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He gently touched his face with the tips of his fingers.

"Will you tell me when you'll come back?"

"I can't…" he shook his head as he closed his eyes.

"Why not? I'm lonely without you beside me."

He opened his sky blue eyes and stared at the acidic green ones across from him sadly.

"I'm sorry."

"I have to wait a little longer, don't I?"

"Yes. Just for a while."

He sighed. "Okay. I promised you I'd wait forever."

He smiled. "I know you will."

He sighed as he sat up, running a hand through his hair.

"Another dream about him…"

Axel groaned as he closed his eyes and stretched his arms above his head.

"Ahh, waiting is harder than expected."

The red-head threw the covers off his body as he hopped out of bed.

"Oh, well. No use worrying about it. Time to get to work."

After his run-in with Sora and Riku, Axel had decided to live in Twilight Town. He had been there for about a year and had since gotten a part-time job working as an ice cream vendor as well as snatching his own apartment.

Axel had to admit it was nice living on his own. Sora, Riku, and Kairi occasionally came to Twilight Town to visit him which made Axel feel happy that he was accepted by them; Riku still glowered at him or narrowed his eyes slightly, but Sora had told Axel that only meant Riku accepted him as a friend.

Come to think of it…Axel thought as he waved to two young kids that had just bought two Popsicles. Didn't they say they'd drop by today? Or was it tomorrow?

Axel gave a huff as he leaned on the counter and scratched the back of his head.

I forget.

"Yo, Red."

Axel sighed as he lifted his head to see two males, one nineteen and the other sixteen, standing in front of his small shop.

The nineteen-year-old was five foot eight with blonde hair partially hidden by the black beanie that had the Kanji for ore printed on the front, a scar stretching between his blue-green eyes, and wore a blue crop-top vest with a white floor-length jacket over it and baggy, aubergine colored pants with the legs tucked into black combat boots.

The sixteen-year-old was two inches shorter than the blonde. He had spiky dirty blonde hair, brown eyes with dark eyebrows, and had on loose camouflage-print Capri's, a short, sleeveless grey vest with a black muscle shirt beneath it that was decorated with a white, crudely drawn skull and crossbones, had on shoes the same color as his jeans, a white necklace with a yellow x charm on the end around his neck, and a brown bracelet with several pins in it around his left wrist.

"Hey, Seifer." Axel greeted. "Hayner."

"Yo." Seifer said while Hayner greeted, "Hey, Ax."

"Well, well, you two are an unusual sight." Axel straightened before he leaned his hands on the counter. "Usually you're with your group. Where are they?"

"They forced us together." Seifer informed as he crossed his arms over his chest. "We had no choice."

"So are you two on a…" Axel grinned before he laughed. "Oh my god! You're on a date!"

"We're not on a date!" the two growled as they bristled before they glanced at each other only to look away with identical blushes crossing their faces.

Axel snickered at the reaction before he shook his head.

"Anyway, what do you two want?"

"Two sea-salt." Seifer said.

Axel nodded as he bent down and picked up two white wrapper Popsicles.

"Here ya go," the red-head handed them to Seifer. "Enjoy."


"Hey, wait." Axel called when the duo turned to leave.

"Yeah?" Seifer paused, glancing at Axel.

"You taking the second shift?"

"Yeah. I'll be here at five."

"Okay." Axel gave a nod as he smiled. "See ya then, Sei."

Seifer returned the nod before he and Hayner continued on their way.

Axel watched them go before he sighed, resting his cheek in his right hand as he watched Hayner begin to argue with Seifer, who kept the ice cream out of Hayner's reach.

Seifer laughed at the blonde's frustration before he pulled off his beanie and placed it on Hayner's head.

Axel shook his head before he set back to work.


After his shift had been passed to Seifer, Axel headed to the clock tower like he always did after work.

For some reason, he felt that if he sat in his old spot where he and Roxas had when they were Nobodies, the blonde would randomly appear. After a year of doing that, however, it had become merely habit to come to the clock tower, sit down, and reminisce about the past.

"Hey, Roxas," Axel muttered as he watched the setting sun sinking behind the tram tracks. "Betcha don't know why the sun sets red. You see, light is made up of lots of colors. And out of all those colors- -"

"Red is the one that travels the farthest."

Axel glanced behind him, wondering who had finished his sentence, only to have his eyes widen in surprise at who he saw.


The blonde smiled as Axel stood up.

"Hey, Ax."

Axel gradually walked closer to the blonde and hesitantly touched his shoulder to make sure that he wasn't dreaming before he hugged Roxas tightly.

"You're back!"

"I can see that."

"I really missed you."

Roxas chuckled a little as he returned the red-head's hug and replied, "Yeah, I missed you, too."

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