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3rd POV

Nerves ate away at Peter's thoughts. Not that they were on the battle with Miraz, no, he was worried about Katie and his sisters. Were they all right? Could they be hurt? Would he ever see Katie again? Peter shook his head. No, I cannot think like that. I need to stay focused on the battle. However, Edmund walked up and interrupted his thoughts.

"It's time," his younger brother said.

Peter took a deep breath before grabbing his helmet. As he placed it on his head, Peter and Edmund walked out of Aslan's How and into the sunlight. They were both greeted by the cheers of the Narnians. Peter looked ahead of himself to see standing on their side from the battlefield were Bulgy Bear, Glenstorm, and Caspian. Peter's eyes narrowed when he saw his opponent's supporters, Glozelle and Sopespian, standing side by side with Miraz, who sat on a small throne between them.

Miraz glared at the High King as he whispered to Glozelle, "If it should appear to be going poorly…"

Miraz glanced down at Glozelle's crossbow. Glozelle's eyes widened when he realized what Miraz demanded him to do. Nodding, he answered, "Understood, my lord."

Peter turned to his brother and drew the sword from its sheath. The crowd cheered louder as Peter walked onto the battlefield. Miraz stood up, placed his own helm on his head, and removed his sword as he walked forward into the circle. With mere footsteps, the two kings began to circle each other.

"There is still time to surrender," suggested Miraz.

Peter smirked and replied, "Well, feel free."

Miraz shook his head, mocking his despair. "How many more must die for the throne?"

Peter glared at the king. "Just. One."

Peter pulled down his helmet so his face would be protected. Peter cried out as he jumped at Miraz. Their swords clashed with each other and as the sound rung out into the air, Caspian slowly disappeared from all eyes watching the fight.

Katie's POV

Aslan, where are you? The girls and I continued to gallop away, while looking for the lion.

"Lucy, do you see him yet?" I called out.

Lucy observed her surrounding, before she turned back to me. "No, not yet."

Susan glanced at me while holding tightly on the reins. "Don't worry, we will find him."

I nodded my head before urging the horse to gallop faster with a snap of my own reins. Suddenly, I heard harsh cracking of the forest floor. I whipped my head around to see Telmarine soldiers following us. How was it possible?

Lucy frightfully cried out, "They've seen us!"

Susan looked behind us and strongly ordered, "Katie, stop right now."

I halted my horse as Susan did the same and gasped when she immediately dismounted. She looked back up at us with determined eyes and told Lucy, "Take the reins."

"Susan, what are you doing?" I demanded, forcing myself not to glance up at the approaching soldiers.

"Please get back on the horse," pleaded Lucy.

Susan stare turned apologetic as she said, "I'm sorry, but you both need to get out of here and find Aslan." Then she turned to me as desperation filled her eyes. Sternly, she said, "Promise me you'll protect her."

I swallowed fearful tears for my friend and nodded. "I swear on my life."

Susan smiled and in the next moment, slapped Lucy's horse. I kicked mine in the ribs as we both slowly rode off. We both stopped to look back at Susan one last time. She gave us a smile before turning back to the soldiers.

"Let's go Lucy," I said softly.

She stared at me before we gave our horses a firmer kick and galloped away, leaving Susan to battle. I prayed to Aslan that we would find him soon and that Susan would be all right.

3rd POV

Susan looked back to see that Lucy and Katie were out of sight. She smiled sadly as she thought, 'You can do this, Susan. You need to keep them occupied so you can give Lucy and Katie a chance to find Aslan.' She turned back towards the oncoming Telmarines and she pulled an arrow from the quiver and prepared to take aim. She narrowed her eyes as the Telmarine soldiers drew closer. She notched and released arrow after arrow and was able to take down a few soldiers.

She was about to release another when one of the soldiers galloped up to her and knocked her down. She fell to the ground and the force knocked the bow from her hands. She began to crawl to retrieve it, but stopped when she realized that she was surrounded. She was shaking when one of the soldiers raised his sword, ready to kill her. Bursting from the trees, Caspian charged right in and killed the Telmarine with his sword. The other Telmarines were frightened and instead of fighting the prince, ran away like the true cowards they were. Susan was stunned as Caspian came right up to her and held out his hand.

"Are you sure you won't be needing that horn?" Caspian joked.

Susan giggled as she grabbed Caspian's waiting hand. He helped her climb onto the horse. She slightly blushed as she placed her arms around his waist. Caspian snapped the reins and they rode off.

Back in the battlefield, Peter and Miraz continued to fight. Their battle was evenly matched, and both kings were out of breath. Peter's eyes widened when he saw Caspian and Susan arriving from the forest. His heart dropped a little when he did not see Lucy or Katie.

His head snapped back to Miraz when the king mocked Peter by saying, "Does his highness need a respite?"

Peter grunted as he asked weekly, "Five minutes?"

Miraz was hesitant before replying, "Three."

The two kings stared at each other, before slowly limping back to their sides.

Peter was extremely worried as Caspian and Susan walked up to him. "Lucy… Katie…"

"They got through… with a little help," Susan reassured him, before looking at Caspian.

For the first time, Peter truly felt thankful to Caspian. There was no denying that he saved Susan or helped Katie and Lucy get away, and he knew the young prince deserved recognition of it. Briefly bowing his head, Peter said, "Thanks."

"Well, you are busy," Caspian lightly joshed.

Miraz shuffled towards his side and sneered at Glozelle. "I am sure you won't let it get that close again," growled Miraz.

Glozelle did not say anything as Miraz threw his helmet near the general's feet. Out of the corner of his eye, Peter saw the commotion between Miraz and Glozelle. He turned to his sister, knowing she needs to be with the archers.

