Pokémon World Tour

Chapter 14: The Lying Game

"Now what do I do?"

Lugia sat on the couch in the house, staring at the single dead body in front of him. He was the only soul in the household. The other fangirls had already fled, terrified of becoming the next victim.

"Was killing her really necessary, Rayquaza?" Lugia thought in the back of his head. He sighed as he sat there, shifting and squeaking uncomfortably in his suit.

"I hope Rayquaza gets here soon. This thing is starting to chafe…"

Lugia decided to get up and take a look around the house to get his mind off of things. The house was a lot bigger than he thought it was coming in. Then again, he was kind of panic mode at the time, so he didn't really pay attention to such a minor detail.

"Aren't Japanese houses normally smaller than this?" he wondered, exploring the kitchen and living area of the house. He noticed a see through slide door that led outside. Looking through it, he realized that this was the outskirts of Tokyo, with a beautiful view of a forest area below, and the main city much further away.

His thoughts trailed back to the insane yaoi fangirl. Traveling back to the room, he looked at her. She couldn't have been a day over 13. How would her parents react to seeing their dead child? He quickly felt guilty for the murder, even if she was insane.

He sighed. He knew what he was going to do next, though he also knew that he would deeply regret it. Putting his hands over the girl, he used 'Recover' to heal the girl. His hands glowed and bathed the girl into gentle, white light.

"Hopefully," he thought. "This will be enough to revive her."

The light disappeared, and Lugia took his hands off of the girl. She should wake up any minute.

Any minute…

Any minute now…

Tension set in as Lugia realized that 'Recover' didn't work. Then he remembered that the move only worked on hurt or unconscious beings. In his haste, he thought he could bring back the dead, but the move didn't work that way.

Lugia sighed. He still felt guilt over her death. How would her parents react to this when they came home? Not to mention the embarrassment of a little girl's parents seeing an adult male in their house with a full-blown rubber/bondage suit on…

He heard the door knocking. He gulped nervously.

"For the love of Arceus, PLEASE be Rayquaza!" he thought anxiously. Rushing over to the front door and peering through the eyehole, he groaned softly when he saw the two Japanese parents carrying groceries. He unlocked the door for them (even though they would have had a key) and let them in, knowing that he would have to fess up.

"…Koniciwha?" Lugia said nervously as the two adults came in, stunned at Lugia's sight.

"…Who in the hell ARE you and what are you doing in MY house?!" the black-haired male adult yelled furiously at him. Lugia sighed again, both in relief and anxiety. Relief because the almighty author gave him his permission to communicate and anxiety because he still had to confess that, thanks to his friend 'Raymond', their daughter was dead. The wife set the groceries on the counter as Lugia continued.

"This is… difficult and incredibly awkward for me to explain… but… your d-d-d…" Lugia stuttered.

"Spill it." the husband said. "Or I'm getting my grandfather's katana out."

Lugia gulped, knowing that he would have to break the parents' hearts.

"…Your daughter is dead. And it's my fault." he told them, taking the hit for the Pokémon that was just trying to help him.

He expected the parents to scream at him, or simply stand there in stunned silence. But instead, the husband had something to say.

"What are you talking about? I don't have a daughter."

"And I know that no-" Lugia stopped when he heard the guy say that he DIDN'T HAVE A FREAKIN' DAUGHTER. "Wait, WHAT?!"

"I don't have a daughter." the man said again. "My wife is pregnant with our son now. I believe the girl you are talking about is the 13 year old yaoi fangirl demon that haunts this house. Well, used to haunt, if you truly DID kill her."

Lugia's jaw stretched several feet that day, hitting the floor as the man continued to explain. "Every week, the demon would leave our house for one day to capture at least one to three, but sometimes even more, bishonen men. We always freed the men as soon as we could, but she always did her dirty work whenever I and the missus were out. We've attempted to kill this horrific demon multiple times, but you… you truly DID manage to kill the vile thing?"

"…Yes?" Lugia replied nervously.

Lugia was met with a ferocious hug from both the wife and husband, both happy that the demon was long gone and cast back into Hell. The hug was something unusual because most Japanese aren't very physical in affection.

"Thank you. Thank you so much." the wife whispered joyously.

"Uh, you're welcome?"

The man backed off of Lugia. "But… what are you doing in… that?" he said, motioned at the rubber gear Lugia was wearing.

