Chapter 4: I own what? or Meeting of Soulmates.

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While Harry was following after Rukluk he couldn't help but silently curse El. Sure it was good to have information like that but because of her little stunt with the mark he was having a really hard time walking. Curse El and her games, he just knew she was going to be the death of him one day. As group continued walking he almost tripped over Rukluk when he stopped in front of Ragnok's office. After the guards opened the doors Harry made sure to bow to them before proceeding into the office. Stopping in front of Ragnok he bowed before taking one of the seats.

As he looked at Ragnok he couldn't help but feel like the Goblin was stopping himself from laughing. Looking closer he could have sweared that was it. He watched as Chief Ragnok pressed a symbol on his desk and then leaned back.

"I have just sent for Griphook, Mr. Potter. He has some very interesting things to discuss with you concerning your accounts. I wished to inform you that the blood payment was completed after you passed out. When we added it to the wards they got a significant amount of energy." He said with a large grin.

Harry smiled back a closed-mouth smile and thought about how glad he was that he had taken care of negotiations before the ritual from hell. Before he had entered that place with the boxes he had been seriously contemplating the consequences of committing suicide and facing the wrath of Keres. That had to tell you how far gone he was, Keres would of made the pain from the ritual feel like a pat on the back. All of a sudden he was brought out of his thoughts as he heard the door opening. As he turned toward the door he saw Griphook entering with a large pile of documents.

Griphook placed the pile on Ragnok's desk before standing at attention at the Chiefs side. He had a vicious smile on his face, which Harry guessed was because of the things on his account. Judging by the fact that El also had that same look he had a feeling he was going to like their news or hate it horribly. Ragnok took a look at the documents before looking at Harry.

"Mr. Potter according to our information Headmaster Dumbledore sealed your parents individual wills. He doesn't seem aware of the fact that your parents created a joint will a week before their deaths, which voided all previous wills. However it was made so that it could only be executed by the Potter Heir or those written here as his guardians. Here is a copy of their will for you to hold onto." Ragnok said before handing over a paper.

Last Will and Testament of James Charles and Lily Rose Potter

We, James Charles Potter and Lily Rose Potter (nee Evans) being of sound mind and body do hereby declare this our last will and testament, voiding all previous.

First, we leave custody of our only son Harry James Potter to the following people in order:

First: Sirius Orion Black, his Godfather and our best friend

Second: Alice Beth Longbottom, his Godmother and our best friend

Third: Severus Tobias Snape, close family friend

Fourth: Selene Vestia Lovegood, close family friend

Fifth: Andromeda Capella Tonks, close family friend

Sixth: Amelia Susan Bones, close family friend and mentor

If none of these are available a secondary list has been left in our vault to be retrieved at any time by the Goblins.

Under absolutely no circumstances is he to be left with Petunia Tulip Dursley (nee Evans) or her husband.

Secondly, to Peter Pettigrew, if we have died in this war he has betrayed our secret. We leave a death curse and 30 knuts to be thrown with him through the veil.

Third, to Sirius Orion Black, Remus John Lupin, Alice Beth Longbottom, Severus Tobias Snape, and Selene Vestia Lovegood, we leave each of you with 2 million gallons. Take the money, get drunk and have a party. We are leaving it with you because of everything you have done for us, use it for your family. And you can't give it back.

Fourth, to those given custody of our son, Harry Potter, we leave a yearly allowance of 500,000 galleons to care for him. They are also to be given access to one of three properties: Potter Manor in Oxford, The Raven's Nest in the Braeriach Mountains in Scotland, and The Tower in Devon. All properties are unplottable and warded. Portkeys to all three places will be left with the Goblins.

Finally, to our son, Harry Potter, we leave everything else.

He is to be given full access to his trust vault, to be topped yearly to 10,000 galleons, and any non-monetary vaults. On his thirteenth birthday he is be given a blood and magic inheritance test and access to all other vaults and properties.

Harry we love you and always will.

Signed: James Charles Potter and Lily Rose Potter, nee Evans

Witnessed: Sirius Orion Black and Alice Beth Longbottom

As Harry sat there staring at the will in his hands he couldn't help but feel a fierce rage burning through him. He could feel it filling him like fire burning in his veins. He had never felt so angry before. His parents had planned to protect him and he was put into the care of the Dursleys. Even if one of the people on the list was Snape. As he stared at the will in front of him he didn't notice as some things around the office slowly started smoking. Ragnok and Griphook nervously glanced at each other when a notepad on Ragnok's desk burst into flames.

"Harry! Calm down getting angry will have very bad consequences now that your powers are unblocked. Calm down!" Hearing El's voice ringing in his mind brought him back to his senses as he realized where he was. Looking towards Ragnok he noticed the still slightly smoking notebook.

"Chief Ragnok, what does it mean by death curse and if their will specifically said I wasn't to go near the Dursleys how did I end up living there for the last 10 years?" Harry asked as stared at Ragnok and Griphook.

"The reference to death curse is an ancient tradition. It basically means that the aforementioned person is the only one capable of being responsible for their deaths and he is to be thrown into the veil. When you mentioned that you had been 'raised' by the Dursleys we looked into it. When you were first seen as living there we sent someone to Dumbledore, who was registered as being your magical guardian, to remove you. Apparently, he used magic on the person sent, to make him believe that he had removed you from the Dursleys." Ragnok said while looking between the smoking notebook and Harry.

