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Fork It Over

Prong 1

Demetri liked it when they were allowed out to hunt for upstart covens hoping to build an army. It was like a special field trip. Aro, Caius, and Marcus would choose a few select members of the guard and send them out. They would get to prowl the streets and track down armies of newborns, and when the time was right, it was like Christmas to humans. They pounced, they slaughtered, they loved it.

That was the case this time. Some nobody vampire with no talents decided he was bored. With boredom came ideas, and this one thought that creating a newborn army would give him some entertainment. The idiot didn't think his plan through well enough because after he bit several people, the newborns turned on him and killed him. He wasn't strong enough to handle several extra strong newborns at once, and perished. When the Volturi first got word of the accident, Aro sent Demetri and Felix out right away.

They arrived in England and tracked down where the newborns were feeding in the slums of London. They went in, and started taking every single one of them out. Some begged- they killed them. Some fought, and they killed them. Some tried to run, and they made sure to give them an extra painful death. No one got away when Demetri was hunting.

When they were almost done, one slick newborn managed to slip away and tried to flee. Demetri had to give the man a hand he was good. But not good enough. Demetri finished off the rest of the newborns and together Felix and him took chase. The newborn was fast, and Demetri expected that he had a talent, but he didn't care. He would kill him all the same unless the gift was extraordinary and would impress Aro.

They followed the newborn until they reached the countryside. The Newborn, tired and hungry, diverted his course and went for a house. Demetri, at first glance, thought that the place must belong to a person who breeds dogs. There were too many of one dog for them to just like the animal. The newborn had slipped inside and started tearing out the throats of the people within. Demetri counted four of them. Felix stopped his friend and offered to go in alone. The tracker let him. Felix was better equipped to handle a newborn that just fed, and Demetri didn't want to get in the way. So while Felix went to take out the last newborn, Demetri wandered around the land.

As he was approaching a rather tall tree, he caught a scent. A delicious scent. A scent that sang to him, and made his mouth fill with venom even at the faintest trace of it on the wind. Demetri's eyes went black as he searched out the source. Hearing a heartbeat, Demetri stalked forward until he reached the tree. Looking up he saw a pair of bright green eyes staring at him in fear. Smiling at the little boy in the tree, Demetri jumped and grabbed the boy, twisting him in midair so his neck was exposed and Demetri bit down, savouring the delicious nectar that flowed into his mouth. The tracker gave a moan at the taste. He didn't think he had ever had a human taste this well.

Demetri was pulled from his feast when he landed on his feet and Felix appeared, staring at him with wide eyes. Demetri detached his fangs from the child's neck and licked his lips, wanting to collect every single drop of blood he managed to take from the little body in his arms.

"Demetri..." Felix started.

"Singer." Demetri responded promptly. Felix's eyes showed his understanding.

"The ones inside are dead." Felix stated.

"Hmm." Demetri said in turn. He cradled the small body in his arms, wishing the child had been bigger so that he could have feasted on more of his blood. But you don't always get what you want. The tracker was contemplating leaving the kid outside or throwing him inside with his family, when he heard a moan and whimper.

Felix's eyes shot wide as he looked at the little body in Demetri's arms. The tracker, not wanting it to be real, slowly looked down. The child's eyes were closed, his skin deathly pale letting his unique lightning bolt scar stand out, his heartbeat was faint, and when Demetri bent down and smelled, he could smell his own venom working its way through the child's system.

"Well shit..." Demetri summed up the entire situation.

o.O.o Years Later o.O.o

Bella, Edward, Emmett and Alice stood in front of the Volturi, watching and waiting for what the group would do. Edward was thinking that coming here to die was probably one of his more dumb ideas, Emmett was hoping for a good fight and a chance to live, Alice was trying to see into the future hoping she would see what would happen, and Bella... well Bella wasn't sure what was happening or how she ended up underground Italy with a group of ancient looking vampires.

"Well isn't this quite the situation we have found ourselves in." Aro spoke with an amused tone from his seat. "Edward begs us to kill him, threatens us, and then is saved by a human..." He trailed off.

"Let Bella go." Edward demanded.

"Tsk tsk... I don't think you are in the position to be making such demands Edward." Aro lightly chided.

Edward merely glared in response.

"Felix...Kill the human." Aro commanded.

A very tall vampire with black hair, olive skin with a chalky pallor, and broad shoulders stepped out of the assembled guards. With a flirty little smile and wink at Bella, he lunged forward. Edward cut him off, and as Alice was ready to join, Demetri grabbed her by the chin. Emmett was also halted by two other guards that appeared, keeping him in place. Edward was quickly overwhelmed by Felix, and right before Felix was going to kill Edward, Aro stopped him.

"No no Felix, there's still hope he will join us." Felix stopped, but didn't let Edward rise from the floor. "Well this is all very touching that you want to let your little human love live, you have to understand the rules. She knows about us so either she dies or is turned. But I am curious as to why you are so enamoured with this one..." Aro explained.

"Just let Bella go." Edward rasped from his position on the ground.

"Come human, give me your hand." Aro commanded.

Bella hesitantly walked forward, looking back at Alice, Edward, and Emmett occasionally. Aro moved his hand in what looked like an encouraging gesture, but it did not soothe or comfort the girl. When she reached the Vampire leader, she placed her hand in his, and waited. Aro looked the girl in the eye and smirked.

