Right off the bat:

I don't own Higurashi. Or Umineko. Otherwise the Kira OVA would not exist. Also note that the story gets really violent and gorey as it goes on, not to mention a few adult themes along the way (nothing really descriptive). This fic is rated M, after all.

When They Cry II, Part III

Case of the End Dreamer

A Preface/Disclaimer

That which is known to you is not the same as that which the man next to you knows. You may think alike, but in the end what you know as fact will greatly differ from what he believes to be fact. There is only once source of truth- that is the source of deception. Objective truth is hidden away behind the veil of deceit that surrounds countless events throughout history. Subjective truth, the result of the veil of deceit being impossible to see through, is born through this way. This line of reasoning leads one to think that subjective truth is a liability in its very nature. However, this is not the case.

Subjective truth and objective truth are two sides of the same coin- one cannot exist without the other. But the only way objective truth can truly be reached is from the source of the subjective truth. By the source of this truth, the truth becomes distinguishable from the lies. But in reality, the source of the subjective truth leads to another source, and from there hundreds upon hundreds of other sources, making the one true source- the objective truth- nearly indistinguishable.

So where does objective truth, the one single truth, lie? Facts present themselves to stimulate the subjective truth and hide the objective truth. But the one source of objective truth is in fact something that in most cases is unable to be reached- the setting. The point in time where facts are born. The crime scene. Such is the nature of truth. But in a world of closed time such as this one, where when the cicadas cry there are no survivors, where is objective truth?

In Conclusion:

In such a place where a cat box can form, it is simple to say that the truth will never be revealed. Such is the nature of the sealed truth- it has but one source, with one common lie to surround it- to shut up the goats, if you will. And that lie is told and retold, and twisted by the various goats who attempt to ascertain the ungraspable true form into what becomes subjective truth.

And that source has been lost for all eternity, never to be revealed. No matter how many fragments you travel, the result will be the same. 1,000,000 out of 1,000,000 times the truth cannot be reached. That is its nature- to remain hidden for all eternity, so that none may ascertain its true form. So seeking it is futile. Without a miracle, 1,000,000 will remain 1,000,000. But if a miracle was to occur, and 1,000,000 became 999,999, perhaps then it would finally be possible.

But sadly, such miracles are few and far between, and despite the implications that a miracle would be bestowed upon this story are purely there to toy with the reader. Therefore, you have been presented this tale instead, and so you should accept the musings of this user-defined alternative.

But let it be known: The forces behind this tale in no way possess ownership over the pieces involved in the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, or any of the factors related to it. They are simply using them to their own benefit. Know that this tale will not be a pleasant one in the slightest.

Welcome back to Hinamizawa. This will be your last visit.

~Preface written by Frederica Bernkastel, Witch of the Court

Author's Note:

Hooray, earliest lengthy author's note in history. As much as this annoys me (just as it annoys some of you), I figured I couldn't really leave this out. Before I go any further, I want to set up the format that this story will be written in. It's a tad different from the usual chapter progression, so please read the following:

The story is broken up into three different pieces of storytelling:

"Reports" (See the Next Chapter)

Major Stories (Marked with a roman numeral) (WILL consist of OCs, and OC pairings- except not really in some cases)

Side Stories (should not be ignored despite being minor)

The story flow will go something like this:

Report, Major Story, Report, Three Side Stories, Report, Major Story, Report

And from there will repeat.

Along with this chapter, I will post up to and including the first major story and then wait on a decent amount of reader feedback before moving on. Because otherwise you'd just have this really cryptic preface and this long author's note to base your opinions off of.