"So this could be seen as proof of Sirius Blacks' innocence?"

"Yes, it could. When have already sent a copy of the will to Amelia Bones, director of the DMLE. That is not all we have to discuss however. Every year the money for your magical guardian as well as your trust vault has been emptied. Some of this has been taken each year and turned into twenty thousand pounds sterling which has been sent to one of the properties you own, a number 4 Privet Drive, Surrey."

"I own what! What do you mean, I own number 4 Privet Drive? Are there any other properties I should be made aware of?"

"You own several notable properties one of which is number 4 Privet Drive. You also own a large house in the countryside that is apparently being lived in by one Marge Dursley. We have checked over all of the records and neither family has been paying rent ever since they moved in. You also own several businesses, shares, and stocks including a company by the name of Grunnings where one Vernon Dursley works. Also of note is a castle you own in Scotland that is currently being used as a school for magic. We also looked up what exactly Marge Dursley does for a living and she doesn't have any of the necessary paperwork completed. At this time you are unable to be given access to your other properties and businesses. The reason that you have access to these, is because they were bought after your parents deaths by Albus Dumbledore. He bought them, however, the deeds were sealed in the Potter Family Vaults and he does not have access to those. To make a long story short he bought them and now they owe you significant debts." Ragnok said with a large smile.

As Harry listened to Ragnok he couldn't help the large smile spreading across his face. The Dursleys had made his life a living hell; it was time to repay the favor.

"Chief Ragnok, I want them thrown out of my properties and all of the adult Dursleys arrested for any possible thing you can find."

"It is already being taken care of Mr. Potter. We have sent all of the necessary paperwork to all of the correct channels. We were wondering if you would be willing to give your memories to Madam Bones at the DMLE or if you would prefer if it were taken care of by the Goblins? You would still have to present your memories but they would be persecuted under Goblin law."

"Can you do both? I would prefer if the Goblins took care of it however, I would also like you to send Madam Bones the memories because they raise significant questions. What would happen to my cousin Dudley?"

"He would either be sent into the foster-care system to be adopted or be sent to a juvenile detention center. In both cases he would be forced into counseling and community service."

"What will be done about the money that Dumbledore took that was to be for my care?"

"Unfortunately, because he made himself your legal magical guardian there is nothing we can do. However, the money paid to the Dursleys can be reclaimed several times over as no care was provided and they actually harmed you. Because of your placement by Dumbledore he will be removed as your magical guardian and another will be appointed in his place or if you prefer you can be emancipated. This will make you be considered as an adult but you will not have access to any of your inheritance until you are thirteen. That is why an inheritance test is scheduled for your thirteenth birthday."

"Chief Ragnok I would request that Gringotts take the fullest measures possible and I really would prefer to be emancipated."

Now the Goblin Chief had a full grin on his face. If Harry hadn't known better he would have believed his life was in danger.

As this was going on Hagrid was sitting quietly on a large couch. He was listening and committing everything to memory. He was also trying to come up with a solution to his problem. Dumbledore had sent him on a very important mission but now with all of these resolutions he didn't know what he was going to do. He didn't even know what the Headmaster had sent him to pick up but he was sure that whatever it was the Headmaster really wanted it. As he contemplated what to do a light flickered on in his head and he decided to take the package to Dumbledore. After all, the Flamels wouldn't have agreed to let Dumbledore have something if it was dangerous. They hadn't been alive for over six hundred years for nothing. However, any trust that he had for Dumbledore was now irrevocably shattered. That was why Dumbledore would not be learning about Harry's plans.

As El slowly slipped out of the giants mind she couldn't help a tiny twinge of guilt. She didn't like controlling people's actions but she didn't have a choice in this matter. Hagrid had to take that rock to Dumbledork so that Voldie would go after the stone and Harry would defeat him for a second time. It was one of the things engrained into the life stream. If it didn't happen this way things would happen in such a way that everything would end in hellfire. Besides it was just as she had put in Hagrid's mind, the Flamels had lived for over six hundred years, they weren't stupid enough to just give the stone to Dumbles. They hadn't given him the real Sorcerer's Stone they had just given him a red rock with a few magical healing properties. The real stone wasn't even a rock it was more like a mercurial liquid capable of becoming a metallic solid.

As she turned back to Harry she saw how he was using his full potential to deal with the problems put before him. If only he had used his head in the last timeline. Unfortunately, he had been forced by the Dursleys to fudge all of his elementary years and then his first 'friend' had been Ronald fucking Weasley. Years of planning, gone down the drain. They had tried to get him to meet his delightful soulmate first but instead he had met the redheaded trash disposal. If the bastard and his slut of a sister hadn't fed Harry and Hermione potions they would have eventually realized their feelings.

She was having such a hard time organizing everything the other Fates had given her. They had come to the conclusion that they had to give her power over past and future because she was now separated from heaven and them. The only thing they had refused was joining themselves into a single entity once again. They had only done it once since their separation but even now the sadness from that time still permeated their soul. It was from this pain that she had made the decision that Harry was to tell Hermione the truth when they were in a solitary environment. Of course he would have to wait until she had trained their occlumency to sufficient levels.

