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Chapter 6

When the prefects led the first years to their dormitories, Tala looked round, memorising the route her mother would have walked so many times in the past. When they got to the portrait of the Fat Lady, she smiled. She was about to see the common room her mother had called home for so many years!

"Salamander Eyes." The prefect said.

The Fat Lady smiled and nodding, before swinging open. They all filed in, and Tala took in the warm red's and gold's, the roaring fire and the comfortable arm chairs.
"This is the Gryffindor common room." The prefect said. "Up the stairs and to your right is the boys dormitories, girls the same on your left. All your things have been placed at the foot of your beds, and your timetables will be handed out tomorrow at breakfast."

"What's that?" A muggle born boy asked, pointing to what seemed to be a medal.

The prefect grinned. "That," He said, "Is a Order of Merlin, First class. It was awarded to Artemis Potter, but she allowed Professor McGonagall to display it in her old common room. As many will know, Artemis Potter Creed Howlett is one of the most famous students to ever be sorted into our house, and is also the heir of Gryffindor himself."

"And Ravenclaw."

"Pardon?" The prefect asked. "Oh, Miss Creed Howlett, was that you?"

"Yes, it was, and my mother is heir to Ravenclaw too, by birth. And, through conquest, Slytherin, though that's just a title, and of course the books. But, she always says, knowledge is worth more than gold."

"Well, as a descendant of Ravenclaw, I'm not surprised." He said, laughing. "Now, it's time for you all to go to bed."

The first years all left up the stairs and Tala and Abby found themselves sharing a room with two other girls. Avril Cartwright and Sophia Nova. The girls all chatted happily, as they unpacked, getting to know each other. Tala sent a happy goodnight to her twin through their twin bond, and received one in return, before she changed, and got into bed, Sonia leapt up with her, and curled up beside her. Tala placed her arm over the lion cub, and cuddled her like she would a stuffed toy. She quickly fell to sleep.

Blake woke up the next morning, noticing Cade perched happily on the top of the wardrobe. He stoked his back, before getting up and getting ready for his first days of lessons. He was the first of the five first year boys, Jake More, Alexander Donne, Stephen Marlowe, Luke Stephens and himself, to get down to the common room. Unfortunately the pratette, as Tala had dubbed Bella Verge, was already down their too.

"Ready to realise whose best, half breed?" She asked.

"More than ready. My sister and I could wipe the floor with you and your brother in any field."

"Don't be stupid." She sneered haughtily. "No one has even had a single lesson in magic yet."

Blake arched an eyebrow. "How far behind are you?" He asked, before he left, confident he could find his own way downstairs.

Blake felt his twin's frustration, and frowned. Erick was hounding her and Abby making advances on both of them, and just generally being a nuisance, making a nuisance of himself. Spin round, draw back your fist, and break his nose, sister.

He heard her snicker, before she took his advice. He grinned, when through the bond he heard the crunch.

I may get in trouble, Blake, but that was worth it.

Got that right! Blake said, cheering his twin on. All magical twins had the same bond from birth. And Tala and Blake didn't know what they would do without it.

At breakfast, Tala was approached by Professor McGonagall, and given a detention, but that was it. But she wouldn't be alone. Erick would be joining her. The prat was probably in the hospital wing complaining as loud as possible.

Tala and Blake both had massive grins when they saw their first lesson was Transfiguration- together! But, it changed from there. Tala then had defence, while Blake had potions, then, he had History while she had Herbology. But that didn't matter. It was good for them to have some space, they guessed. Well, as much as they could, being magical twins an all. How did Fred and George not go insane after all that time in each other's company? They shrugged off the question.

"I wonder what we'll be doing?" Abby wondered.

"Matches into needles." Tala answered. Then, they finished eating, and started looking for the Transfiguration classroom.

When they finally got there, Blake, Tala and Abby sat down at a desk in the front, and that was when the twins realised that sweet, kind aunt Minnie, was in-fact, terrifying, strict, Professor McGonagall who knew that they were the ones to keep an eye on in class! Even when they were the first to complete the assignment. (Actually, it was more like, especially when they completed the assignment.)

