is wiped because we can't have mortals remembering how the afterlife works and trying to bypass the system, like your mortal enemy."

"You mean Voldemort?" Harry asked before cringing back from the look on Keres face. Shivers started going up and down his spine as her eyes started glowing a vibrant red.

"Him." She practically hissed.

Harry just sat there in silence while staring at Keres. She might look like she was eighteen, but the look on her face would scare the hell out of even Voldemort.

"Okay now pay attention to what I say next because I'm not repeating myself, and this is one of the most important parts." She watched Harry as he nodded and then continued while searching through the file on her desk. "Now starting from the summer after your third year, one Ginerva Molly Weasley had been slipping love, lust & jealousy potions with the help of her mother into the food that they sent you over the summer. Now see they started off with very little doses, but when that seemed to have no effect they increased the dosage. They increased it to a point where you died three times in two years from potion poisoning, and there was one case of suicide after an incident. The problems with the potions were that your soul and magic was rejecting it. They worked for a short time when they tried to force you to fall for whom you already cared for. One -"

"Um... sorry... but... your information... isn't correct...?" Harry interrupted quietly. He didn't know what she would do for him interrupting her, but it probably wasn't good.

"Actually the love potions tried to force you into telling the one you cared for. Which just so happened to be your soul mate some Granger girl a Harmony... Hermony... it's Shakesperean. Ack why didn't I write this down." Keres said while searching frantically through her file.

"Hermione! Hermione is my soul mate, but that's wrong I had a crush on Cho Chang in fourth year." Harry said, he was getting confused.

"That's right the Granger girl. She is your soul mate, decided by the Fates themselves. The reason you thought you loved Cho Chang was because you were fighting off the targeted effect of the love potions and that forced you to love someone. It was doing it subconsciously because you wanted to love someone and be loved in return. However you were scared of being unloved. During the summer you normally would have realized your feelings but because of the Potions Princess and not really knowing how love really works, your magic pushed you to the closest thing to your soul mate you could get. Which in this case was Chang. Your soul was calling for the Granger but your hormones chose Cho Chang for beauty. By the next year you realized what a mistake it was and subconsciously did what your soul wanted." Keres watched him with a sad look in her eyes.

"So everything with Cho happened because I was on love potions that Ginny gave me? Everything with Ginny was a lie?" Harry asked with a sound of desperation in his voice.

Keres couldn't quite stop the flinch from the sadness radiating from him. She always hated it when he sounded like this, it always made her want to start crying for him. At least she could try to make it better.

"From Ginny yes. She was obsessed with you from a young age, and wanted the fame and money your name brought. Both her and her brother are very unhappy with their lives and believe that the world owes them something. Because of the potions you were killed several times. Your thought processes and reaction times slowed causing your death several times in your Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Year. You know I find it ironic that you died directly three times because of both the Potion's Princess and Less-Ron. Indirectly a whole lot more."

"How is that ironic, and why did you call him Less-Ron?" Harry asked curiously.

"Well, it's ironic that you died three times because there are three fates. And what's the opposite of Less-Ron?" Keres said with a smirk.

"The opposite of Less-Ron is More-Ron. Oh, I get it."

"You know, you're just lucky you didn't get the worst case situation. Less-Ron was giving your soul mate love potions given to him by his sister. The only things that stopped her from being potion-raped is that she loved you so much and your being with Ginny was slowly killing her soul. If you and Ginny had ever actually had sex the shock to her soul might well have killed her. The only things that were preventing it were the mixture of potions she was being fed, and that started warping her personality. Remember, during your sixth year she was jealous of a book and helped Less-Ron cheat during the Quidditch tryouts. Eventually, it might have turned her into a puppet or worst case she would have become the next Dark Lady." Keres said while pulling out a paper from her file.

"This is the overview of how you died 32 times. It just has how, no details like the folder, that would take a while to look at and the higher ups want to meet you. It is divided into before you got your Hogwarts letter and each year includes the summer before that year" She said while handing Harry the paper.