"I would like to visit my vaults other than my trust vault and would appreciate it if you could give me the portkeys. When Sirius is proven innocent can you please give him some portkeys as well? By when will you have the paperwork for my emancipation ready?" El heard Harry say to Ragnok as she tuned back into his discussion. Watching as Harry took control of his life she could feel the change in the life stream. Looks like things were beginning to progress.

Leaving Gringotts, Noon of July 31st.

"God, my hand hurts. Who knew there was so much paperwork involved in being emancipated. I have to say I am so glad we were in a time dilation field, or we would have been in there for days." Harry said as they exited Gringotts. The goblins had given him several potions to be taken for the next two weeks and a cream for the scars on his back to help him with his scars. They had then given him a Gringotts card to make transactions and he had taken the gold that they had already taken out and had it put back in his trust vault. Of course before that happened El had set up a time bubble so that he could grab the grimoire and give it to her to hold onto. After that they had all gone down to one of his non-monetary vaults. Inside he had found his parents trunks and other things they had left him. While he had been busy talking to Hagrid and Griphook he had seen El out the corner of his eye slipping some things from deeper in the vault into their trunks, including the grimoire. The goblins had shrunk down the trunks for him so that he could just stick them in his pocket. Now they were walking down the Alley with Hagrid walking on his right side while, El was on his left, still invisible.

"Hagrid, what are we going to do now?" Harry asked while looking up at the half-giant.

"Well, we need ta' ge' your school supplies and then I ha' ta' get back ta' 'ogwarts. Right now though I really need a drink. Yah see tha' store with the sign tha' says Flourish and Blotts?"


"Why don' ya' head on over an' get your books for school, while I head on down ta the pub. Everything that has happened has made me rather thirsty. I will meet ya' there after I get a few pints."

"Okay, Hagrid. See you in a little while."

As Harry started heading towards Flourish and Blotts he noticed that El was nowhere to be seen. He looked around for her only to realize that there was no sign of her in the vicinity. He let out a sigh as he continued moving through the crowd towards the magical bookstore. She had been right next to him the whole time but if she wanted to run off doing who knows what that was her choice. At least now he didn't need to worry about her teasing. When Harry entered the bookstore he looked around to decide where to look first only to be bowled over by the eleven-year-old El.

"Harry! I'm so glad to see you again. It's been ages since we last hanged out." El said while squeezing him tightly. He vaguely noticed that a few of the people around them were chuckling at their display. That's when he realized that El was now visible to everyone.

"Just pretend like we are childhood friends and we are at Diagon Alley to get our supplies." she whispered in his ear before kissing him lightly on the cheek.

"El, it's only been a couple of weeks since we last hung out." He said while acting the part of an embarrassed eleven-year-old.

"I know it's been ages. Mama wants to know if I could stay at your place until school starts. Papa is taking her on a six month long tour of Europe." El said as she stood up and pulled him to his feet.

"Um, I guess that's okay. Why with me though?"

"Well, she figured that since we're going to the same school it would just be easier. Now come on, we need to get our books. Also make sure to pick up books on anything you are interested in. The you-know-what doesn't hold everything."

Harry replied in the affirmative before she dragged him a large aisle with books on arithmancy. As they stood looking through the books he noticed that arithmancy looked like a subject he would really enjoy. As a child at the Dursleys he had always had to fudge his grades or be punished. In fact he found that passing and still getting bad grades took more intelligence than just getting the good grades. Even though his focus and his mental capabilities were bound by Dumbledork he had still done well considering he should have been, as El put it, a root vegetable. He understood the things he was learning and had learned pretty quickly that any place that had books didn't have Dudley. He had spent all of his free time hiding out in the library learning from the books that resided there. He had learned more than his peers in school did because no one could take the things he learned from him. One thing he had learned was different mathematical formulas and the way numbers worked together in different ways. As he looked through the arithmancy books he silently cursed Ron Weasley yet again. Because Ron hadn't wanted to put any effort and had that stupid jealousy thing, Harry had done the same thing he had done at the Dursleys, fudged. Getting lower grades so his 'friend' wouldn't feel inadequate. Now four years later and a trip through time he could admit to himself that Ron wasn't a friend. Closing the book in front of him he grabbed a few more before El came up to him and handed him a large stack of books. He could hardly see over the books she had given him.

"Come on. We have to go to the next aisle over. Follow me." El said before walking in front of him. As they walked she put a few more books on top of the stack so that now Harry couldn't see what was in front of him. Now it was time to start operation Soulmate. She was going to use every trick in her arsenal to get the two together even if it killed her. Now all she had to do was use a little power to make Miss Granger walk down this aisle and everything would be perfect. After all, when she had popped over ahead of Harry she had made sure that everything was in place and that Hermione had a large pile of books that she was planing to buy. Of course everything was now ready to begin. She couldn't help doing an evil laugh in her mind as she sent the compulsion for Hermione to enter this aisle, she then used her powers to 'pop' up behind Harry and watched as Miss Granger, with so many books she couldn't see over them, walked into the aisle, and the two book-clad teens crashed into each other, throwing books in all directions.