In defence, Tala found that Professor Shacklebolt was really good, while Blake was a little nervous around Professor Slughorn in potions, who seemed to want to 'collect' him into a little club of his. Neville was still Neville in Herbology, Tala saw. She just had to remember to call him Professor Longbottom, instead of Uncle Nev. On the other hand, Gran seemed to be emulating Aunt Minnie, Blake noted, rather scared now. Why did they have to change so drastically in class? It was freaky. Especially for eleven year olds who just had these sides sprung on him. By the end of History, while he had enjoyed the lesson, he was up for running away, but, he was his parents son, so, he just walked, acting as if it hadn't bothered him. He couldn't show a weakness now, could he?

Blake quickly sought his sister out, and latched onto her. At leas he knew she wasn't going to change drastically on him. "Perhaps this was a mistake." He said. "This place makes people change from kind and caring to just plain scary. Take Minnie and Gran for example. They're strict and, they scream bloody murder if you step one foot out of line! Why did mam not warn us?"

"I don't know, Blake, I really don't." Tala admitted.

"Let's go get some food." Abbey suggested. They were both tense. She guessed seeing someone you thought you know transform into a different persona could be a bit weird. They all sat at the Gryffindor table, and began to eat dinner.

"Hey, can I borrow Cade?" Tala asked Blake. "I need to write home, before someone else does. And tell mam, dad and papa about tonight's detention."

"Go ahead. But mam will still hit the roof."

"Yeah, but dad and papa will think it's great!" Tala said. "Probably write me a letter telling me well done, too."

"They'd really encourage you like that?" Abby asked.

"Oh yeah." Tala said. "They would." She pulled out some parchment, and wrote a letter, explaining what had happened and the rest of her day, and Blake's as well as their sorting. Then, Blake called Cade, and then she gave the raven her letter, and the raven took off, but not before pinching some of Blake's beef and some pumpkin juice.

When Cade landed in the living room, Logan took the letter from the large Raven and read it over. He grinned.

"What does it say?" Artemis asked from the kitchen.

"Tala and Blake are a little freaked at the change they saw in Minerva and your mother. Tala is in Gryffindor, and Blake is in Ravenclaw. They're having a good time though." He handed the letter to Victor, who read it through, and grinned at his brother.

Suddenly, an owl flew into the room, and through to the kitchen, where it dropped a letter in front of Artemis. She opened it and read it.

"Tala has a detention already!" She shrieked.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that." Logan said, laughing slightly. "Does it say why though?"

"Fighting!" Artemis said.

"Well, from the looks of it, that boy was harassing her. She just took care of the problem." Victor said. "He's lucky I'm not going to pay him a visit and teach him a lesson about how to act round my daughter."

Artemis stormed into the room, and snatched the letter from him, and read it over. Her anger went up. "Yeah, well I may do just that." She growled, her eyes darkening.

"Now, calm down. Tala handled it. And did so rather well, I think." Logan said. "Now, there's no reason to be hasty, she'll be fine. Now, the letter said something else, what?"

"Well, the British Ministry always holds an annual Yule Ball, but this year the Ministry Atrium is undergoing some refurbishment, and won't be finished by then, so it's being held at Hogwarts. Grandpa gave us an invitation. And he won't accept no for an answer."

They both groaned. A ball? That was something none of them wanted to go to. It just wasn't what they liked to do. But they all knew the ageing wizard was stubborn and wouldn't budge on the matter.

"Well," Artemis said. "I guess I've avoided these things a bit too much, considering who I am in the wizarding world. One time can't hurt. And, it'll let Tala and Blake in on what Wizarding Society is like. We've kept them rather isolated. They may need to know what it's like. Especially with the prophecy. It may be a chance to get a few more allies for them too."

"You seem to be trying to convince yourself to go, darlin." Logan said. "Calm down darlin, it'll all be fine. It's just one night. I doubt anything will even happen."

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