Before Hogwarts

1) Locked in 'room' for three weeks while Dursleys were on vacation without food*

2) Beaten by Vernon Dursley than thrown in 'room' for getting better score than Dudley Dursley on report card*

3) Pushed down stairs by Dudley Dursley

4) Bludgeoned on head by Petunia Dursley for being a minute late going to cook breakfast

5) Drowned on the way to lighthouse on the rock by Vernon Dursley

First Year Hogwarts

6) Fell off broom that was cursed by Quirellmort

7) Killed by half-life Thomas Riddle in Forbidden Forest

8) Sacrificed by Ronald Weasley in giant wizards chess game

Second Year Hogwarts

9) Beaten then thrown into smallest bedroom by Vernon Dursley because of Dobby the House Elf

10) Killed by Whomping-Willow for crashing a car into it

11) Killed by Acromantulas in the Forbidden Forest

Third Year Hogwarts

12) Beaten then thrown into original 'room' by Vernon Dursley for blowing up aunt Marge*

13) Fell off broom after getting soul sucked out by Dementors

14) Killed by Remus Lupin in werewolf form

15) Soul sucked out by Dementors . . . again

Started being fed love, lust & jealousy potions by Ginerva Molly Weasley, assisted by Molly Weasley nee Prewitt during Summer

Fourth Year Hogwarts

16) Pushed down stairs by jealous Ronald Weasley

17) Burned alive by Chinese Fireball Dragon

18) Eaten by Hungarian Horntail Dragon in first task

19) Drowned in lake during second task

20) Killed by Acromantula in maze during third task

21) Killed by exploded tombstone in graveyard caused by Peter Pettigrew

Fifth Year Hogwarts

22) Poisoned by love, lust & jealousy potion by Ginerva Weasley

23) Killed by brain in Department of Mysteries

24) Killed by Death Eaters in Department of Mysteries

25) Followed Sirius through Veil of Death in Department of Mysteries

Sixth Year Hogwarts

26) Spiraled into depression and starved to death

27) Poisoned by love, lust & jealousy potions by Ginerva Weasley

28) Suicide after accidentally buggering one Ronald Weasley

29) Drank poisoned mead

30) Killed by Inferi

31) Killed by invading Death Eaters

32) Poisoned by love, lust & jealousy potions by Ginerva Weasley

* refers to the fact the 'room' is the cupboard under the stairs

"Um, one question. What exactly does number 28 mean?" Harry asked while feelings of nausea started filling him.

Keres looked at him and conjured a metal waste basket for him before she finally replied. "Use the waste basket. That happened because of the love potions. You went to the common room when you were half-asleep and without your glasses. You saw Less-Ron having sex with Lavender Brown and saw his red hair and because of the love potions automatically thought that it was Ginny with another girl. You buggered Ron in the ass and when you found out later you took your wand and AK'd yourself. I had to erase the memory from you before you would talk with me. Now come on we have to go talk to the Big Bosses." Keres said before standing up and heading for the door.

As Harry followed her he couldn't help but think about everything that he had gone through with Ginny and Less-Ron. According to the paper she had given him Ron had killed him twice and been the cause of his death one other time. Ginny had poisoned him with potions three times and according to his Grim Angel indirectly killed him several times in his last three Hogwarts years.

While thinking Harry was startled when Keres told them to stop. They were in front of large white double doors with silver engravings, the size of the Hogwarts great hall doors. As he waited for his Grim Angel to do something he heard the sound of a bell twinkling. After it sounded Keres put her palm an inch away from the doors and they slowly opened into a large glowing white hall. Floating in the air in the middle of the hall were three large glowing orbs that reminded him a little of the ones in the ministry just way bigger. Sitting on the three orbs were three girls. On the left was a girl who looked to be seven or eight, in the middle was a woman who looked to be seventeen or eighteen, and the one on the right looked to be in her late twenties. All of them had white-silver hair and were wearing gowns that reminded him of ancient Greece. They looked like they could be triplets just different ages. All of their eyes were closed.

As they walked into the large hall he noticed that Keres' wings were out and her business suit had turned into a black toga and she had a large scythe in her hand. She kneeled down in front of the three women and put the scythe on the ground in front of then before speaking in a clear voice. "I have brought him before you Ladies of Fate. Ellie the Fate of the Past, Historian of the Past and Judge of Past Sins, El the Fate of the Present, Guide of Change and Executioner of Sins, and Elandra the Fate of the Future, Giver of Visions and Jury of Sinners. As you have commanded me I have brought him forth into your presence."