Hermione Granger was so excited. When she had gotten that strange letter in the mail two weeks ago she had thought it was a prank. At least she did until a woman named Minerva McGonagall had come to her house and after explaining about the school and that she was a witch had proceeded to turn the living room table into a pig. It was at that point that her excitement had started growing, here was a chance for her to learn new things. A chance for her to learn magic and maybe be able to make some friends. After sitting down and talking about their choices she had convinced then to let her go and they had given their approval to Professor McGonagall. Ever since she had been literally begging her parents to take her to the place that Professor McGonagall had said was a magical section of London. After two weeks of begging and pleading her parents had finally relented and had driven her to London. When they had gotten to the street they had driven by it twice before she had noticed the sign above the door proclaiming Leaky Cauldron. When she had pointed it out to her parents they hadn't been able to see it until she had grabbed their shoulders and pointed to it. When that had happened they were able to finally see it and they parked their car before returning to the tiny looking pub. When they had entered it they saw it was much bigger inside than it looked. They went up to the bartender and after explaining what they were there for he had led them to the back exit and to a small courtyard where he had opened an archway in the wall leading to a cobbled street and told them to head to the large white building they could see in the distance.

They had entered the large white building and after going to one of the strange creatures at the desk had changed some pounds into galleons. Apparently it was 10 pounds for every galleon. Her parents had been dentists for quite some time and they were doing well for themselves so they got around 200 galleons for her school supplies. As they were exchanging their money she had felt a strange pulse go through her. When she looked around to see what it was that had caused it she had noticed that no one else was acting like anything strange was going on. She was about to turn back to her parents when she noticed a goblin running across the bank with a vial in his hand, as she watched he took the vial and opening it, poured a red liquid onto the carving on the floor. When the goblin put away the vial he spoke something in a different language. And only because she was watching closely did she notice the carving lightly flash before the light from the flash fading. When it had flashed she had felt a feeling like electricity run through her. It was at that time that she noticed her parents starting to move towards the doors. Putting the strange feelings out of her mind she followed after her parents out of the bank where they headed towards a trunk stop.

After getting her a standard trunk the next store they stopped at was a place called Flourish and Blotts which just so happened to be a bookstore. They grabbed her school textbooks quickly before heading in different directions to peruse the different areas of the bookstore. She had gotten her love of books from somewhere after all. As she explored the store she saw various topics that caught her eye that she added to her growing stack of books. As she headed deeper into the store she was drawn towards a book entitled Ancient Myths From Ages Past. She was about to go on to another aisle when something made her turn back and grab the book to add to her pile. Grabbing her now extremely tall stack of books she was wandering through the store deciding which aisle to go down next when she felt prompted to go down an aisle about defense books. As she walked along unable to see over the vast amount of books in her arms, hoping she wouldn't accidentally collide with someone, that exact thing happened sending books in all directions. As she sat up from her collision she saw a boy about her size, with messy black hair going in all directions, and the greenest eyes she had ever seen. As she stared at him, he started blushing before looking down and mumbling something she couldn't hear.

"I'm sorry, what did you just say?" Hermione said before noticing that his face was getting even redder from embarrassment.

"I said, sorry for bumping into you I couldn't see you with so many books in my arms." the boy said before glancing at her and looking back down.

"Oh, that's okay. I didn't see you either. My name is Hermione Granger. And you are?"

"Harry, Harry Potter. Um is this one yours?" Harry said as he started stacking the books back into a stack.

"Hm. Yes that one is mine." Hermione said as she started to help him pick up the dropped books. She looked down at the book in her hand to see it was titled Sexual and Sensual Magics and Rituals. Taking a peek into the book she was shocked to see a very explicit picture on the front page.

"Um. May I ask why you had this book?" Hermione said while showing the cover to Harry.

As he looked up from the books he was stacking and saw the title of the book his blush got so intense Hermione was positive it reached his toes. As he was about to say something his eyes focused behind her where the focused and turned piercing. When she looked over her shoulder she saw a brown-haired girl with silver eyes trying to hold in her laughter with limited success. Even as she watched the girl collapsed into laughter.

"Harry you should see the look on your face." the girl said before breaking off into laughter again.

"So your the one who handed it to me. Let me guess when you handed me your books this was slipped in between them. Why would you do that?" Hermione watched as the brown-haired girl stood up and walked over to Harry before kneeling down and helping to put the books into stacks. Before turning towards her and introducing herself.

"Hello, my name is Elandra Deloria Fate. Call my El." she said politely.

"I'm Hermione Granger. It's a pleasure to meet you." Hermione returned.

"The pleasures all mine. And the answer to your question Harry is that I love watching that embarrassed look on your face. You always looks so cute with your face all red like that."

"So the only reason that you had that book was to embarrass me?"

"Well not the only reason. One of my family specialties is magics of a sexual and sensual nature. I was going to see if I could find anything interest in it."

"But your main reason was to embarrass me, wasn't it?"

"Okay, you caught me that was my main reason."

As Hermione watched the two bicker back and forth she couldn't help but get the feeling that this was a common occurrence between the two. Listening to the two of them was pretty entertaining. As she continued watching them she reached down to pick up another book when she noticed that there were no other books. They had already gotten everything piled into neat stacks of whose books were whose. She watched as El stood up and stretched before picking up her stack and wondering off down the aisle. Harry stood up before bending down and holding out a hand to Hermione who was still on the ground. As Hermione grabbed his hand she felt an electric shock move over her skin before letting go and reaching to grab her stack. She watched out of the corner of her eye as Harry picked up his reduced stack and stood waiting for her. As she stood up she looked over and noticed that El was now nowhere in sight.

