Don't ask me why I made this story, because I don't even know but I hope you like it.

Chapter 1: Love Letters

Bella POV

Edward left me in the middle of the forest. Frozen and cold on the ground. I guess this is what a dying (metaphorically speaking) person feels like. He said he doesn't love me. He never did, he only got bored of me. What did I do? He promised to always to love me and never leave me. What went wrong? They all said they love me. What did I do? As Im lying on the ground I think. He was all I had left in my life. He was all I wanted. Theres only one way to go.


He said not to do anything stupid. When in the hell have I ever listened? Im a stubborn child, but even if I don't, danger comes near me anyways. So why in the hell would he even bother leaving in the first part? The dumb ass. I don't know if Alice is watching me or not, but I have to think otherwise. And I have to do it fast. Maybe I'll do it when Charlie comes home. But I have to write him a note. To him and the Cullen's…well I could call them, and make sure they get the message. Yeah, that's will work.

Get Charlie's gun before he leaves for work.

Leave a note.

Call the Cullen's.

When Charlie comes back he'll see that his daughter doesn't have to suffer again. Or will never.

The Cullen's will hear what they did to me.

They hurt me, I hurt (I guess) them.

I have my funeral.

And everyone gets on with their life. As I rest in peace from this misery.

But I can't do it soon. I have to wait about a few days, maybe the day after tomorrow. Let Alice see what Im going to do the go for it. That's all I have to do. Edward can move on and find his true lover, and I'll just rest. I'll be fine 6 ft under. No one will have to worry about me. Victoria and Laurent won't have to come after me so everything is settled. I finally get up with a smile on my face and walk home. Slowly, only to end up in my dad's arms

"Isabella, you nearly gave me a heart attack. Don't ever do that. God! You scared the living… why are you smiling like that?" Im going to miss Charlie, and Jake. Well everyone really.

"Im fine, and I just want to say I love you dad and I always will." Everyone looks at me with a questionable look on their face.

"Bells are you ok?"

"Haha of course I am Jake. Im perfectly fine. Im kind of tired. Im going to sleep night dad." I kiss my dads cheek and go to bed.

****The next morning****

Today is Sunday September 14 and tonight Isabella Marie Swan will be pronounced as dead. So now I have to make a letter to Charlie, Renee, and Jake.

Dear Daddy,

Dad, you know I love you. Even though I had never really showed it I do. And I always will. You are the best father I could ever have. You didn't hover over my shoulder like mom; you gave me space when I needed it. As I did for you. I love you with everything in me dad. I want you to remember the goods about me. I know you love Sue also. Yall are good together actually. I hope you guys live a happy life together. I mean you can have a kid, your freaking 38 years old. But anyways I love you always and forever.

Love always

Isabella Marie Swan

Dear Mommy,

Mom, actually no, you're more like a sister to me. You never really fit the category of a mother (no affiance) but you always felt like a sister as so a mother. But I love you nun the less. I know you might want to blame Charlie for this, but it's not his fault. It's my own decision. I was NEVER dads. He was the best father I could ever ask for. I love you both dearly; tell Phil I love him also. But I will always love you mom. I hope you have a good life.

Love always

Isabella Marie Swan

Dear Jake,

Hey, I know I know, you probably are pissed at this letter, but this is actually good for me. You won't have to deal with me. You won't have to deal with the sadness I went through, or is going through. I love you Jake, I will always love you. You are like a brother to me, and I love how you watched me this whole time. Even when we were younger. And even though I hardly remember it, still. I want you to promise me. Find your imprint; I know she's out there somewhere. Trust me. I want you to live on with life.

Love always

Isabella Marie Swan

3 letters, to 3 most people I love dearly. Now I have to send it to Renee and Jake, and keep Charlie's in the mail box. I hured Charlie's footsteps so I hid the letters, and laid down and listen to my iPod.


"Yeah dad?"

"Im just checking up on you. Are you ok?"

"Yeah dad, I promise Im alright. Don't worry. Just go fishing with Billy; I'll be here when you get back."

"Ok, how about you go by Jakes house."

"I'll think about it. I promise."


"Love you daddy." I said with a smile.

"Love you to baby girl." And with that he left.

I looked at the clock and it says 10:30 a.m. so I have about 7 hours until its time.

I go down stairs to get Charlie's had gun and bring it to my room and make sure it's fully loaded. And place it on my side table. I get to my phone to make sure I have Carlisle number. And I do. I know exactly what Im going to say. I get my letters and find two stamps and bring the letters to the post office. I tell them that these have to be Renee's have to be sent today, and Jakes have to be sent tomorrow, since they can get it easily. On my way home I start thinking of what Im going to say to the Cullen's. I guess Im just gunna have to wing it.

***7 hours later (5:30 p.m) ***

I place Charlie's letter in the mail box and run inside. I call Carlisle and Alice answers it.


"Alice I have to. Why do yall even care? Yall didn't want me." as Im saying this tears are falling down my eyes. As Im lying down on my bed.

"Bella I have you on speaker phone…"

"Bella its Esme, sweetie please, we love you, don't do this. What about Charlie or Renee-"

"I already sent them there letters. Im going to be fine Esme. I will always love you guys." I hear Charlie come in.

'I have to go. I love yall" I heard Charlie and the Cullen's scream.



And all I see is black.

Cullen's POV



Everything when silent. No one moved or said anything. All they heard was Charlie. "Bella! Bella please baby girl. Nooo! Hello? Who is this?"

"Charlie its Alice. What happend to Bella?"

"Cullen's? This is yalls fault. Bella did this because you guys left here. You know what i have no time for this."


"Bella killed herself…" Alice said. "And I didn't even see it. Jasper, why didn't I see it? This never happened to me before. Why didn't I see Bella thinking of this? I would have stopped it."

"What are we going to tell Edward?" Rosalie asked.

"We can't tell him. I see that if we tell him he's going to try to sacrifice himself. Whatever Edward said to Bella, killed not only her, but him also. And we have to find out." Alice said.

"How are we going to do that darlin'? Edward is in Brazil, we have to go to her funeral though. And Edward needs to come to that. But where gunna have to keep a close eye on him during that time."

One could only hope that everything would turn good for everything everyone went through.

Don't worry, Bella WILL be back. Dont kill me.

So tell me.

Love yah!