As Harry heard her say each name the Fates opened each of their eyes in turn, from left to right. One by one they looked at him before speaking in sync.

A/N When talking together.

"Welcome Child of Fate, we have been expecting you Child of Change. We have been waiting for over 600 million years to finally be able to meet you. You who have undergone trials and tribulations. You whose soul mate was chosen in the beginning. We welcome you. Please arise Keres, both of you have a seat, we have much to discuss and so little time." They said as two chairs appeared in front of them.

"We are glad that you have come to see us. Although we are not happy with the circumstances for your visit." Spoke the child in a voice that spoke of true age. "We are quite upset with all that has occurred to you since the time of your birth."The Fate of Past had a disapproving look on her face.

"May I ask what you mean, your goddessness?" Harry asked in a nervous voice. He hadn't been expecting to meet the Fates and after so many revelations he was too tired to yell or argue.

"Please call me Past. Most just call us the Fates. What others do not realize is that when we first were born, if you will, we were one being. However, after so many centuries there was just too much that we had to do, so we split ourself into three pieces. I became past and took the form of our childhood, Present kept our true form and governs the current time on Earth, including all of your lifetime, and Future became what we would have grown into and kept our true name, Elandra."Past said before taking a sip of the tea that had appeared in front of all of them.

"What I meant when I said the things that have occurred is the things that meddlesome old man has done."She said before putting her tea down and lapsing into silence with an angry look on her face.

"What my sister is talking about is when that old man took you and put seals on your power, before giving you to that horse-faced woman and her family. The problem with putting seals on your power is that at that time you were depleted completely from defending yourself from Riddle. That and the fact that it sealed off your Enrialdian powers is great cause for concern. After all you are one of the most powerful Enrialdians born in 12 thousand years. Even, more powerful than your mother and she was a Tri-Element One."Present said with a curious look on her face

"What is an Enrialdian, if I may ask?" Harry said with curiosity. If Hermione ever found out about his discussion with the Fates she would be so jealous.

"Millions of years ago, when the world was young and still known as Gaia it was a place filled with magic. All creatures lived in harmony with one another from the merfolk of the seas to the dragons of the sky. In this time there was a race known as the Enrialdians. They were different from all other creatures for they had dominion over all of Gaia for they were born of it. Each Enrialdian had control over one element. The Enrialdians of the sky lived high in the mountains, the ones of the Earth lived in the forests and caves, the ones of the sea lived in it's depths, and the ones of fire lived in the magma fields. Each Enrialdian had control over only one element, it was theirs to call and control. All but a certain group. These special ones were born of a clashing of all elements and had control over more than one element. In each group of Enrialdians they were considered royalty and ruled over the others with love and kindness for in them no evil existed. Because of how they were they were loved by all they encountered. The Enrialdians were known for art and music. All Enrialdians were born with one thing a soul mate.

Millions of years past in perfect peace until one day humans were born on the Earth. They had no power and did not respect the Earth as the Enrialdians did. They were jealous of the Enrialdians power and sought to gain control over them. For the first time Gaia knew pain, suffering, famine, pestilence, war, and death. It was found that if a beings soul mate was killed they would soon follow. Millions were killed in a short period of time. Humans for bringing ruin to the Earth were made a cursed people for with their birth they brought so much pain to Gaia. They would live short lives and would forever be denied the gift of eternity. Until one day an Enrialdian was born whose soul mate was human. This had never happened before in all the ages. All of a sudden millions of Enrialdians were born with soul mates that were humans. From these unions witches and wizards were born.