"Sorry again about knocking you over. You didn't get hurt when you fell did you?" Harry asked while staring into her eyes.

"No I'm fine. Are you and El childhood friends?"

"I guess you could call us that. She likes getting on my nerves but she's really my only friend."

"Really. And how could she be your only friend?"

"Well, when I was at school my cousin Dudley made sure no one would be my friend and all of the other kids in the neighborhood were terrified of him and my aunt and uncle spread false rumors that I'm a delinquent so... you get the picture."

"You used the past tense did something happen to them?"

"Well, El convinced me to get emancipated. When Hagrid came to give me my letter because they hadn't sent back a response some things happened and they got turned into barnyard animals. Not that I'm complaining they were horrible people. I'm just glad they didn't know about what my parents left me. They would have taken it and I never would have seen a pence. When I was taken to Gringotts I learned some disturbing information about my parents will and the goblins gave me some paperwork to fill out. And Voila no more Dursleys. So from now on I am going to be staying at my parents house in Oxford. El insisted that that was the one I have to stay had and even threatened be with blackmail to make sure I live in that one. Apparently her mom and dad are going on a tour of Europe for six months so they decided to leave her with me because we're going to the same school."

"I live in Oxford, it's a pretty nice place to live. Your relatives sound awful. Aren't you a little young to get emancipated?"

"Well normally that would be the case. However, it was determined that I was responsible enough and that because I have a place to live and an income I was given permission."

As they continued talking they walked around Flourish and Blotts pulling books that interested them off of the shelf and adding them to the growing piles they were carrying. After getting a reasonable amount, at least in their eyes, they heading to the front of the store where El was waiting for them with three stacks of books at least half as tall as she was. When they got over to her they started talking about their childhoods and the things that they had accidentally done with magic which led to a contest in which they tried to outdo the others accidents.

Eventually, Hermione's parents found their bookish daughter standing by the counter talking to the raven-haired boy and a chocolate-haired girl. As they drew close to the trio all three of the kids burst out laughing at something the girl had said. Getting close to the group they heard the boy talking about a time he had accidentally landed on the school roof when trying to hide from his cousin and everyone had just said that he was so skinny that the wind had carried him away. As the kids burst into laughter again Hermione turned and saw her parents. Smiling a large smile she ran over and grabbing her parents arms pulled them over to meet the two children she had been speaking to.

"You must be Mr. and Mrs. Granger. I'm Harry Potter. It's a pleasure to meet you." Harry said politely while holding out a hand to Mr. Granger. As Roger Granger shook Harry's hand he couldn't help but think the boy was smaller than he should be, but the kid had a firm grip. Looking to his wife he saw the brown-haired girl being squeezed into a hug.

"I'm Elandra Fate, call me El. We met Hermione when Harry accidentally ran into her. It was hilarious, there were books flying in all directions." El said while chattering excitedly. The girl looked like she had way too much energy. As Emily glanced at Harry and Hermione out of the corner of her eye she saw both kids sporting bright red blushes. Apparently their was a story there.

As the Granger parents continued listening to El talk she started picking up her stacks of books and putting them on the counter so she could buy them.

"Harry, give me your books to, I'll pay for them." She said while holding out her hands.

"It's fine. I can pay for them myself." He said while picking up his stack.

"I'll pay for them. View it as a birthday present and quit complaining." She said before forcibly removing the books from his arms and putting them next to hers. The cashier checked out the books as Harry looked on in defeat. There was no fighting with El, she would always win, she had blackmail material, and she was a goddess. If she said he was to do something, he better just do it. In the short time he had known her he had realized just how her mind works. He knew he wouldn't win if she set her mind to it, she had even told him as much. As he grabbed his bag with books he looked towards the from of the store to see Hagrid standing outside through the glass. In his arms was a large cage and inside that cage was Hedwig. The sight of his beautiful owl almost sent him into tears as the last time he had seen her she had been hit by a stray killing curse as he was trying to escape to the burrow. As the Grangers checked out books and El kept talking to Hermione he walked outside and to Hagrid who handed him the snowy owl with a smile.

"I figured since ya' ain't never had a birthday present yah never had a birthday present. What do yah think her name should be?" Hagrid said with a smile.

"Hedwig. Her name is Hedwig. Um, Hagrid I met a friend of mine inside the store and made another friend is it okay if we shop with them?" Harry asked while putting a hopeful look on his face.

"Well, sure we can Harry. What's their names?" Hagrid said while smiling a large smile at the small boy.

"Well, my friends name is Elandra Fate and the friend I made is named Hermione Granger." When Harry said Fate Hagrid got a shocked expression on his face before looking thoughtfully at the bookstore.

"Fate huh. The Fate family is a very important family. They have been known to be involved in anythin' major happenin'. If one of them is interested in ya' than ya' better pay attention because her families able ta change the world and everythin' they do they do for a reason." After listening to what Hagrid said, Harry started thinking about everything that had happened since he met El. Looking back he could see that everything she had done had been done for a reason. Even putting that embarrassing book in his stack had been to get him to make small talk with Hermione. He wondered if she had known that if she gave him her books to carry he would accidentally run into Hermione. That kind of made sense seeing as how when he had grabbed Hermione's hand to help her up he had felt electricity rushing under his skin. The only time he had ever had that feeling before was the first time he met her in the last timeline. But at that time the feeling was muted, he wondered if the feeling was stronger because the blocks on his core were now broken.