"Jane, come test your gift on this human." Aro commanded. A young blonde girl stepped forward.

"No!" Edward yelled as he struggled to get to his feet.

Jane looked at Bella, and concentrated. When nothing happened, Jane's face contorted in pain and frustration. Aro chuckled and held up a hand. "That's enough Jane." the blonde girl stepped back, looking furious. "Well isn't this interesting... Edward dear, does your gift not work either?" Aro asked.

Edward tried to stay silent but one gesture from Aro to Jane and Edward screamed in pain. When the screaming stopped, Aro asked again. Finally, Edward grudgingly admitted that no; his gift did not work either.

"Well maybe she should be turned after all and be allowed to join Volterra. I think her gift would be very beneficial."

Bella stepped back and slowly walked back to Alice and Emmett, as Edward struggled on the floor, denying Aro's words. "Bella will not be turned and damned to this life. Even if she were we would never join you." He yelled.

Bella watched as Edward argued in her favour, while Aro watched him in that amused sort of way that parents watched their children explain their daily boring adventures. Bella was considering stepping in and expressing her desire to be turned when she felt something poke her cheek. She lifted a hand to swat it away. She felt it poke her a second time and once again she tried swatting it away, wondering if the Volturi knew they had bugs down here. She was poked a third time and Bella decided to check what was poking her. Turning her head, she was met with the sight of a child sitting cross-legged, hovering beside her, and looking at her in a contemplative state. Bella screamed.

All eyes snapped over to her when a single groan broke through the silence.

"Harry! I told you to stay in our room!" Demetri said from where he was still holding Alice in place.

The child, Harry, turned towards the other vampire and gave an impish smile. "I was going to, but then I was curious. I was hiding but I noticed that this girls face never changes. Like ever! Not when she's scared or surprised. Even screaming it stayed in that bored looking state."

"An immortal child?" Alice said softly.

"I can't believe this!" Edward raged. "You will kill Bella because of law, but is it not your own law that states one can never create an immortal child? That creator and child will be killed immediately, yet here you have one!"

Aro looked at Edward before addressing Harry. "Harry love, why don't you return to Demetri now."

Harry giggled as he uncurled his body, placing one cold hand on Bella's shoulder he pushed himself away and floated across the room to Demetri. Demetri let go of Alice and plucked Harry out of the air. Once he had him, Demetri said "Hover Off." and Harry went limp in his arms. Demetri lowered Harry to the floor, and once he was free, the child scampered behind Demetri's legs, shyly peeking his face out afterwards.

"Harry is a very special child." Aro started. "When Demetri accidently turned him, I had prepared myself to kill the best tracker in the world. However, upon meeting the little one, we found him to possess amazing self-control and maturity. After numerous tests, we deemed him to be of no threat and allowed Harry and Demetri to live. Plus the little guy is just too adorable to kill."

The Cullen's stared at Aro in shock. The image of the terrifying Vampire leader was slowly being shattered. Edward seemed to recover first, as it was usually the case when Bella was involved. "If you can make an exception for that child than why can't you let Bella live without being turned?"

"Because Bella is not Harry." Aro stated simply, his smile finally disappearing. Aro and Edward entered a heated staring contest.

"Hover on." A voice intoned, breaking the silence that descended.

Edward and Alice turned incredulous eyes to their brother. Emmett grinned sheepishly at them. "I just wanted to see if it would work." he explained.

A quiet giggle came from behind Demetri as a head of messy black hair popped out. Harry gave Emmett a shy smile and wave before ducking back behind Demetri.

"I'm sorry but it doesn't work like that." Caius spoke up, startlingly the Cullen's. "Only Demetri has the ability to command Harry's power."

"Oh..." Emmett pouted a little.

"Yes our little Harry is so special. He can float, fly, and switch personalities." Aro bragged.

"Switch personalities?" Alice asked.

"Yes. Harry is a shy little vamp on ground. But in the air he is a mischievous little prankster."

The Cullen's tried to look at Harry but the little vampire was safely hidden behind Demetri. Aro watched with amused eyes as Harry avoided the Cullen's gaze, before Marcus brought him back to the task at hand, with a few whispered words.

"Of course Marcus, of course. Now Bella must die." Aro announced.

"No!" Edward screamed.

"Wait!" Alice called. "Bella will be turned! I saw it!"

The three Volturi leaders looked at the smallest Cullen. "Have you? Will you let me see?" Aro asked, but his tone told them it wasn't a question but a demand. Alice nodded her head and walked towards Aro. Aro held her hand and closed his eyes as Alice's vision flashed across his mind. Opening his eyes, he smiled. "Will it seems she will be turned. I guess there's no reason to kill her. Felix let Edward up."

After that, they Cullen's were allowed to leave. Once they were gone, Harry and Demetri approached Aro.


"Yes Demetri?" Aro looked at his best tracker.

"Harry is bored and is wondering if you would let us go to Forks and investigate this Bella Swan further. He thinks Edward might try to renege on his deal and not turn her." Demetri explained.

Aro took a moment to think it over before a cruel smile appeared on his face.

"I think that is a lovely idea. Harry love, make sure to cause lots of havoc for the Cullen family while you're there."

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