However it was found that the wizards and witches were born with a different kind of magic. Many who were born followed in the humans footsteps and didn't respect the Earth and it's creations. From this there was destruction. The cities of the Enrialdians soon fell, including the Lost city of Atlantis. However, there was a small spark of hope. For it was found that the Enrialdians of royal when they were found to have a human soul mate their offspring would still have the power of the Elements within them. Minutes before the last great seer of the Enrialdian died she gave a prophesy. The prophesy brought hope to all those Enrialdians left living. The prophesy went like this: In a time when hope seems lost. Four will be born of royal blood. Three with heritages magic, the other newly found. All will have power never before known. From the darkness of death one will be given another chance. With true loves kiss, four souls be bound. In heart, mind, body, and soul they will be bound. And from two unions peace will be brought forth. Never again to be shattered." When Future told this tale Harry could tell she was trying to stop herself from crying. It was as if the death of the Enrialdians was a pain in their hearts never to be erased.

"What did that story mean?" asked Harry as he stared into his tea.

"It was about your bloodline. Your mother was a royal Enrialdian. Her powers were over fire, ice, and plants. Yet you and the other spoken of in prophesy all each individually more powerful than she is. I wanted to tell you that ones with royal blood but without magic could not tap into their elemental powers. That is why your friend is a muggleborn even though that's a lie. Her mother and father are soul mates, but don't have magic. Her ancestors do however." Past spoke in a calm and quiet voice as if she was thinking over something.

"The thing about Enrialdians is they know instinctively to keep their powers hidden from all but their soul mate. Only your father knew the truth about your mother. Your aunt however did not get one iota of power from the bloodline, and no DNA that comes in contact with Vernon Dursley will ever have magic. Unless your cousin marries a witch." Past said while looking over at Future. It was as if they were silently discussing something. "The surprising thing about you however is that after your core was sealed you were still alive. It was sealed when you were in a critical state. Because it was sealed off your bloodline gifts were sealed as well, and not just the Enrialdian ones either. When your magic was sealed it had to adapt. It was sealed off at less than 3% and had to keep you alive as well as heal you and keep you relatively healthy."

"So let me get this straight because my power was sealed I was using only very little of it. I'm a royal Enrialdian, and my mother was one. Hermione is one and two others that I have to find. Both me and Hermione were put under potions and we're soul mates. I have died 32 times and any bloodline powers I had were sealed as well. You said that I was in a critical state when my power was sealed but if it did all of that and I still was able to do okay while at Hogwarts what does it mean?" He was getting way too confused here.

"What it means is that your power had to grow. You couldn't use any of your special abilities like the dream-seer ability from your mothers side but you were able to use the 3% of your core that wasn't sealed. So it forced itself to double in size." Present explained.

"But is it possible for just the 3 percent to grow?" Harry asked quickly.

"It isn't. In order for that 3 percent to grow the other 97 percent had to grow as well. By the time you were eleven your core was at least twice as powerful as Old Man Long-Beards. When you got to Hogwarts and could used magic he just assumed that you had somehow broke the seal and didn't think about it again." Present seemed to be enjoying herself as she explained.

"You mean to tell me that every thing I went through I went through with only 3% of my core?" Present wore a big smile at Harry while nodding enthusiastically.

"Not only that but when you think about the fact that you were having to fight off a variety of potions from the Red-Head, and the Loyalty potions keyed to Dumbledork it's pretty impressive." Hearing about loyalty potions Harry instantly focused on that.

"What do you mean loyalty potion?" He asked exasperatedly.

"Well in fourth year when you started showing a rebellious streak he started giving them to you. That and the fact that he is the one who sealed your magical and mental abilities caused your magic to instinctively lash out at him. You see magic is as much magical ability as it is mental and physical. The seal he used blocked your magic and made it so you had a hard time focusing. By allowing the Dursleys to treat you the way they did your body became weak and you viewed him as a savior every time he got you out of there. Magic is also about physical because the more in shape your body is the longer you can use spells. When your magic recognized an opening it lashed out at what it perceived as a threat. That was why you destroyed his office at the end of fifth year. Magic is extremely complex but at the same time simple to understand. For instance transfiguration. I could give you a whole lecture on it or I can just explain the secret to transfiguration. It's all in the visualization. Another example is the Patronus charm. Many adult witches and wizards can't do it but you were able to do it at 13. It doesn't matter how much power that you put into it what matters is the emotion you use. Understand?" Present seemed like she would make a good teacher Harry couldn't help but think as she explained things to him.