As he finished contemplating he saw El and Hermione walking out of the store with the Granger parents behind them looking on bemused. Harry had a feeling that El was screwing with his life again. When she reached him her words merely confirmed it.

"Harry, I asked the Grangers if they would come shopping with us, I hope you don't mind. This is their first time in the Alley and I figured they could use a guide."

"Of course I don't mind. I just asked Hagrid if they could come with us."

"Okay. Well, our first stop is Ollivander's, we need to get our wands. After that is Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions, The Apothecary, a quick stop by Bagnol's for trunks, and then on to Sulliven's Supplies for the other things on the list. After that it's on to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor to unwind."

"Sure rearrange my whole life why don't you." Harry said just for the sake of being sarcastic. El's clever response, crossing her eyes while sticking out her tongue.

As Harry sat eating his ice cream sundae he thought back over everything that had happened. Ollivander's was a little weird but after that everything had gone okay, if a little worrying. At Madam Malkin's they had been fitted out for robes and this time he didn't bump into Draco. He was a little bit unsure of how to go about 'rehabilitating' him as El called it. When he had been trying on his robes he had felt a dark chill run down his spine and had come out to see El looking way to innocent for his liking. At the Apothecary El had gotten even more books, this time on potions brewing along with a large amount of ingredients. He had been so terrified about what she was planning that he just refused to say anything and completely ignored anything even hinting that she was up to something. When they stopped by Bagnol's for trunks he become extremely worried when she got the most advanced trunk there and asked for so many protections on it Moody would be proud. Sulliven's Supplies was a nightmare for him when she put various items that he had no idea did on the counter and bought them all the while looking way too innocent. Especially when she had grabbed three sets of their most advanced Arithmancy, Rune, and Healing kits. At that point he almost passed out from horror of the things that she could be planning, and he had a very good imagination. Of course the whole time Mr. and Mrs. Granger were looking on amused at his reactions. The only thing Hermione did was wear a large grin on her face that did nothing to make him feel safe. And still all of that paled in comparison to the weird things that had gone on at Ollivander's.


"So you mean that your wand picks you instead of you picking your wand?" Hermione's asked El as they walked down Diagon Alley towards Ollivander's.

"Yeah. A wand is made up of a different kind of magic. When you hold a wand in your hand the magic you feel is because it is quasi-sentiant. That is why certain wands will work for a witch or wizard and certain ones won't, the magic can determine if your magic is the one that will be a match to its. When a wand is choosing a witch or wizard it will look for the one that has a magic that is most in tune with it's. Well that's usually the case. However, a custom wand is made to be a perfect match because it is made of materials that are perfect matches to the wielder. That is why custom wands are more powerful, because the wand is able to match up more of magic to the wielders. Of course, as time goes on a wand will become more in tune with it's chosen witch or wizard. Wand-makers are able to tap into the magic that lies in the materials and shapes it how it wants to be shaped. Eventually wand-makers are able to feel the magic in a wand and how it will work with different people and is able to hear a wands magic." El explained while walking backwards.

"You really know a lot about wands." Hermione actually sounded rather impressed.

"Well I had an apprenticeship for a while, so I learned a lot about making them." El looked rather embarrassed to be saying this and both he and Hermione were shocked about this information.

"You know how to make wands!" To say that Harry was shocked was an understatement. But now that he thought about it, it sort of made sense in an odd sort of way. I mean, what does a person do when they've lived for millions of years. His guess was that you would fill the time learning new pursuits. He hadn't thought that Goddesses used wants, but if she wanted to spend her time learning how to make them it was up to her.

Around this time, they got to Ollivander's store and opening the door they all trouped in.

"Good afternoon," said a soft voice. Everyone but Harry and El jumped as an old man walked behind the register. Roger and Emily were casting strange looks towards the old man with pale eyes.

"Hello," said Harry as he walked closer to the old man.

"Ah yes, I thought I'd be seeing you soon Mr. Potter. You have your mother's eyes. And what is this I see a young mundane-born. Ah, and how could I forget the lovely Lady Fate." Ollivander said while looking at each child.

"Hello Ollie, did you do what I asked?" said El as she stepped forward.

"But of course Lady Fate. I have completed your wand as well as took your recommendation and modified the ones you told me to. May I ask why you asked for two wands for yourself?" Ollivander said while a small smile played on his face.

"They aren't both for me. Someone I am soon to meet will have an unmatched wand worse than unmatched an incompatible wand. It would be more prudent if he was to have one that actually chooses him."

"But of course. May I ask who it is the second wand will belong two?"

"No, you may not. It is not good to let go of to many secrets."

"Yes I believe you are correct in what you said. Wait one moment and I will bring the two wands." Ollivander said while walking towards the back.

As the wand-maker started towards the back of the store everyone turned to look at El. They hadn't been able to tell most of what the two were talking about however, they had been getting the distinct feeling that something important had been said. While they tried to straighten up the conversations ups and downs Ollivander returned holding two thin boxes in one arm, one made of wood the other of opaque blue-green stone, and a bag in his other. Putting the bag on the counter he placed the two boxes next to each other before opening the wood one, pulling out a wand and handing it to El.