"Better get up there, just in case. I don't expect the Telmarines will keep their word," Peter whispered to her.
Susan looked concerned for Peter. She tried to hold back her tears and she hugged him. However, she immediately released Peter when she heard him groan in pain.

"Sorry," she said meekly.

Peter shook it off and gave her a week smile. "It's all right."

Susan wished him luck, before rushing back to the How and up the hill where the archers were waiting for her. The Narnians looked at the High King and were worried. Was Peter all right? Had their king been hurt? Edmund looked back at the troops to see their concerned faces.

"Keep smiling," he whispered to Peter.

Peter looked at the Narnians to see them staring at him. Peter raised his sword as he forced a smile, trying to show that he was not in pain. The Narnians cheered for their leader. On the other side, Miraz, Sopespian, and Glozelle continued to stare at the High King. Miraz was sitting on his stone while Glozelle was bandaging Miraz's wounded knee.

"How does he look to you?" Miraz asked Sopespian.

Sopespian looked back at Peter before saying, "Young."

"But his majesty is doing extremely well… for his age," said Glozelle.

Glozelle glared at Miraz as he tightened the bandage that was around Miraz' knee. He must have tightened it too much because Miraz groaned in pain.

"I think it's dislocated," murmured Peter to brother.

Edmund sighed before saying, "Let me look at it."

As Edmund was inspecting Peter's shoulder, Peter had a question plaguing his mind. "What do you think happens back home if you die here?" Edmund stopped what he was doing as he stared at his brother. Peter took a shaky breath and sighed, "You know, you've always been there. You and Katie. I was a horrible brother to you and a horrible boyfriend to her. I never really—AWW!"

Edmund had popped his brother's shoulder back in place as he rolled his eyes. "Save it for later."

As Peter slowly stood up, Edmund handed Peter's helmet back to him. He stared at the helmet, before declining it. Seeing Peter refuse his helmet, Miraz pushed away his helmet too. Peter ran to a fallow column, jumped onto it, and attacked Miraz. However, Miraz blocked the attack and started hitting Peter with his shield. Peter unfortunately fell and Miraz ran over and raised his sword to strike. Thankfully, Peter blocked the attack and continued to fight. Miraz had enough as he elbowed Peter in the face and pushed him into a pillar. Miraz grabbed his sword and was about to strike again, when Peter blocked it with his vambrace. Seeing an opening, Peter stood up and punched Miraz' wounded leg. Miraz fell to the ground and dropped his sword.

Peter raised his blade when Miraz called out, "Respite! Respite!"

The High King hesitated for a moment and stared at his opponent.

"Now's no time for chivalry, Pete," Edmund called out.

Peter looked back at Miraz to see him holding up his hand, waiting for Peter to strike. Being a noble man, Peter lowered his weapon. Miraz was very angry that he almost lost to a boy, a mere child in his eyes. Fury clouded his mind as Miraz picked up his sword and watched Peter return to his side. He couldn't take it anymore. In a blind rage, Miraz ran for Peter with his sword raised.

Edmund was alarmed when he saw the king about to kill Peter from behind. "Look out!"

Hearing his brother's call, Peter turned around and dodged the attack just in time. He grabbed Miraz' hand that held the sword, twisted it around, and stabbed Miraz beneath the arm. Miraz gasped in pain as he was lowered to the ground, onto his knees. Peter elevated Miraz' sword preparing to kill him. However, Peter was hesitant again.

Miraz scoffed when he saw Peter's hesitation. "What's the matter, boy? Too cowardly to take a life? I almost killed your wife. You should want revenge for that."

Peter was shocked and surprised Miraz mentioned Katie, knowing Miraz was trying to irritate him. However, he was not going to fall for that. Peter lowered the sword and said, "It's not mine to take."

Peter suddenly turned to Caspian and held out the sword. Peter knew that whoever deserves to kill Miraz, it was Caspian. The prince glared at his uncle, before slowly stepping forward. He took the sword out of Peter's hand and Peter limped back to his brother. Miraz looked up at Caspian as the prince slowly raised the sword, ready to kill Miraz.

Miraz sighed as he stared up at his nephew. "Perhaps I was wrong. It seems you have the makings of a good Telmarine king after all."

Miraz bowed his head. However, Caspian continued to glare down at him. Suddenly, he swore he heard Katie's voice saying, "You are not your Uncle. Be a better king." Caspian raised the sword, screamed, and stabbed… the ground. Miraz was stunned to see that Caspian did not kill him.

Caspian knelt down and glared at his uncle. "Not one like you." Miraz looked completely shocked at his nephew's words. Caspian continued to look at his uncle as he said with a strong voice, "Keep your life, but I am giving the Narnians back their kingdom."

Caspian walked away and the Narnians cheered. Amidst the beginnings of celebration, Sopespian slunk over to help Miraz up.

"My king," he grumbled with as much fake sympathy as he could muster.

Miraz grunted in pain as he glared at his councilman. "I will deal with you when this is over."

Unbeknownst to him, Sopespian held one of Susan's arrows behind his back. With a glare of his own, Sopespian grimly declared, "It is over."

Miraz frowned in confusion, but shouted in pain as the arrowhead mortally pierced his back. Peter, Edmund, and Caspian stopped walking at Miraz's cry. They were shocked to see the un-rightful king lying dead on the ground...with one of Susan's arrows in his back. Sopespian smirked at the thought that his time had finally come, but there was one last thing to make it so.

"Treachery!" he called out to the Telmarines. "They shot him! They murdered our king! To arms!"

Peter looked at his brother and they knew that the battle was just beginning.

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