"Well the Patronus works best when you use a stronger memory. That's why when I first tried it I had trouble using it because the memory I used was a happy memory but it wasn't as important to me as others were. So the reason I have trouble focusing is because of Dumbledore. I didn't know magic was like that, it seems different to what I was taught." He was trying to absorb everything Present was saying.

"Yeah, your parents left you their journals in their vaults. They explain a lot of information. Even a few things about Severus Snape. Your mother and him viewed each other as siblings. Even though Snape was a little upset at your father the reason was because he didn't think your father really loved your mother and was just trying to get on his nerves. Later on Snape realized just how much your father really loved Lily and they apologized to each other and later became really good friends. To the point where Severus was even made an honorary Marauder. He became a spy for the order and joined the Death Eaters because he was trying to protect your family. However, he was obliviated by both Dumbledore and Voldemort and put under several different spells which caused unbelievable trouble. That's why he told Voldemort the first part of the prophesy. When Voldemort was defeated by you he went to Dumbledore accusing him for not protecting your family and Sirius. Dumbledore obliviated everyone who knew the truth about Severus and your parents secret keeper. The only thing that Dumbledore doesn't know is that Lily was more than just the smartest witch of her generation. She put a special shield that only she knew of around each of her friends, set with a password. When Dumbledork did what he did he didn't detect the shield so everything he did was just like a veil left over it without penetrating the deeper recesses of them." She seemed sad as she talked about the manipulations of Dumbledore.

"Can you please tell me the password and anything else I should know." Harry said calmly he was already used to the foundations of his world being shattered and was just going in stride now.

"The password is Truth Will Always Arise From the Ashes of Deception. If you were to say it to anyone your mother shielded it would destroy everything Dumbledore did without breaking the shield. The shield would still be there but everything that wasn't supposed to be there will be gone." Present explained.

"Okay you two now that is over with I believe it is time for why we called you here. We are going to send you back to your first time in Diagon Alley. Before you go we are going to have Keres take you to visit some Fate Fixers. And you have to sign some legal documents. When you get to Diagon Alley there are some very important things you need to remember. First, treat the Goblins with utmost respect and do not show your teeth to them it is a sign of challenge." Future explained

"Whatever you do, don't betray the Goblins. When you meet them bow from the waist down while remaining eye contact. After going with Hagrid to get the stone we want you to ask Hagrid to go on ahead because you wish to ask Griphook something. You will then bow to Griphook and ask him politely if he will take the time out of his busy schedule to take you to the goblin healers. This is important because they will diagnose any problems and will help you with your core. If the Goblins ask you any questions you will be 100% truthful. The one thing they despise more than thieves are people that hurt children." Past continued.

"When they ask you who it is that has been abusing you, you must tell them that it is your guardians, Vernon and Petunia Dursleys. If asked who it is that left you with them you are to say that as you understand it Headmaster Dumbledore left you on their doorstep. The reason you want to do this is that it will cause them to give you your parents will. In their will it states that if they have died there is a list of people you shall go to until such a time as you can take over your headship. It also states in their will that they have left a curse of death on Peter Pettigrew." Present said happily.

"This will clear the way for you to free Sirius. When that is done they will ask to perform an ancient ritual on you. When they do so you must offer to pay them with blood alliance. What will then happen is that they will perform the ritual on you this will be extremely painful but will remove the bond between you and Voldeshorts. They will then agree to the blood alliance and will offer you a knife and small silver bowl. You must cut your hand and drip the blood into the bowl. They will take your blood and use it to energize their wards. If at anytime they ask you where you learned of this tell them 'In a dream from the one who became three'. Now Keres will take you to see the Fate Fixers. Oh before I forget you can tell who an Enrialdian is by their personality. An Enrialdian seems innocent from the soul. They will never harm others for revenge, they are known for their innocence, they persevere no matter what trial they undergo. The two you are looking for are close to you, they will stick by you until times end." Futurefinished

"Bye Harry!" All three said as Keres hurried him out of the Room and back down the hall.

As Harry got back to Keres' office several hours latter he couldn't help but think the the Fate Fixers must be the most devious people ever created. Keres had taken him to see Attis, Casta, and Polla who just happened to be Fate Fixers. They had spent hours telling him a bunch of things they wanted him to do and how to get them done. He sincerely hoped he would never get on their bad side. The things in their minds were have Fred and George offering to be their eternal slaves if they were allowed to market it.