"Made of cherry wood and unicorn hair. Dusted in powdered aquamarine. Embedded with the runes for courage and faith and runes of the Ancients." said Ollivander with a touch of pride.

"A very rare wood with strange power. Highly praised in Japan. A core with consistent magic, difficult to turn to the Dark Arts, most faithful core. Powdered with aquamarine, the stone of courage, making it good for dealing with difficult situations and under pressure and calling forth courage. A most excellent wand." El said before putting the wand carefully back in the box and covering it.

"I thank you for your complements. And now for your wand. Made with wood from the Shadow tree and with a grim angel feather core. Saturated in the tears of the Fates. Carved with the runes of the Last Ones. No strengths, no weaknesses, a wand that is perfectly in tune with the life stream itself." Ollivander said as he picked up the wand and reverently handed it to her.

"No one but those who have a soulmate may touch the Shadow trees wood and not be driven to madness. A grim angel feather core making it extremely volatile. The tears of the Fates prevent it from turning dark, it is a wand for a gray wizard. Neither dark nor light. You have truly outdone yourself with this wand Ollivander." she said before carefully placing it in it's box.

"Yes, well I think it's time to find wands for your friends. Do you have any idea what kind of wands would suit them? After all you know them better than I do."

"I would suggest Vine Wood and Dragon Heartstring for Hermione and Holly and Phoenix Feather for Harry."

"Ah I know just the wands. Wait one moment I will be right back."

"El you certainly know a lot about wands. How do you remember what material means what. And what was that about Runes of the Ancients?" Harry said with a look that clearly wanted answers.

"I'm good with working with my hands. Jewelry, armor, wands, metal-working. If I make it I remember it. And your not really supposed to talk about the Ancients. Thousands of years ago the Ancients lived on the Earth and they were a part of it. It was from them that magic was born. That's why there's no such thing as a mundane-born or as the wizards say muggleborn. Somewhere in your family tree there was someone who descended from the Ancients. That why it's recommended that you get an inheritance and blood line test the first time you go to Gringotts. I however think you should wait until later on because you won't be able to claim anything until your older. Now as for the runes that was the Ancients form of alphabet and it contains great power. Very few even remember their origins let alone the runs. When Ollie comes back I'll tell you what your wands are good for." El said just before Ollivander returned with two ebony boxes. Opening the right one he handed it to Hermione and watching as a glow surrounded her.

"Vine wood and dragon heartstring. Dusted with powdered azurite. Embeded with the runes for wisdom and friendship along with the runes of the Ancients. If you would do the honors." he said turning to El.

"An uncommon wood with a special nature. Usually given to those whose personalities have hidden depths. Helps to release prophetic powers and revealing truths. As a rule dragon heartstring wands produce the most power and are faster at learning spells. Though they may change allegiance if won from their original master. However, they always bond strongly with their current owner and are temperamental. Powdered with azurite, the stone of wisdom and knowledge, it promotes decisiveness, self-confidence, self-expression and creativity. The runes will help you with wisdom and not just knowledge for wisdom and knowledge are two very different things. For you can have knowledge but what is important is how you use it. The rune for friendship will help you find those who are really your friends and not those just pretending to be your friends. I believe this wand is perfect for you Hermione. Did I miss anything Ollie." Hermione was still staring at her wand in amazement.

"No, everything is exactly right. Now your turn Mr. Potter." Ollivander said while handing the wand in the second box to Harry and watching the wands magic rejoice.

When Harry saw the wand he knew that it was his wand from before yet somehow it seemed different. As he glanced at Ollivander with a questioning look the old wand-maker nodded and then told him what his wand was made of.

"Holly wiid and phoenix feather. Dusted with a combination of amethyst and rose quarts. Embedded with the runes for growth and change and runes of the Ancients." He said before again turning to El.

"A rare wand wood. It is considered protective and usually ends up with those who need help overcoming anger and impetuosity. It tends to close owners involved in important quests. It is associated with the cycle of death and rebirth, as well as combat and warding away evil. It also signifies the virtues of balance and directness. Phoenix feather cores are capable of the greatest range of magic and are the most intuitive, sometimes acting on their own. This core is the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, are the hardest to tames, and their allegiance is hard won. It is extremely difficult to team holly with phoenix feathers because the wood's volatility conflicts with the phoenix's detachment. In the unusual event of such a pairing finding its ideal match, nothing and nobody should stand in their way. The powdered amethyst, the stone of meditation and spiritual guidance, brings deep healing sleep and help reduce pain. The powdered rose quartz is always associated with unconditional love, it encourages forgiveness, compassion and service to humanity. It heals emotional trauma, which helps to let go of the bad and feel the good within. The rune for growth promotes mental, physical and personal growth the rune also stands for liberation and new beginnings. The rune for change actually means the power of change directed by your own will, in other words you make your own destiny." El said the last part with a smirk. That was just like Harry, even his wand was telling him Fate had no control over him. She had told Ollie to put whatever runes he had 'seen' on the wands she had selected. The grim angel turned wand-maker had been ecstatic when she had asked him to make her wand. Apparently there were no customers who made his creativity sit up and take notice. He was so happy for her request she wouldn't be surprised if he used his own feather. It was always weird seeing him in his human disguise. His real looks were far from old after all grim angels are immortal.

"Here you are Ollie. These are some of your finest wands so I will give you 15 galleons for every wand, 5 for each of their boxes, and another 12 galleons each for four of your most protective wand holsters."

