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Chapter 17: Picture Day and Him

Edwards POV

About 7 o'clock I got up to get Bella breakfast ready. Rose and Emmet was still out "hunting". About 30 minutes later when I was done with her food I was trying to set her plate out for her, her food 'magically' disappeared…. Then all of a sudden I saw the fork and knife 'magically' levitate off of the counter…. Ever since she got total control of her powers that girl will do anything to get out of getting out of bed. I grabbed her some apple juice and orange juice (she likes the mixed together) and took the silverware upstairs to her lazy ass.

Cute lazy ass that is.

When I got up there that crazy rat was pouring syrup all over her pancakes, eggs, sausages, bacon, and toast. She (obviously) loves syrup. And I knew if I didn't give her, her juice and silverware to her soon she was going to get mad. If this girl doesn't have her morning juice, she is a bitch for a whole day. And she's no joke.

She looks up at me with a blank face, then her juice, then back at me.

"Well good morning to you too baby." I said with a grin. She smiles and blushes, yeah, I can only do that to her.

"Morning dork." I roll my eyes and hand her, her drink. She takes a few gulps and feels better instantly. I give her, her fork and she starts to eat. Like a pig I tell you.

Such a lady, right?

"Ha! So I see you're enjoying your food there babe. You want to slow down before you choke? Because it's not going anywhere." I said.

"Yes it will. It knows I am attacking it with my fork and im going to eat its delicious self. So it will grow legs and run away from me. So I must eat it as fast I can." She somehow inherited Emmett's eating habit. Speaking of the two love-birds.

"Isabella, don't eat your food like your father!" Rosalie said. Emmett took it as a complement when it was a obvious insult.

"Yes mommy." I look at her.

"So you listen to Rose, but not me? Im hurt." I said sarcastically, kind of.

"She's my mom; anyhow, I have to listen to her. Have you seen mom when she's mad…not pretty. Right daddy?"

"RIGHT!" Emmett says from down stairs laughing.

Rosalie comes upstairs to tell Bella to get ready for school. This girl gives Rose a face that said 'Do I really have to mom?' rose replied with a simple yes. So while Bella was in the shower I grabbed her syrupy plate and other food holding products and took them to the kitchen. Emmett came in while rose went to pick out Bella's clothes…it was picture day.

"Ed, I have to ask you something." Emmett said with a serious voice. And that has barley happen.

"Sure Em, what's up?"

"When do you think we should give Bell her box thingy?"

"Honestly, I think after school since I have no idea what is inside. The whole family can meet at Carlisle and Esme place and we can open it there."

"Do you think that crazy lady will show up again?"

"Haha you mean Bella's grandmother? Probably yes. Sorry man, but you know that crazy lady is going to, as much as we don't want her to."

About an hour later bella comes down wearing a dress….a dress. I look at Emmett and we burst out laughing. Bella and dresses don't go together…

Unless if it's white. Then I'll be gladly not to laugh.


Bella's face was priceless. It had absolute no emotion. She had on a purple and black lace dress, her hair was in loose curls and she had some makeup on. The only Bella thing she had on was some black high tops on. I know she and Rosalie had to compromise with that. Alice will have a fit.

During the car ride, bella was quiet, she really hated dresses. Just like Emmett hates every guy that will look at her legs. Long, creamy legs….


But I secretly packed her some of my shorts and a shirt in my bag. When we get into class I'll tell her about them. Since we take our picture after second period.

When we get to the school, we already see Alice, and she doesn't look to happy about Bella's choice about her shoes. She'll get over it…. Although, this is Alice.

Bella's POV

I hate my mom and Aunt Alice right now. I'll get over it eventually, but right now, yeah, I hate it so much. I am not a dress girl. They know that, I know that, everyone knows that. Hell even Laurel learned that.

Speaking of Laurel.

She is the most awesomest girl ever. She will be straight up with you about anything. And my mom gave her props. My mom. Rosalie. Queen bitch. Gave her. Laurel. Props. For standing up to her. For that, we respected her.

Then there was Matt…that boy stayed at the house because he had to be next to her. They're so cute together. Matt stayed next to her all day, since her brother wasn't there for her. Selfish bastard.

We don't know what happened to him, hopefully he's ok (even though I just called him a selfish bastard), since we found out that Jacob is back. Speaking of which. I feel familiar eyes staring at the back of my head. I turn my head and see no one but the woods. I tug on Edward's jacket and I never remove my eyes from the spot. But before I could tell Edward anything, the bushes moved before Edward had the chance to look.

I have a strong feeling about who that is. Let's just hope I am wrong.

Jacobs POV

Look at her. That tramp, that whore, that sexy slut. She will be mine to have. Not as a girlfriend or some shit, but totally different.

My slave.

She taunts me with her long legs that should be mine, flowing long hair that I should pull. Like I said…

That tramp.

That whore.

That sexy slut.

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