Bite into love

A funeral leads to a bite and a bite leads to forever.

Elena was in tears as she read John's letter and held his ring in her hand. Jeremy came in and hugged her. Together they walked outside and got in Alaric's car. The older man was in tears as he gave them a lift first to a florist and then the cemetery. They got out of the car and slowly walked up to the Gilbert family gravesite. A light green car was parked nearby and two figures were bent over Greyson and Miranda's Gilbert graves.

One if the figures was a male in his early forties. He looked at Elena who stood motionless looking as if she was seeing a ghost, exhausted from the tears she had shed already. Jeremy however acted like a little kid and jumped in the arms of the man. The second figure was a girl. She was the same age as Elena. They even looked alike sharing the dark hair and eyes. The other girl was far paler and her hair was in loose curls instead of Elena's olive skin and straight hair. The two girls were standing only inches away from each other and held a sort of silent battle. Suddenly they jumped in each others arms sobbing uncontrollably. The man and Jeremy let out a big breath neither realized they were holding.

"I'm so so sorry Lena. I should have been here"

"I didn't let you bells. I was so angry that i needed an outlet"

"I let you push me away. Never again"

Bonnie's lips tightened to a straight line hearing the exclaims of the two girls. She was always jealous of the closeness those three cousins had even if they live half a country apart and saw each other a handful of times during the year. Now she understood how Caroline felt all these years.

The two girls broke apart and Elena hugged her only living relative. Well Jeremy's only living relative actually. Miranda and Jenna had an older brother, Charlie.

"Uncle Charlie"

Charlie let the teenage girl cry in his arms not caring how much his lapels got wet until the priest coughed lightly to get everyone's attention and started the funeral.

Elena, Jeremy, and their cousin Bella (Charlie's daughter) stood holding hands right with tears rolling down their cheeks in front of the coffin. Charlie and Alaric stood on each end of the teens. The rest of the townsfolk, (vampires, witches and werewolves included) stood behind the immediate family facing the coffin. No one paid any attention to the kind words the priest spoke only thinking of how bad this robbery - as that was the official cause of death - was. The coffin was slowly being lowered into the ground and the immediate family threw handfuls of fresh dirt into the grave hoping against hope this was the last time they had to do this..

When it was all over Elena not caring for the role of the grieving niece took refuge at the graves of her parents silently placing roses on their graves. Jeremy found solace in his friends letting the stoic mask fall while Charlie and Alaric took it upon themselves to shake hands and send everyone away Charlie chanced a glance to the younger man. A man that under circumstances would be black and blue for hurting and lying to his baby sister. As the crowd dissipated only the family was left behind along with Stefan and Damon Salvatore. Damon had been bitten by Tyler less than two nights ago and had started not feeling well. He had just informed his brother of the bite and his upcoming death asking him to not share the information with Elena as she had buried enough people already.

he was walking across the cemetery, towards the grave of his mother to pay his respects, something he always did when in the cemetery, when the wind brought a mouthwatering smell to him. it was coming from the old Gilbert graves and only one person was there. He crept up to her and seeing as no one was around to stop him Damon pounced. One arm wrapped around the girl's waist and one holding her head to the right he bit hard on her neck.