"Elandra, I really am just glad for how artistic I could be on the wands. I will give the wands to you for 5 galleons each, the boxes for 1 galleon, and 3 galleons for the holsters."

"12 for each wand, 4 for each box, 10 for each holster."

"6 each wand, 2 each box, 5 each holster."

"10 each wand, 3 each box, 8 each holster."

"8 each wand, 2 each box, 6 each holster. My final offer. Take it or leave it Elandra. I don't need the money all I care about is the joy I get from making each wand."

"Fine, you win. It's a deal. I just think they should cost more because of how amazing they are."

"Yes, yes. You have to visit Ismene soon she misses your little chats. Oh before I forget this bag is also yours and you already paid me for it." Ollivander said while handing her the bag he had brought earlier. After taking the bag El hugged Ollivander before following the rest of the group out of the shop.

End Flashback

Harry had been honestly surprised when his wand had additions to it. Yet it was still his wand, it still recognized him. It responded to him. As a matter of fact it responded better than before. He wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happened to Hermione's wand. As he looked around the table he thought about how different today was from last time. Last time it was just him and Hagrid, this time there was a whole group that he got to meet. After finishing his sundae he looked over to Hagrid who had a strange look on his face.

"Hagrid is anything the matter?" Harry asked while looking at the half-giant.

"Oh no Harry. i jus' need ta get back ta Hogwarts and give Professor Dumbledore his package. I know ya have a portkey ta take ya home but I'm worried about sending ya by yerself." Hagrid said with a frown while trying to think of his options.

"We live in Oxford! Maybe we could take Harry home. Please mom, Please daddy." Hermione said while going straight to the puppy dog eyes. When Mr. and Mrs. Granger looked over at the other kids they noticed that they had also pulled out the puppy dog eyes. It was hard enough to resist one kid with puppy dog eyes, three was impossible. Especially Harry with his green eyes that would cause weak-knees and the need to fan yourself when he got older. Those eyes on a boy just wasn't fair.

"Fine we can take him home. But only if the three of you behave yourselves." Mr. Granger said while trying to restrain a grin. It was good to see Hermione around friends. She was always such a lonely child.

"Thank ya, very much. I best be goin' now." Hagrid said before getting up and leaving the ice cream parlor.

"Okay kids finish your ice cream and then lets head to where I parked the car." Roger said while smile at the three kids.

The Rookery, Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon

Several miles away a small pair of silver eyes opened to look around their bedroom. Ten-year-old Luna Lovegood looked around to see some nargles lying on her windowsill. By now she was used to seeing the strange creatures that no one else could see. After all, she had been seeing them for a very long time. Ever since the day her soul focused on the glowing stream she had seen them. The glowing stream that no one else could see. It would show her things. Some things she could understand, other she couldn't. Most of the things it showed her happened to people she didn't know, people far away. The stream would pull on her no matter where she was or what she was doing. Most of the time her conscious mind would follow the stream, all she had to do was close her eyes and all of a sudden she was there. Most of the time the stream would gently pull her and she would know it was time for her soul to visit it again. This was not one of those times.

The glowing stream had pulled her so fast into it she hadn't realized what had happened. One moment she was watching the crumplewok and wondering if it would like her to read a story to it and the next she was disoriented in the glowing stream. When she was in the stream she was under the water and she would see moving pictures flashing by. Some things made her laugh, some made her sad. One time she had been drawn to the stream only to see a small boy with messy black hair being hurt by a large man. That was the first time she had felt afraid of the stream and the things it showed her. She always dreaded when the stream showed her that boy because the things he went through were terrible and made her want to cry. And the stream seemed to like the boy, it seemed to love the boy and like to pull her towards his pictures. There were also other people the stream seemed to like a bushy-haired girl who liked to read, a brown-haired boy who was always around plants, the Weasley twins who lived at the Burrow, a girl who lived with her aunt. But mostly the stream loved the boy. At first she hadn't understood what the stream was. After her mom died the stream had pulled her into it. When she saw the pictures float by of her and her mother talking and dancing she realized that the stream showed the past. When the stream showed her the boy as an adult she realized that the stream showed the future. When the stream showed her an article her dad was working on and then when she left the stream her dad came to show her the article, she realized the stream showed the present.

This time the stream showed her the present. She didn't know why she knew it was the present she just did. The stream showed her Diagon Alley where her dad worked and then it showed her the boy and a girl she'd never seen before. She saw the girl hide a book in a stack of books before handing it to the boy. She saw as the girl popped behind the boy right before he crashed into the bushy-haired girl she had seen before. She saw as they picked up their books and the boy reached out a had to help the girl up. The stream showed her as their hands touched and they walked around talking to each other. When their hands had touched she felt a happiness in the stream and she felt an emotion that she had never really had before. Longing. She wanted to feel the magic that had happened again. She wanted to experience it. It was at this time that the stream began showing her things paths, something it had never done before. Things that could've happened, things that didn't happen. It was at this time the boy's life was shown to her. Every possibility, every choice, every change that could've occurred. This time when she was pulled into the stream, she realized the stream was paths. Things people could have chosen and things their choices would lead to. In that one moment when the two peoples hands had touched she had felt a shifting, like things had changed. In that moment the stream had changed along with the future of their world.

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