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Chapter 1

Artemis P.O.V

Blake and Tala grew and matured well. They were happy children, and Logan, Victor and I attempted to make their lives as good as possible, without spoiling them rotten and turning them into brats. It worked quite well, I think. They were well behaved, mostly. They were still children, so they had their tantrums, and their bouts of bad behaviour, but we loved them all the same. We corrected them, and taught them right from wrong. I was eager to give them everything I didn't have while growing up.

Logan and Victor were great fathers to the twins. They played with them every chance they could. Blake and Tala's favourite game was hide and seek. They had played that game so much over the years. But it was good. It taught them how to use their senses. Not that Tala and Blake saw it that way. They just saw it as good fun. They also loved it when Victor or Logan picked them up, and span them round.

I always knew what they were going to ask, when they came to me. They loved to hear stories. Either from a book, or from my time at Hogwarts. I'd tell them some of the lighter stories. Such as baby Norbert, or sneaking into the Slytherin Common room, under the guise of two Slytherins. Things like that. I never told them any of the harsher things. I never told them of the war. That was, until the twins were nine.

I had been looking through my scrapbook, which I had composed along with my Photo album in school. I saw the photograph and the article of the four champions, and I had broken down crying. It had been a sudden onslaught of grief, and I couldn't stop myself. Tala and Blake had just come into the living room, and came and sat beside me. They both wrapped their arms round me, and I wrapped mine round them, holding them close. Logan and Victor had come quickly, wanting to calm me, and help me in any way they could. Tala and Blake couldn't understand why I was so upset by the article, so I told them that I had became friends with each of the other champions, as they knew I was friends with Fleur, they understood that was how I knew her. I told them that the Cedric in the photo was the Cedric that Blake had been named after, and we had been good friends, but there had been a bad wizard after me, and he had killed Cedric to get to me, and began the second war, taking up where he left off, and that I was upset because Cedric wasn't the only one to have been lost that I knew. Others had been too, and I was crying for them, because it had been hard. I had lost so many, and there had been others that I didn't know. I told them that I had fought for years, until I, and the rest of the wizarding world, were free of Voldemort. I missed out the gruesome details.

"But what happened to Vol- vol- what happened to him?" Tala asked, struggling to pronounce the name.

"I…" I didn't know whether I should tell them. Would my children look at me differently, because of what I did? I took a deep breath. "I had to take his life." I said slowly, eyes downcast.

"So you saved everyone?" They both asked, I could hear the awe in their voices.

"I had to."

"Why did you have to do it?"

"Because he wanted me killed. He would stop at nothing. He tried when I was a baby, but he failed. The curse rebounded off me, and hit him instead, temporarily ridding the world of him." I said.

My children held onto me tighter. "It's alright mamma." Tala said.

"You did the right thing." Blake said.

I smiled. They didn't hate me for what I'd done.

From then on, Tala and Blake could frequently be found pretending they were duelling each other, pretending to be me against Voldemort, or one of his Death Eaters, or one of the others I had told them about.

The two were best friends with Teddy, who was a year older than them, but that didn't matter. They played together frequently. Tonks took up a job as a transfiguration teacher in Salem Witches institute, and once I finished my masteries, I became one of the Healers for the school, and part time Charms tutor. In her free time, Tonks took Tala under her wing, as when Tala was four, we discovered she was a metamorphmagus. She was already very good at it, and could change her hair colour, eyes, and her nose.

Both the twins also had an affinity for two elements. Fire and shadows, but each of them favoured one. Blake favoured shadows and Tala favoured fire. We praised them when they progressed with these abilities, but it also worried us. It was even more of an indicator that they had a prophecy hanging over their heads.

By the time the two were eleven, they were both incredibly intelligent for their age, reading and understanding texts meant for those who were two or three years older than them in muggle education. They were also well ahead in magical theory and history. I wanted them well ahead in history because if they went to Hogwarts, then they would be taught by Binns, and he was awful at teaching.

It was just before the summer holidays before the twins started school, when mum came to us with some news.

"James and I are moving back to Britain. I've had a job offer there."

"Doing what?" I asked.

"Well, Binns has been retired. I'm taking up his post."

"But, don't you need the qualifications?"

"I actually have everything I need." Mum said. "I still know everything from my N.E.W.T's and I know the extra things too."

I nodded. "Well I think you'll be great at it. Hogwarts needs a good history teacher for once. And, if these two want to go there, at least there will be someone else there to keep an eye on them, well, them and Teddy." I said. Teddy had already gone to Hogwarts. The twins had heard many new stories from him already, and that was just from letters.

Tala and Blake were even more set on going there now. The only factor that swayed them away, was that if they went to Salem, then I would be there, but they also wanted a bit of space. I think that I knew what their decision would be.

The letters from schools arrived at dinner half way through the summer holidays. I had cooked dinner, like I always did (Logan and Victor were awful, I didn't know how they got by this long). When I went to start cooking, as always, Victor and Logan tried to persuade me to let one of them cook.

"No." I said. "You two will just burn everything."

"Aw, come on darlin'" Victor said. "At least let one of us try."

"Yeah, and anyway, it's a reminder for you of the Dursleys." Logan said.

"Like I tell you two every night, it's not. Yeah they had me do it, but I enjoy cooking. It was one of the chores I actually enjoyed. Now, go keep Tala and Blake occupied. I'm sure you would both prefer playing with the twins." As always, my argument worked and they both left the kitchen, leaving me to cook.

We had all just sat down to dinner, when there was a tap on the window. I went over to it and saw two owls waiting there. I opened the window, and let them in. They flew over to the table, and held out their legs to the twins. Just then, another two owls flew in and landed on the table. Each of the four owls each had a letter tied to their legs. Two owls for Blake, and two for Tala. The twins took their letters. One envelope held the Crest for Salem and the other held the Hogwarts crest. They both opened the Salem letters first. It was an invitation letter, and the book list. Then, they opened the Hogwarts letters at the same time.

The twins both looked at each other, and at me, Logan and Victor. "We want to go to Hogwarts." They said, in perfect union.

I smiled at them. "I thought you would." I said, nodding. "Salem's good, but it's not the same as Hogwarts."

"Can we go?" Tala asked.

"Of course you can." Victor said.

"One condition though." Logan said.

"What?" They asked in union.

"The both of you write every week." Logan said.

The twins nodded.

"Let me see your book lists, then." I said. I accepted the list off Tala, and looked through it.

"Diagon Alley?" She asked. I could hear the hope in her voice.

"Well, I don't see why we can't get all this in Salem Square." I said.

"Oh, please mamma! We want to see Diagon!" Blake said. Had I not been teasing, he would have had me. The two of them knew I loved it when they called me mamma.

"Oh, alright then. I suppose we could go, and stay at one of the Potter houses in Britain up until you leave for school. Now, I need to write back, and let McGonagall know you'll be attending."

I summoned some parchment, ink and a quill, which I used for letters to wizarding establishments. I wrote the acceptance note, for Hogwarts, and the decline of the invitation to Salem, and sent the owls off, with the notes.

"When do we go?" Tala asked, bouncing in her seat.

"The week before you start, now, stop bouncing, and finish your dinner." I said.

"Yes mamma." She said, smiling.

I smiled at my children, and grabbed Victor's and Logan's hands.

This is going to be hard, not being able to see them every day. I said.

Yes, but we'll manage. Your mother will be there to look after them. Logan said.

They are also capable of looking after themselves. Victor said.

I know. I replied. But that still didn't change the fact that when I apparated home every night, they wouldn't be there. I continued eating my food, watching my children, and listening to them chatter.

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