As Harry was thinking about Fred and George he couldn't help but wonder if they knew the truth. He didn't think they knew the truth but he couldn't be sure. He had trusted Ron and Ginny and they had betrayed him completely.

Before he could get too lost in thought Keres interrupted his thinking. "You know the twins didn't know anything about their siblings. They didn't know what they were doing to you Harry. They became your friends because they liked your personality not because they wanted your fame or money. All they ever wanted from you was your friendship. You know, they had a betting pool going around the school on when you and Granger would get together. It had over half the school and three-fourths of the teachers betting on it. When you started dating their little sister they were disappointed. They thought you and Hermione were made for each other. They didn't say anything because they believed your happiness was most important. As long as you were happy that was all that mattered." She said in a quiet voice. She was looking at Harry as if she felt sorry for him, because she had realized with revealing to him the truth it would be hard for him to trust any of those he knew.

"I'm sorry Harry. I'm sorry that you had to find out the truth this way." She spoke sadly. She didn't like her clients being hurt, especially not Harry. He always would radiate such sadness.

"Hey, don't worry about it. It's better to know the truth about them and be sad, than to live a lie and never know the truth." Harry said as he smiled.

"You know the twins both have Enrialdian blood in them. If you are able to teach them how to tap into that part of them they are both Double-Elements. Them and Bill are the only ones in the Weasley Clan that has that special gene in them. Ron and Ginny will never be able to do the things they can do. You ought to help them unlock their true potential. And Neville Longbottom you ought to help him gain the confidence he needs. When Luna Lovegood starts Hogwarts you ought to befriend her and protect her. They are both people who will never betray you. Another thing Draco Malfoy has been conditioned to believe his fathers beliefs, if you show him the truth that blood doesn't matter he will be someone you can trust. Now hear is the contract you need to sign. It basically says that you can only tell your soul mate or those with Enrialdian blood. Once you sign you will be sent back to your eleven year old body. You will keep all your memories. I hope I don't have to see you in my office until you finish your destiny at the age of 1283. After all, Enrialdians have long lives and look to be in their twenty until they're nine hundreds." she said as she slid a contract across the desk toward him.

"1283, are you kidding me! Man, any other pieces of wisdom you would like to share?" he said as he looked over the contract.

"Um... just that at Hogwarts in your fourth year when the other school visit there will be a total of 10 royal Enrialdians. Please see that their powers unlock. And use the Room of Requirements to train your powers. Oh, and the Fates said that anything you find in the room of lost things including jewels, books, and weapons is yours. Except for any dark items make sure you destroy those. There is also a vanishing cabinet in the room you can fix up and some very rare tomes. Did you know you own the school?" She said while looking over his folder.


"Yeah apparently it was past down in your fathers family and you own it. When you get those seals down you will be able to hear the school and communicate with it." she said as she continued reading over his file.

Before trying to wrap his mind around anything else he continued skimming over the contract and getting to the end pulled a pen off the desk and signed it.

"Oh yeah. Before I forget the fates wanted me to give this to you. It's a grimoire, or massive amounts of knowledge in one book. It has information on occlumency, technomancy, Enrialdians and their magic, wards and curses, and how to break them, and many more things. The Fates created it just for you if there is anything you want to add to the book you just lay what you want under it and say the incantation on the inside cover. It will copy it into the book. I recommend looking up occlumency first. Your mind will be vulnerable until you get strong enough in it to destroy intruders." She said while handing over a silver-black tome.

He handed over the contract and picked up the tome she handed him and opened it to the inside cover. On the inside was a list of different topics. Skimming over them he was increasingly impressed there were some things that sounded pretty interesting that he couldn't wait to read.

"So what now?" he watched as her smile became far to reminiscent of the Weasley twins.

"Alright, make sure you only tell the truth to those with royal Enrialdian blood. You'll know who they are when those seals come down. They'll look like they are surrounded by really bright colors that move with a life of their own. And only tell them after you learn occlumency. See ya soon." Keres said as she snapped her fingers and everything faded away.