Lugia blushed, realizing how embarrassing a situation he had gotten himself in. "That's the… yaoi fangirls' doing. My friend scared the rest of them off."

"We have some extra clothes for you if you would like to use them." the woman assured him. "It's the least we could do after what you did for us"

Lugia shook his head. "I appreciate the offer, ma'am. However, my friend has already left and he's coming back with some new clothes for me to wear."

The woman smiled softly. "Well, how about some tea then?"

Lugia smiled back. "Thank you. I would love some tea."

Rayquaza had finally made all of the purchases for Lugia's clothes. It surprised him how far he had to walk to get to the main city where the shops all were. He had some cash left over, and the first matter of course for him was to find a cab to take him back this time. He walked around with the clothing bags in both hands, trying to find a taxi. He finally ended up near one of those artificial beaches. For some strange reason the taxis, along with all of the other cars were all driving in one direction at top speed.

"Why are they all driving that way? It's as if they are all running away from…"

Just then, he heard a giant tidal wave behind him. He turned around, seeing it rise up from 40 feet above, coming close to crashing down on him and the rest of the city. Knowing he needed to act fast, he dropped the bags and jumped up into the air. He transformed back from human forme to Pokémon in mid-air, flying up higher to try to stop the wave. In a matter of seconds, the entire city would drown and crash in another disaster they didn't need.

"Rayquaza, think! What counters water? Electricity would cause too volatile of a reaction to use… wait, a Grass-type move! I think I have a few in my moveset!"

Rayquaza flew up towards the sun, trying to get as close as possible in as little time as possible. He charged SolarBeam, praying that the attack would launch before the giant tidal wave made contact with the ground.

The tidal wave continued to descend on the city, about to destroy the first building when SolarBeam finished charging. He quickly fired it at the wave, and it caused the wave to quickly evaporate into the air due to the intense heat applied to it.

And as soon as it had started, it was over.

He sighed in relief. "Thank goodness that's over. That certainly could've gone worse. What on Earth could have caused that?"

His eyes' widened. There was only one person, or rather Pokémon, he knew who could generate waves that big.

"KYOGRE!" he screamed into the air.

At this point, Kyogre was already making a break for it. Latias was hiding inside the castle, watching her flee. Once you get Rayquaza mad, it's generally a good idea to get out and STAY OUT of his way. And may God have mercy on the poor soul who aroused his anger… oh wait, that's Kyogre. Never mind.

Rayquaza dived down from the air, going back into human forme just as he made contact with the ground. He promptly picked up his bags and ran after the Water-type Legendary.


"Not if you can't catch me!"

Rayquaza grit his teeth as he continued to run after his Water counterpart.

"You know, these gardens are beautiful."

Giratina and Arceus were at the Rikugien Gardens tucked away at a corner of Tokyo. They had managed to escape all of the hustle and bustle of the city, and get some quiet time for themselves. And the gardens were indeed quite beautiful for being trapped in the city. While the entire 'garden' simply consisted of a small pond, trees, and a hill, it was still a pretty nice place to be at.

"They really are." Arceus answered Giratina.

The two of them sat on the pond's edge, with their legs in the water. They enjoyed the simple view the gardens gave them, taking in the scenery and sitting in silence. Eventually, Giratina broke said silence.

"So… I was going to have Darkrai ask you something for me earlier, but I wanted to say it myself."

Arceus then made direct eye contact with Giratina, her interest now piqued. The result made Giratina more nervous to tell her, but he knew that he needed to come out with it. He had to propose.

"Umm… Arceus."


"This is… really hard for me to tell you, but I've been wanting to say it ever since we left on this trip in the first place. I…" Giratina stumbled. "I…"

"Giratina, don't worry." Arceus assured him, knowing the exact words he would use. "You can say it."

This gave Giratina the boost of confidence that he desperately needed and finally came out with the words.

"Arceus, will you be my-"

"Get back here, you irresponsible, ignorant BITCH!" came the yell of Rayquaza from almost a mile away.

"What was that?" Arceus wondered, standing up and walking away to investigate. Giratina was cursing at himself for screwing YET AGAIN.

"NOT. AGAIN! DAMN IT! DAMN IT! DAMN IT!" he violently screamed at the top of his lungs. Arceus either ignored or didn't notice Giratina's loud cursing as the sound of two chasing each other became even louder than said cursing.

The two humans chasing each other came into clear view, and Arceus sighed when she realized it was Kyogre and Rayquaza.

"This should turn out well." Arceus sighed. "It always does, doesn't it?"

The two were getting closer and closer to Arceus as Rayquaza chased after the blue orca, so she decided to wait until they got close enough and then strike with a vengeance for ruining her date with Giratina.

She raised her hands into the sky as they approached, preparing an attack. When they were just a few feet away from her, she struck down, hitting both of them with Judgment at maximum power. The attack instantly knocked them away from each other and depleted their energy. They were both going to have to tend to rather severe burns later that day.

"Just what's going on here?" Arceus demanded of her children. "Giratina and I were having a great time here, and you screw it up with your giant fiasco! What the hell IS going on between you guys anyways?!" She was ready to launch another Judgment attack should Kyogre and Rayquaza refuse her answers.

Then Rayquaza began to talk REALLY fast. "…Kyogre nearly drowned Tokyo in her anger while I was trying to shop for new clothes for Lugia because he's stuck in a black bondage suit in some crazy yaoi chick's house!"

Arceus blinked. What she had just heard was one of the weirdest things she had EVER heard someone speak. She stood there, trying to comprehend it. "Huh? Wha…? This has to be a joke. How… I mean… why… what? Who would…?"

"Girls." Rayquaza answered as he quivered in fear. "Very scary, very INSANE girls."

"You have to be making this up to get out of trouble. There's no way that anyone could possibly be so demented."

"Mother, I couldn't make this stuff up even if I tried. My mind simply couldn't up with something that insane by itself." Rayquaza told her honestly.

"…True… This is the kind of insanity I'd expect to hear from Mew, but you? Maybe…" Arceus then walked over to Kyogre. "So then, what's your side of the story?"

"I was just sitting at the beach, minding my own business when Rayquaza comes after me, jealous that I was spending time with Latias. He went full-blown insane, Mom. Just listen to the things he's spitting out. Lugia in a bondage suit stuck in a yaoi fangirl's house? It's obvious that he's either lying to get out of trouble or he needs to be admitted to a psych ward." she lied through her teeth. "You said it yourself Mother, this is what you'd expect to hear from Mew, not Rayquaza."

"You LIAR!" Rayquaza yelled. "Because of you, you almost drowned Tokyo while they're still in the middle of recovering! Just for revenge on Latias! You hate her. I know it. Ever since I married her, you've been constantly vying for my affections and trying to get Latias out of the picture since I don't love you!"

"Mother, listen to him. He's gone off of the deep end. We need to send him to a mental home before he gets worse. For everyone's sake."

"Hmm…" Arceus backed away from Kyogre and faced the two together, along with Giratina. "Two conflicting stories… so only one can be truth. There must be a way… I got it."

She turned to face Giratina, still frustrated over not being able to say it… again.

"Giratina?" Arceus asked him.

Giratina sighed, turning to face Arceus. "Yeah?"

"I know you had something important to say before we got interrupted, and I think I know what it is… but before you ask me, may I please have a favor?"

"Sure. Anything for you, Arcy."

The nickname that once made her fuel with rage was now making her blush. She smiled sheepishly, and then she recomposed herself to request Giratina's assistance.

"Giratina, if you don't mind, I'd like you to probe both Kyogre's and Rayquaza's mind. I need to know which one of them is telling me the truth."

"Sure, no problem."

Giratina approached the two, both of them too energy drained from Arceus's attack to resist his mind reading. He hovered his left hand over Kyogre's head and his right over Rayquaza's.

Kyogre knew she was screwed since she couldn't fib her way out of a mind reading. The mind read analyzes what happened previously from both points of view, and compares it against the truth. Rayquaza sighed in relief, knowing the truth would come out.

Giratina returned to Arceus, having completed the mind scan.

"So? Who's telling the truth?" Arceus asked.

Giratina thought about this. He knew who was telling the truth, but Arceus didn't. And Arceus was going to be the one to hand out the eventual punishment. He could say Kyogre to have her return the favor for getting her out of punishment. Or he could say Rayquaza was the truthful one and Kyogre was lying. To him, this is what it came down to: Who will be the better servant for him in the future?

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